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Joy Therapy Services is a network of pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals providing services to children throughout Texas.

Our company is based on the belief and passion that ALL children should receive superb therapy services and that they should not need to travel in order for that to happen. Joy Therapy Services began in 2008 and has grown steadily since then all due to word-of-mouth referrals. Co-owners, Leah Thompson and Joy Roeh, strive to provide a team of excellent clinicians who are both skilled and personabl

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❤️ Congratulations to Lauryn Glover for winning our FIND JOY CREATE JOY CHALLENGE! Thank you to everyone who participated! Here’s just a few of our favorites! ❤️

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It’s time to FIND joy and CREATE joy!

Use anything around your home to spell out the word “joy” or take a photo of the word if you can find it in your home. No memes or screen shots. No google images. Get creative - FIND or CREATE joy.

Take a photo and post it in the comments here. Contest is open from now until Friday March 27 at midnight.

Each photo comment is one entry. You may enter once per day.

On Saturday March 28 one entry will be chosen at random to win a gift card for $100 to the store if your choice!

Feel free to share the contest with your friends and family! All are welcome to enter. Only entries made to this post on our page will be eligible to win (no entries for comments made on shared posts).

Have fun! FIND joy! CREATE joy! Good luck!


❤️Joy Therapy Services❤️ is open and serving clients. We treasure each of our therapists and client families. We will continue to provide excellent services while also weighing the hour by hour changes in our current state of affairs as a country.

During this time take care of each other and yourselves as best you can.

We love our community and know the privilege we hold in caring for some of our most fragile and amazing little citizens. ❤️


❤️Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our clients and therapists! You are so loved! ❤️


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May your family be blessed in 2020!


Joy Therapy Services is thankful for our therapists and clients! What are you thankful for this holiday season?


Halloween humor:). Who’s ready for tomorrow? 🎃


I think this sums up being a therapist nicely. We bring hope. We are the believers!! 💜


This is so neat! Does anybody know of a park that has anything like this?!

Every park in the world should have one of these ❤️


Have a great day!! #tgif 💜 10/16/2019

10 Accessible and Sensory-Friendly Halloween Ideas |

These are some fun ideas for sensory play with your little ones! 🎃 Is anybody dressing up for Halloween this year? What are some of the costumes?! Find ideas for Halloween crafts and activities that are accessible for blind or visually impaired kids. We've also got a lot of multi-sensory ideas too!


Happy Friday! 10/04/2019

Texas A&M creates the state's first 4-year college program for students with disabilities

👍🏻 Gig Em’! While many students with intellectual and developmental disabilities don't get to attend college, Texas A&M; wants to change that with a new, four-year program designed specifically for them.Texas A&M; is launching the Lone Star State's first inclusive, four-year postsecondary education program for....


Everyone Deserves a Voice! 💙💜

October is AAC Awareness Month!
"Everyone deserves a voice. Every voice matters."


Happy October! 🧡


We love when little bits of Fall start to show up around town! Happy Fall! Now if only the weather would get cooler! What is your favorite thing about Fall?


Happy Friday! 💚💙

Will your voices be an echo in someone’s life? Make that echo a positive one!


Love What Matters

“This week is homecoming week for our school. Each day the kids have a theme to dress up to. Zachary is my little boy. He is in first grade and has Asperger’s and ADHD. He is one of the most compassionate people you will ever have the chance of meeting, but he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Monday was superhero day. Zach woke up ready but a little apprehensive to wear his Flash costume. I assured him that everyone was dressing up and that he would have so much fun joining in. I also let him know that if at any point he felt uncomfortable, he could take it off and place it in his backpack.

Unfortunately, that happened within five minutes of being in class. A couple of his classmates pointed and laughed which caused Zach to breakdown. The very thing he feared most happened despite others being dressed up as well. Some of his friends attempted to reassure him but they were fighting a losing battle.

That evening I had several parents reach out to me to check on him. Their children came home concerned if he was okay because they knew how upset it made him. That night I asked Zach if he would still like to participate in homecoming week and he said, ‘Yes ma’am, let’s try again.’

So, we got to work on his costume for Tacky day. He woke up so excited and happy! He eagerly put it on and was ready to go. As soon as we pull up to the school, anxiety got the best of him. He became upset and took everything we worked so hard on off in fear of being laughed at again.

That evening I received a message from one of his classmates’ parents asking if her little boy could go as Zach’s twin for twin day the next day. I knew how much that would mean to Zach so without question I said, ‘Absolutely.’

A few more parents asked if Zach could be their child’s twin too. We decided all 5 kids would go as M&Ms and that we would meet for pictures before school. Wednesday came and it was time to meet. We pull in to find 20+ M&Ms of all ages and grades standing there waiting to see Zach. He was amazed!

‘Mama!! Do you see all of my friends!’

Some great friends/parents put the word out that Zach was going as an M&M and they all wanted to show up dressed the same in support of him. I was in shock!

THIS is what it’s all about. THIS is the world I want my children growing up in. It’s okay to be different. What’s ‘normal’ anyways? If everyone were the same, what a dull place it would be.

Teach your children to love one another. To help one another. To be there in support. The change we want in this world can only come from us and the legacies we leave. Make them good ones.” ♥️

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Credit: Kayla Johnston


Happy Hump Day friends! #bekind


We made it! Have a great Friday!




☀️ Another sunny day today! Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday from the whole Joy Therapy team! ☀️


Happy Friday!


Team Hoyt Texas

What a wonderful organization! ❤️

Here is the link for the beautiful, beautiful piece about sweet Emerson. We are all so grateful she, and every other athlete on our team, are part of our Team Hoyt Texas family. Thank you NBC 5 and Kristin Dickerson for this moving story. ❤️


Sending lots of love to West Texas. JTS loves this community! ❤️


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


JTS is super proud of these SUPER STARS! Jarren and McKenna rocked the race last Saturday in the Melon Dash. Thank you to the Texas chapter of Team Hoyt for reaching out to us and inviting these kiddos to race. Such a fun and special day for Jarren, McKenna and their families!