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On a night I get to enough some much needed alone time because my parents are watching this single mom’s 10 year old twin boys, I love over hearing a table of three women sharing their photos and reviews of DrJ and innovations medical. They were all so happy they started texting friends from out of state to come visit Dallas since our COVID is on the downhill and DrJ is soooo good.

Such a fun way to enjoy my free evening
THIS JUST IN!!! Announced at 10am 2/20/2020
A special offer from Dr J himself
[email protected]

It's time to get ready for summer
Now until March 15, 2020

Upper/Lower abdomen and love handles lipo:
Weight up to 160lbs $4000
Weight 161-220lbs $5000
Weight over 221lbs $6000

Add Breast for Buttock transfer for $1000 to $1500

Financing starting at $67 a month

financing with:
Are people doing cosmetic surgery at younger and younger ages, or am I just getting older and older?

Maybe both?

I have worked for Dr J since June of 2001. At the time I was just doing management for him. It wasn't until 2005 that I started working with his cosmetic surgery practice. I used to get told all the time "you are so young you just don't understand" Now I'm having to come up with examples for people I'm old enough to be their mother. I just entered demographics for someone born after I graduated high school.

All this to say. You are never to young or to old. My 87 year old grandmother does procedures, and I remember one 90 year old lady bringing in a pin-up photo of her from WWII so she could try to look close to that for her wedding anniversary. And you aren't to young even if you were born after I graduated ;-)
Meredith here, Dr J's office manager

I just added 10% off Thermage or Laser Hair restoration when performed by 3/15/2020

Call 214.420.7970 to schedule your consultation. Limited availability
Were you watching Dr J on Good Morning Texas this morning? He announced $1000 off all lipo or fat transfer procedures performed by 3/11/2020. Call quickly as that's only 15 days and we can at most perform 2 a day. A quick glance at the schedule shows several days are already booked

call 214.420.7970 and schedule your free consultation
New Year. New Me! I so need this make over!😍💃🥰🥳
This is Dr J's office manager

our brand new Fort Worth office opens December 18th. We need employees
We need a Medical Front Desk person
Medical Assistants

Email resumes to [email protected]
I see no info on stem cell treatment of COPD.
Message for Alan. Pls contact Korea ASAP!!! Very Urgent

Specializing in Liposuction procedures, Fat Transfer procedures, Tummy Tucks, Hair Transplant, and S

Innovations Medical & Dr. Bill Johnson specialize in Smartlipo Liposuction, Brazilian Buttock Lift, Fat Transfer, Hair Transplant, and Skin Tightening. The practice is known for it's Flexible Mommy Makeover which offers patients a customized procedure plan for one flat fee. You can also see the latest in cosmetic surgery and hair restoration news by watching Dr. Johnson on Good Morning Texas, ever

Operating as usual


Happy holidays from everyone here at Innovations Medical. We hope you are surrounded by loved ones and make many memories.


There are many benefits of Enhanced BBLs.
For one, it can reduce cellulite and increase volume with this procedure. Results are evident quickly and the recovery time is reduced. Lastly, it uses what's already in your body.
Learn more about the procedure here:


Legend uses radiofrequency energy in an innovative way to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. It also adds leading-edge real-time temperature monitoring to increase effectiveness and safety. Legend provides progressive skin tightening and is pain-free. No medications are required and there is no down-time after the procedure. You can return to work or normal activities immediately afterward.

Learn more here:


Gift certificates are running low.

Grab them while you can.

Buy a $1,000 Innovations Medical gift certificate and get $2,000 worth of services.

Call (214) 643-8665 to reserve yours today.


What is a natural breast augmentation?

Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation is when we obtain the fat for grafting with liposuction of one or more areas of unwanted fat. Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation introduces something to prepare fat for grafting before it is liposuctioned.
First, the areas for liposuction are marked, then the magic starts. We use a technology called ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) to pre-treat the areas that are liposuctioned. ESWT is also known as AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy). Research has shown that the pretreatment of fat with ESWT/AWT increases the survival of the fat after grafting. ESWT is very comfortable, adding only a few minutes to the procedure.
ESWT causes the release of growth factors that help promote the fat establishing itself in the breast. ESWT also helps to activate stem cells in the liposuctioned fat. The stem cells further support fat survival.


For a limited time only in December, buy a $1,000 Innovations Medical gift certificate and get $2,000 worth of services.

Call: (214) 643-8665*


We offer a flexible mommy makeover package.
We understand having a baby can change the shape of a woman’s body. Diet and exercise can help, but many women struggle to regain their shape. That’s where we come in.
We love moms so we offer a great package to help them get their shape back, and we make it flexible so you can design it to your own needs.

Learn more here:


Stretch marks are something a lot of people deal with. Check our link in bio for our blog post on the different remedies for it.


🚨 Don't miss out on this inflation busting deal. 🚨

We are offering a free Brazillian butt lift or natural breast augmentation with the purchase of 3 areas of liposuction.


We love reading your reviews and we understand you are more than just another surgery. Thank you for the five-stars!


Our inflation-busting deals are here! Throughout November, enjoy a free Brazilian butt lift or natural breast augmentation with the purchase of 3 areas of liposuction. Call to book your consultation: (214) 643-8665


We understand you need to see what others are saying in order to make your decision. Thank you for another five-star review.

Our Biggest Sale of the Year is Ending Soon 11/15/2022

Our Biggest Sale of the Year is Ending Soon

Our Biggest Sale of the Year is Ending Soon -

Our Biggest Sale of the Year is Ending Soon This is our most popular procedure we offer.  If you've been waiting to get a Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Fat Transfer, this is the chance to get it for FREE.  Call 214-420.7970 to schedule.  BBL upgrades available! Ask your consultant about upgrading to a 360 Lipo or 3D BBL


We have another inflation-busting deal to pass on to you!

For November only, enjoy a free Brazillian butt lift or natural breast augmentation with the purchase of 3 areas of liposuction.


We know reading about the experience of others, helps you to make decisions when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Read how we helped this client who received stem cell therapy.


Did you know you can get your hair to grow thicker and fuller than ever before? Check out our blog post- link in bio.

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Liposuction - Innovations Medical 11/04/2022

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Liposuction - Innovations Medical

Liposuction is the removal of fat cells. There are many benefits to undergoing lipo. Check out some of the benefits here:

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Liposuction - Innovations Medical Learn about the many benefits of liposuction for your appearance and quality of life with this helpful guide.


Did you know we have inflation-busting deals every month?

November's special is a free Brazillian butt lift or natural breast augmentation with the purchase of 3 areas of liposuction.


NOVEMBER SPECIAL 📢 Free Brazilian Butt Lift or Natural Breast Augmentation with purchase of 3 areas of liposuction! Call to book your consultation: (214) 643-8665


Our testimonials can help you make an important decision. Enjoy a more attractive physique and better quality of life. See what our current and past patients had to say.

Explore more testimonials here:

Timeline photos 10/26/2022

Cosmetic procedures provide cutting-edge technology. From breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lifts, we've got you covered. In these procedures, we transfer fat from one part of your body to shape the desired area with tissue that already exists inside of you.

Read more about this process here:

5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Thigh Fat - Innovations Medical 10/24/2022

5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Thigh Fat - Innovations Medical

There are five true and tried ways to lose that stubborn thigh fat. Read more about your options here:

5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Thigh Fat - Innovations Medical Have you been trying to lose weight but find that your thighs aren’t cooperating? Learn 5 ways to get rid of that stubborn thigh fat.

Timeline photos 10/21/2022

The Innovations Medical Stem Cell Center has been performing stem cell treatments in Northern Texas since 2013. To date, we have performed almost 1,000 treatments and we were the first Cell Surgical member in North Texas. Innovations Medical remains a leader in stem cells taken from your own fat.

Read more about this process here:

Timeline photos 10/18/2022

Innovations Medical has an entire staff dedicated to ensuring a premium patient experience. Every single member of our team is extensively trained in all aspects of cosmetic procedures and patient care.

Meet our staff here:

Timeline photos 10/14/2022

Did you know less than one-third of women have an excess of androgens, which contributes to their hair loss?

Specific drugs are available that can help in those cases, but
for all women a process called follicular miniaturization is responsible for the appearance of hair loss. This process causes hair follicles that produce large, normal hairs with color — to become small and instead produce tiny, white hairs.

Read more about this process here:

Timeline photos 10/14/2022

Join us for a spookily good Halloween Special!

Buy 2 areas for Liposuction and get a 3rd area free!

This deal ends on October 31st.

Timeline photos 10/13/2022

OCTOBER SPECIAL 📢 Inner and outer thigh liposuction — $5,000. Add a fat transfer for only $1,500! Call (214) 643-8665 to book your consultation.

Timeline photos 10/12/2022

iIf you’ve been thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery or if a degenerative condition is causing you joint pain, let us help you. We will address all of your concerns and present you with the options that are most suitable for you.

Timeline photos 10/10/2022

We understand that hearing about the experiences of former and current patients can help you make a decision. We are proud of the fact that we have so many happy clients who now feel more confident in their physique and enjoy a better quality of life.

Explore more testimonials here:

Timeline photos 10/06/2022

Excessive breast drooping is a problem for many women. Breast drooping is especially a problem for those who have been pregnant. Significant changes in weight can also lead to this. Some women just need a breast lift, while others need a lift with some restoration of volume or breast size. Some even need a lift and a reduction. We can now use the SmartLipo Laser Liposuction as a tool to help in all these areas.

Learn more about SmartLipo here:

Timeline photos 10/04/2022

There has been a historical win for personal cell therapy recently as CSN has won its case. The federal court stated that personal cell therapy is a surgical procedure, and the FDA may not regulate this as a drug.

This all started with the FDA claiming clinics make a "drug" when they remove cells from someone and give them back to the same person.

However, we do not see it that way. This is a surgical procedure that puts their own cells back in their body much like a skin graft.

Ultimately, the court ruled in CSN's favor. They agreed that this a procedure and not a drug that can be dictated by the FDA. This is a huge historic win for personal cell therapy.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on Your Legs & Thighs 09/27/2022

5 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on Your Legs & Thighs

If you’re looking for smoother, more even-looking legs and thighs, look into these five methods.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on Your Legs & Thighs Read our helpful guide to learn about your options for reducing unsightly cellulite on your legs and thighs

Timeline photos 09/23/2022

👙 Looking your best doesn't have to break the bank, we offer multiple finance options to break up the cost of your procedure into simple monthly payments.

📞 Call (214) 643-8665
Or visit

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? - Innovations Medical 09/19/2022

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? - Innovations Medical

Implants aren't the only form of breast enhancement. Consider your options before committing to a procedure.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? - Innovations Medical Whether you feel self-conscious about your breast size or need help reshaping after a major procedure, learn about the different...

Our Story

Innovations Medical was founded by Dr. Bill Johnson. The practice specializes in fat transfer & awake tumescent liposuction procedures via Tickle Lipo and Smartlipo. Innovations Medical also provides facial fat transfer procedures, skin tightening procedures (Thermage, Pollogen Legend, Ultherapy), non surgical liposuction (Liposonix), and skin resurfacing (Fraxel & Smartxide Dot). Watch Dr. Johnson's Wednesdays on ABC's Good Morning Texas to learn more about cosmetic procedures in Dallas Fort Worth!

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🇺🇸🎉 We just experienced a historic win for medical freedom and patient rights! The FDA has approved stem cell
Get the best results in shape and tightness with Dr. Johnson.
Male pattern baldness can happen to most men, but technlogogy for longer-lasting hair is becoming just as readily availa...
The primary advantage of SmartLipo is the ability of the laser to tighten the skin.
Stem cells are highly effective at treating many types of pain. Hear how stem cell therapy helped our patient Mark with ...
Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have an autoimmune disease? Learn how stem cells from your own fat can be used as an ...
Dr. Bill Johnson explains how stem cells from your own fat can help with breathing problems like COPD and asthma on GMT....
Dr. Bill Johnson explains how stem cells harvested from fat are used to effectively treat a variety of conditions.👇
If you're suffering from an autoimmune disease, stem cell therapy can be used to help heal your body. Dr. Bill Johnson d...
From all of us here at Innovations Medical, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! 🎄
Female pattern hair loss affects about 40% of women 40+. We have the first AuraGraft in Texas to restore your hair.
Joint pain develops because of wear and tear caused by aging, repetitive motion, physical activity or sports, and trauma...




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