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Videos by Dallas Podiatry Works in Dallas. Drs. Joel Brook, Irene Arroyo, Courtney McClurkin and Leon Brill of Dallas Podiatry Works offer comp

Dr. Sonia Simon!

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Dr. Sonia Simon!

Do you wonder why your ankles feel unstable? Watch Dr. Arroyo's video to learn more. And here is the link to the entire ...

More PAIN RELIEF! Dr. Brook was asked to speak at the Cooper Clinic here in Dallas to their physicians. Here is a portio...

Meet Dr. Brill. Great man, great DPM!

Halloween wishes coming your way, have a listen too!

DPW does specialize in wound care of the lower extremities. Check the vids!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW9IHG_hm8w

Happy 60th Dr. Brook!

November is National Diabetes Month.

Halloween Babies!

Restore the padding in your feet!

Information about EPAT

Special Message From Dr. Joel Brook!

There are solutions to Bunions.

Dr. Arroyo talks about Pregnancy and your FEET!

Excellent Bunion Information

Dr. Northcutt proving valuable info about toe pain and limited movement or Hallux Limitus.

Heel Pain Relief

Dr. Arroyo's happy patient, Officer Monk

How to size and put on a Recovery Boot

Eduardo...more adorable by the day!

Best type of doctor to treat you foot and ankle issues. https://www.dallaspodiatryworks.com/