Hashtag CannaBoutique

Hashtag CannaBoutique


I’ve went to several cbd places in the area I love this place because the h**p tastes clean and Martel is so knowledgeable about everything in the store being someone that is new to cbd I’m glad he walked me thru how everything was going to effect my body. I’m sleeping much better now with less waking up due to this place! So grateful! Thank you hashtag h**p company!
Learned about this company through a mailer that I received in my post office box. Decided to stop. Y and see what it was all about. Martell, the owner, was so gracious and inviting. He introduced me to all of the products that they currently offer. But first he wanted to know if I was experiencing any pain or knew if someone who has. I told him that I suffer from neuropathy in my hands legs and feet. He had me try a topical on my legs to see if I noticed the difference. Within about 10 minutes, the pain had subsided and after arriving home a few hours later I had no direct pain in my legs and feet. He told me to use as needed. So far, it has given me a chance to feel great without pain. Thank you for your advice and genuine care and concern that you extended to me.
John B

#H**p is Bishop Arts District's newest and truest health and wellness company, dedicated to sustaina

Operating as usual


When we said “We love you Oak Cliff!” We meant it. Online orders starting mid July email [email protected]**pco.com to submit today. We enjoyed being the best place to get CBD in Dallas. The world is transitioning we all must adjust.

Thank our customers and followers so much. You all made such an impact in our lives!


What have you learned about yourself since this global lockdown began?
I’m Really proud of my first two personal wire wrap pieces. This global pause has lead me to discover so many things about myself that I love so much!...I’ve been an advocate of the jewelry style for years but had craft pieces for the shop made by talented vendors. Taking the time to put love into my own creations really has added a level of fulfillment to the process.
cbdcrew @ Hashtag CannaBoutique


Hashtag H**p Co. Is Closing It’s Doors! This is a Thank to You All

We just had to say Goodbye With a Bang!

Due to the economic downturn caused by Covid-19 we are no longer able to sustain operations. Don’t be sad for us, for somethings must be destroyed for new things to begin. We look forward to transitioning to an online store in the near future.

Finally, we are liquidating the last of our inventory which now is pain-relief Balm and a wide assortment of Premium H**p Flower and CBD Premium Pre-Rolls. If any of these items fit your needs feel free to call us at 972-807-2475 or text 817.480.6053 and we’d be glad to arrange a in store pickup with a fat 20% discount as a t**en of our gratitude.

We love our community and thank you for being such an important part of it over this last year.

squaremktg.com Click here for an update from Hashtag H**p Company!


.holistic rescue kit just in time for my reading and awakening. Thank you gals so much for the chakra stones, incense and sage


You know we are in bad shape as an industry a community and a country when the county sends you this in response to a request for your CBD boutique (which is on the chamber of commerce btw) small business to stay deemed essential.

Especially a request where you highlight the ridiculousness fact that liquor - a highly intoxicating judgment impairing substance void of any health benefits - stores and smoke shops are deemed essential. God help us all.

CBD is decreasing way more hospitalizations than alcohol is, a causing far fewer. Not to mention when it’s not able to be gotten, nobody is gonna drop into a state of withdrawal causing hospitalizations. So that’s a plus.

This shows us where our government head is at right. They want us at home, drunk, fat and watching the news in fear.......who’s up for vaccines!!!


🚨 Sale 🚨 All H**p products are 15% off this week with code phrase:

therichardrosereport.com 04/01/2020

Study: CBD Reduces Lung Inflammation and Fibrosis | The Richard Rose Report | CannaSearch Daily on CBD + H**p

Smarter Natural Approaches to This Virus and Immune Health and Inflammation.

Get smarter in addition to more globally responsible

Stay safe and we love you !

therichardrosereport.com CBD is effective at reducing airway inflammation and fibrosis, common symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.


Hashtag H**p is open for business today and tomorrow from 12-5 pm. Call ahead for your curbside pick up, and we will run out your goodie bag when you get here!


Attention customers: We are closed today & tomorrow, but will be looking at doing curbside pick up, and delivery for the remainder of this city wide quarantine starting Thursday. Stay tuned for updates! Thanks again to all our loyal customers and friends! **pCo


Door are open! Come enjoy some free samples, and don’t forget to take part in our giveaway....A FREE “Come and t**e it” lighter with any flower purchase! **pCo **eit


The doors are open, and the flower is flowing. Stop in today to try free samples of CBD oil, kangen water, and pain freeze gel! 10% off tincture oils all weekend! Open til 6pm today. **pCo


Come boost your immune system with CBD. 10% off all tincture oils through Sunday 3/22/20! **pCo


No time like the present to start a good habit, eh?....

Stay healthy our community strives in times like these....

Share if youre still about a healthy OAk Cliff!



Good afternoon to all our customers and friends!! Stores open until 6pm today. Come in a try some cbd samples, and let’s improve that brain health!!! **pCo


Still 2 hours left to come try some cbd samples, and take advantage of the Flower Sale 🌸 (10% off all H**P flower).


💦Water Wednesday💦 Get a free kangen water fill-up, with any purchase today! **pCo


Happy Valentines Day from your friends at **pCo. Free donut with any purchase!


Little throwback. That's Texas H**p Convention get your minds out of the gutter!
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🌸Flower Sale🌸 15% off all H**p flower today and tomorrow!! **pCo **eit


We are fully stocked with Premium 1 gram H**p pre-rolls! Come get them while they are hot 🔥


~Proper dosage = Proper Usage~

Getting the right dosage is EVERYTHING

Come see us, and let’s figure out what dosage works best for you! 💚


Our apologies but we won’t be opening until 1pm today due to a required industry event. See you then!


May your Saturday be ☀️
Stress and worry free 🌱

Show this flyer in store and receive 10% OFF ALL products ALL weekend!


A pinch of ‘care’ 💕 is worth a pound of ‘cure’ 💊

H**p yourself to some healing!

Come by and let’s see how we can help you best!

**pHeals ♥️


Knowledge is power‼️

Knowing your body and the things you put in it is key to being happy 💚 and healthy 🧠

Have a question? Come in and ask us!

squaremktg.com 01/09/2020

20% Off at Hashtag H**p Company

Start the new year with a special deal.

Happy New Year! Start 2020 with a special discount.

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Congrats to our fearless leader and shout out to Voyage Dallas for an awesome article. Go check it out!


nextdoor.com 12/27/2019

#H**p Co Canna-Boutique · 20% Off For 2020 at the #1 Place for CBD in Dallas -Observer — Nextdoor

20% OFF for 2020 @ The Best Place For CBD in Dallas -Observer

We've grown a lot in six months because of yall's support. We are still small, but the good kind. We love our community for shopping small at our tiny boutique. And we're glad to bring the title back to Oak Cliff....

Could you really see somewhere else having the best CBD? Doesn't even sound right

There is a lot of bad products out there, and more on the way (literally), but dont worry we will STILL be your first and ONLY seed to sale manufacturer in Oak Cliff when they arrive. Happy New Year you filthy animals!

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EPA approves pesticides for 2020 h**p season


This raises a myriad of questions ranging from health concerns to organic methodology. So I was pleased to see this Great introductory article.

We’ll be discussing how this will effect CBD companies quality, labeling, compliance and branding, along with other “deep dives” from inside the IH industry, on my upcoming news/media channel for the earliest cannanews & cann-crafted content. Merry Christmas

“Modern H**pStorians Society” premiering 1.1.2020 **p


Merry Christmas to all our wonderful clients and the members of our active community. Y’all are so inspirational.


In observance of people pulling their hair out for the holiday season, we will be open tomorrow (usually closed) from 12:30 - 6:00

ma*****namoment.net 12/14/2019

MLB Officially Removes Ma*****na From Banned Substances List For Baseball Players | Ma*****na Moment

This is incredible. Big ups to the MLB for a job well done. Additionally, the NFL is expected to publish similar policy changes in the near future, probably in response and in line with the MLB's decision

ma*****namoment.net Major League Baseball (MLB) and the MLB players union announced on Thursday that they have reached an agreement to remove ma*****na from the list of banned substances and will begin to treat its consumption by players in the same way that alcohol use is handled. The agreement is the product of negot...


Queue in 3,2,1....

Yes it tastes, and smells as big and boisterous as it sounds....

18% Good | .26 % THC

**pco **pkush

dallasobserver.com 12/10/2019

Oak Cliff Native Judah Left Prison Behind and Found Success with African and Rastafarian Shop

Shout out to the Oak Cliff entrepreneur, Judah, and writer Malen Blackmon, for accurate and relevant reporting inside a well crafted article.


dallasobserver.com During a seven-year stint in federal prison, a man who goes simply by "Judah" found something that people around the world chase after their whole lives (and still might never find): peace and meaning. The past may mold, but not define, an individual — and the Oak Cliff native and...


Inside the CBD Cocktail Craze | The Daily Meal

MUST WATCH: Awesome video on the CBD Cocktail Craze live from one of New York’s hottest spots to be at right now....

Texas is late we know, but you can still be a cool kid at The Local Oak today, tomorrow, and Monday!


CBD cocktails and food items are popping up on menus all across the country. Here’s a look into why and how New York’s Adriaen Block uses CBD in their offeri...

Our Story

A sophisticated CBD boutique with the feel of a medspa. Our goal is to bring you the CBD education and CBD products you desire, with none of the "smoke shop" elements you'd like to avoid when purchasing CBD and health & wellness products. Our CBD offerings are crafted from top-quality, 100% natural, organically grown industrial-h**p extract, which is grown in the US and certified vegan. We are the only dedicated CBD store in Bishop Arts & we carry only the top quality products. We carry CBD water-soluble, CBD oil, CBD Tinctures, CBD h**p flower, CBD V**e products, CBD pet care, CBD skincare & cosmetics, and CBD topical relief cream.

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208 South Madison Avenue
Dallas, TX

Opening Hours

Tuesday 12pm - 5pm
Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
Thursday 12pm - 5pm
Friday 12pm - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 6pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm
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