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The Neuropsychology & Counseling Center, LLC Provide neuropsychological evaluations and treatment for a variety of neurologic and psychiatric ill

Dr. Carlos Marquez de la Plata is a clinical neuropsychologist with experience in evaluation and rehabilitation of a variety of neurological and psychiatric illnesses. He is an expert in Traumatic Brain Injury and can serve English and Spanish-speaking adults. Dr. Maggie Perish is a clinical psychologist experienced in treating chronic pain and associated psychiatric symptoms including depression

and anxiety. She provides individual and group psychotherapy to enhance the quality of life for those experiencing physical and emotional pain.


My Neuroanatomy students ROCKED their quiz on tuesday! Let's hope they do the same on their Exam today.


Gave a talk on how to approach and complete a dissertation to doctoral candidates at UT Southwestern Medical Center...Where does the time go? Seems like only yesterday i was in their shoes.


National Neurotrauma Society 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona: I spent the last three days presenting my research on novel neuroimaging biomarkers of traumatic axonal injury and consuming the latest research in the field of neurotrauma; however, I am struck by the doom and gloom that predominated the lectures I attended. It sure is good to be back in the clinic helping others and witnessing post-TBI improvement occur.


Welcome Dr. Perish! I'm very pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Perish. Dr. P joins TNCC with a background in evaluating and treating the psychiatric symptoms associated with chronic pain.


Aerobic Exercise is an effective intervention that impacts both the structure and the function of the brain. In fact, exercise has also shown to be effective in increasing the size of the hippocampus (an area of the brain involved in learning and memory) in rodent models and in humans, and improve recall memory. This is promising news for individuals with subjective complaints of forgetfulness and may even be an effective rehabilitation strategy for Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr. Marquez is conducting a preliminary trial of aerobic exercise with colleagues at the University of Texas at Dallas, UTSW, and Pate Rehabilitation to examine the potential impact of this behavioral intervention on patients. Results from this preliminary study were presented at the Texas Brain Injury Association annual meeting in Austin on June 15, 2012.


Scientists at UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth examined patients with moderate to severe Traumatic Brain Injury to determine whether memory impairment after injury is associated with a decline in how well the left and right hippocampus (areas of the brain known to greatly influence learning and memory) communicate with each other. Results of this resting state fMRI study are available in the January 2011 issue of Archives of Neurology. (Marquez de la Plata et al., 2011, Archives of Neurology)


GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS: The Bad First - Traumatic brain injury causes compromise to the connections within the brain. THE GOOD NEWS - our brains adapt and neurocognitive functions often improve over time. (Marquez de la Plata et al., 2011, JINS)


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