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A little night yoga...

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Good morning..it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but my meditation and the words read all but required me to speak.

“Stories are like time capsules. They carry pieces of truth and meaning over time. ..It is the sweat and tears of the telling that bring the meaning out of its sleep as if no time has passed. It is the telling that heals. ..Often we repeat stories, not because we are forgetful or indulgent, but because there is too much meaning to digest in one expression. ..So we keep sharing the story that presses on our heart until we understand it all.

*The truth is that though we think we know what we are about to say, the story tells us and saves us, in the same mysterious way that breathing is always the same but different.

What will your story be today? If anyone needs an ear, I’ve a phone, a porch, a fire pit. 💙
Peace and love, friends.🦋


A portion of today’s brilliant meditation, courtesy of Mr. Nepo:

“..Enlightenment is the moment we realize that we are made of love. At that moment, all fear of living disappears. For Grace comes to the heart when it realizes what it is made of and what it has risen from. In that moment, Grace comforts us, that no matter the joy or pain along the way, we are already a part of where we are going.”🦋


Yoga with Waddles!

Young and young at heart... who's ready to DANCE?! These yoga sessions with Waddles the duck at Epic Waters in Grand Prairie have been so fun! come join us!!


Oh Nepo..🦋

“Time and again, we are asked to outlast what we want and hope for, in order to see what’s there.
It is enough.”


Yoga with Waddles!

More yoga with Waddles at Epic Waters!🦋


Yoga With Waddles

Happy Easter! 04/12/2020

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!🦋

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Happy Easter! Enjoy a family friendly, fun kids yoga session I taught to Waddles the Duck at Epic Waters in Grand Prairie, TX! Tune into their page to find events, activit...


You guys, I am so proud to have worked with Epic Waters in Grand Prairie and the beautiful Jordyn Kledas teaching kid’s yoga!! Too. Much. Fun.

April Wisdom 04/01/2020

April Wisdom

April Wisdom Butterfly Yoga: Daily Mini-Flows Daily deep cleansing breath/detox And SAGE pose. Tips to support Butterfly Yoga Venmo: PayPal: [email protected]

Sun salutation 03/27/2020

Sun salutation

Sun salutation Butterfly Yoga: Daily mini flow Sun salutation and modified salutation with chair. Namaste everyone! I'm Katrina, and I've been practicing yoga for 17 years....

Developing ears to hear from the heart of our experience 03/26/2020

Developing ears to hear from the heart of our experience

New post to my YouTube channel!

Namaste everyone! I'm Katrina, and I've been practicing yoga for 17 years. I was YMCA and AFAA certified to teach yoga in more than 10 years ago and this past year, I received my 200 hour certification from Yoga4Love. I am also Reiki Certified, Level 4. I've been doing these mini yoga flows on YouTube daily to heal myself, and I truly hope they bring help to all of you out there as well. I've added my Venmo username below for tips. PLEASE do not feel obligated to give anything, I'd rather you did the classes and enjoyed them and found some peace and strength. But if you are so inclined, tips to Butterfly Yoga will ensure its future success hopefully far beyond these current challenging times.

My Venmo user name is:

Yoga is for all, this is my foremost goal.
Love, strength and light to you all.

Developing ears to hear from the heart of our experience Butterfly Yoga: Daily mini flow Chair stretches and breathing Butterfly Yoga: Daily Mini flow Strength in dark times with warrior work. Seeking strength and ...


I’ve been posting daily yoga mini-flows, breath work, stretching sessions on YouTube! (under my name, Katrina Burggraf) Check it out and stay healthy!🦋💙☀️


Once again, Nepo hits it out of the park.💙🦋

“..yet beneath all the talk of tragedy and grace, I have come to believe that we are destined to be opened by the living of our days, and whether we like it or not, whether we choose to participate or not, we will, in time, every one of us, wear the deeper part of who we are as a new skin. Either by erosion from without or by shedding from within—and often by both—we are forced to live more authentically.”

“Now there’s nothing left, but to keep dancing. It is the way I would have chosen had I been born three times as brave.”🦋💪🏻💙


Gray skies, the rainy day blues, but still, love abounds. The universe reminded me. And just listen to those morning birds sing..🦋💚💙


Breakfast nook meditation:
Good and lovely fall morning. This change of season is my favorite transition time of year, and yet it always brings some blues. I have often struggled with thinking my value hinges on another, “stronger” personality, be it a friend or a lover. I have always cherished and prioritized being part of a group or “family” both in life and my career, over being a solo act. But I think my peaceful nature was happy to step out of the light while my inner critic was building a case against my sense of importance. These past weeks have had me thinking about new next paths, adventures, steadiness and security, and..roots or the lack thereof. It has been a time of deep reflection and emotion..and confusion.

And then I opened my lovely Book Of Awakening this morning and read:

“It takes six million grains of pollen to seed one peony, and salmon need a lifetime of swimming to find their way home, so we mustn’t be alarmed or discouraged when it takes us years to find love or years to understand our calling in life...
As the many grains of pollen birth one flower and the many eggs birth one fish, each person we love and each dream we try to give life to brings us closer to the mystery of being alive. So, we must try as many times as necessary until our loves become one love, until our many dreams become one dream, until heart and path feel the same.”

Have a beautiful autumn season. 🍂 🍂


An excerpt from today’s Nepo meditation..
“..Imagine if birds only sang when heard. If musicians only played when approved of. If poets only spoke when understood...Certainly, there is a particular joy and nourishment in being heard. But I have come to realize that sounding my way into the world, to express who I am, must always comes first.”

Armed with these gorgeous words, I’m gonna LIVE OUT LOUD today..for starters.

Peace ya’ll🦋


I was a live comedy getting these to the car...but I’m licensed, mobile and ready to teach! Who’s ready?!🦋🦋🦋


Such a beautiful meditation this morning. I see you. I know you. You are loved.🦋💙

“We carry whole worlds within us as we brush by each other in the supermarket to read mayonnaise jars. The entire drama of life churns in our blood as we rush underground to catch a train. We are always both so known and unknown.” (Nepo)

Photos from Butterfly Yoga's post 07/11/2019

This simply never gets old..wisdom and love is pouring in from all over the Universe. I’m open to it ALL!🦋☘️💚💙


Today, I’ll live the moments.💙🦋💚


Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE! ☀️ Take the summer..take the long sunny, warm hours. Do something fun, something wild..
Take the gift of summer, I will surely do so.🌸☀️Namaste 🦋💙💚


Today..I shall rest like a tree. 🌲 🌲 💚🦋


Summer. 💙☀️My favorite season. It hearkens back to the best of childhood. Long days of play, stacks of books, lemonade stands, scraped knees, chlorine bleached hair, the smell of Coppertone...A time to stay up all night reading. A time when life slows down for the simple reason that it’s too hot to move quickly. A time for dreaming. I am freshly certified with my Y4L 200 hr RYT. I am churning with ideas. I will use this time, this summer, to formulate my dreams into plans. So keep looking, my butterfly, my life, my goals, they are taking form.
Use this time to savor, to be, to breathe.

Here’s some wisdom from my idol, Mark Nepo(and he begins with a quote from T.H.White):
“The best thing for being sad, replied Merlin, is to learn something new.”
..”The idea here is not to divert the sadness, but to give it a context from life other than what is making you sad. Just as ginger can lose its bitterness when baked in bread, sadness can be leavened by other life. When feeling the sharpness of being sad or hurt, it helps to take new things in. This pours the water of life on the fire of the heart.
So when exhausted from expressing all that hurt, listen to music you’ve never heard of, or ask someone to tell you an old story from before your birth, or take a drive down a road near a ridge you’ve always meant to look out from. Look with your sad eyes on things new to you that will give you something to do with your sadness.
Your sadness is the paint.
You must find a canvas.”

🦋To summer🦋


Mr Flamingo modeling lovely balance in a modified Warrior 3. Life imitates asanas!😁♥️

Photos from Butterfly Yoga's post 03/12/2019

My challenge, do at least one thing each month of this year that represents “learning to fly”. (So far it’s included bay kayaking with a dear friend from childhood, and an epic road trip through snow and rain and sun for my birthday. I’ve also had quite another adventure with a lovely singer sister in Victoria,Texas and a beautiful day of connection with my Jordyn.)
My inspiration? This quote:

When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.
(Patrick Overton, The leaning tree)

Keep soaring everyone.🦋💚💙




I woke up today, and despite the cloudy sky, I felt a brightness piercing through my spirit. I felt strong. I felt like it was more than lip service and going through the motions. Yesterday, I listened to the interview with Anita Moorjani about her new book "Dying to Be Me". The interview was rather poorly conducted, there were a ton of annoying ads that kept interrupting, and yet I persisted. At around 22:30 into the interview, Anita spoke of how we live our lives in fear. Every choice, word, thought, action is driven by fear. She is convinced that is what made her ill, and she is certain that the true release of that fear is what healed her. I won't play doctor, or scientist,,,I will just say that, yes, every part of my life is ruled by some sort of fear.

I thought about it all day yesterday. I went to bed late. I slept poorly. Then I woke up and told myself ENOUGH. I won't let fear rule each and every decision and thought I make and have. And it's a sneaky thing, fear. It doesn't always look like fear. Sometimes it masquerades as "common sense" or "society rules" or "health consciousness" or "positive criticism".

And so, I will ask myself with each thought, or action, or desire in my day:
-Am I having this thought, am I doing this action because I want to; because it serves me in some way? Is it merely due to some fear of judgement, or a need to fit in, or the unreasonable demon I have carried for so many years,,the fear of disappearing, the fear that I will cease to have significance the moment I stop running.

And if the answer isn't "Because I want to. Because I will feel joy." I will turn away. I will stop. I will breathe. I will be.

All I eat, and and drink and think and say and do....will NOT be due to fear: of dying, judgement, image..

I will do all in the name of joy. I already feel the difference. It will be a process. One thought and action at a time. And yet,, just by asking the question, my eyes are open.

Love to you all. Breathe deep. Release fear. Embrace joy and life,,or rather LIVING.
Today is my first day.

Photos from Butterfly Yoga's post 12/21/2018

Tonight. Winter’s solstice. Full moon tomorrow. I will release all of 2018 that no longer serves me. I will claim 2019. I will summon abundance into my life. Burn the candle friends. Joy and peace to you all.


For all who need this.💙💚🦋




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