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Life gets tough sometimes, finding great help doesn't have to be! I'm here when you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Relationship issues, anxiety, teens and stress management counseling in Dallas!

Come see me at LifeWorks...Creative and Collaborative Counseling in Dallas Park Cities


HERE help redefined

If you or someone you love are experiencing social isolation, reach out. Let's change the way mental health is addressed.. Join us at HERE help redefined

"Teens who spent more time than average online and less time than average with friends in person were the most likely to be depressed"

"Even if online time doesn’t directly harm mental health, it could still adversely affect it in indirect ways, especially if time online crowds out time for other activities."


HERE help redefined

When kids don't feel that their true self is valued, they become adults who spend their whole life trying to be what others think they should be, or what they think others want them to be. If you relate, read on. We'll be here to help.



You deserve to take the space to process what's going on inside. Slow down. Choose to care for yourself!

So let's clear things up: There's no such thing as looking like you have an eating disorder- or looking like you're in recovery, for an eating disorder. Maybe not even being the thinnest in the room- what you see on the outside doesn't always translate to what is going on inside. 08/03/2017

The Enduring Pain of Childhood Verbal Abuse

It's never too late to work on YOU! Words uttered by parents damage in ways more literal than not.



Our body shape and the number on the scale does not say anything about how worthy we are of being loved or a measurement of our success, and really is no reflection of who we are as a person.



It takes more than you think to actively listen. Read this quick list to help out with navigating emotion charged convos with friends family and loved ones!

Being there can be hard. Here's a useful list of tips.



Pay attention parents. It's easy to miss these signs when you aren't looking for them. Call Madeline today to get help for your teen. 05/06/2017

Four Ways to Overcome Self-Defeating Thoughts - Mindful

Start by being kind and authentic to yourself and watch the impact it has on those around you!! Check out this quick read to learn more... #Lifeworks #Counseling Self-criticism and low self-worth can hold us back. Here’s how to start banishing those negative beliefs.


American Counseling Association

Simple tips for greater quality of life: more face to face interaction, knowing when to shut down the electronics and connect with those around you, and prioritizing meaning over happiness!!

Build your village.


How do you know if it's time to expand your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

People with high EQ... embrace change, let go of grudges, have expansive emotional language, stop negative self-talk, and more! Check out this great article.

Need to work on some of these areas?! I'm here Lifeologie Lifeologie



Today's teenage world can look like an episode of Survival of the Fittest. Relational aggression is something most teens deal with in some way. Let Madeline Buckthal, M.S. Counseling, LCDC-Intern listen, support, and help your teen keep themselves in tact.



This is a wonderful metaphor for anxiety!! Lighten the weight of your umbrella with supportive therapy. ☔️ 🌂

Do you carry around an umbrella? Learning to manage anxiety's flight or fight response is hard. We are here.



The battle is hard. Finding a piece of recovery can start with finding something to live for, go towards, something that needs your health. Find it. Contact Abbie Chesney, MA, LPC - Eating Disorders for someone who has been there and waiting to help.


Break ups are hard. But it can sometimes be harder to know when to start dating again. It's important to reestablish and explore your independent identity following a break up. Check out this clip from my brilliant coworker and supervisor for more!

Lifeologie 03/01/2017

I Am Good Enough: My Recovery from Bulimia

This is one story. One story of a journey in the world of an eating disorder. You are ENOUGH. It is time to get back the control of your own life and not let the perceived power of an ED take over any more. Your Worth is more valuable than your weight!

It's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Speak up if you're struggling. We are here to help!! Lifeologie #NEDAwareness My first diet was in second grade, and I remember the day clearly. I had overheard a family friend urge my mom to take me for regular, brisk walks in the neighborhood. Her message was clear: I was chubby and needed to lose weight. I felt embarrassed and internalized her words to mean that I was not…


Lauren Grogman, MS, LPC

Pulling your hair? Email my amazing coworker who specializes in body focused repetitive behaviors. Lifeworks has it all y'all!

Help for hair pulling is an email away
[email protected]


Lexie Miller - LPC-Intern

Got trauma? I can help! EMDR therapy treats complex traumas, anxieties, phobias, relationship issues, and other disturbing life experiences (just to name a few). Give me a call today! 02/21/2017

You're Not Listening! | GlassHeel - Inspiration for Today's Ambitious Career Women

Step away from the PHONES! (I get the irony that you're probably reading this on one right now....) Once you truly stop and listen to others you'll have the opportunity to learn something new from each interaction.

Lifeologie You're not listening! Yes, I understand sitting in a meeting not looking at your phone (for most of the time) and staring at the person speaking seems like...


Molly Powell Lifeworks Counseling

Being kind and taking care of yourself so you can take care of others!

Good ideas!


Abbie Chesney, MA, LPC - Eating Disorders

This is a good article. Read up!


Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

This video is so worth the watch!!

We (the Millennials) are a generation marked by instant gratification, lacking social connections, checking our phones constantly, and filtering our lives so they look enviable to outsiders online. How do we overcome defaulting to our phones instead of building stronger personal connections to our friends, partners and co-workers? Small steps of personal awareness can help toward increasing self-esteem and self-worth.

Excerpt of Simon Sinek from an episode of Inside Quest.


Prudential: Brain is to Blame - Episode Two: I'll Do It Later

New Years Resolutions on your mind? This short video talks about procrastination and how to combat it. (For those procrastinating watching: schedule yourself a short self-care break before a big task!!)

Ever feel like you just can't get stuff done? It might not be your fault. Studies show our brains get fatigued from all the little decisions we make every da... 11/01/2016

Study Reveals 'Pphubbing' As The Newest Screen-Based Relationship Killer

Scroll. Like. Scroll. Refresh. Scroll. Like. Scroll....

It's 2016 and we are all guilty of spending a little too much time on our digital devices. But what happens when that disrupts the real life human relationships right in front of us? Pphubbing! The act of snubbing or ignoring your partner in favor of looking at your screen. It's time to re-evaluate some priorities (I'm right there with ya!) and focus on better, stronger emotional connections with our partners and friends.

Looking for a great place to help you?! Contact us at the Lifeworks Group! 214.357.4001 There's no Pphubbing reason to make this mistake. 10/19/2016

Instagram's Newest Feature Is Incredibly Important

Instagram is helping to make mental health an instant priority!! #spreadtheword Instagram made some important changes to its app. Now, if you see a friend post something that feels like a cry for help, you can do something about it. 10/18/2016

5 Key Issues in Difficult Adult Sibling Relationships

Here's what happens when sibling rivalries grow up! This is what therapists should focus on when working with sibling issues. 10/16/2016

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott sponsoring $21 pet adoption day in Dallas on Monday | SportsDay

Cowboys and Doggies! What could be better?! If you've followed Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott on Twitter for any amount of time, you're already familiar with his love of his pet...





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