Ross Stewart, PhD

Ross Stewart, PhD Brain and Body Wellness Center® is a world-wide leader in the use of amino acids programs for ADHD, Depression and Cognitive Decline, without drugs or side-effects.

Our cutting edge, neuroscience based programs are crafted and designed for your individual needs.


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Myth: Parkinson’s is gender-specific? PD doesn’t discriminate. Some of the major differences between the sexes of Parkies is hormone levels, coping skills, lifestyle choices and careers #parkinsons #parkinsonsawareness #parkinsonsclinicintl #parkinsonsclinicinternational #parkinsonslikesymptoms #pd #parkinsonsuk #parkinsonsclinic #parkinsonssideeffects #aminoacids 05/28/2019

Restless Leg Syndrome Effective, Natural Therapy

Are you suffering or do you know someone who is suffering from RLS? Restless Leg Syndrome Effective, Natural Therapy. Are you or someone you know suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome? There may be an effective therapy that is perfect for you! - PR12772025


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Amino Acid Therapy May Offer a Safe Alternative for Parkinson's Like Symptoms

Do you have Parkinson's like symptoms or know someone who does? if so, then amino acid therapy may be right for you. Amino Acid Therapy May Offer a Safe Alternative for Parkinson's Like Symptoms. The Amino Acids nutritional therapy protocol can have a significant positive effect for people experiencing Parkinson's like symptoms. - PR12765714





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