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Cynthia Ileso is the founder of Easy Klean Grub (EKG) and It’s Now or Never Health and Wellness (INON). A devoted business-owner, chef, and motivator, Ileso’s background has provided her with the ability to don multiple hats seamlessly. Ileso has a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing from Midwestern State University, four years of extensive focus on Orthopedics, two years as a personal trainer

Operating as usual

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Until further notice.

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Bring water and a towel!

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Bring water and a towel!!

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Bring your mat and water!

Photos from Inon-Ekg's post 08/20/2015

Photos from Inon-Ekg's post

Photos from Inon-Ekg's post 08/20/2015

Photos from Inon-Ekg's post

6 Ways to Increase Your Veggie Intake 08/18/2015

6 Ways to Increase Your Veggie Intake

6 Ways to Increase Your Veggie Intake Do you want to know some easy ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet? We know that vegetables are good for us, but some of us have a hard time dealing with the taste and the texture. In this article we explore creative ways to add veggies to your diet. Enjoy!

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Good Morning!!! Hope everyone is having a blessed one! I'll be taking meal orders if anyone is interested starting tomorrow. Also we do have boot camp tomorrow at 7:20pm at Ranchview High. It will start on time and finish at 8.

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Timeline photos

Why I Don't Count Calories 07/07/2015

Why I Don't Count Calories

Why I Don't Count Calories Should I count calories?  What are the benefits and drawbacks to counting calories?  In this post we explore the nature of a calorie and why I don't count them.

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Have you ordered your meals today? Inbox or email at [email protected]

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Iron sharpens iron.

Boot camp today at Ranch view High in Valley Ranch
Cost is $5
Bring three and your session is free
Start time 6:45p

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Ranchview High is located in Las Colinas. Bring 3 people and your session is free.

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Timeline photos 01/09/2015

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Timeline photos 01/09/2015

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Photos from Inon-Ekg's post 10/28/2014

Photos from Inon-Ekg's post

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That just happened.

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Mobile uploads

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Last day of sprint camp! I have something else in stored for July , great job everyone!

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At the Perot Museum doing a fitness segment with kids with Shannon.

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There's levels to this! Shout to Showna for staying consistent and training with me.

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One of my clients is doing the happy dance right now. Consistency and dedication has brought her this far. Not only does she train 3 days a week but she comes to the bootcamps. 4 pant sizes down in one month. No quick fix here

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Boot camp this week at Ranchview High on Monday and Wednesday. We start at 6:40pm. No cost! Come join the fun!

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Truth! Let's make it a great one!

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Food for thought: "There is a big difference between having a dream and turning your dream into reality. The difference is ACTION!" Remember when YOU make your meals you know what's going in. Did you know that a lot of foods you eat outside may be cooked in fats and be high in sodium? You already know what you're putting out, let's start making sure we know what we put in.

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Grilled salmon with sweet veggie medley and stuffed cabbage.

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'Invest in your self and make time to register for this phenomenal event!' Please go to

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Monday Madness!! Let's Gooooo!!!



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