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Train your mind for peak performance. Stay calm in high-stress situations without crumbling under pressure. Get an edge on your competition. Through meditation and daily mindfulness practices, Melissa has spent over two decades practicing mindfulness and teaching high-performing individuals how to win at life, whether it’s nailing that business presentation or kicking the winning field goal.

Operating as usual 06/20/2019

Episode 9: Brenton Harris, Owner Cleansweepers DFW

Mindfulness in cleaning and the art of reinvention! Learn all about it from a great meditation teacher, Brenton Harris.
Two of my favorite Brenton quotes from this episode:
"F it--I'm gonna figure it out. I can breathe through this. I can move into a space, be uncomfortable, and go."
"The cleanliness of a space is so integral to mindfulness."
I couldn't agree more--soak up this man's wisdom. A lot of gems here.
#meditation #mindfulness #presence #cleaning #cleanliness #fengshui #tidyingupwithmariekondo
Brenton Harris 04/09/2019

Episode 7: Brittany Madrid, Executive Producer & Host of BZen TV

I loved interviewing Brittany. She has so much wisdom to share. "Start with the darkness to find your light. Start with the things that aren't working. Everybody has a light within them." --Brittany Madrid Episode 7: Brittany Madrid, Executive Producer & Host of BZen TV Links to Topics Discussed in EpisodePoo Pourri CEO, Suzy Batiz, interview on BZen TV: TV:https://www.b-zen.tvSabra Olive Tapenade Hummus:

[01/09/19]   Grateful and excited to share the recognition in this month's issue of D Magazine! TY D Mag--lots of cool wellness choices in this issue--check it out! 01/02/2019

Podcast — Your Mindful Edge

Happy New Year friends! Pls enjoy the first episode of the Your Mindful Hour Podcast! Guest Robert James Collier of Entrepreneurs Dinner is so inspiring. Find it wherever u like to listen to podcasts or on my website under the Podcast tab.

Pls let me know what you think and share/tag friends if you think they'd enjoy it. Love and light for 2019! Melissa Your Mindful Hour Podcast coming January, 2019


Thank you so much @almost30podcast for the experience of guiding an amazing and powerful group of women in meditation. It was my absolute joy and honor to be a part of such a special night. #mindfulness #meditation #almost30nation #almost30tour 06/23/2018

Meet Melissa Marks Garner of Your Mindful Edge in North Dallas - Voyage Dallas Magazine | Dallas City Guide Today we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Marks Garner. Melissa, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. Twenty years ago, when I was 24 years old, I was on the verge of burnout. I was a Real Estate Agent in […]


A Plus

Life goal: Listen to a motivational speech from Oprah Winfrey every day. 05/10/2018

Has LeBron perfected how to rest while playing?

Another way to say this: Has LeBron learned to leverage Mindfulness while playing? YES! It is widely know that he practices Mindfulness. LeBron James is emptying his tank playing in every game for the Cavaliers since the season opener. Here's how he's managing to do it.


Your Mindful Edge

Happy Friday--New blog post is up! Hope you enjoy.

"What You Really, Really Want Out of Life--
And How Science Can Help You Get There." You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the content you are seeking by clicking here.


Calling all Chess Enthusiasts!


Check out my free Wind Down Guided Meditation. Bout 15 mins of bliss. Hope you enjoy. 03/08/2018

Everyone Is Going Through Something | By Kevin Love

Kevin Love shares about his panic attack on the court. I have worked with a number of clients who have suffered from panic attacks. Mindfulness is one of the VERY BEST tools to help with this. A great read.... Mental health isn’t just an athlete thing. What you do for a living doesn’t have to define who you are. This is an everyone thing. 02/02/2018


Hey everyone--if you feel u have no time to practice Mindfulness, this is the blog post for you: What are some examples of Deadspace? Think about any time you are waiting in any line—waiting for a meeting to begin—being in an elevator… Challenge yourself to be on the look-out for Deadspace in your day.


I am treating someone to a VIP Ticket to the Ultimate Vision Board Workshop hosted by @bosswomenwhobrunch. All you have to do is comment below if you want to attend. The winner will be notified by Feb 5th.*


Melissa Marks Garner Corporate Wellness


Melissa Marks Garner Corporate Wellness's cover photo 12/05/2017

Mindfulness Feeds the Roots

Lovvvvveeeeeeeee this. Bringing mindfulness into education strengthens inner resilience for both students and teachers and transforms lives inside and outside of classroom. #insidemindful


Improv to Improve, LLC

These overachievers didn’t let any rain stop their #mindfulness parade! Thank you @mastermindcenter for inviting us! #TypeA #improvforbusiness #improvtoimprove


Had a great time chatting about Mindfulness with @CoachAWags on her podcast Spark! If you got time check it out and let me know what you think:

Maybe you want to get to the next level professionally, tackle that passion project with full force, or even up your fitness game. Whatever it is, we all want that extra edge, and our guest @MelissaMarksGarner is here to reveal how integrating some simple (I didn't say easy 😉) mindfulness practices into your life can change your life. Melissa is an expert on mindfulness and meditation and coaches business professionals and athletes alike, and she's got the tips to help all of us train our brains to get that mindful edge we're looking for. Tune in at the link below, or find wherever you get your podcasts!

#wellnesscoaching #mindfulnesscoaching #spark #podcast #inspireyourlife #coachawags #melissamarksgarner #yourmindfuledge #meditation #mindfulnesspractice #businesscoaching #sparkpodcast #episode45 #getinspired #simplenoteasy #mindfulliving #takeiteasy #podcastforworkingwomen #mompreneur 10/28/2017

Brooklyn School Turns Abandoned Home Ec Classroom into Meditation Space Brooklyn College Academy wants other New York City public schools to model meditation rooms after their own.


Mastermind Meditation

Mastermind's own Dorsey Standish and Melissa Marks Garner were at the Galveston, Texas Galveston Island Convention & Visitors event at the Hula Hut in Austin, Texas! Thanks to Dorsey and Melissa, attendees were able to enjoy meditations throughout the day - giving them a feel for how to incorporate #mindfulness into corporate life, retreats and events. Thank you so much for having us! 10/18/2017

Neuroscience: Relaxing Makes You More Creative

Work smarter, not harder...neuroscience explains why! The latest research on the brain proves that working fewer hours doesn't just make you healthier. It makes you smarter, too.


Brené Brown

What do your favorite people read???

The Week - one of my favorite magazines - invited me to share a list of six books that have made me braver in my life. It's a weird list, but here they are! 10/01/2017

Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain

Mmmmm silence...just what the doctor ordered! In a loud and distracting world, finding pockets of stillness can benefit your brain and body. Here are four science-backed reasons why. 09/29/2017

Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember “RAIN”

Make it RAIN! Tara Brach addresses feelings of insecurity and unworthiness through mindfulness and compassion with a meditation called the RAIN of Self-Compassion. #compassion #lovingkindness #mindfulmagazineaug14 09/20/2017

This Is Your Brain on Meditation

A more in depth look at the science of meditation: The science explaining why you should meditate every day



Compassionate action is a powerful way to create Peace. How will you bring more peace into the world through acts of kindness? Sign up and play the Global Unity Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest. #buildingbridges #compassionunites #mypeace 09/19/2017

Can 10 Minutes of Meditation Make You More Creative?

Would you like to be more creative in your thinking? Does your job require it?


Andy Puddicombe Guides Jimmy Through a Two-Minute Headspace Meditation

This makes me soooo happy!

Headspace's Andy Puddicombe guides Jimmy, The Roots and the Tonight Show audience through a brief meditation that can be done anywhere. Subscribe NOW to The ...


VICE Sports on Twitter

While Phil Jackson was helping Michael Jordan work on his game, guru George Mumford encouraged the NBA legend work on his mind.

“While Phil Jackson was helping Michael Jordan work on his game, guru George Mumford encouraged the NBA legend work on his mind.”


Mindfulness helped people lose 7 times more weight in a study

Mindful Eating is a game changer for so many. I teach a class along with my colleague Megan Lyons on this topic.

The results of a 15-week trial by North Carolina State University revealed the mindfulness group lost an average of 4.2lbs - seven times the other group's average weight loss of 0.6lbs.


Mastermind Meditation

Great piece on Mastermind! Check it out!

Mastermind, featured on Channel 8 Daybreak this morning!
Visit to sign up for a class


Grateful to my friend Veera for capturing the "Mindful Moment" on her tablet! Truly honored to have presented at the 2017 Dallas Regional Chamber's Women's Business Conference: Heroic Endeavors, Everyday Lives.


Dallas Regional Chamber

very fortunate and excited to be a part of this great conference!

Are you coming on April 28th to the DRC’s Women’s Business Conference?

Don’t miss the chance to hear from Judy Smith, the real life “Olivia Pope” and inspiration for ABC’s hit TV show “Scandal”. 04/09/2017

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule If Gladwell’s 10,000 hours isn’t an absolute rule that applies across fields, what does it really take to become world class in the world of work?

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Grateful to my friend Veera for capturing the "Mindful Moment" on her tablet! Truly honored to have presented at the 201...




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