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"you will recognize that "no" really means "yes" to you." 👈👈 Could not have said it better myself.
So true.
An excellent guide to figuring out the different types of cervical mucus we have and what it may mean. Be sure to mark your cycle day too!

Treatments at new location start 4/4!!

Good morning and happy Monday! This is your friendly reminder that our clinic will be moving soon and seeing all our patients at the new location starting a week from today! We are stoked and can not wait to welcome you to this beautiful space! The new space will have more security and require a code for our front door which we will share in your appointment text reminders, so no need to memorize anything, just pull up your text to find the code.

We have added Wednesday mornings to better accommodate your scheduling needs AND we will be adding 2 new services once we are settled in, so look for an email update on these in your inbox soon!!

And yes, my sidekick, Bev is coming with me! As so many of you have asked :)

New Location:
2520 N. Carroll Ave, Dallas, 75204

See you there beginning April 4th!

Let's start redefining what menopause means.
We will begin seeing patients at our new and FINAL location starting April 4th!

This is an exciting time for us and we can’t thank you enough for all your support during our transition. Your words of encouragement and congratulations have truly made these last 8 months go by quickly.

I will send another email the week before our big move as a reminder, until then, we will be in our current location through Sunday, April 3rd.

New Location:
2520 N. Carroll Ave, 75204

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How can acupuncture help during pregnancy?

If you are seeking a more natural way to feel your best through your pregnancy, acupuncture may be the answer you are looking for. Acupuncture is extremely safe during all phases of your pregnancy including your post-partum phase for recovery.
Acupuncture is a drug free way to effectively treat:
• Nausea
• Back pain
• Heartburn
• Hormonal headaches
• Trouble sleeping
• Constipation
• Hot/warm flushing
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Breech presentation
• And much, much more!
If you want to avoid unnecessary medication, reduce discomfort and stress during your pregnancy or just simply want supportive care in conjunction with traditional OB care, consider acupuncture.

Becky Allen DPT, owner of Genesis PT dropping a knowledge bomb for all of us. 🤯 Know your options and make an informed decision! 😉
Are you experiencing fatigue, aching joints, or foggy brain and not sure why?

Could your symptoms be caused by your breast implants?

Breast implants illness (BII), also called Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA), is something I was not familiar with until a patient brought it to my attention a few years back. She had done a ton of research and was waiting to get in for her explant surgery and wanted support until then. Well, fast forward to today and not only am I seeing BII more often as a complaint in my patients, I’m also seeing it more commonly in news articles and thought it would be a good idea to share what I know about it.
BII can be caused by any and all types of breast implants, regardless of whether they are saline or silicone, their shape, or surface texture. According to data that was collected from 2008 – 2019, the average time it takes for symptoms to show up is 4.9 years and average age of patients is 43 years old.
Symptoms of breast implant illness include:

• Fatigue
• Brain fog
• Headaches
• Hair loss
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Sleep disturbance
• Muscle and joint pain
• GI issues
• Dryness of mouth and eyes

For many women, these symptoms may be brushed off as hormonal changes, signs of aging or even just stress, but these symptoms can actually be a reaction to the chemicals from their implants.
BII should not be ignored. When our body is reacting to foreign substances in the body, it is signaling that there is trouble and if left untreated, BII can lead to autoimmune disease.

What causes breast implant illness?
From what I can find, we don’t really know what the cause is or why it affects some women and not others but there does seem to be a consensus within the medical community where they have found women with family or personal history of autoimmune disease, IBS, migraines, and chronic fatigue can be more susceptible to these reactions.

How do know if you are suffering from BII?
There are other illnesses that present with similar symptoms and they will need to be ruled out before getting a proper “diagnosis”. Finding an experienced plastic surgeon and a community you can reach out to is a step in the right direction. A good resource to begin your quest to find more information including doctors that can help, is Facebook. There are thousands of women out there that have come together out of a shared experience to help each other find answers.
Treatment for Breast Implant Illness is explant surgery or the removal of your implants along with any scar tissue capsulations that have formed. Finding a doctor and support group to learn more about this can be very helpful in understanding your symptoms.

Facebook groups:
Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole 159k members
Breast Implant Detox and Healing 10k members
Breast Implant Illness and Problems – Texas 6.3k members

Emily Guevara L.Ac is a board certified acupuncturist located in the Dallas, TX. She provides exper

Operating as usual

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Happy new year!

Cheers to that fresh and exciting feeling that comes with the beginning of the year.

Cheers to making new goals and taking that first step.

Happy 2023! We're looking forward to an exciting year, more growth, and new adventures.

See you on the acupuncture table!


Happy holidays from Emily, Eric, Pollyanna, and Rooster the cat.
Stay warm, stay safe my friends.


Amen 🙌

As women we have the literal capacity to shed old layers and begin again. We do this monthly for decades. We know how. So don’t be afraid to shed what you’ve outgrown. Don’t be afraid to step into your most powerful self. To live your one best life. And even if you are afraid to take that big step. Deep breath and do it anyway.


We'll be out of the office until Jan 2, 2023, however the amazing Bev will be wo-manning the phones just in case you need to contact us. 🤩


All of this 🙌


RHR: The Truth About Red Meat


I just released a new, free eBook called Nutrient Deficiency: Why Most of Us Are Nutrient Deficient—and What to Do about It. This is the culmination of 15 years of clinical experience, research, and teaching, and I’m excited to share it with you.
I’ve come to believe that nutrient deficiency is a silent epidemic and public health crisis with severe consequences. The good news is that, unlike many complex and challenging health issues we face, nutrient deficiency is relatively simple to address.

Go here or click the link below to download the eBook for FREE:

The latest research on Alzheimer's and dementia 11/20/2022

The latest research on Alzheimer's and dementia

The latest research on Alzheimer's and dementia I’m excited to tell you about a highly effective—yet accessible and affordable—way to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. 

Photos from AcupunctureJuncture, PLLC's post 11/18/2022

🔸IRON - What you need to know

Iron is an important nutrient we need throughout our lives but especially during pregnancy. It has many jobs to do like transporting oxygen throughout our bodies, including our brains, it plays a role in development, normal cell functioning, metabolism, healthy connective tissue and the normal production of hormones.

There are two forms of iron - heme and non-heme iron. Heme iron is more bioavailable, meaning we more easily assimilate it’s nutrients, than non-heme iron. Both forms are found in meats and fish and non-heme iron is found in certain vegetables and fruits.

🤕Symptoms of iron deficiency include

Poor memory and concentration
SOB on exertion or noticable reduce stamina during your workouts
Susceptibility to colds and infections
Difficulty controlling body temperature
Restless leg syndrome (I believe this is often why we see this in pregnancy)
Pica (the desire to eat non-food products such as ice and dirt)

As you can see, a lot of these symptoms can also look like an under functioning thyroid, so testing is very important to determine the cause!

🔸Who is at risk?
An analysis of data collected between 1999 - 2006 (NHANES), found that 18% of pregnant women had iron deficiency. The breakdown of this per trimester was 6.9% in first, 14.3% in second, and 29.7% in third. Keep in mind, iron carries oxygen across the blood brain barrier, so low iron can lead to lower IQ and impaired cognitive function in babies/children.

Pregnant women
Women with a heavy me**es, uterine fibroids
Teens with heavy periods
Cancer (especially colon)
History of GI disorders including IBS, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.
Chronic inflammation, infections
People with chronic heart failure
Frequent blood donor
PPI drugs (Prilosec/Nexium) due to their interference with stomach acid which is necessary for iron absorption.

🔸Testing for iron depletion
Conventional thought to test for iron deficiency is to check hemoglobin and hematocrit. The problem here is that these two tests are not sensitive or specific enough so by the time something shows up, we may be experiencing some pretty significant issues. Remember, we want to thrive throughout our lives and our pregnancies and we want our children to thrive, so catching something early to prevent it from getting more serious is important.

What I would suggest is, if you fall under a higher risk category and/or are experiencing some of the above symptoms; ask your doctor for a full iron panel that includes the following:

HGB - hemoglobin (12.5 - 15)
HCT - hematocrit
Ferritin (50 - 80)
MCV (80-100)

This extended testing can help identify early or mild iron deficiency and depletion of iron storage.

🥦🥩Food sources
The richest sources of heme iron, which is more bioavailable than non-heme iron, are found in lean meats and fish. Eating these foods with an acid source, like vitamin c containing foods is needed for proper assimilation.

Lean meats and poultry
Dark leafy green, spinach
Dried apricots and raisins
White and kidney beans

Foods that contain phytates which are present in grains and beans (beans are an iron source and full of nutrients so diversify your iron containing foods), polyphenol containing foods such as chocolate and coffee, and oxalic acid containing foods can inhibit the absorption of iron. Something to consider if you can’t seem to get your numbers up.

🔸Supplementing and considerations
If iron deficiency or anemia has been a life long issue, even possibly your mother also had anemia, consider using digestive enzymes with HCL to increase your body’s ability for absorption. Good stomach acid is needed to break down minerals properly. Zinc can also be added to aid in iron absorption.

Most prenatals contain 100% of your daily value (18mg) but quality of prenatal, ability to absorb, dietary restrictions, and other factors can mean you need more. Plus daily values are based on levels to keep us alive, not levels in which we thrive, so please consider this too. Take into account how you are feeling and trust your intuition.

Floradix Iron Plus Herbs is my #1 go to when recommending a supplement. It is a liquid, food derived supplement that includes vitamin c (important for proper absorption) and is non-constipating.

If you are taking a thyroid supplement, you MUST separate your iron supplement by 4 hours to avoid interference.

And while it is not common, you can overload your system with iron. Symptoms of iron overload include nausea, vomiting, constipation, and fainting. The upper limit of elemental iron supplementation per day is 45mg, do not exceed this unless there is a medical reason and you are being monitored by your doctor.

I hope you found this helpful and as always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Next up, MAGNESIUM!! So stay tuned to stay healthy!

Love and blessings,


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This speaks volumes to me as I'm currently identifying and trying to rid some of the programming I have "downloaded" over the years.


What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine (FM) has been around for decades and has, in the past 10 years or so, really taken front stage in the health and wellness world. It is a systems approach to true, individualized patient – centered care based on acquiring information through testing, proper questioning of patient’s health history, finding and addressing the root cause all the while supporting the patient to reach their health goals.

Functional medicine, like Chinese medicine, teaches us to spot patterns, identify triggers and past events that may be linked to our health concerns and take these into consideration as part of your healing journey. This medicine also takes into account genetic predisposition and parental/preconception health, along with looking into lifestyle and dietary habits and how our choices affect our health.The philosophy of functional medicine is very complimentary to traditional Chinese medicine and in fact has a lot of parallels.

True, holistic care is needed on a mass level now more than ever before as we are facing astounding increases in cases of chronic diseases like obesity, T2 diabetes, and metabolic dysfunction. In most cases these diseases can be prevented and often times even reversed with proper care and support.

As one of the leaders in this field, Dr Mark Hyman said about this medicine, [it is] “The science of creating health, focusing on whole organism, it is the medicine of why?”

The Foundation of Good Medicine
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” This is a quote from Thomas Edison 1903

I often talk about the core principles of good health and addressing the basics is a big part of both FM and Chinese medicine. In both medicines, nutrition is foundational to caring for patients. How we nourish ourselves is not just about what we are eating but it also includes our habits around food. Are we eating on the run? How well are we assimilating our nutrients? Even the timing of our meals and how this can impact our health can be life altering for people. These are things many of us and even practitioners are not consider but must be addressed when we talk about health and healing.

You will see more and more on this subject as the weeks go on and I continue with my functional medicine studies. My aim id to remind you how to trust your body and intuition again, to spot dietary habits that may not be serving you, and to help guide you to a way of eating that feels good on an emotional and on a physical level.

What’s to come?

Addressing blood sugar imbalances in our diet

Looking at how our gut and food interact with each

Talking about toxins in foods

Addressing insufficiencies/deficiencies in our diets - this is a big as most women are not consuming enough calories on a regular basis.

Thank you for reading,

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Who has 2 thumbs and just started Dr. Aviva Romm's Functional Medicine for Women course?! THIS GIRL!!

I'm over the moon excited to announce that I have begun this 10 month course with Dr. Aviva Romm where we will do a deep and comprehensive dive into women's health issues. As you may know, functional medicine is exploding because we all desire better and more in depth care from our healthcare providers. We want to prevent illness and age healthy and I want to be a guiding light for women who also seek to shine throughout life. This course will cover things like stress and the HPA axis, toxic burden and the effects on our hormones, sleep disturbance, weight and metabolism, inflammation, detoxfication, gut health, and so much more! I chose this course because it encompasses not only the testing and technical side of things but it embraces what Aviva calls the 'Total Ecology of Women', which is how we, as women, experience life through our emotional, mental, and spiritual health and the huge impact these 3 areas of life have on our health.

Week by week I will share my experiences with you to spread wellness information, tips on staying healthy, and begin to develop my online platform for what will soon be a telehealth service for you all.

"Every woman has the leading role in her own unfolding life story"
~ Jean Shinoda Bolen


Could your child be reacting to baked goods?

A recent podcast on gut health from one of my favorite doctors, Mark Hyman, revealed some concerning information on a preservative that is commonly found in baked goods and other common foods. This preservative, known as propionic acid or PPA, is used to increase shelf life of breads and stop mold from developing on certain cheeses. In addition, it is also used to induce autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in mice for research purposes. In the lab, PPA, in high doses, has also been shown to have damaging effects on neural stem cells of rats.

With the number of children being diagnosed with autism increasing worldwide, this is obviously a huge concern.
This preservative, which is commonly labeled as “fermented” or “cultured” wheat flour on the ingredient list, can cause behavioral and attention issues in children and it is commonly found in higher amounts in the stool of children with ASD. Researchers believe this preservative may exacerbate symptoms in children with autism but are not certain of the exact link.

Most breads and baked goods we have available to us in the US will contain this acid in and can claim “no artificial preservatives” though they are chemically identical to added preservatives.

What to look for on the label:
sodium propionate (281)
calcium propionate (282)
potassium propionate (283)
cultured dextrose
cultured wheat flour
cultured rice
fermented wheat flour
fermented wheat

What to do:
1. Do not freak out or over-worry
2. Watch your child for behavioral changes following meals that include these food items.
3. Limit your consumption of these food items during pregnancy and of course, limit for your children if you notice attention or behavioral issues.
4. Consider a wheat flour alternative; with gluten sensitivities on the rise there are a lot more options to choose from.
5. Considering purchasing better bread:
1. Heartland Bread Co.
2. D’s Sourdough Bread at the Dallas Farmer’s Market
3. Breadhaus - Grapevine, TX

I share this information to spread awareness not fear. We need to relearn how to trust our intuition and the decisions we make around food choices.

Remember, the researchers are using high amounts of this preservative to induce affects, so keep this in mind. Good nutrition does not have to be complicated or scary but we do need to know what is being added to our foods and we need to be advocates for ourselves, our families, and our friends. When we make smarter choices, when we “vote with our dollar” is when we see real change happen. As consumers, this is where we have the power to make positive and lasting impact.

Thank you for reading and sharing,


Click the links below to read more on today’s subject:

Mark Hyman’s podcast -

Photo by Charles Chen on Unsplash


Hi everyone!
Behavioral Health Dallas is hosting their 3 weeks course on post partum preparedness! Details below.

Well Mamas Postpartum Preparedness: A 3-week educational series

The postpartum period can be a sweet and joyful time, but can also come with surprising challenges. This 3-week program aims to give you the latest research and practical tools to help you and your baby survive and thrive. We will cover strategies to help reduce your risk of postpartum mood and anxiety concerns as well as ways to improve overall well-being and adjustment for you and your whole family.
We’ll give you the real scoop on things that are rarely discussed so you don’t have to wonder “is this normal?” Most importantly, we’ll teach you evidence-based tools to handle the hard stuff and help you determine if and when it’s time to get more help. Whether you’re a first-time mom and needing to know
all the things, or if you’re a fifth time mom just looking for a smoother transition, this program can help.

Weekly 1-hour sessions are led by a Certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist in our group. This curriculum was created by Dr. Katie Sardone, a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist who has helped countless women navigate pregnancy and postpartum challenges. As a mother and women’s health provider, Dr. Sardone is passionate about educating and empowering mothers and mothers-to-be. Her mission behind creating the Well Mamas program is to share knowledge and help families prepare for healthier and happier postpartum experiences.

November, 1st, 8th, 15th 2022
Tuesdays 12pm-1pm
$95.00 total program fee
● Will this be virtual or in-person?
Virtual! We know it can be hard to find childcare and arrange schedules, so feel free to listen from the comfort of your home and take breaks as you need to care for your littles.
● Is this series for pregnant or postpartum women?
BOTH! If you’re pregnant, this is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and have a proactive postpartum coping plan before you deliver. If you’ve already delivered, there is no time
like the present to learn the most effective ways to cope and stave off postpartum mental health concerns.
● Is this a support group?
No, while there is an opportunity for questions and discussion, this program is educationally based and does not have a group support component. The goal of this program is to hit the highlights of the most important evidence-based tools and strategies to promote maternal, infant and family well-being in the postpartum period.
● What if I cannot make one of the sessions?
No worries! Our goal is to offer this class on a regular basis so if these dates do not work for you please reach out for future class dates.

Registration/More Information:
If you would like more information or are ready to register, please contact Kelly Shoemaker at
214-383-8145 ext. 109 or [email protected].


Anxiety is becoming a common issue my patients voice to me. Thankfully I have the tools to help them.

"According to the most up-to-date evidence, is an effective for ."

"Studies show that acupuncture is more effective than pharmacotherapy and comparable to talking therapy, making it a helpful referral choice."

"Moreover, research has revealed several known biochemical and biophysical mechanisms that may offer an explanation of how this ancient modality works."

Timeline photos 07/29/2022

Timeline photos

Grey matter in the brain is where we process and release new information, allowing us to control movement, memory, and emotions. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most abundant essential omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and is particularly concentrated in grey matter.

Wild foods are high in omega-3 and lower in omega-6 fats. As hunter-gatherers, we consumed a ratio between 1 to 1 and 3 to 1 of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. Now, on a junk food, fast-food diet, that ratio can get as high as 20 to 1.

Not only do nuts and seeds contain a nice balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats, but they’re also loaded with vitamins, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and antioxidants like vitamin E, which prevent oxidation of the fats.

Walnuts, flax- seeds, h**p seeds, and chia seeds are some of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3 fats.

A trial of a nut- and seed-free diet may be useful for certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune disease. But for most of us, nuts and seeds are nutritional and disease fighting powerhouse superfoods.



Could you be suffering from Post-Pill Syndrome (PPS)?

My practice is nearly 100% women’s health and hormones, so I am privileged to work with this group for all sorts of issues ranging from unexplained infertility to hot flashes. Lately I have seen an uptick in cases for irregular cycles, anovulation, and uncomfortable symptoms arising after coming off the birth control pill (BCP). For most of these women they have taken the pill for a prolonged period of time, in some cases 10+ years, though this is not always the case. A lot times the cycle will return after 3- 6 months but what can we do if they don’t?

Treatment for PPS varies and a detailed history is needed to truly comprehend how well the functioning of her pituitary, hypothalamus, and ovarian (HPO) axis were prior to beginning. Knowing this will help determine how to approach her treatment.

Did you know…?

It is estimated that at least 50% of women who begin the birth control pill actually begin it for non-contraceptive reasons. I suspect these numbers may be higher from my clinical experience.
Many of these women who start the BCP are seeking relief from their painful periods, PMDD, or are trying to find regulation for an irregular cycle. It irks me when I hear that they have been told by their medical provider that the pill will “regulate” their cycle. Often times not being educated on the potential side effects of the BCP, much less receiving more thorough testing to try to determine why these young women are experiencing issues in the first place. Make no mistake, the BCP does not “regulate” our cycles, it actually SUPRESSES them and can often mask symptoms for years. When these women decide they want to start a family and get off the pill, they often find out their symptoms have returned, sometimes worsened from long term use of synthetic hormones and the lasting issues that come along with it.

What are some symptoms that may arise from “post-pill syndrome”?
• Irregular cycles
• Heavy menstruation
• Painful cramps
• Mood swings
• Bloating
• Acne

All of the above symptoms can be further exacerbated by the nutritional deficiencies that can follow prolonged BCP use like the depletion of B vitamins, minerals, and even vitamin D.

Consider acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a natural and effective way to get help rebalance your hormones.

You don’t have to deal with this alone. There are many natural, safe, and healthy ways to help your body bounce back to a healthy rhythm. Addressing the original imbalance is key, addressing any new issues that may have arisen along the way, and supporting you at every turn is what we do as women’s health and infertility experts.

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