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We are Treatment Referral Specialist. We are here to help people who are suffering from drug or alco We are saving lives one call at a time.

We are here to help people who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Taking the First Step | Newman Interventions 10/02/2020

Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Taking the First Step | Newman Interventions

Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Taking the First Step | Newman Interventions Spread the loveAccording to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, among people aged 12 and older in 2019, 60.1% used a substance in the past month. Specifically, 50.8% drank alcohol in the past month, and 13% used an illicit drug. In 2019, there were 3.5 million new ma*****na users, 1.6 m... 05/30/2018

Don't let addiction bring down the entire family. See powerful testimonials. Find the courage to ask for help!

When someone we care about is dealing with or mental health problems, everyone in the family suffers. Learn how to take action! See powerful .

Help is a phone call away 888-254-0041 Treatment Solutions Newsletter shows powerful stories of recovery and our treatment advisors give hope to thousands of people each year. Please share our page and sign up for our newsletter! 05/06/2018

Deadly Fentanyl Cocktails: Synthetic Opioids in Our Communities

is possible given the right information and support. Read about the dangers of use as well as dangerous cocktails that are wreaking havoc in our communities.

are just a click away! Fentanyl is already causing more death and destruction than a typical Opioid pain pill, but synthetic Opioids like Fentanyl in combintation with other medications is even more deadly. Get help and information about Opioid Recovery and the join the fight against the Opioid Epidemic! 03/25/2018

Congress’s omnibus bill adds $3.3 billion to fight the opioid crisis. It’s not enough.

3.3 billion dollars, but it’s not enough?!? Lol

Seems like money isn’t the solution to the

Call us for real treatment solutions
(888) 254-0041 The money will help — but Congress needs to start thinking bigger to fully confront the epidemic.


He**in now kills more people than guns with 50,000 fatal overdoses

This is shocking. All the news is about guns and protests, but silently the is killing more people!

Don’t be a victim. For resources or to find treatment call (888)254-0041

More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the highest figure ever and a sure sign that the 'war on drugs' is being lost. 03/20/2018

This is Why the Opioid Epidemic is winning!

Trying to understand the Opioid epidemic can drive a person crazy. Being an addict and looking for help with Opioid Recovery is even more difficult. Read about the challenges of Opioid recovery in this new blog! Is the gold standard in Opioid recovery actually that effective? Here is a look at what is actually working in the battle against Opioid Addiction. For those in a crisis needing immediate help contact (888) 254-0041. 03/16/2018

Johann Hari: Does Stigmatizing Addiction Perpetuate It?

Wanting to get a loved ones addiction out in the open is normal. Thousands every day are seeking addiction help.

For support watch this video, or for free advice from an addiction expert call (888) 254-0041 To stop illegal drug use, we typically punish, isolate and shame addicts. Journalist Johann Hari explains how these methods perpetuate addiction, and how human connection can be an effective antidote.


He**in Withdrawal | First Week In

Don’t let this be you! He**in withdrawal help and treatment is available.

If you are needing to make a change in your life and quit using he**in, please call us!

(888) 254-0041

A prisoner begins to go through he**in withdrawal in jail. Watch FIRST WEEK IN Mondays @ 9pm on Discovery | Visit 03/04/2018

Think your Opioid use isn't noticed by your kids? Think again........

If you want to be a good role model for the children, please consider quitting Opioids. Safe and effective treatment is available 100% covered by insurance. Please reach out if you have questions or need advice. Don't let children in your life be the next victims of the Opioid Epidemic. (888) 254-0041. Kids in elementary schools dealing with overdose deaths of their family members at such an alarming rate. This entire elementary school has been changed by the Opioid Epidemic. Watch the video and please share our page with anyone wanting to quit Op**te use. 02/27/2018

Prepare Yourself! Opioids use surging in Texas!

Don't let yourself or someone you love become another victim of the opioid epidemic!
Get advice and treatment recommendations today.

And please share this with anyone who may need help turning their life around!

Help is available today!
Call (888) 254-0041 Read this post to stay informed on the opioid epidemic and proposed treatments. For help in a crisis contact (888) 254-0041 02/25/2018

Opioid epidemic seeping into Katy area according to law enforcement, healthcare professionals

The Opioid epidemic is spreading throughout Texas. Please contact us for help with Texas Rehab Referrals. Free assistance locating the best coverage (888) 254-0041 The Katy area is part of a national trend of increased opioid abuse. Law enforcement officers and medical professionals have seen the number of prescription opioids nearly double in the last two to three years.


Don't be trapped by the bottle any longer!

Alcohol harms thousands of people each year. If you are an alcoholic or drinker, please take a moment to think about the consequences of alcohol abuse. Help is available for anyone wanting to get healthy.

888-254-0041 Tired of letting alcohol get the best of you? Feeling trapped by your addiciton or legal troubles caused by alcohol use? Get a free assessment with rehab expert. Find alcohol rehab or detox covered by insurance. 888-254-0041


Top 5 toughest drug rehab choices - treatment solutions - get sober today!

Top 5 toughest drug rehab choices - treatment solutions - get sober today! - Here are the top 5 things you will want to know once discovering someone close to you has an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


Treatment Solutions Group's cover photo 02/12/2018

OxyContin maker cuts sales staff, won't hawk drug to docs — USA TODAY

A small win in the fight against opioid abuse. But a lot of damage has already been done to families across America. For emergency treatment assistance and opioid rehab info please contact us (888) 254-0041 The decision by Purdue Pharma comes as the company battles an avalanche of lawsuits across the nation related to the opioid crisis.


Will Smith - Who are the people that are fanning your flames ?

One of the main reasons going to a drug rehab is so effective is because you are surrounding yourself with people who care for your health and well-being. See what Will Smith has to say about giving your attention and power to the wrong people.

Are you being an ally to your own well being?

For help with addiction, depression or for more information please call (888) 254-0041 02/11/2018

If you love someone who is suffering with addiction. Take action this valentines day, contact us for support and advice. Free Hotline. (888)254-0041

Make a difference for someone in need of help this valentines day. Contact us for resources (888) 254-0041 02/07/2018

These Studies Show The Damaging Effects Alcohol Can Have On Your Health

If you want to be healthier, studies show the easiest way is to cut back or eliminate alcohol.

For those with extreme addiction or alcoholism, please contact us for treatment options (888) 254-0041

Like us and please share this with anyone who could use some help quitting drinking in 2018. A lot of us drink. Too many of us drink a lot. Worldwide, each person 15 years and older consumes 13.5 grams of pure alcohol per day, according to the World Health Organization. Considering that nearly half of the world doesn’t drink at all, that leaves the other half drinking 02/02/2018

Dont get overbilled for drug rehab or mental health services

Dont get overbilled for drug rehab or mental health services - When you are looking into Drug Rehab options or Inpatient Mental Health locations, the out of pocket costs can be hefty without the proper insurance. Even with good insurance coverage, some rehabs still charge over $20,000 per month in residential rehab costs. How do you find affordable drug rehab w...


Did you know that in addition to calling us for FREE addiction treatment assistance, you can also FB messenger us 24/7. Stay connected, if you have questions about rehab or treatment please contact us right away 888-254-0041. 01/31/2018

Texas treatment solutions As reported by Reuters in a recent article "M**h, coke and oil: A drug boom in the Texas shale patch", stimulant use among those with long hard work days is a big problem in the state of Texas. In the oil fields, long hours and tough work can lead to a someone wanting a little energy boost. Between.... 01/28/2018

See if you qualify for inpatient rehab with Tricare

Finally! Tricare Coverage at New Inpatient Drug Rehab and Mental Health Centers. Use Tricare for 30-90 day inpatient treatment. See if you Qualify. Call (707) 380-9556 and ask for Steve. Licensed and successful inpatient rehabs are available now. - Tricare members only. Assistance for Veterans and their families. Tricare Inpatient Drug Rehab and Tricare Inpatient Mental Health centers. Full coverage with Tricare, HUGE Breakthrough in insurance coverage for Tricare policy holders. Call now (707) 380-9556


The decision to get drug rehab is a tough one. Often a family has to deal with preparing for a loved one to be gone for months during their recovery process. To learn more about ways to find the best drug rehab options, or to speak with a substance abuse expert free of charge, please contact us.
Free Support and Rehab Referral Line
888-254-0041 12/30/2017

New Years Challenge from Treatment Solutions

New Years Challenge from Treatment Solutions - Stay Healthy and Sober. Check out our article and like us. Please share with anyone who can use the info.
Happy New Year! Lets all just be honest with ourselves. Many of us make our New Years resolutions, envisioning a better version of ourselves, even writing it down. Then like a bunch of idiots we will go out, and say oh "It's New Years Eve, I can be healthy starting tomorrow". But in this one evening of partying and... 12/19/2017

Help and Information for Dealing with Holiday Depression

The holidays are here and with them comes the Holiday Depression. If you or a loved one or suffering please read this article and contact us if you need help.
Please Share our page with anyone who may need help this holiday season. During the holidays many people overwhelmed by depression or anxiety will isolate from others, or in extreme circumstances refuse to leave the house. In a condition like this, overwhelmed by mental health symptoms, many people will begin to lack the ability to have proper self care practices. Takin... 10/09/2017

Get Help for Prescription Medication addiction today. Treatment Solutions are available. Covered by insurance. If you or a loved one need help call us

Effective treatment solutions are available. Insurance coverage is possible with HMO or PPO policies. Contact Treatment solutions today if you or a loved one need help overcoming addictions. Many people begin the use of prescription meds like op**te pain pill or psychiatric drugs by visiting a doctor or psychiatrist. In a crisis moment, or during an injury these medications have short term effects that can help alleviate symptoms and leave a person feeling a little better. But as months... 10/04/2017

Get Professional Advice for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options. Our helpline is standing by to answer your questions.

It doesn't have to be difficult to find the right drug treatment program for you or a loved one. Contact us today for a free consultation with and experienced substance abuse professional. Drug Treatment Solutions can help you find the best drug detox or drug rehab programs covered by your insurance. Both HMO and PPO insurance is accepted and often can be used for treatment with little to no out of pocket cost. For a no cost evaluation please call our hotline and speak to a substance… 09/25/2017

Get drug rehab advice for yourself or a loved one. Contact Treatment Solutions today.

When someone needs to stop using drugs, its important to have an advocate who can provide support and guidance in selecting the best treatment program available. Recovery is possible and our treatment solutions team can help you to locate the best programs nationwide based on your assessment and insurance. Contact us today for help. Drug Treatment Solutions can help you find the best drug detox or drug rehab programs covered by your insurance. Both HMO and PPO insurance is accepted and often can be used for treatment with little to no out of pocket cost. For a no cost evaluation please call our hotline and speak to a substancce... 09/11/2017

Get drug rehab covered by your insurance. HMO and PPO accepted. Free consultation with a substance abuse expert 855-707-7055

See if you qualify for substance abuse rehab covered by your insurance. Travel out of state for rehab, or stay local. Hundreds of detox and rehab options nationwide. Free Consultation with a substance abuse expert. 855-707-7055. Drug Treatment Solutions can help you find the best drug detox or drug rehab programs covered by your insurance. Both HMO and PPO insurance is accepted and often can be used for treatment with little to no out of pocket cost. For a no cost evaluation please call our hotline and speak to a substancce...


A friend is the best ally when someone is suffering with substance abuse issues. If you have a loved one that needs treatment please call us for advice and referrals.

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Understanding Compassion

Understanding Compassion 09/04/2017

Help Finding the best Drug Rehab or Detox. HMO and PPO Insurance accepted. Free Consultation with a substance abuse expert.

It is always difficult when someone is struggling with addiction. Making the choice to get treatment should not be difficult. Contact our expert drug rehab hotline for free substance abuse resources and assistance in locating a rehab or detox program. HMO/PPO insurance accepted. Open 7 days a week. 08/27/2017

Treatment Solutions offers nationwide assistance to those suffering with substance abuse. Rehab placement and insurance benefit reviews are available.

Contact Treatment Solutions to find the best options for drug and alcohol rehab. Free insurance review and HMO or PPO options are available. Don't delay, if you or someone you know needs help please call our nationwide hotline for drug addiction. 855-707-7055 08/27/2017

Rehabilitation – Just another WordPress site

Don't wait until it's too late. If you or a loved one is battling substance abuse, call one of our treatment experts today. We can help you locate the best detox or long term rehab for your situation. There’s a lot to be said for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others overcome substance abuse. These individuals work hard daily to help addicts recover and regain happiness in their lives and the lives of their families. Rehab clinic is one of the most rewarding jobs avai...




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