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First Eye Care, Inc. is an association of optometrists formed in 1985. Our goal is to have successful practices filled with happy patients. First Eye Care is a shared name with a shared corporate philosophy - "Vision Made Clear."

Our philosophy says certain values are important when you do business with us:
• We believe that it is important to deliver consistent, excellent service to our patients
• We believe that your doctor should be caring, experienced, and progressive
• We believe that the frames and lenses that you purchase should be of high quality
• We believe that patients want a broad range of services available to them at a location and time that is convenient for them

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First Eye Care Corporate

Some Eye Nutrition Info! 04/28/2016

Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for Your Eyes « OptoGraphics Makeup Do's and Don'ts Helpful Infographic with eye care tips regarding Make Up Care 04/12/2016

Which Generation is Most Distracted by Their Phones? The prototypical smartphone-addict isn't a teenager on Snapchat. It's a middle-aged worker who can't stop checking work email. 03/08/2016

People's health -- You can see a lot of it in their eyes We tend to think of eye exams as a way to improve or protect our vision. And that’s true. But there’s more to it than that.


First Eye Care Corporate

Interesting article about 3D printing and the Eyecare Industry. 02/24/2016

In 2050, Half the World Will Be Nearsighted Researchers expect eyesight to worsen across the globe thanks to more screens and less time outdoors. 02/24/2016

In 2050, Half the World Will Be Nearsighted Researchers expect eyesight to worsen across the globe thanks to more screens and less time outdoors. 02/19/2016

Lots of People Are Losing Distance Vision, and No One Knows Why | Drs. McIntyre, Garza, Avila, &... Myopia, or nearsightedness, has taken off like a silent epidemic. What's behind its sudden rise? 02/09/2016

Optometry Today | Undiagnosed hyperopia linked to low literacy levels in young children Children with undiagnosed hyperopia have significantly lower literacy levels than their peers, according to a new study 02/03/2016

An Optical Illusion Has Been Tricking Everyone About the Size of Saturn’s Rings for Centuries Look at this picture of Saturn. Can you see the biggest ring? Are you sure? 01/26/2016

This Virtual Reality Game Could Help Treat Lazy Eye Vivid Vision founder James Blaha hopes his virtual reality games will create new solutions for vision therapy


First Eye Care Corporate

Very good tips for tech professionals on how to take care of your eyes.


First Eye Care Corporate

Happy New Year! Please see some great tips for celebrating the New Year in the Dallas area this weekend. 12/11/2015

Your eye doctor may be the first to diagnose you with diabetes When doctors examine their patients, they are checking more than whether or not their vision has changed.


First Eye Care Corporate 11/13/2015

Ask Well: A Cure for Macular Degeneration? There is not yet a cure for macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the United States, but treatments are getting better.


First Eye Care Corporate 11/03/2015

Is Your Computer Screen Hurting Your Vision? Millions suffer from computer vision syndrome. Learn the warning signs and whether your vision insurance benefits will cover needed eye care.


First Eye Care Corporate 10/16/2015

Eddie Lacy 'very blind,' but refuses to use goggles Eddie Lacy has missed two practices due to eye irritation from his contacts. The Green Bay Packers running back, who said he was nearly blind without them, said he should be fine this weekend.


NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz talks contact lenses

Check out Optometry Times' exclusive interview with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz on his contact lens wearing experience. 09/14/2015

Best Food For your Eyes « OptoGraphics 09/09/2015

7 Things Your Eye Color Says About Your Health ... Your eye color can tell you a lot about your health and risk of future health problems.


First Eye Care Corporate 09/03/2015

Google Life Sciences teams up with Sanofi to take down diabetes Google Life Sciences, the new Google Alphabet standalone division established several weeks ago, today entered into a partnership with Sanofi, a French pha 08/19/2015

New Data Shows More Eye Injuries Due to Basketball than Any Other Sport Prevent Blindness Provides Tips on How to Help Prevent Serious Eye Injuries from Sports CHICAGO (PRWEB) August 19, 2015 More than 6,000 Americans suffered an eye injury related... 08/14/2015

AOA alerts parents: Back-to-school eye exams more essential than ever AOA’s annual Ready for School campaign emphasizes the growing strain that digital device use is putting on children’s eyes. 08/04/2015

Dilated eye exam is a must for adults, 60 and over Healthy lifestyle, sunglasses, help protect eyes as you age 07/29/2015

Bono teams up with Revo for eye care awareness Bono, who has had problems with his own vision, is partnering with a company to provide better eye care to the underprivileged. 07/16/2015

Video of baby wearing glasses for first time goes viral A Cincinnati woman’s video of her baby daughter trying on glasses for the first time has gone viral. 07/03/2015

4th of July Events in DFW | 4th of July Events in Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding cities Discover all of the best fireworks shows, parades, 5k’s, kid’s events and more across the Dallas / Fort Worth region. 06/23/2015

A Parkinson's Breakthrough VCU research offers promise in diagnosing the disease before tremors begin.


Happy Memorial Day! 05/19/2015

4 Reasons Your Preschooler Needs an Eye Exam, not Just a Vision Screening - Almost Supermom Did you know that 49% of children under the age of 6 have never seen an eye doctor? That is a troubling statistic considering that the American Optometric Association recommends a child have at least 3 eye exams by the time they are 6.


First Eye Care Corporate




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Monday 7am - 8pm
Tuesday 7am - 6pm
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