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Medical Weight Loss (MWL) is a great option for those who need extra help maintaining a healthy weight. Talk to your provider today to learn more about how we can help you reach your health goals.

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Our Providers take the time to listen to your specific health needs. At Total Men's, you're not just a number.

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Come see us in Cedar Park!

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If dehydration is not checked, it can lead to serious complications; these can include:

Low blood volume – less blood produces a drop in blood pressure and a reduction in the amount of oxygen reaching tissues; this can be life-threatening.

Seizures – due to an imbalance of electrolytes.

Kidney problems – including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and eventually kidney failure.

Heat injury – ranging from mild cramps to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

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1. Maintain open communication with your partner about your and their s*xual health.
2. Use appropriate contraception.
3. Seek professional advice
4. Get tested for STIs regularly
5. Reduce alcohol consumption and eat a nutrient-efficient diet.

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We're passionate about people! Our providers love the ability to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our patients. This level of care allows our team to have a deeper knowledge of your personal health needs. At Total Men's, you are never just a number, you're part of our family.

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Do you know the symptoms of Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is primarily the result of two interrelated problems:

Cells in muscle, fat, and the liver become resistant to insulin. Because these cells don't interact in a normal way with insulin, they don't take in enough sugar.
The pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin to manage blood sugar levels.
Exactly why this happens is unknown, but being overweight and inactive are key contributing factors.

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Is it time to get tested?

Experts recommend that s*xually active adults get tested for STD's at least once a year. If you are s*xually active with multiple partners, don't consistently use a condom during s*x, and/or share IV needles it is best to get tested once every three to six months.

To get tested and learn more book your appointment today!

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We can't wait to see you, book your appointment today!

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Research shows that skipping meals is not an effective way of losing weight. Studies suggest that the calories "saved" while skipping a meal are inevitably made up through snacking and bigger meals. Planning and eating regular meals is the best way to control calorie intake.

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Keep bones healthy as you age. Calcium is vital in the development of bones and is important for avoiding bone loss later in life. Men 19-70, should consume 1,000mg of calcium each day. Men 71+, are at a higher risk of osteoporosis and should consume 1,200mg of calcium each day.

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What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health refers to how our daily cognitive habits affect our overall well-being, emotions, biology, and behavior. It’s often used interchangeably with mental health but is actually a far more expansive term that incorporates not just our mental wellness, but the way our thoughts play out in real life.

Positive behavioral health happens when you engage in behaviors that help you achieve an ideal mental and physical balance. This comes through proper exercise, a healthy diet, and taking the necessary steps to understand and manage any existing diseases or injuries.

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Have you had your annual checkup? If not, come in to see your local healthcare provider today!

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Mental Health and Behavioral Health can be complicated, and we are here for you to help you find peace and freedom through the best treatments available.

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What is Type 2 Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a chronic illness that occurs when the body has difficulty regulating its blood sugar.Your body creates blood sugar by digesting the food you eat into sugar, which is called glucose . It is then transported through the bloodstream and used for energy to be stored in your cells for la later time. Your pancreas creates a hormone called insulin that helps your cells absorb and store glucose.

Cells in Individuals that have type 2 diabetes, have an increase in resistance to insulin. This can make it difficult for cells to absorb glucose, leading to high levels of blood sugar. Not to be confused with type 1 diabetes, where the body has difficulties producing enough insulin resulting in High blood sugar. Contrary to popular belief, type 2 diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar, but has more to do with how we process glucose in our body. Our body is able to quickly absorb and convert simple carbs which can result in a spike in blood sugar compared to complex carbs and protein which are absorbed more slowly.

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UTI's are painful and can be treated, but knowing prevention methods is the best first step toward avoiding a UTI.

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Have you had your annual checkup? Come in to see your local healthcare provider today! We make it easy with our online bookings and check-ins.

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Have you been fighting fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, loss of muscle mass, and mental fog?
This could be a sign of low testosterone levels. As, men age, their levels of testosterone begin to decline around the age of 30. Schedule an appointment today to have one of our providers run a comprehensive health assessment. If we see that your levels are lower than normal, we will work with you to customize a testosterone replacement therapy treatment plan.

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Are you struggling to stay on track with your eating habits? We would love to give you a few tips to make eating healthy an easier choice!

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Oral health effects the rest of your body. When going to the dentist, a hygienist will clean your teach to remover buildup or tarter which is a substance that can trap bacteria in your mouth. If your teeth are not tended to on a regular basis, you can develop bacterial infections in your mouth.

If caught early, these infections can be treatable but if left intreated, they can become severe and effect other parts of your body. For example, bacteria can spread into places like your lungs, causing pneumonia or other lung issues.

It has been found that inflammation caused by periodontitis, a severe kind of gum disease can lead to the development of other diseases such as a stroke heart disease and clogged arteries.
Doing your daily routine such as brushing twice a day, flossing and limiting sugar intake can help to keep your oral hygiene strong as well as your body.

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Even the smallest form of exercise can benefit your health. Studies have shown that simple things like taking the stairs instead of an elevator, parking your car farther away or even lunch break walks can get your heart rate up and benefit your health.

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Make sure you're fitting in your annual checkup. Come in to see your local healthcare provider today! We make it easy with our online bookings and check-ins.

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#Diettiptuesday Including protein-rich foods like eggs in your breakfast has been shown to benefit weight loss.

Swapping out your daily cereal for a protein-enriched scrambled egg and veggies will help in shedding off some of that unwanted weight.

Increasing protein intake in the morning may help you avoid unhealthy snacking and improve your appetite control.

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#exercisetipthursday While exercise is important to maintaining a healthy body, it is just as important to listen to your body when you are feeling sick. It might seem like a good idea to go straight into a workout after a long day of work, but sometimes your body is in need of rest. Listen to your body, give it what it needs and try again tomorrow.

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Make sure you're fitting in your annual checkup. Come in to see your local healthcare provider today! We make it easy with our online bookings and check-ins.

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It shouldn't be a surprise that helping others plays a big role in building and helping your community. Giving your time, money or skills may seem small, but can greatly impact the life of just one person. Something simple like paying for coffee for the person behind you in line, or helping someone who's struggling to carry their things can go a long way. Giving doesn't just impact the person receiving the service or item, it can benefit your overall health.

One of the major benefits of giving is that it reduces stress. Being generous makes you think more positively along with giving you peace of mind. According to several studies, giving is an effective way to handle higher levels of stress while maintaining a positive mindset. On days where they weren't able to do so, they felt a sense of negativity as well as higher levels of stress. Placing others before yourself can help you to focus on something or someone beyond yourself. It helps you to reshift your perspective and gives birth to new purpose in life. This shift will help to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.

So the next time you're one your way to work and have an opportunity to give to someone, take it and watch how it shifts your day.




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