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Operating as usual


Dear friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted! Here are several pictures from the year. I’ve been getting some incredible time with my family, and kids especially!
From homeschooling and being a play therapist, I CANT wait to share the journeys I’ve taken and hard-learned lessons in personal and clinical growth... and YES lots of new therapy activities and resources!


Kim's Counseling Corner 01/16/2018

Play therapy allows children to express feelings, trauma Having a sick child is scary, tiresome and requires sacrifice. As a new mom, I find few things more challenging than when my baby is sick. A sick child leads to sleepless nights and tears (from the eyes of babes and moms). Most of all, it is very difficult to see your sick baby cry, but not possess�...


Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) - Psychotherapy, Research, Training

Free CBT workbooks! Welcome to the Consumer Resources sectionIf you suffer from a condition that is affecting your mental health and are looking for specific information about different types of problems then the information packages, or InfoPax, listed below may be relevant to you. The InfoPax consist of a number of m...


Association for Play Therapy

The Association for Play Therapy has newly designed brochures! You can order a set of three brochures. My guess is they come in packs of 25 as that’s what it used to be. The Association for Play Therapy (APT) is a national professional society established in 1982 to foster contact among mental health professionals interested in exploring and, when developmentally appropriate, applying the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and treat clients, particularly?...

[10/24/17]   Hey everyone! My website is currently down, but I’m working on it today. 09/15/2017

How the Right Words Help Us to Feel the Right Things

"The right words help us to know ourselves; through their agency, we can more accurately and securely identify the contents of our inner lives."
I enjoyed this article on the language of emotion. You’re in a part of town you used to live in as a teenager. You walk past the house of the girlfriend you knew when you were sixteen. You look up to what used to be her bedroom window. From the outside, everything still looks the same, though somebody else lives there now. Her parents are retired,


Found a sensory section at Target with these cool gadgets!


Child Therapy Toys

I need this one! ❤️

NEW! Trauma Reaction Cards: (currently sold out, but more on the way! Hopefully within the next 10 days) 09/04/2017

Kingwood High School Flooding Damage Damage to Kingwood High School from Hurricane Harvey - August 2017 08/29/2017

Trendy Moms Don't Want to Be Called "Mom" Anymore, They Want To Be Called This

Anyone come across this yet? I'm seeing some boundary issues all over the place. Apparently, some moms are now telling their kids not to call them "mom."


Actually got our solar eclipse lessons and crafts done in time!! YouTube kid videos- check! Craft, song, and dance about the sun moon and earth orbits – check! Cereal projection box done – check! Floor puzzle of our solar system – almost check! 08/21/2017

Perspective | Cereal boxes, binoculars and other unusual ways to look at the eclipse

Solar eclipse lessons in full effect!!
We are making the cereal box viewer!
Pics to come :-) Get a glimpse of what it's like in these states along the path of totality.



Treat yourself to a quick mindfulness break



Pregnant? Get your baby list here:

via: Wheres My Challenge

[07/21/17]   My son told me today that he looks forward to meeting his toys (Star Wars guys, knights...) in heaven one day so he can finally see what they are like when they walk and talk back to him 😊
I think I would like that too bud! (Strawberry Shortcake and She-ra hold me a seat next to you!) 07/17/2017


It's Monday! I learned so much at a continuing education class on Friday with Kathy Morris, M.Ed.,B.S. titled "Autism: De-Escalate Meltdowns and Diffuse Explosive Behaviors in Children and Adolescents."
She reminded us "YOU CAN'T TEACH SWIMMING TO SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY DROWNING!" In other words, teach and practice self-regulation and calming skills regularly, not just when they are already in a meltdown. So this week I'm adding these strategies to our priority list and regular routine. Her website is if you're interested in her tools. :) igivuWings SEMINARS, TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, PROGRAM EVALUATIONS FOR AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS AND BEHAVIOR DIFFERENCES Learn More


Drive in theater AND female heroines? Perfect!


David Wolfe

Please don't take this as a sexist post… But this is how I feel sometimes! LOL 06/09/2017

Body of Emotions - Kim's Counseling Corner

One of my all time FAVORITE therapy activities! Painting a body of emotions remains one of my all time favorite activities for children and even preteens and teens. For older children, the therapist can use more advanced and abstract exploration and process, yet … Continue Reading → 06/07/2017

Welcome Bags for Play Therapy - Kim's Counseling Corner

Creating welcome bags... an oldie but goodie :) 06/06/2017

AllCEUs Counseling CEUs | Continuing Education and Certificate Training $59 for LPC | LMHC | LCSW | LMFT | LCDC | LADC | CAP | LADAC

I have been searching for audio continuing education that doesn't break the bank and finally came across some great podcasts from Only $60 for unlimited (no I'm not getting paid for this message)! Now I can listen while driving, doing dishes etc Specialty certificates identify to clients and employers that you have developed additional, advanced skills in a specific, high-demand area, enabling you to provide higher quality services, and potentially opening up niche markets. 06/02/2017

Friday Wrap UP! Best Online Links of the Week - Kim's Counseling Corner

Came across some great stuff this week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Yes, it’s Friday! In this post I will share the articles, links, and videos that have captured my interest this week. Happy Friday! The Important Role of Aunts and Uncles in Children’s Lives by The … Continue Reading →


Simple Homeschool with Jamie C. Martin

Boredom leads to creativity…!

"Psychologists and child development experts suggest that over-scheduling children during the summer is unnecessary and could ultimately keep kids from from discovering what truly interests them." 05/31/2017

Why we practice life skills summers - Simple Homeschool

I always think I'm teaching this to my kids, but when I really write it down and pay attention, I realize I can do better for them! Are you desperate to get your kids helping around the house more? Why not practice a life skills summer? Kara explains how.


Dallas Moms Blog

Planning a Beach Vacation this year? Here's a few tips to make it more enjoyable with littles. 05/30/2017

Read the World Summer Book Club 2017 - Simple Homeschool

Cool idea! I always happen to learn new things as well when I try to educate my kiddos :) Last summer we read our way around the world, one book at a time. This year we're at it again! Get the details about our summer book club & register here. 05/30/2017

How Life Lead Me to Homeschool - Kim's Counseling Corner

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!! Some writing is best started with a beautiful poem… One step must start each journey, One word must start each prayer; One hope can raise our spirits, One touch can show you care. by Shawnee … Continue Reading →



This had me laughing, but still a serious subject :)

What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health?



What happens to your brain when you learn a musical instrument? A lot.


Good old fashioned game of marbles is always fun!


Received two used books today from my mom and Nana. :-) Anyone read these already?


Eventually I will take the time to learn what a messenger code is, but in the mean time here it is!
Anyone know about this already?


Play Activity for Making Friends Is an Art!

So I just shared a link to my most recent post on a favorite book- here is the video of our play activity to go along with the book, which is also in the blog post. So cute! 05/20/2017

Making Friends Is an Art! (books on friendship) - Kim's Counseling Corner

I love working with kids on relationships, especially friendships. Yesterday I read one of my favorite books to my munchkins and we made up an activity to go along too. Enjoy!

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Play Activity for Making Friends Is an Art!



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