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Deciphering Your Genes with Kashif Khan

Did you know that your genes can tell you everything from why you procrastinate to the best ways to motivate yourself?

Kashif Khan is the founder and CEO of The DNA Company, which has redefined function genomics testing for the better.

In this episode, you’ll learn what genes are, why they’re important, and how you can use DNA testing to support your personal health.

The fact is, DNA testing can help you create a map of yourself so you can deal with the root cause of issues and move forward in your life with a clear direction.

Because as Kashif explains, once you know WHY your body works the way it does, you can turn most health issues around fast.

Key Topics/Takeaways:

👉 Kashif tells his personal health story and shares why he went into this field.

👉 Why female hormone health needs more support in modern healthcare.

Kashif takes you through his research and what it shows.
👉 The differences between The DNA Company and other genetic testing companies.

👉 The 6 main categories of genetic testing.
How to maximize your DNA for anti-aging and longevity.

Memorable Quotes:

“Without really understanding how we're wired. We can't really always move forward and get better.” (5:37, Betty)

“Once you start doing the right thing, which is not the same for everybody, what's the right for you, you can not only prevent, but you can actually reverse disease.” (9:57, Kashif)

“I like to describe genetics as kind of a foundation. Like you're building a foundation of a house.” (10:23, Betty)

“We're not trying to mask illness, we're trying to prevent it from happening altogether.” (12:16, Kashif)

“You need to understand why it happened. Then you deal with the why that gets rid of the problem.” (34:51, Kashif)

Don’t ever give up on efforts to improve your health.
Building a daily skincare routine can help you maintain overall skin health or improve concerns like acne, scarring, or dark spots. Find a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen and give your skin the love it deserves!
We all struggle with digestive issues from time to time, but if digestive troubles plague your daily life it could be a sign of something more concerning happening or a warning sign of other health conditions. At Living Well Dallas, we offer a comprehensive program to identify, address and rebalance digestive issues using nutrition, diet, lifestyle, and supplementation to correct imbalances. Learn more on our website!
You can support your diabetes nutrition strategy and give yourself more control by adding your own sweeteners. you'll likely add less sugar, saving on calories and carbs!
Wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve... happy Mother’s Day!
At Living Well Dallas, we use the Functional Medicine approach to psychiatry which is based on the principles that the body systems all contribute to health or disease. Uncovering the imbalances may alleviate current symptoms and may address the cause of the disease. If you are experiencing symptoms affecting your mental or physical health and want to get to the root of the problem once and for all, our Brain Health program is designed to address the underlying imbalances that may be affecting you and combine the best of current medical technology with mind-body programs to help you live, feel and be well.
It's becoming increasingly clear that what you eat can significantly affect the health and aging of your skin. A healthy diet combined with nourishing skin care products will do wonders for your complexion! Let us help you today!
I have been hypothyroid for almost 20 years, but it wasn't until I got CO$*V*&D last year that had thyroid antibodies for the first time. I was doing everything right.... but Hashimotos can start at any time and things like viruses can kick off the immune dysregulation.

I have spent my entire career helping people with autoimmune issues because I had already been diagnosed with colitis and that is what brought me to functional medicine.

But, Hashimotos has become an epidemic with most of the people suffering from it unaware it is the cause of their problem.

I am so excited to be a featured speaker at this summit and share some of the deep biochemical underpinnings of thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalance, and how these things can rob you of your energy, vitality, and health.

Are you ready to Heal your Thyroid?

Join the free “Reversing Hashimoto’s” summit and learn about...

What are the root causes of Hashimoto’s
What you can do now to reverse your Hashimoto’s
Learn from world excerpts about diet, toxins, hormones, etc.

Sign up now for this free summit and I will see you on May 6th.

This week's podcast is all about hormones and what you need to know about hormone replacement with Dr. Deborah Matthew, AKA “The Happy Hormone Doctor.”

Dr. Deb authentically shares her story of suffering for years with hormonal imbalances, and how she found healing and stepped into her role as a doctor.

She’ll walk you through the nuances of hormonal imbalance, and how to know if you might have one.

By the time you’re finished with this episode, you’ll know whether hormone replacement therapy is the right choice for you, as well as some alternatives!

Listen Now:

Key Topics/Takeaways:
Listening to your body’s natural intuition.
What to do when your body doesn’t take you seriously.
The types of hormones and how they impact you.
The link between hormones and cancer.
Hormones and vaginal health.
How hormone imbalances can hold you back.

Listen Now:

Memorable Quotes:
“For the last 15 years, I've been helping men and women get their hormones back in balance so that they can get their life back and feel like themselves again.” (6:19, Dr. Deb)

“I want other women to know that if you don't feel normal, there's something wrong. And if your doctor's not really taking you seriously, you don't give up because it's possible to feel like yourself again.” (7:10, Dr. Deb)

“I think women need to embrace that deep feeling that we have, that sort of inner knowing and intuition that I’m not going crazy. What’s going on in my body is true.” (11:38, Betty)
“I believe that we all deserve balanced hormones. (13:47, Dr. Deb)

“Being on birth control pills, when you're 19, like that's kind of one thing, which is a whole nother topic, but by the time you're 49, it's probably not the best choice.” (21:39, Dr. Deb)
Hi Friends!
If you are around tomorrow at 2 PM CST tomorrow, I will be on a LIVE webinar with my friend Claudia Muehlenweg where we are going to be talking about the role of hormones in vision and what you can do about it.
Click here to join the LIVE event:
PS> The same link will work as a replay after the event.
Are you a woman desperate to get real answers about health challenges?

My friend, Dr. Trevor Cates, naturopathic physician and founder of The Spa Dr., has extracted the very best knowledge from 50 experts on women’s health on how every woman can take control of her health by understanding one thing: her hormones.

Hormones, Health, and Harmony premieres on May 10 – sign up now to watch this life-changing series at no cost to you!

Hit this link 👉 to Sign Up:

The Most Comprehensive Integrative Functional Medical Center in Dallas dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health. We have internal medicine, psychiatry, rheumatology, nutritional counseling, health coaching all trained in functional medicine.

The Most Comprehensive Integrative Functional Medicine Center in North Texas. At Living Well Health & Wellness Center, we have a team of functional medicine certified physicians including Rheumatologists, psychiatrist, functional medicine trained nutritionists, stem cell services, health coaches, life coaches, counselors and a selection of bodywork modalities including Bowen therapy and LED light

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Hi friends, My new episode of This Functional Life is LIVE this morning and chock full of insights from Girlfriend Doctor, Dr. Anna Cabeca.

Dr. Anna Cabeca, triple certified OBGYN, is a pioneer in functional medicine redefining what it means to be a healthy woman.

In today’s episode, Dr. Anna will share everything you need to know about hormones. There’s a lot of information out there, but by the time you’re done listening, you’ll be able to form your own educated opinion.

She’ll also reinforce the power of pause, encouraging you to make shifts in your health journey until you find something that works.
Dr. Anna is clearly passionate about her work, and this enthusiasm for personal health is sure to spill over into your own life!

Key Topics/Takeaways:
- Dr. Anna shares her personal story and what led her to functional medicine.
- Why every woman should add some Maca to her life!
- Are hormones safe?—Discover the answer once and for all.
- Get all your keto green questions answered.
- The importance of having pause.
- Redefining menopause.
- Health tips for “down below.”


Join me on my podcast - This Functional Life - today on Apple podcast or Spotify.

Want to know how to build stronger bones and how to prevent and reverse osteoporosis.

Join me today with Kevin Ellis - the Bone Coach on This Functional Life Podcast.


New Podcast Dropped!

Want to know how to build stronger bones and how to prevent and reverse osteoporosis. Join me today with Kevin Ellis - the Bone Coach on This Functional Life Podcast.


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Drs. John and Julie Gottman explore the compatibility myth on the S*x With Emily podcast! Listen:

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