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Counseling incorporating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing and integrates and holistic approach. I was drawn to a regular yoga practice after a personal loss from which no interpersonal therapy techniques could bring relief.

I was able to find emotional, physical, and sanctuary on the mat. My journey to teacher training was simply to understand the underpinnings to further my own practice. I knew instantly when I began to teach that this was my path and everything I had been missing as a mental health therapist with my clients. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Dallas Yoga Center and completed a 40 hour

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Omg my bath routine just went lux! This scrub is divine! Thank you

Omg my bath routine just went lux! This scrub is divine! Thank you

Flight, Fight, Freeze as a State of the Sympathetic Nervous System Rather than a Definition 07/26/2021

Flight, Fight, Freeze as a State of the Sympathetic Nervous System Rather than a Definition

Bonnie demonstrates meeting sympathetic responses from a parasympathetic ground. Fight, flight, freeze aren't bad, we just need to explore flowing through them.

Flight, Fight, Freeze as a State of the Sympathetic Nervous System Rather than a Definition Embodiment is the awareness of the cells of themselves. It is a direct experience. There are no intermediate steps or translations. There is no guide. There ...

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Finally after two months my new office is taking shape!!

Just needs some art work!

Euseppi Mind Body is now officially part of Dallas DBT!!! So honored to be sharing space with these talented DBT therapists.


The morning after. The remnants of a toast. #celebratelife #gratitude #jeuseppi

The morning after. The remnants of a toast. #celebratelife #gratitude #jeuseppi


The power of validation.


Many of us learned that love was conditional. We had to work for it since we were children.

Many of us had to perform, to prove we were ‘good,’ or we had to completely deny our own emotions in order to cope with our environment.

We learned that love or approval could leave at any moment.

So, we learned to state our case. To over explain. To over apologize.

We learned to rationalize our ‘why’ + attempt to make another person see our side of things because at our core we are afraid. Afraid of being abandoned.

I often find myself over-explaining or wanting to over explain myself. I witness my mind coming up with dozens of reasons to support my “case” when I set a boundary. I witness myself reading a comment about me or my work online + I see my mind desperate to defend the truth as I see it.

I see my inner child afraid that not good enough. This is when we default to defense + explanation.

This is the best time to practice.

The truth is we do not need to defend our worth. We do not need to defend our truth. We do not need to apologize for our limits, our needs, our ambition, or dreams, or our desires— even when it brings up insecurities in those around us.

With healing, with developed self-trust + confidence comes less explaining + more BEING. Sovereign being.

Some reminders when you feel the urge to over-explain:
1. Boundaries are your right. People who guilt or shame you for your boundaries are struggling with their own abandonment wounding
2. Your reality + truth is always valid— simply because you’ve experienced it
3. People project their own sense of self + unresolved pain onto others (this is part of the human experience) personalizing this pain is a choice that can be un-learned
4. People with high self worth respect the needs of others— because they respect their own needs
5. Inner child wounding can create a scenario where 2 adults become children: practice self forgiveness + grace #selfhealers


Unpredictability is its own trauma.

My childhood environment was stable— meaning my parents were home + all of my physical needs were met. Dinner was at the same time. There was routine.

But, it was also unpredictable. My dad, overwhelmed with pressure would erupt into yelling fits. My mom would completely shut down into silent treatments that would last for weeks. Because they could not regulate their own emotions, I developed severe anxiety as a child. One of my own childhood memories is around age 7 thinking someone would break in. Or cyclical thoughts that I’d wake up + someone would have died. A manifestation of the stress held in my body— + a nervous system that couldn’t cope.

This steady stream of hormones (adrenaline + cortisol) has all of us in an emotional cycle of highs + lows. Or chaos then lifeless exhaustion of irritability. Unconsciously— I would seek this in my adult romantic relationships. I’d push or knit pick.

When nothing was ‘happening’ I was bored.

I became accustomed to connection + love through my own bodies stress response. It’s how I felt like ‘me.’ It’s how I felt connected to others.

Emotional states create hormonal responses that when experienced long term— imprint both mind + body.

If we learned these states as children, we become adults living in a cycle of our bodies seeking these hormonal responses. All of this is unconscious.

Many adrenaline junkies are seeking that familiar pattern. So are many of us who engage in ‘on + off’ relationship dynamics.

Or spend hours of days consuming content that leaves us feeling angry, helpless, + resentful. Just as we did as children.

Healing is becoming conscious to when we unconsciously seek chaos + stressful states— why we do it + how often. With this awareness, we can begin to choose moments of peace + teach our bodies safety in the present moment.

There’s no shame in being caught in these cycles that the body has learned. The addictive nature is very real + so is the withdrawal #selfhealers


My early morning read about body maps #somatics #subtlebodyhealing #somaticexperiencing #traumahealing

My early morning read about body maps #somatics #subtlebodyhealing #somaticexperiencing #traumahealing

‘Slowing Down to Feel’: Moving Our Minds Around Our Bodies 01/23/2021

‘Slowing Down to Feel’: Moving Our Minds Around Our Bodies

Heart of Somatics: Slow Down

‘Slowing Down to Feel’: Moving Our Minds Around Our Bodies It’s cold outside. The pandemic is getting worse. It’s time to look inward with the help of movement practices that create healthy bodies and minds.


And we have to work to honor and yet uncouple these responses which have been reinforced and generalized.

Even though “disorder” is in the name (C-PTSD), this is a misnomer. Complex trauma is a unique constellation of adaptive survival responses. It is a way of survival that we needed in the past, and/or might need in the present.

If you live with complex trauma, you know the days and nights can be challenging. You know it is not easily understood by many. It is so valid to be frustrated and weary about navigating life with complex trauma. It can be exhausting and disheartening. And yet. Even so. As we honor our feelings of depletion, resentment, confusion, and chaos - may we remember that complex trauma is a constellation of happenings that help/ed us to survive.

Sending care,


Tucci teaches DBT: Making lemonade out of lemons:

Momma we don’t need a living or dining room, this is a great area for fetch!!


If you ever wondered how the neuroscience of fear responses looks in your dog...

The 4F's of Fear= The Four Fear Responses

In every animal, when presented with an emotional response of fear towards a trigger or stimulus (certain objects, person, other animal or situation), their flight or fight response determines if they should run away, freeze, fidget or fight. It is also a physiological response that activates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which leads to
- dilation of pupils
- increased heart rate to increase blood flow
- dilated bronchioles in the lungs to allow for more aerobic respiration
- dilation of blood vessels to major muscle groups
- constriction of digestive and urinary sphincters
- and most importantly, the stimulation of the adrenal gland which then produces adrenaline

There are several more physiological and SNS activation responses, which happen when your dog (or any animal) is presented with something that scares them such as loud thunderstorms, fireworks, cars, other dogs or anything else that may scare them. This is why comforting your dog when they are scared is the compassionate and right action, as much as your dog will consent to and feel comfortable. Fear is very clearly not a cue that you can reinforce, it is an emotional and physiological response. So next time your dog is scared, help them by providing shelter or doggie dens during storms or fireworks, or walking them away if they see a strange dog that scares them.

If you ignore your dog's first responses to fear such as flee, fidget or freeze, (such as forcing them to say hello to another dog when they clearly don't want to) then your dog will feel like their only option is to fight, and next time, this will become your dog's first emotional resort, not their last one.

[06/18/20]   Follow Prentis.h on Instagram. Love this Somatic meditation.


I am toast maybe you are too. Lets get renewed with a yoga Nidra. Join me tonight!


#lovelandtherapyfund provides financial assistance to Black woman and girls nationally seeking therapy. PM me for details.




#blackout #blacklivesmatter #blackouttuesday 05/21/2020

Google Calendar

Has this whole pandemic left you feeling a bit disoriented? It has me.

Tonight we use movements to rebalance the vagus nerve and the visual ocular reflex to broaden our vision and maintain our balance.

6:00pm - 7:00pm With Google's free online calendar, it’s easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place.


#grumpycat Having a grumpy cat day and instead of pushing it away, I am staying with it. I am creating space for it, being curious, and witnessing it and watching it move through.

What I am not doing is invalidating it, pushing it away with platitudes, and validating what is valid because grumpy as a feeling is telling me something and I want to listen to my body and allowing for relief or a solution to move through. 05/18/2020

How To Come Out Of Freeze & Into Flow In order to talk about how to come out of freeze, we need to first understand what it is, and why it comes on in the first place. Freeze is one of our biological survival strategies. In the wild, the freeze response will only kick


Enjoy your the sunshine after the rain. #gratitude


Edited Front Body Morning Yield

Good morning! We explored front body yielding today!

Gentle front body yielding and opening practice for gentle wake up to the mind body. These ground sequences are so good for those with adrenal fatigue whose ...


Morning Front Body Yielding Practice

This morning we focused on front body tissues getting nourishment and support from ground.


Morning Yield and Soft Organic Movement

Good morning, sunshine! Early morning yield and soft organic movement practice. Can be done in bed and it is super yummy to do that and then move it to the floor.
#AMyoga, #morningyoga #yielding #feltsense

This is a practice you can start in your bed depending on how stiff you are and then take to the ground beside your bed. These are small movements and essent...


Roll into your morning...

Tucking you myself in for the night. Good night! See me tomorrow for a morning practice!!!

Let’s roll out together!!!


In April our movement practices focused on the Satisfaction Cycle. Annie Brooks is an amazing somatic practitioner and I love this! I like applying this to my inner parent and inner child. Cultivating Good Enough versus the Internal judge and shame maker.

What behaviors will you stop and what ones will you start?⁠⠀
That concludes our week on perfectionism, self-attack-thinking, self-blame and learning to be good enough.

I have a helpful article on self-attack thinking that you can download from my free PDF Library as well as my article on the Satisfaction Cycle:

Next week we are discussing #mentalhealthawarenessmonth!⁠ Stay tuned!⠀


Cellular Memory and Consciousness | Healing Trauma and Restrictive Patterns

"How do we cycle it around our life giving pattern, so the trauma is only one piece of the living giving pattern.."
Love Bonnie. Let us re-pattern.

Thursdays 6-7pm in Meditation and Movement.

Embodiment is the awareness of the cells of themselves. It is a direct experience. There are no intermediate steps or translations. There is no guide. There ...


COVID breakdown and recovery

I don’t know what came over me. Thanks to a neighbor I was saved from my haircut breakdown.


Somatic Mediation:
Outside to Inside to Outside

Developing flexibility as you orient to your environment to inside of yourself back out into the environment with ease and from connection to ground.


COVID gardening #soil4thesoul #garden #dirt #reset 04/26/2020

131. COVID-19 Anxiety, Cultivating Safeness, and Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Stephen Porges Stress and anxiety levels are high right now due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this episode, Dr. Stephen Porges offers us a model of our physiology of threat and strategies to boost feelings of safeness, especially with COVID-19 anxiety. Through the lens of Polyvagal theory, Dr. Porges and...


Two sensory opposites.

Weight blanket: grounding containment
Think anxiety reset

Trampoline: bounce movemnt feedback
Think instant mood uplift depression lifter

Ie COVID anxiety and depression reset.

My COVID blues are washed away. 04/13/2020

April Update

Announcing my online practice and classes! Movement and Meditation Every Thursday 6-7pm

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Morning Front Body Yielding Practice
Roll into your morning...
Somatic Mediation:Outside to Inside to OutsideDeveloping flexibility as you orient to your environment to inside of your...
Tapping into presence.
This little somatic exercise/mediation helps to build your vocabulary of sensation and reset  eye strain. #somatic #medi...
Yield, back body, organ body, fluid body...movement a push through feet sensing it move from tail, through spine, to hea...




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