National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition


Looking forward to teaming up with National Ovarian Cancer Coalition for their DigiTEAL Learning Series! Learn more below.
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"You and Ovarian Cancer" is an animated patient resource that provides expert advice about ovarian cancer including risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment through easy-to-understand animation and slide resources. Learn more:

Developed in partnership with National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Because no real screening tests exist for ovarian cancer, many women remain undiagnosed and unaware of the early signs of the disease. The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition takes on this fact by helping educate the public on the baselines of the disease and providing support for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Through donations, including card rewards, NOCC finds the necessary funding to advance its mission and help save lives. Read more:
We are pleased to announce the launch of Module 2 of our "You and Ovarian Cancer" Animated Patient’s Guide: Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer. Watch this animated video to learn about the tests that are available for making a diagnosis when ovarian cancer is suspected, and how ovarian cancer is staged and graded.

Follow the link to learn more at

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
In 2012, a day was set aside on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving as a day to donate to deserving charities.
Thus the name GivingTuesday.
Uplift Systerhood is proud to support a few organizations such as Gregg Pearson Foundation, Why Not Bless, Guardian Knight Cancer Foundation, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, BK Foundation, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Sisters Network Dallas, Allies In Youth Development, and the American Red Cross.

Uplift Systerhood has been privileged to see those helped in times of distress.

There are numerous opportunities to assist others do your part today.
Understanding Ovarian Cancer | Although ovarian cancer is sometimes described as a "silent disease", there are subtle symptoms that exist but often go unrecognized.
Our Animated Patient’s Guide to Ovarian Cancer explains what to watch for, why symptoms can be hard to notice, and when to talk to your doctor.
Learn more at
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
I’m posting this message to hopefully get support for a friend’s granddaughter that has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Dream Professional Clean proudly uses Weiman Products for all metallic surfaces.
Weiman gives back to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition which supports survivors, caregivers, awareness and funds research to find a cure. Visit to learn more.

We purchase products with a purpose.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 33 years old and 33 weeks pregnant. It turns out I was BRCA positive all along even after being told I wasn't a good candidate for genetic testing five years prior." Jenny's mother tested BRCA negative but Jenny's father tested BRCA positive as did Jenny's brother.

Men with BRCA gene mutations are at increased risk for male breast, melanoma, pancreatic, and prostate cancers. To learn more about BRCA hereditary cancer and men visit

The BRCA Hereditary Cancer and Men video series is made possible with support from Astrazeneca.

Thank you to our partners: FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, Breastcancerorg, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Breast Cancer Portrait Project

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to support, awareness,

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to support, awareness, and education of ovarian cancer. NOCC Facebook Community Rules:

- We do not allow spam commenting: NOCC defines this as "posting or commenting the same message across the NOCC page more than three times in a consecutive month." User comments that violate this rule will have their content removed from our business page.

Operating as usual


Inspired by his passion for tennis and love for his mother, who passed of , Cody Hurley used our ROCK the Day platform to host a tennis tournament at Capitol University, where he serves as head tennis coach.

His Awareness efforts have raised thousands of dollars for ovarian cancer survivors, caregivers, and families.

Looking to turn your passion into action? Fundraise your way here!


Clinical Trials lead to new and improved standards of care for patients. The NOCC Clinical Trial Fund aims to reduce financial barriers by providing financial assistance for non-medical costs associated with participation. To learn more and apply, visit our website today:


Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation may have damaging effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. Knowing your risk for heart problems can help you stay healthy. Follow us throughout the month as we share helpful tips!


From giving love to getting healthy, learn all the ways your heart can support you and your loved ones during an ovarian cancer journey. Join us throughout February as we talk about how to take care of your heart.


Have you registered for the National Wellness Retreat? When you take advantage of NOCC's Wellness Retreat pricing, you have access to all that this waterfront hotel offers. From exploring the Mandalay Canal by gondola or stand-up paddleboard, treating yourself to the world-class spa, or visiting one of the many shops and restaurants steps away, your weekend will be filled with lasting memories.

Join us for the 2023 National Wellness Retreat, May 11th-13th! To learn more and take advantage of $99 early bird pricing now through 2/20, visit: .


Have you been looking for a resourceful and trusting community to help you understand your journey with ? The NOCC CancerConnect Community is a safe space to bring your thoughts and concerns. ⁠

Meet a community to share experiences, and receive valuable insight and support in a safe setting moderated by medical professionals. To learn more and join, visit our website today.


Here at NOCC, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the risks, signs, and symptoms of so that you can better advocate for yourself and others. To learn more, visit our website today.


What are you doing to stay to reach your goals today?


Take time to take stock in all that you have accomplished. Looking back on the milestones in your health journey will help keep you focused on your goals. What are you doing to stay motivated today?


Our Faces of Hope cancer care kits hope to help bring some comfort back. With our complimentary tote bag, we provide valuable educational materials, resources, and comfort items for those in ovarian cancer treatment. Visit our website today!⁠


Keep up with friends to keep motivated! Having an accountability partner:

🔵 Helps you stay on track with your goal

🔵 Can share advice when things get difficult

🔵 Truly shares in the excitement of your milestone achievements

Connect with a loved one in your life and achieve these goals together!


Registration is LIVE for our 2023 Wellness Retreat! Join us in person for an inspiring three-day retreat, May 11th-13th, in Dallas, Texas. Connect with the ovarian cancer community and discover valuable insight to guide your survivorship journey. Ready to learn more and register? Visit our website today!


Looking for Nutrition Advice to Help Build Healthy Habits? Ask Ina!⁠

Designed by our partners at Savor Health, Ask Ina is a virtual nutrition assistant that helps cancer survivors stay nourished through treatment and into survivorship.


There is no better way to stick to your healthy habits than sharing your goals with family and friends! Saying your goals out loud may help keep you accountable and stay motivated.

👀Keep an eye out on our posts all week as we share tips and programs to keep you on track with your healthy habits.


Anyone born with ovaries is at risk for , but there are factors that can increase your risk. Learn about the risks, signs, and symptoms and how early detection is key. ⁠


When you are emotionally healthy, you can better manage emotions that come up along your journey. Try some of our tips today!


Developing and sustaining quality relationships may help us live longer, happier lives. However, maintaining good relationships is a two-way street, so here are some tips for success:

🔵Listen as much as you speak - give your friends and family time to share updates about their lives.

🔵Make time for relationships - as adults, friendships can take a back seat to life's day-to-day. Be sure to make time to connect with people who are important to you.

🔵Show kindness - this is the core of any relationship. Be kind and watch your relationships grow.

Who do you plan on catching up with to support your ?


Every should have a safe and supportive space to talk about their experiences. With our TEAL Cares program, caregivers are part of a professionally led group to share their role alongside others. To join us on the first Tuesday of each month, visit our website today!


Did you know that you could work on strengthening your relationships with the stroke of a pen? Journaling your experiences can help work through emotions and reflect on better communication with others. There are many other benefits to journaling, including:

🔵 Improving your memory - from keeping track of dates to writing down important details from your latest health care appointment, journaling is a great way to keep track of important information.

🔵 Working through your emotions - although there are many things we can't control with an diagnosis, jotting down your feelings can help you process your feelings.

What type of journaling do you do to support your ?


Connect with the community wherever you are with our TEAL Hearts Network. Our virtual peer-to-peer support groups are here for you throughout your ovarian cancer journey. ⁠


Strengthening your social connections can help support your emotional health and overall well-being. For those living with or affected by ovarian cancer, finding a group of survivors or caregivers can help support you when the stress of a diagnosis feels overwhelming. How do you connect with your ?


Anyone born with ovaries is at risk for , but there are factors that can increase your risk. Learn about the risks, signs, and symptoms and how early detection is key.


Today is the perfect day to support your ! What tip are you trying today?


When dealing with an diagnosis, seeking a therapist can help you survive and thrive while navigating the unknown. Talking to a professional can help with things like:

🔵 Facing the unknown during or after your cancer treatment

🔵 Feeling more in control of your life

🔵 Processing emotions that may come up around the side effects of your treatment

Talk to your health care team, who may be able to refer you to professionals with experience in the cancer space. How do you take care of your ?


What is sleep hygiene? A sleep routine or sleep hygiene are physical and environmental habits that support a consistent sleep pattern. Sleep hygiene is an important part of your physical and mental well-being. As an patient or caregiver, many things may affect your sleep patterns. Consider trying a few tips such as:

🔵 Keep a regular sleep routine by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.
🔵 Avoid caffeine 6 to 8 hours before bedtime.
🔵 Take medications at the same time each day.

What habits can you incorporate into your routine to support healthy sleep hygiene?


Looking to sleep more soundly tonight? Check out our DigiTEAL Summer Series session "Improved Sleep for Healing," led by Dr. Brian Gonzalez of the Moffitt Cancer Center.


Did you know that the way you breathe can affect your whole body? Breathing deeply can help decrease your heart rate and reduce stress. Be sure to follow us throughout the month for ideas on how to support your physical, mental, and emotional health in the new year!


It’s true - the pap test does NOT detect . That’s why it’s important to learn the risks, signs, and symptoms of this disease to advocate for yourself and others. To learn more, visit our website today.


Take some time to take care of your physical health today!


We are happy to announce that ovarian cancer survivor and NOCC Board President Meredith Mitstifer and her son Ryan Walton have been featured on KGUN 9, as both are taking on the challenge of hiking and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro with this summer! Hear their inspiring story here:


Looking to learn more about the benefits of physical activity for ovarian cancer survivors? Check out our past segment with Dr. Christopher Terry, oncologist and founder of Athletes Fighting Cancer:


No one should choose between receiving care for an diagnosis and paying their bills. The NOCC Treatment Fund provides those in active treatment or on maintenance therapy with $1,000 to offset non-medical costs.


Getting active and having fun should go hand in hand. So as you start planning your healthy routine, get back to basics and find small ways to have fun with physical activity.

⭐From dancing to your favorite tune on the radio to catching up with your friends on the go, find a way to move that moves you.

What are your favorite ways to get your steps in?


No one dealing with should worry about having a warm meal on the table. NOCC’s TEAL Comfort for the Soul program provides healthy meals to those undergoing treatment. To learn more and apply, visit our website today.


Self-care is health care - small steps to improve your health can make a big difference in your quality of life. Join us throughout January as we share simple tips to incorporate into your wellness routine to support your overall health.


Here at NOCC, we are dedicated to raising awareness of the risks, signs, and symptoms of so that you can better advocate for yourself and others. To learn more, visit our website today.


From all of us here at NOCC, we sincerely thank you for your dedication to our cause! Because of you, we can continue to grow the good to make a difference in the lives of anyone impacted by ovarian cancer from coast to coast. Cheers to a happy and bright new year, and to you - our teal community!


There is one more day to in 2022! Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach our goal of $178,000 for the 1 in 78 diagnosed with . Click here to double your impact:


Giving to the NOCC grows initiatives like our Financial Assistance Program. With your continued support, we can ensure that no patient has to choose between paying their bills and receiving life-saving care. In 2023, we aim to expand this direct support service to reach more survivors in need - but we need your help! The work we do is possible because of YOU! Join us today, and let's together. Click here to double your impact:

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Module 3 of our "You and Ovarian Cancer" Animated Patient’s Guide: Treating and...
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