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I sent a message via email to nurseline for Dr. Camillio Paredes..
I have been trying for almost 2 months to get a prior authorization form completed and till date Mike whom they say is in charge has been unreachable. I left a msg for the manager "at least that's whom they said I was transferred to" but yet to hear back.

I've been going here for years & the customer service has always been poor amongst non clinicAl staff but it seems to have gotten worse.

I'm very disappointed by this clinic. I try not to write such reviews but the lack of assistance is beyond my comprehension. Two months & still waiting. The pharmacy stated they'll no longer call.
Hi there!

We've noticed quite a few patients referred to Blink Health from your practice and wanted to thank you for helping them save on their prescriptions by going through Blink!

Additionally, we want to make sure you know about our Provider Mode feature - a quick and easy way to help your patients find their medications on Blink and save even more: static.blinkhealth.com/blinkhealth-provider-mode.pdf.

Please shoot us a message if you have any questions or wish to receive more kits!

Blink Health

Our mission at Dallas Family Medicine is to ensure that we offer our patients both comprehensive and quality acute care that is provided in a timely fashion.

http://www.dallasfamilymedicine.com/ Welcome to Dallas Family Medicine located in North Dallas. We have been proudly serving our community for over 25 years. In that time, we have lovingly cared for entire families including grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren within the same family. We are proud to offer a state of the art facility that accommodates most any patient

Operating as usual


Come on by for FREE COVID Testing. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
Drive through in the back and your results will take a day or two.

medpagetoday.com 06/29/2012

Medical News: Apnea Linked to Neuropathy Risk in Diabetes - in Pulmonology, Sleep Disorders from Med

Two-thirds of a group of patients with type 2 diabetes had Obstructive sleep apnea , and 60% of the Obstructive sleep apnea subgroup had peripheral neuropathy. Are you having trouble sleeping? Make an appointment with Dallas Family Medicine! We're the sleep experts!

medpagetoday.com Obstructive sleep apnea independently predicted coexistence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, British investigators reported.

liveinthenow.com 06/28/2012

8 Surprising Foods for Heart Health

The best foods for your heart health!

liveinthenow.com Choosing one of these antioxidant- and nutrient-rich foods is a bite in the right direction for a stronger heart.


It's National HIV Testing Day, get tested today at Dallas Family Medicine! We're open till 8 P.M. and walk-ins are always welcome!

"Take The Test, Take Control"

theatlantic.com 06/27/2012

Left Out: Why Is It So Hard for Older Women to Get the HPV Vaccine?

Doctors stop recommending the HPV vaccine to women once they've reached their mid-20s. But is it a good idea for older individuals who still want it?

theatlantic.com Late last summer, presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann propelled the HPV vaccine into the headlines as they sparred over requiring the shot for adolescent girls. Their tussle revived battles between public health advocates and abstinence-until-marriage evangelists over whether it wa...


Should the power of entertainment spread health education rather than health misinformation?


cityofhope.org 06/25/2012

A test for a common virus can make cervical cancer screening easier

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently released new guidelines for cervical cancer screening. The changes may make it easier for more women to keep on top of their health.

cityofhope.org The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently released new guidelines for cervical cancer screening. The changes may make it easier for more women to keep on top of their health.


At Dallas Family Medicine, we help those who are prone to develop diabetes before its starts! Make a appointment today. 214-349-4909



GET ACTIVE! Did you know that today was Go Skateboarding Day? This is a great activity for the whole family and it's a lot of fun!

arthritistoday.org 06/20/2012

Sunscreen FDA | Sunscreen Guidelines | Arthritis Today Magazine

New requirements on sunscreen labels were established to better protect our skin. Learn what the changes mean for you.

arthritistoday.org New requirements on sunscreen labels were established to better protect our skin. Learn what the changes mean for you. From Arthritis Today magazine.


It’s the first day of the Summer. Like this post if Summer is your favorite season!


Want better health? Take time to enjoy Life, have Fun & be Happy! Also, schedule a physical with Dallas Family Medicine, we simply make your life better!

Timeline Photos 06/18/2012

Timeline Photos

dallasfamilymedicine.com 06/15/2012

Dallas Family Medicine « All About Dallas Family Medicine Dallas Family Medicine

Have you check out our Dallas Family Medicine website recently? We have made some very cool changes! Yes it's true, you can even book your appointment online! Check it out and tell us what you think!

dallasfamilymedicine.com Welcome to Family Medicine located in North Dallas. We have been proudly serving our community for over 25 years. In that time we have lovingly cared for entire families including grandparents, parents, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren within the same family. We are proud to offer a state...


Million Hearts

Women's Health Week Tip #3: Want ideas on how to prevent or control high blood pressure? Eat bananas, beans, potatoes, yogurt, or other foods low in sodium and high in potassium.


You can catch a cold, but can you catch a yawn? Some say yawning is contagious. What do you think?


Timeline Photos 06/14/2012

Timeline Photos


Million Hearts

Men’s Health Week Tip #2: Get outside and get moving! The summer is a great time to play outdoor games, work in the yard, or walk. Active people are less likely than inactive people to be obese or to have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. http://www.health.gov/paguidelines/factSheetAdults.aspx


Men's Health Week!

Men’s Health Week Tip #1: Maintain a healthy weight. Over 73% of men in the U.S. are overweight or obese—which can increase your risk for heart disease. Find out if your weight is in a healthy range with these tools: http://go.usa.gov/dx0

medicinenet.com 06/12/2012

Fear of the Dark May Trigger Insomnia - MedicineNet

medicinenet.com Insomnia in some adults may be driven by a fear of the dark, Canadian researchers say.


Isn't this a great family first aid kit? Does your family have a go-to first aid kit in your home?



This picture of a 28-year veteran truck driver shows what can happen if you don't have enough UVA sunscreen protection. Please read and share. http://on.webmd.com/KdF7X4


True or False? Cleaning a wound with hydrogen peroxide is best. (via WebMD)

Today’s Safety Tip: Proper wound care is essential to home safety. Learn these dos and don’ts in our first aid care guide, including why hydrogen peroxide is NOT the best for cleaning a wound. http://on.webmd.com/LEFHTm


It’s National Men’s Health Week!

It’s National Men’s Health Week! Do you know the greatest threats to men's health? Consider this list and then get serious about reducing your risks: (1) Heart disease; (2) Cancer; (3) Accidents; (4) Chronic lower respiratory diseases (like emphysema); and (5) Stroke.

ow.ly 06/11/2012

Preventing diabetic retinopathy - MayoClinic.com

Diabetic? High Blood Pressure? How do you keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under control? If you don't know what your blood pressure is, schedule a physical exam with Dallas Family Medicine.

ow.ly Take steps to protect your eyes from diabetic retinopathy and other eye complications.


Are your children headed off to camp this summer? Playing in a summer sports league? Schedule their physical today at Dallas Family Medicine! Call 214-393-4909.

ow.ly 06/07/2012

Healthy heart for life: Avoiding heart disease - MayoClinic.com

Eat 5, Move 10, Sleep 8 -- These little changes can make a BIG difference on how you feel!

ow.ly Preventing heart disease begins with small steps. Find out more about maintaining a healthy heart.

ow.ly 06/06/2012

Drowsy Driving Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving: Study

Have you been feeling sleep deprived? Then come visit us at Dallas Family Medicine! Study shows not getting enough sleep could be seriously dangerous.

ow.ly You know not to get behind the wheel if you're not sober enough. But what about if you're not awake enough?

ow.ly 06/05/2012

Lifestyle Tips to Control Blood Sugar

Tell us, what are your diabetic goals? Come visit us at Dallas Family Medicine maybe we can help you get there!

ow.ly Staying healthy with diabetes over the years begins with controlling your blood glucose (or blood sugar). For most people this means a balance of...


Celiac disease is more common than you think: 1 in 100 have it!


Do your children like doctor visits? Take a look at the Dallas Family Medicine blog and get info on "Doctor Visits for Kids!"



Like this post is you have been actively engaging your family in wellness this month!

wholefoodsmarket.com 05/30/2012

Store Calendar | Plano | WholeFoodsMarket.com

Thursday, May 31st

Health Starts Here Dinner Club
6:30 PM | $15

Whole Foods Market Plano

Have you ever had a raw home “cooked” meal. Raw does not mean just salad—raw recipes are as complex in flavor and texture as that of a cooked meal. Come and enjoy a different take on Italian. This will be our main dish: zucchini noodles with raw pasta sauce made with fresh heirloom and local tomatoes with a side. And you know me, we will have an awesome rawsome dessert! This dinner club is vegan, but all are welcome, especially those wanting to include more veggies. Please RSVP to [email protected] *Dinner Club is not a class, but a sit down dinner in a café setting in our classroom. Dinner club attendees is limited. Sign up soon!

wholefoodsmarket.com Whole Foods Market is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, with stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom


Check this out! This is a creative way to visualize your weight loss goals!




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