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Progressive Health Medical Center is a comprehensive multidisciplinary facility. Our focus is on eliminating pain, restoring function and optimizing health

Progressive Health Medical Center is a full-service integrative pain management center dedicated to providing relief for a variety of issues.

[06/12/18]   TUESDAY TIP: The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

⦁ Incerase Leptin levels to reduce overeating
⦁ Insulin sensitivity, lowering risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer
⦁ Increases Autophagy (cellular clean up and anti-aging)
⦁ Decrease inflammation of gut, joints, etc.
⦁ Decrease triglycerides, lowering heart disease risk 06/08/2018

Marijuana & Athletes

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Marijuana and Athletes Hosted by Neil Verma, MD

[06/05/18]   Get your summer body ready for the beach or pool. Our Slim Shots can help boost metablosim, and help incresae fat loss. It also has added Vitamin B12 which helps improve energy levels, boosts endurance, improve concertatrion, elevates your mood.

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[05/31/18]   Are you a soda lover?

Here a few ingredients in soda and their effects on your body.

1) Phosphoric Acid- Weakens bones and rots teeth

2) Excessive artificial sweeteners make you crave more

3)Formaldehyde- Carcinogen, which can lead to serious health conditions.

4) High fructose Corn Syrup:- Concentrated form of sugar, fructose derived from corn. It increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides and it also makes you hungry.

5) Food Dyes:-impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focusing, lack of impulse control.

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Benefits of a plant based diet

Benefits of a Plant Based Diet Hosted by Neil Verma

[05/29/18]   TUESDAY TIP: Gardening injuries are common in the summer as people are starting to enjoy the outdoors.

Keep your back happy while making your garden beautiful with these tips.

1) Give yourself a soft base. Place soft padding under your knees

2) Keep supplies near by to prevent reaching far distances or turning awkwardly.

3) Avoid bending straight over and utilize a half kneeling position instead.

4) Remember- Chiropractic care is like gardening. Your garden needs care and maintenance just like your body does.

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[05/29/18]   We hope you enjoyed Memorial Day! Call us for an adjustment

[05/22/18]   Are you feeling bloated, having sore muscle soreness? We can help!
Here are 6 foods that can help:

1) BROCCOLI SPROUTS *Key Ingredient: Glucosinolates

2) RAW FERMENTED FOODS *Key Ingredient: Live probiotics

3)GREEN TEA * Key Ingredient: Epigallocatechin gallate

4)TUMERIC *Key Ingredient : Curcumin

5) BERRIES * Key Ingredient: Anthocyanins

6) SALMON * Key Ingredient: EPA omega-3 fat

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[05/01/18]   Weight Loss and Nutrition Class Next week Thursday May 10th at 6pm. Ten spots available. Get Healthy. Call 972-792-0204

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? It's time to reclaim your life. Reclaim the life that was intended for you. You can take control and even improve your health by making the right decisions.

Its the choices you make now that will determine the quality of life you will have in the future.
Choose Health.

[04/30/18]   When I am talking with my patients I use the term “The S**T Hits The Fan”

This is what I am talking about.

Your body is like a bucket, you have a shovel in your hands and you are constantly shoveling Toxins/Stressors into your bucket. Now let’s use me for example. I am 39 years old. For the past 4 decades I have been eating, drinking, breathing, and cleaning with substances that are toxic to my body. (Lets not forget Medicating also). So for 39 years I’ve been taking this stuff in and doing this to myself and the bucket has been getting fuller and fuller.

Now picture a fan at the top of that bucket. At some point the bucket will get full and “The s**t will hit the fan”. When this happens the body responds with symptoms usually pain, and what do we do? Do we listen to our bodies and try to understand what is really going on? What is the cause of this?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are more concerned with getting back to our daily lives as quickly as possible. So, we either go to the pharmacy or go to the doctor to get some type of medication that will numb our senses. And it works! It works fast and effectively at getting rid of the symptoms and now we can get back to our NORMAL lives and be efficient and effective again at whatever it is we do. So we return to our old ways and continue shoveling s**t into our buckets. But now we have artificially raised our threshold of symptoms, and “the sh**t hitting the fan” is delayed but coming again soon. This represents all of us.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Our symptoms of pain are the body’s way of communicating that there is an underlying problem. If we only address the symptoms, the pain may disappear for a while, but the cause of the problem is still there. The body still wants our attention and will adapt and scream louder. The pain will return overriding the treatment.

Until the underlying problem is addressed this cycle will continue getting more and more intense each time, requiring stronger drugs or more treatments. If we address the cause of the symptom and the symptom at the same time, eventually the body will heal and the symptom will disappear.

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[04/18/18]   Americans typically don’t have great posture (I admit, I’m slumped over my desk a little as I’m writing this), but did you know that your posture can signal a lot about your overall health? That’s because your posture is directly related to the position of your spine, and your spine houses your nervous system, the most important system in the body. Keeping your spine well is the idea behind the Posture Perfect Wellness Center.. This full-service medical, chiropractic, health and wellness practice is focused on good health through proper posture.
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[04/18/18]   Boundaries and Self Imposed Limitations.
Don’t let your limits be controlled, your possibilities are infinite.

[04/12/18]   There is a saying that motion is lotion. As we get older, we don’t develop as much lubrication for our joints andwhat little fluid we do develop isn’t absorbed as well by the joint cartilage. To help minimize these joint changes, it is important to be active and gradually increase exercises such as stretching, walking and light weight exercises. My experience has shown that even making small changes in your daily activities results in major improvements in your overall health.

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Herniated Disc Causes Neck Pain

Poor posture combined with incorrect use of body mechanics can place added stress on the spine and lead to a painful herniated disc A herniated disc is a common cause of neck pain that may radiate into other parts of your upper body, such as your shoulders and arms.




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