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Operating as usual 05/31/2018

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Check out our NEW website! 🎉 🤓 We have updated forms, links, physician biographies, and a great section on frequently asked questions during pregnancy. Let us know what you think!


Mirena Extension Trial - Full Text View -

Do you have a Mirena IUD that’s up for removal/replacement anytime soon?? Our office is part of the Mirena Extension Trial - it’s a great deal...keep your Mirena in longer, AND get paid! Contact me if you if anyone you know is interested. Mirena Extension Trial - Full Text View.


It is Safe to Receive Flu Shot During Pregnancy - ACOG

It's flu season already and our flu vaccines are in - come & get em!

Pregnant mamas - you will pass those antibodies to your baby (who can't receive his/her own vaccine until 6 months old) AND help protect yourself (flu is more dangerous in pregnancy with a higher risk of pneumonia & even death).

A few of my patients have asked about increased risk of miscarriage as suggested by a study earlier this year. There are a few reasons not to worry:
- it was a very small study (larger ones with many more patients have shown that it is safe)
- because of the way they grouped people in the study, people with higher risk for miscarriage (because of things like diabetes) had a higher number of flu vaccines so it's difficult to know the true cause
- they identify the miscarriage risk in the first 28 days of pregnancy and not beyond (so if you're still worried, just wait until you are 6+ weeks pregnant).

Hope this helps! About Us ACOG Departments & Activities ACOG Districts ACOG Sections Careers at ACOG Contact Us Find an Ob-Gyn Junior Fellows Leadership & Governance Medical Students Membership Services ACOG Mentorship Program Newsroom News Releases Statements Practice Advisories ACOG President's Blog 2016 AM Press… 05/12/2017

Well Illustrated: Childbirth

So true... Sometimes the birth we envision comes to fruition and sometimes it doesn’t. 11/23/2016

Medical City Dallas Building 'Luxurious' $125M Women’s Hospital

Construction has begun! So exciting!! Medical City Dallas will offer women a luxurious and spacious option to receive high level, specialized healthcare for a comprehensive range of women's services in a new, state-of-the-art Women’s Hospital.


Welcome to the world sweet little Connor Jackson Walker! Born 11/8/16 @ 8:48pm, 7#15oz. We are in love 💙

A few days short of my planned induction...I held on as long as I could! Thanks for understanding if you had to move an appointment or see another doctor - you're in GREAT hands while I'm out.


Hope you & your family had a safe & happy Halloween!!! 🎃👻


1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Countless patients, friends & family members of mine have been affected by this loss - sending a huge hug to you ALL. 10/05/2016

You are NOT a failure - mommadocs

This - a million times over. She holds back tears as she looks up at me. She’s been pushing for hours with little progress. “I’m so tired.” “I know you are, momma.” Her face is red and sweaty from her effort. 09/20/2016

Postpartum Depression in Dads Is Almost as Common as It Is in Moms, Report Finds

I ask moms about depression all the time - who's taking care of the dads? 😳 Hopefully, raising awareness will urge dads who are experiencing symptoms to get the help they need before anything escalates. 06/30/2016

A Pregnant Guide to Starbucks and Caffeine Intake

For you caffeine-loving mamas out there. While some women feel more energetic during pregnancy, some (read: many) women may still need that little boost from their daily cup of joe — or maybe coffee is a luxury in their daily routine that they're not willing to give up just because of


Angela Fields Walker, MD's cover photo 06/17/2016

Dr. Walker, Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist, Dallas, TX

Hi guys! I have a huge favor to ask. If you have time and are willing, would you please go to the link below & write a positive review (not just click on stars)...a couple of very untrue reviews have been written & I could use some "good" ones. Thanks SO MUCH!! Check out Dr. Walker. I found her on 04/14/2016

This is long, but definitely informative - a good update & many questions are answered. A couple of important points: if you're pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, please avoid travel to Zika areas (see CDC website), and if you must, please protect yourself - DEET insect repellent is safe in pregnancy. One of her guests is always you. 03/25/2016

CDC Press Releases

Some have asked me this recently - if you've traveled to a country where Zika is prevalent (but don't know for sure you contracted the virus), wait 8 weeks to try to get pregnant. If you KNOW your partner contracted the virus, wait longer. (Men can carry it for 6 MONTHS). Take a look at the latest and archived public health news releases published by the CDC. 03/19/2016

Doctor says: When it comes to breastfeeding, your health and happiness matter as much as your baby’s Three doctors, one opinion: Take care of yourselves, too, mamas. 03/10/2016

ER vs. Urgent Care? Find helpful info on when to head to the ER or an urgent care facility on our LifeSigns blog. 01/16/2016

Zika Virus Prompts CDC to Issue Travel Warning for Pregnant Women The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday night advised pregnant women to postpone travel to Mexico, Puerto Rico and parts of Central America and South America due to the presen...

[01/15/16]   We're hiring! Receptionist/check-in position open in our very busy, fast paced OB/GYN office. Must have experience in an office setting, OB/GYN experience a plus. Duties include checking patients in, answering phones, & scheduling appointments. Must be able to multi-task & pay close attention to detail. Requires an up-beat and positive attitude. Please send resume & salary requirements to our office manager Debbie Scroggins at [email protected].


Awwww ;) 01/05/2016

Can you turn a breech baby around? Most babies naturally move out of breech position, but about 4 percent of babies won’t. Learn the methods you can try to turn them. 01/02/2016

8 Tips for Running Safely and Comfortably (Enough) While Pregnant

Happy New Year! Hitting your stride with a baby on board is possible with these precautions and expert tricks. 12/08/2015

Response to Grieving Stranger Might Be the Most Beautiful Internet Comment of All Time

Most of the time, the world of OB/GYN is a happy place, but sometimes, tragedy makes its way in. This author's metaphor of grief is so good. 'I wish I could say you get used to people dying. I never did. I don't want to.' 11/25/2015

New ACOG recommendations encourage exercise during pregnancy : OBGYN News

Just in time for the holidays ;). Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercises, including running, stationary cycling, and modified yoga, according to new recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Even women who were not active… 09/10/2015

12 SUPER Easy Stretches To Help Relieve Breastfeeding Back , Shoulder And Neck Tension In my bodywork and yoga sessions I see TONS of clients that experience super tight upper back, shoulder and neck pain from breastfeeding. Here are a few simple and easy poses I do with them to soft... 08/27/2015

DFWChild Nominate a Mom-Approved Doctor

Shameless plea ;) Thanks all!! 07/22/2015

Be safe when pampering yourself during pregnancy If you’re pregnant, you need to take extra precautions when pampering yourself. A UT Southwestern Medical Center doctor talks about the safety of massages, manicures and pedicures, hair coloring, hot tubs and saunas, and laser hair removal – for both you and your baby. 07/10/2015

Doctors' Notes for Pregnant Employees Can Backfire, Experts Warn

Here's a good one - pregnant patients often ask for work modifications & we try to accommodate, but honestly it's NOT always medically necessary by the strict definition of that's because patients want them. Therefore, I believe the PATIENT should investigate beforehand what modifications are "ok" with their supervisor & we can write a note to that effect. Maternity leave in the USA is truly much worse than most countries (that's a whole other issue), but sadly, this is what we have to deal with. Unspecific or poorly timed notes seeking accommodations can bring harsh responses from women’s employers. 07/07/2015

This invention looks like a tiny sleeping bag and it's helped save 150,000 babies.

Amazing! Their goal is to reach 1 million. 06/29/2015

“But, I want YOU to deliver my baby ….”

In my first practice, we definitely shared deliveries & now I'm trying to do all my own. As I get busier, it gets more difficult to make that promise. I'm interested to hear what really matters to you...your own OB being there? Someone you've met at least? Don't care? Fine as long as they're female? Thoughts? "I want you to be there when I have my baby..." The words sting every time I hear them. The guilt flows like a broken dam and pulls at my heartstrings, making me feel so heavy inside… But, I can’t ... 06/05/2015

Overcoming postpartum depression: Elaine’s story

Great story on postpartum depression. It's more common than you think, and often feels more like anxiety than depression. This story also has a link to a useful questionnaire. Elaine Jacobson went through postpartum depression twice. She tells her story to encourage other women to seek support if they have symptoms. 05/18/2015

12 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Working Out "Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are athletic events. You should train for them." 05/14/2015

Most People Are Wrong About Miscarriages

Patients are often surprised when I tell them how common miscarriages are. And misperceptions about them are causing people a lot of unnecessary psychological pain. 04/30/2015

Ice cream and listeria: Information for pregnant women: Your Pregnancy Matters - UT Southwestern Ice cream and listeria: Information for pregnant women 02/10/2015

Coffee may lower endometrial cancer risk for women

Hmmm...kinda more coffee than I would feel comfortable "recommending" but interesting correlation. A new study finds another possible health benefit from drinking coffee




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