Kundalini Yoga Dallas

Jennifer Brandon, the owner of Kundalini Yoga Dallas, is a KRI and Yoga Alliance certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher.

She is also a trained Shamanic Sound Creator and uses the gong as her primary healing instrument. Personal sovereignty, activating and amplifying inherent gifts, and embodying one’s purpose are the heart of her core teachings. Jennifer teaches the yogic science and technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with ease and accuracy. "I often say Kundalini is simple, but extremely profound. Healing

Operating as usual


Hour long gong sound baths are select Sundays from 4-5pm. Tomorrow 9/4, next weekend 9/11 and then I travel and I will have to update you. Register on my site but the spot is Yoga Mart. That’s that!!!! 😘🔥❤️


Hello! Sat Nam!! New Breathing and Gong Sound Bath class on Thursday nights 7-8pm. Kundalini Yoga on Saturdays at 11am and on select Sundays- one hour gong sound bath 4-5pm. Full schedule for the remainder of 2022 is up on website!
I have 3 slots available for privates each week FYI. And available for gong sound baths for private groups, just you, corporate events, and big stages!!! 😘❤️😘❤️


“Mummie are you really well!? Me thinks we need a gong bath! What say you?”- Siouxsie the Cat morning chat


Lion’s Gate Portal Meditations and Gong Sound Bath Monday August 8th
Since under quarantine, I will host two live Zoom sessions during the Lion's Gate on 8/8.
8am-8:30am CST - Cleansing Meditation and Breath Work
7pm-8pm CST - 31 Minute Prosperity Meditation and Gong Sound Bath (I am able to get the gong to sound as close live as possible)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 868 3078 1098
Passcode: ABbK11

Complimentary - the more participants on this powerhouse date, the better!!!

Each session is both beginner and seasoned practitioner friendly.


I tested positive for COVID. Thought i had made it to the finish line, dodged the pandemic bullet- but no! SO NO CLASS TODAY / SATURDAY 8.6. I am on the mend, as the worst part is over. Only 2 days in bed and I feel fine now like not sick which is weird but I’ll take it. I am on day 2 of a 5-day quarantine. Doctors orders: Tylenol, practice guitar, write a song, and rest! For real, ha. Whatever strain I got, it hit hard and fast once exposed and now I’m just trapped in my loft, feeling very Victorian, combing my hair,
and craving bacon,
Pancakes, biscuits and gravy- I don’t even like breakfast- but today I do!


Kundalini Yoga Express trains running every Saturday in August from 11am to 12:30ish, sometime a little before 1pm.
It’s the way it is! Come for Much Some needed movement, Exercise or aka a Kriya, meditation, and the Star of the show- the Gong!
Register at kundaliniyogadallas.com
Class is at Yoga Mart

This class is both beginner and seasoned practitioner friendly.
Blankets, mats, and props are available for use.
We don't always go to 1pm-
however sometimes the gong session is a bit longer.


Hello there. Marj Rash took this beyond time and space photo - House Burgundy fully on radar! I teach at Marj’s Yoga Mart on Saturdays from 11-1 … sometimes the gong has timeline and vibrational transmissions of utmost importance! Register for classes and events at kundaliniyogadallas.com and come shop at Yoga Mart!


TONIGHT! Thursday July 28th
New Moon in Leo Breath Work and Gong 7pm-8:30pm // Registration Required (go to website kundaliniyogadallas.com)

What to expect? We will commence with writing out our New Moon intentions (as action items), get more specific with the unfolding of your proper life and timeline, breathe, and then journey with the GONG into the Lion's Gate. An intense, memorable, life-changing evening.
The Lion's Gate officially opened July 26th, and remains operational until August 12th, with this sacred event peaking on August 8th.

Dream Big and Be Specific. LIKE, REALLY SPECIFIC. YES, that life you want that seems absolutely impossible...is not only attainable but a combination of cosmic duty and divine right.

Get on your chosen timeline seeker! House Queens and Kings have already started taking roll call.Ascension frequencies are like a dam ready to burst, and you should be able to surf any elemental terrain by now. No matter how long you've been doing THE work or if you have been recently called- no more putting off why you incarnated. 

You may notice timelines shift, merge, appear, or disappear. You may be able to create and birth timelines (be careful- always act for the highest good and stay in alignment with your cosmic duty and purpose). You may experience time travel dreams or waking visions- it's all normal in this new reality hurling towards us at 5D warp speed- that's like really fast FYI- so get creative, grounded, and chose your actions wisely.

Think beyond 3D, soar past 4D, and explore the Divine Consciousness that is 5D. There is not a moment to waste fellow seekers. Don't be fooled by lower vibrational beings or schemes. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are ready to dance harmoniously - take note, though- the Divine Feminine takes the lead in this dance, and she shall not disappoint.


SUMMER SOLSTICE GLOW a la Laguna Beach - Perfect Day!
Kundalini Yoga and Meditation this Saturday 6/25 at 11am-12:30pm
Gong Sound Bath- One Hour of Divine Sounds to Destress, Relax, and Restore
6/26 at 4pm-5:15pm
Both classes at YogaMart// Register at www.KundaliniYogaDallas.com


Happy Summer Solstice!!!!


Woman and Gong.


Help me Lord, Help me Jesus…
Wow the Spiritualized concert was like a ceremonial gathering. And sometimes the songs emitted a vibration and frequency that my gong tries to convey. A transmission of hope when melancholy , love, and longing feels so heavy and strength is needed.

Between my tooth and my arm going numb at night- this song was uplifting!

Resting and we will have class Saturday morning….


Contemplation. Reflection. Prayer. Communion with the universe.


Active listening. Eye Contact. Calm mind. Kundalini Yoga. Mantra meditation. Endless gong.


Learning to RECEIVE. Embodying the frequency of RECEIVING. Being receptive, open, a vessel, a channel for downloads and lightest good transmissions. 🎤📡📻🔘📡


I lost half of my left front tooth today…disassembling my large gong stand.
Yep only me. There was a part that was super tight to unscrew and when I was able to move it- it flung at me and gave me a new look!
I’m sound checking on the roof at the Adolphus Hotel and it’s pretty divine. And I’m getting used to my new tooth shape. Maybe a gold filling? Burgundy? I have a dentist appt in the morning. Oh my!
Saturday class at 10am and Gong Sound Bath on Sunday at 4pm!


Playing the gong in the atrium of my loft residence. Suck amazing acoustics and space for the vibrations of the gong to expand, travel, and work their magic.


Happy Spring Equinox Week! This Sunday March 20th- official Spring Equinox day-I am hosting a gathering from 5-7pm. RSVP for address in Deep Ellum - [email protected]
The pool area is beautiful- I’ll do a gong sound bath, DJ, and bring yourself and a friend for some much needed community!!!


This Sunday I will be hosting the one hour gong sound bath. I’ve been working on the schedule- this class will be two times a month. Join us this Sunday afternoon for a full gong sound bath, healing, and recalibration.
Register at www.kundaliniyogadallas.com


Thursday Evening Kundalini Meditation and Gong Sound Bath
7-8pm at Yoga Mart
Connect to and Elevate Your Vibration


Saturday mornings at Yoga Mart - Kundalini Yoga and Gong Sound Bath
Register in advance at


Gong Sound Bath and Spring Equinox Celebration on March 20th- the Spring Equinox- a powerful day for a gong sound bath, meditation, dancing, and communing with friends, your love, family, and the community!

Complimentary Event
RSVP TO ME- Limited Capacity- [email protected]


March 20th at 4pm - private residence aka where I live.
Equinox and Solstice- these days are powerful and are meant for gathering to usher in the new season.
I have a limited amount of students that can attend as my fellow loft residents will be in attendance as well.
This is going to be a beautiful gathering of like minded people - I will make an altar for you to bring anything you want to add or get infused ny the gong. I’m so excited I was able to get approval to do this!

Please contact me if you would
Like to attend. I’ll send out a newsletter to my students, There is a limit on how many of my students who can attend but we will work it
It put!!!


Hand of God and a perfectly tailored suit.


Ahhhh an evening with and !
I haven’t felt joy like this since like 3-4 years ago….ahhhh


It’s only LOVE

Kundalini Yoga and Gong tomorrow …special inspired class


Let’s dance…who wants to collaborate the ultimate post- pandemic dance party release it all where humans go wild after a 2 year+++ pandemic and shed the layers of _______ (fill in the blank). … oh Meditation and Gong Thursday night at 7pm. Sometimes I get there right at 7- working on that, but never fear this mystic seer always appears! Wooo oh
My- take a dance break!


Have you been thinking of trying Kundalini Yoga? Meditation? Experience a gong sound bath and not just any gong sound experience! A bit nervous? Nervous not! Worry not! exists!
Come as you are-a complete beginner or OG yogi new to Dallas and wondering where the Kundalini is!??
Right here! Visit my website for all classes kundaliniyogadallas.com
Overture: Orchestral piece played at the beginning of a play, an intro to something more substantial…

The curtain - raiser, a herald, the opening move, a harbinger or message….let the play and transformation commence!


Why hello! I’ve been on a sabbatical of sorts and revving up for 2022. No class tomorrow as the ice warning last until 9 or 10am. But next Saturday we commence being Kundalini professionals xo


Winter Solstice Celebration by the Pool at my loft residence this Tuesday 12.21.21
at 7pm! What better way to celebrate the solstice than outside with Mama Earth, by a pool, Under the stars, a waning Full Moon, and with my special gong that prefers to be outside!

Limited availability- I’ve priced this gathering at $11 just to cover renting heaters as it will be cold, but bearable. Use the code WINTER to attend for free!
During the gong-
Lounge on the Chaise Lounges or bring your set up for maximum comfort.
I’ll have an altar set up for offerings- from releasing that which you don’t need and calling in what you do need! This will be a super chill and fun gathering!!

We will practice social distancing and pls bring a mask- safety first!


Warning: Dimensional sound doors may open for you during a gong sound bath. Enter without fear and vibrate with the cosmos ✨✨✨


Join me tonight for a Ethereal and Channeled Gong Sound Bath at 7pm at Yoga Arts Music. Register on the website www.kundaliniyogadallas.com if paying cash please email or text. Info on website!
Shelia Whittaker quotes about the gong from her book “In the Heart of the Gong Space”:
“I am just the body that is wielding the mallets and moving between the gongs, being guided by an intuitive knowing of where to go next. I’m short, one is being used as a channel for spirit to flow via the gongs”

“The use of sound, and particularly the sound of the gongs, the most powerful sound healing instrument, in my view- is both therapeutic and beneficial on many levels...”

“(The gong) is not just an instrument of healing, it is also a powerful spiritual tool”


Ethereal Gong Sound Bath - One Hour of Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Expansion
Saturday, December 11th // 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm //$35
Location: Yoga Arts Music 9850 Walnut Hill Ln #427, Dallas, TX 75238
If you have attended a class or been to one of my gong events, then you know it is kind of hard to describe what happens when I play the gong. The most straightforward explanation is I am a channel for Spirit or Source, and I play as guided. Ethereal melodies occur, which is not supposed to happen with the gong. Spirit sends specific healing energies to those present. The sounds range from otherworldly, like a love letter from Space, to a rising crescendo to recalibrate your nervous system, to pure bliss and ultimate relaxation. The experience is always noteworthy and unique for those in attendance.

Register for Saturday Night at www.kundaliniyogadallas.com


What are you tomorrow night? When in Dallas and if I’m hosting a one hour gong sound healing/bath/transmission on the New Moon in Sagittarius and during the last solar eclipse of 2021 in Sagittarius- you will be at Yoga Arts Music (YAM) at 6:45pm to set up your area and at 7pm we take off! Aka I do my thing with the gong - that what you will be doing from 6:45ish to 8:15 ish and you’re off to your next adventure!


This Saturday 12/4! New Moon in Sagittarius Gong Sound Bath
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm // $35
Location: Yoga Arts Music (YAM) 9850 Walnut Hl Ln #427, Dallas, TX 75238
On this special evening, I offer Sacred Gong Sound Bath on the New Moon in Sagittarius. Expect one hour of ethereal healing sound frequencies and a New Moon intention setting at the beginning.

Sound healing is based on the science of entrainment where the body intuitively aligns with these higher frequencies as entering a natural meditative state. From releasing stress, balancing chakras, to pure relaxation, an experience with the gong provides endless possibilities for natural healing.
Reserve your spot at kundaliniyogadallas.com
xo Jennifer


December 4th at 7pm at Yoga Arts Music! New Moon in Sagittarius- let’s set some life and world changing intentions as we approach the Winter Solstice. Register on the website www.kundaliniyogadallas.com


Back to Life, Back to Reality… Join me for Saturday Morning Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Gong at 10:30am CST at Yoga Mart and via Zoom as well. Register at KundaliniYogaDallas.com


Fear is the mind killer. Bene Gesserit Litany.


This is for - before the pandemic I was in Immense Grace and we were assigned to chose a creative project. I chose piano and singing. Still have not processed Guru Jagat’s passing. But this is part of the process…and this for her. 👸🏻🙏😘❤️


Spread the love and healing with sound. A quick sound meditation to ground you, connect to the Earth, and just feel better 😘❤️🙏❤️😘



If Lana Del Rey played the gong…


Mmmmmm yummy vegetarian food with and Jitendra aka #1. Happy New Year/ Happy Varsha Pratipada! And blessings to goddess Lakshmi - may abundance come to us all!
Updates for my two offerings tomorrow!
11am Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Gong at Yoga Mart
7pm Super Sonic Sacred Gong Sound Bath at Yoga Arts Music hit Book Now or jump to the website


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a fast and efficient practice to relieve stress, lose weight, strengthen your body, and calm your mind. A consistent practice increases your energy, regulates emotions and hormones, sharpens intuition and focus, boosts immunity, and ultimately unlocks your highest potential - placing you in divine alignment with your true purpose and gifts.

The yogic science of Kundalini is a technology that is much needed in our pressurized lives. Meditation is becoming a necessity as we navigate overstimulation from society. The gong contains the sounds of the universe and sonically places you into a meditative state beyond immediate time and space. I teach these proven ancient methods to deal with the stressors of modern existence.

I have practiced Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan for over for 14 years. All of my classes are suited for beginners, those familiar with Kundalini, as well as advanced practitioners. Join me and experience the majesty, grace, and velocity of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and the gong for yourself!!!

I am a student of Guru Jagat, the founder and CEO of the RaMa Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology, and participate year round in her Immense Grace program and Aquarian Women's Leadership Society. I study Shamanic Sound Creation with Jodi Roberts of The Star Coyote Healing Center and Sound Temple here in Dallas. I learned the majesty of the gong from Gong Master Barbara Cole who studied under Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux and continue to work with her on sound healings and trainings. I did my first Kundalini teaching training with Samadhi of Studio Samadhi and continue my studies with RaMa.

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Hour long gong sound baths are select Sundays from 4-5pm. Tomorrow 9/4, next weekend 9/11 and then I travel and I will h...
Hello! Sat Nam!!  New Breathing and Gong Sound Bath class on Thursday nights 7-8pm. Kundalini Yoga on Saturdays at 11am ...
Happy Summer Solstice!!!!#summersolstice #kundaliniyogadallas #kundalini #beachmeditation @kalireed
Help me Lord, Help me Jesus… Wow the Spiritualized concert was like a ceremonial gathering. And sometimes the songs emit...
I lost half of my left front tooth today…disassembling my large gong stand. Yep only me. There was a part that was super...
Playing the gong in the atrium of my loft residence. Suck amazing acoustics and space for the vibrations of the gong to ...
Happy Spring Equinox Week! This Sunday March 20th- official Spring Equinox day-I am hosting a gathering from 5-7pm.  RSV...
SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY AND GONG SOUND BATH!!!March 20th at 4pm - private residence aka where I live.Equinox and Solstic...
Hand of God and a perfectly tailored suit.#concertmeditation #vocalmeditation #nickcave #warrenellis #breathe
Ahhhh an evening with @nickcaveofficial and @warrenellis !I haven’t felt joy like this since like 3-4 years ago….ahhhh
It’s only LOVE@nickcaveofficial @majestictheatredallas Kundalini Yoga and Gong tomorrow …special inspired class #kundali...



Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Sound Healing, and special events.



10915 Garland Road
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Thursday 7pm - 8:15pm
Saturday 11am - 5:30pm

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