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The experienced team at DFW Laser Spine Institute specializes in minimally invasive laser spine surgery, and pain relief treatment for acute and chronic pain.

We are dedicated to improving quality of life for patients in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

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Live Life Pain-Free 09/29/2021

Live Life Pain-Free

With over 900 courses throughout the great Lone Star State, we get it → chronic back, neck or wrist pain caused by a pinched nerve is a no-go. Get back to enjoying the game and treat the source of the pain at DFW Laser Spine Institute. With minimally invasive treatments and laser spine surgery options, we are here to help.

Schedule a consultation by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button today!

Live Life Pain-Free

Sciatica Treatment 08/24/2021

Sciatica Treatment

Damage to the sciatic nerve can lead to severe pain in the lower back and can be caused by several things, such as:
- Herniated disc(s)
- Compressed or pinched nerve(s)

Experience inner-peace and real results by treating sciatica pain at DFW Laser Spine Institute. We offer personalized treatment options to treat the pain at its source. Schedule a consultation with our team today → Click the ‘Book Now’ button.

Sciatica Treatment

Expert Help From Spine Specialists 07/22/2021

Expert Help From Spine Specialists

Now that we can start to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again, worry-free, it’s the perfect time to find relief from chronic neck and back pain. Our team of specialists is here to help. With years of experience and a variety of treatment options, let us help you get back on the open road and leave the pain behind.

Click the ‘Book Now’ button to schedule a consultation today!

Expert Help From Spine Specialists

Pain-Free & Happy 07/12/2021

Pain-Free & Happy

“If I could give 10 stars I would! After suffering for 8 months I finally found answers and relief at [DFW Laser Spine Institute]. Frankly, they listened and didn't just want to give me a prescription and send me home! Thank you all for your care and compassion.” - Karen S.

At DFW Laser Spine Institute, our entire team is committed to helping anyone that seeks our care find relief and starting living pain-free. Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it!

Check out real patient testimonials, like the one above by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button.

Pain-Free & Happy

Cervical Disc Replacement Candidacy 06/28/2021

Cervical Disc Replacement Candidacy

Suffering from a herniated disc? Check out our Cervical Disc Replacement options. This could be the answer to treating the pain and getting on the path to finding relief.

Not sure what a herniated disc is? Visit our website → https://bit.ly/3vh6O0c

Cervical Disc Replacement Candidacy

Leave Spondylosis Behind & Find Relief 05/19/2021

Leave Spondylosis Behind & Find Relief

What exactly is Spondylosis and how can we treat it? This condition is often made up of a multitude of spinal conditions that lead to a general diagnosis of Spondylosis. Usually, this is diagnosed if the patient has a combination of osteoarthritis, bone spurs, degenerative disc disease, and/or a bulging disc.

At DFW Laser Spine Institute, our team of specialists is committed to finding our patients relief from this condition through minimally invasive techniques and pain management options.

Leave Spondylosis Behind & Find Relief

Treat My Lower Back Pain with Rhizotomy 04/27/2021

Treat My Lower Back Pain with Rhizotomy

What is Rhizotomy? It is a minimally invasive procedure sometimes called radiofrequency ablation (RFA) that can provide relief for patients suffering from chronic lower back pain. It can also help patients experiencing other conditions that may lead to joint pain in the spine, like facet joint disease. Find out if this treatment can help → tap the ‘Learn More’ button.

Treat My Lower Back Pain with Rhizotomy

Pinched Nerve Treatment at DFW Spine Institute 04/09/2021

Pinched Nerve Treatment at DFW Spine Institute

Pain, tingling, and numbness are just a few of the symptoms that come with a pinched nerve. The sensation can be absolutely excruciating and is often caused by a herniated disc somewhere in the spine. Don’t suffer through it, let our team of pain management specialists help alleviate the pain and avoid long-term damage.

Learn about pinched nerves and how we can help by tapping the ‘Learn More’ button.

Pinched Nerve Treatment at DFW Spine Institute

Considering Spine Surgery? Schedule a Consultation 02/21/2021

Considering Spine Surgery? Schedule a Consultation

Diminished quality of life, severe and constant pain, and the inability to function normally are just a few of the signs that indicate it might be time to consider spine surgery. Our team is here to help you take the first step to find relief. Read our latest blog for the full list of warning signs → https://bit.ly/2J9G1Q9

At DFW Spine Institute, we offer a variety of minimally invasive laser treatment options. Schedule a consultation today and see how we can help.

Considering Spine Surgery? Schedule a Consultation

Leave Chronic Neck & Back Pain In The Past 01/13/2021

Leave Chronic Neck & Back Pain In The Past

Spondylosis is a common condition that can cause severe pain in the neck and back. It can actually be brought on by multiple different factors, such as:

Bulging Discs
Bone Spurs
And Degenerative Disc Disease

Don’t start the new year with chronic neck and back pain. Our team of spine specialists is here to help you find relief. Learn about Spondylosis and how we can help by tapping the ‘Learn More’ button.

Leave Chronic Neck & Back Pain In The Past

dfwspineinstitute.com 12/04/2020

Get a FREE MRI Review

People with chronic back pain face harsh realities, such as not being able to walk, run, drive, or even play with their kids. At DFW Spine Institute, our minimally invasive procedures get you back on your feet and living your life.


dfwspineinstitute.com 11/17/2020

Improve My At-Home Office & Avoid Back Pain

Now that working from home has become part of our daily routine, it’s time to check in on those office setups. Do they offer proper back support? Improper workplace setup can lead to a variety of painful conditions in the lower back and neck.

Our team of specialists wants to help you avoid the pain by offering a few simple tips:
- Set Yourself Up for Success: Make sure your desk chair is comfortable and the height of your desk allows for an ergonomic sitting position
- Check-In With Yourself: Keep your posture in mind when going about your day and listen to your body.
- Take Breaks & Stay Active: Both your mind and body deserve to rest throughout the day. Take a break and go for a walk or do a light workout from home.

Learn more about proper at-home office setups by tapping the ‘Learn More’ button.


dfwspineinstitute.com 11/04/2020

Live Life Pain-Free

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body and when damaged, it can cause severe pain from the lower back, down to the legs. Enduring this pain can hinder your ability to truly enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Whatever the reason for the pain, our team of specialists is here to help.

Find relief at DFW Spine Institute. Learn more → [https://bit.ly/3kcXbcF]


dfwspineinstitute.com 02/27/2020

Prevent Back Pain at Work

How does your neck and back feel at the end of a long week working at your desk? Improper workplace setup can be to blame for the strain and pain often felt by the end of the week. Check your desk posture and find tips to prevent aches and strains here: http://bit.ly/2RiJblM


dfwspineinstitute.com 02/24/2020

Lower Back Pain Relief | Lumbar Spine Surgery

Patients with chronic lower back pain who have not found relief through non-surgical treatments can escape persistent pain with minimally-invasive Lumbar Spine Surgery. Learn more about our advanced diagnostic and treatment options that can make lower back pain a thing of the past.


dfwspineinstitute.com 02/21/2020

Explore Sciatica Pain Relief

“Shooting, burning pain on one side that radiates from the back down the buttocks and leg.” How do you describe the pain of sciatica? Up to 40% of people experience sciatica in their lifetime, but few are familiar with how to treat it. >> Learn more about non-surgical sciatica treatment from our experienced doctors and find the relief you deserve.


dfwspineinstitute.com 02/18/2020

Find Freedom From Pain

Research has shown that the longer pinched nerve symptoms persist, the more difficult they become to treat. Our Dallas pain specialists offer minimally invasive treatments to provide relief and prevent further damage.



DFW Spine Institute

dfwspineinstitute.com 10/17/2019

Stop Waiting for the Pain To Go Away

It’s natural to try to manage persistent back pain on your own. But chronic pain (lasting longer than six weeks) often requires professional attention to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of pain so you can heal and return the joys of life’s daily activities.

Schedule a consultation to diagnose the cause of the pain and create a personalized treatment plan with our experienced doctors.


dfwspineinstitute.com 08/29/2019

Stand Up to Pain | Spinal Stenosis Treatment

➤ Leg pain that worsens when standing and eases when sitting?
➤ Tingling extremities and leg weakness?
➤ Intermittent back pain?

If these symptoms sound familiar, may be the cause. Contact our spine specialists to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find relief.


dfwspineinstitute.com 08/12/2019

Bye-Bye, Back Pain.

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints and affects people of all ages, genders, sizes, and backgrounds. The type and degree of back pain can vary greatly, and understanding your pain can be the key to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

Learn more about back pain symptoms, conditions and treatment options → http://bit.ly/2yv8VRH


dfwspineinstitute.com 07/15/2019

Here’s What We Treat:

Helping our patients get back their functionality is what makes our work so rewarding. From getting back in the saddle to getting out on the dance floor, our goal is to get you moving.

Learn more about the conditions we treat → http://bit.ly/2XeVi76


dfwspineinstitute.com 07/01/2019

Get Treatment for Sciatica

Simply put, sciatica is a chronic condition typically causing pain in the lower back, leg, hip, or buttocks that may worsen upon sitting or lying down or with physical activity. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, running from the lower back, through the legs to the feet. Sciatica can be caused by an injury, an underlying condition, or normal wear and tear that occurs during the aging process.

Learn more → http://bit.ly/2EWiooE


dfwspineinstitute.com 06/17/2019

Get A Free MRI Review

There are so many benefits to minimally invasive surgery; here are just a few:
- Relief from debilitating pain
- Restored mobility
- Improved quality of life
- Potential prevention of highly invasive procedures, such as a fusion or disc replacement
- Shorter recovery time
- Personalized treatment plan

Get started with a FREE MRI Review today: http://bit.ly/2E9uv1o


dfwspineinstitute.com 06/03/2019

Learn More About Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

For those of us with frequent lower back pain, everyday tasks can become difficult or impossible. At DFW Spine Institute, we specialize in treating persistent back pain. Our spine and pain management experts are experienced in diagnosing the cause of back pain, and we offer a range of treatment options that can help our patients live a life free from debilitating pain.


dfwspineinstitute.com 05/06/2019

Goodbye, Chronic Pain!

Take the first step towards pain relief: get your FREE MRI review today! Click the button to get started.


dfwspineinstitute.com 04/05/2019

Experience Pain Relief and Improved Mobility

Stabbing pain, numbness and tingling caused by a herniated disc can be relieved! We offer non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment for herniated discs. Find out if you’re a candidate by filling out our free MRI review form.


dfwspineinstitute.com 12/19/2018

Get Treatment for Chronic or Acute Pain

Pain in the hands and wrists can be caused by a variety of reasons such as injury, carpal tunnel, arthritis and more. At DFW Spine Institute, we offer our patients pain relief through surgical and non-surgical treatment solutions. Get pain relief today! >> (817) 813-9625



Working at a desk job can cause and aggravate back and neck pain and over time can cause long-term damage through spinal disc degeneration and nerve damage. Check out our tips for helping get through your workday, pain-free!

- Chair Choice - Choose an ergonomic chair with lumbar support

- Improve Posture - Watch your posture, keep your head up, and avoid hunching over your computer

- Distance from Computer - Situating your chair, mouse, keyboard and screen closer to you can help prevent unnecessary strain, reaching, or leaning forward.

- Take Breaks - stand up, walk around and stretch!

- Phone Cradling - instead of cradling the phone between your head and neck, start using a headset to prevent neck pain.

To learn more about treatment for back and neck pain, contact DFW Spine Institute today! Call our team at (817) 813-9625 or schedule a consultation here >> http://bit.ly/2KjoalG

dfwspineinstitute.com 11/21/2018

Get Treatment for a Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve is a nerve under pressure from surrounding bones or soft tissues, which can trigger pain to the brain. Signs of a pinched nerve include numbness, tingling or shooting pain.


dfwspineinstitute.com 11/07/2018

Get a FREE MRI Evaluation

Don’t let back or spine pain go untreated! Contact DFW Spine Institute and experience life pain-free with minimally-invasive laser spine surgery. 817-813-9625


dfwspineinstitute.com 10/24/2018

Treat the Root Cause of Pain | Contact DFW Spine Institute Today!

The chronic pain specialists at DFW Spine Institute are dedicated to diagnosing the root cause of pain. Pain mapping utilizes a variety of diagnostic tools in order to gain a comprehensive picture of where a patient’s pain originates in the body, helping our team develop highly personalized treatments for each patient.

dfwspineinstitute.com Pain mapping may start with standard testing such as an MRI or CT, but sometimes more advanced testing is needed such as discography or nerve blocks.

dfwspineinstitute.com 10/10/2018

Get a FREE MRI Review

At DFW Spine Institute, we specialize in minimally invasive laser spine surgery, and acute and chronic pain treatment. Contact our team today for a Free MRI Review! 817-813-9625

dfwspineinstitute.com At DFW Laser Spine Institute in Dallas Fort Worth we specialize in minimally invasive laser spine surgery and acute & chronic pain relief.

dfwspineinstitute.com 09/26/2018

Get a Free MRI Review

At DFW Spine Institute, we are dedicated to helping patients get BACK to doing what they love with minimally invasive laser spine surgery. Unlike open back surgery, laser spine surgery allows for tiny incisions, minimal scarring, and quicker recovery!

dfwspineinstitute.com At DFW Spine Institute, we are dedicated to offering patients top-quality patient care, specializing in laser spine and neck surgery, in addition to comprehensive pain management.

Specializing in Laser Spine Surgery

Get Back to What You Enjoy

DFW Spine Institute, Specializing in Laser, was founded to help patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area find solutions for pain and spine issues.

We are dedicated to changing lives by utilizing advanced diagnostic methods and minimally invasive treatment options. Our specialists are experienced in treating a variety of spine and orthopedic conditions, including degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves, sciatica, and spondylosis.

If you endure frequent pain that interferes with your daily life or limits your ability to enjoy the things that you love, we may be able to help. We have helped many patients find relief from pain in order to live healthier, more active lives.

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Get a Free MRI Review



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