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Back pain is experienced by millions of people annually, learn how to Become Pain Free Today! Back pain is experienced by millions of people annually, and it is caused by a wide range of different reasons.

Many people think it is simply caused by old age or a weak body, but, in reality, those are only a fraction of the amount of issues that cause back pain. With some, back problem are hereditary or are born with it. With others, these pains come from activities and strenuous actions that a person chooses to make, ultimately risking their body and having to deal with such issues.

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Hot and cold packs can provide relief whenever the pain gets intense. We recommend using an ice pack after an injury for 48 hours because it will heal the swelling. Then, a heated pack should be use after the swelling is gone.

If your basic at-home treatments do not relieve the pain, contact us so that we can help you get back to your normal routine. Call now (214) 716-0072 01/15/2015

What Really Solves Knee Pain? The Answer Might Surprise You

"All treatments except acetaminophen showed clinically significant improvement from baseline pain."

Read more: The pill most often prescribed for knee pain - acetaminophen - may not help at all, researchers reported Monday.The new study of what works for...

[01/14/15]   Simple Ways To Reduce Back Pain
Our back pain specialists understand all back pain causes and symptoms. If you have low-back pain, you should not spend too much time in bed. Long workouts at the gym often lead to back pain. However, the strain that you experience has probably been building up for months. Proper posture is crucial when performing gym activities because poor posture places unnecessary stain on the back. If you have chronic back pain, you must strengthen your core. When abdominal muscles are weak, the other muscles pick up the slack. When the abdominals are strong, there will be less strain on the back.

[01/09/15]   How To Avoid Winter Pain
If you typically experience back pain on cold days, there are a few measures that you can take. Moving around is important because it loosens your stiff joints, so you should exercise each day during the winter. If you do not normally exercise daily, try walking through a mall or dancing at home. When your back starts to ache, do not place a warm pack on the sore spot for numerous hours. Too much heat is bad because it will cause swelling. Though, if you wear tight-fitting material, you can restrict the swelling.

[01/08/15]   How Barometric Pressure Causes Back Pain
There are some theories for why pain increases during the winter. One theory focuses air pressure changes in the environment. Rainy and damp weather does not intensify back pain. Back pain occurs when the barometric pressure changes the weight in the air. This theory makes sense because the tissues that surround your joints are like balloons. Their purpose is to protect your joints; however, your tissues will not expand out whenever the barometric pressure is high. Your tissues expand when the pressure drops; this places pressure on your joints.


Why Does Cold Weather Make Back Pain Worse?
According to medical experts, cold weather causes severe back pain because barometric pressure levels increase when temperatures are low.


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Chronic neck pain is a miserable experience. You don't have to live in pain anymore!
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You wouldn't think a pillow would make or break a good nights rest, but it's entirely possible! #restwell #nomoreneckpain
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If you don't feel like flipping or switching pillows is working it might be time to take the next step! Call us today. We can help.


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A perfect holiday gift for you or someone you love!

*While theses are a great way to ease temporary discomfort, they shouldn't be used for long term care*


Read more about possible treatments: 12/08/2014

10 Ways to Ease Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Sometimes the holidays can cause more than back pain. Maybe you're having to put in long hours at the office. Or you might even have dozens of gifts to wrap. Whatever the reason is take at look at some of these helpful tips!

If you aren't finding relief after trying these it may be time to chat with the professionals.

Call us anytime! We're here to help you!
#handpains #carpaltunnel #holidaystress People with rheumatoid arthritis often have carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes hand and wrist pain. Try these simple pain-relieving steps.


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If you think you are suffering from any of these holiday pains call us! We're here to help you. Call Us: (214) 396-3647 | (888) 373-3720


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Sleeping on Your Stomach
Not a highly recommended position, but one that makes many people feel more secure as they drift off to sleep, stomach sleeping is a more challenging sleep option for those with back pain. The answer is to sleep with a pillow beneath your pelvis and abdomen, easing the curve of the spine. You may want to forego resting your head on a pillow in this position. For those with some types of degenerative disc disease or paracentral disc herniation, stomach sleeping may help, but otherwise, if possible, you may wish to give up this position, as it offers few benefits beyond potential psychological comfort.


Sleeping on Your Side
One of the most popular sleep positions, side sleeping is good for reducing back strain. Placing a pillow between your knees or thighs can help reduce pressure on the hips and other joints. A full sized body pillow is less likely to slip out during the night and can be very comfortable. If you tend to roll one hip forward, you should use caution and try to avoid doing so, because it can increase both lower back and hip pain. This position can also help with sinus pressure; however, those with shoulder pain may find it markedly less comfortable. To alleviate that, switch sides during the night when possible


Sleeping on Your Back
Some sleepers swear by this position, while others actively avoid it. Nevertheless, many people prefer this sleep position or find themselves in it when they wake. To make the best of back sleeping, you should consider placing a pillow underneath your head and neck and another underneath your knees to relieve pressure on the back. The posture places the back in its most natural, aligned positioning. This can also help with cramping; however, for those who snore, this position is likely to exacerbate the condition.


The Hamstring Stretch

The final stretch we'll mention here is the hamstring stretch. Stay on your back and raise your leg up while trying to keep it straight. Use both hands to hold your upper leg for support. Hold this position for five seconds a piece on each side.


The Piriformis Stretch (Glutes)

This is a great stretch to alleviate both leg and back pain. Stay on your back and move one leg over the other one while pulling the knee up towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your behind. Hold this for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.


The Supine Hip Flexor

This is a great stretch that's also easy to do early in the morning. Simply move on over to the edge of your bed and let your leg dangle down. Hold this for about one to two minutes before switching to the other side of the bed and doing the same for your other leg.


Dimmer days
One surprising side effect or shorter, and grayer days...headaches! These are a potential sign of seasonal affective disorder. Changes in barometric pressure, which occur when a storm is moving in or away from you. Not to mention, simply very cold weather can also trigger migraines in some people. Less sunlight also means less vitamin D. D deficiency has been linked to an increase in headaches in the fall and winter.
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Icy conditions
Walking on ice is a balancing act for even the most dextrous among us and you may find yourself yourself unconsciously tensing your body to brace yourself for a fall. This can take a toll on your muscles, making you feel achier at the end of the day, and more likely to injure yourself. If you are tense while walking on ice and you slip, you are more apt to pull a muscle than if you fell while you were more relaxed.
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The Pelvic Tilt Stretch

Another great exercise is the pelvic tilt stretch. For this one, lie on your back and tilt your knees so that your lower back is raised off the ground. You'll then want to tighten your abs in such a way that the small of your back will lay flat against the surface. Hold this position for around five seconds. Do this at least three times, but you're working towards around nine to ten overall repetitions.


The Erector Spinae Stretch (lower back)

This is a great exercise to use if you're having a lot of pain specifically in your lower back region. For the erector spinae stretch, you'll want to lay on your back and then pull one of your knees up towards your chest. Grasp it firmly with both hands, and then bring the remaining knee up and hold both of them close to your chest while relaxing.


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Sometimes we get up in the morning and things just aren't sitting right. Do you know the feeling? These are 5 simple, easy stretches to try on your own. Be sure to take it slow. Stretches are not meant to be a hurry up and finish pose.
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[10/30/14]   #Didyouknow
Recommendations have flipped over recent years between staying in bed or staying active, and a 2010 Cochrane review suggested that the margin between these pieces of advice is closer than once thought.

But, overall, studies show that being active has an edge over bed rest, and current clinical guidelines favor activity and exercise. One thing's for certain - prolonged bed rest can lead to muscle atrophy and deconditioning, which can make getting back on your feet a greater challenge.

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Low back pain? Those of us who have experienced it know that when the pain hits, it makes us miserable. Everyone seems to offer friendly advice on how to abstain from pain - but do they really know what they're talking about? Some commonly accepted recommendations may do you more harm than good.

No matter what is causing your back pain, Become Pain Free has a medical specialist who will work to help you become pain-free. Make an appointment today by calling us today! (214) 396-3647 or toll-free at (888) 373-3720

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Spinal Disc Problems #explained 10/24/2014

Spinal Disc Problems

Back pain has many causes, many of which involve the discs in the spine. Discs are cushions that are located between each vertebrae that makes up the spine. Discs can deteriorate over time, possibly leading to several potential spinal disc problems.
#DegenerativeDiscDisease #BulgingDisc #HerniatedDisc #ThinningDisc #fridayblues Back pain has many causes, many of which involve the discs in the spine. Discs are cushions that are located between each vertebrae that makes up the spine. Discs can deteriorate over time, possibly leading to several potential spinal disc problems.

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