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Dr. Brock on Fox news.
A nice start at looking at brain and immune system working together.
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Over the years, if you are like me, you have forgotten the rules of good nutrition. Dr. Erin will help. Good Support. Good Guidance. Good Food. Life is so much better when you feed your body the right fuel.
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Innovative Health & Wellness Group is a family medicine and wellness practice that focuses on using

Innovative Health & Wellness Group is a family medicine and wellness practice that focuses on using the best available traditional and holistic methods for your customized treatments. Emphasizing whole-body wellness and corrective care, we won’t just manage your symptoms, but work together to solve your underlying health problems.

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Happy Halloween! from Innovative Health and Wellness Group! - Bad Janet, Po, Violet and the amazing Winifred

Photos from Innovative Health and Wellness Group's post 10/31/2022

We stand with you in your fight bringing awareness. If detected soon, breast cancer can be beat like a pinata!


In October we wear pink, breast cancer awareness month.


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want people to remember that knowledge is power. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States after skin cancer. Men may also get breast cancer; but it is not as common as it is in women.
All people who have breasts should participate in breast self-awareness, that means, if there are changes in the breast, you should let your doctor know. Anything such as a lump, skin changes, ni**le discharge or ni**le inversion can be a sign of cancer.
The most important thing in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is early detection, we have access to a unique technology that may give you an early risk marker: Thermography.
A thermography is a non-invasive screening that may provide the earliest warning. Allows physicians to detect functional changes at least 2 - 3 years before a malignant tumor could be detected by mammogram or physical exam.
This month we are offering a discount on Breast thermography, call to schedule your appointment at 214-972-0302.

Timeline photos 10/06/2022

Timeline photos

Amen! ❤️🙏


Ready for the kids to go back to school? Ensure they are neurologically optimized for the rigors of the new school year with our comprehensive neurological assessment. A child experiencing discoordination of the nervous system looks grumpy and tired, disengaged or unruly in the classroom, even floppy and flimsy on the sports field. Neurological rehabilitation enhances focus and attention, set-shifting fluidity, physical coordination, and emotional resilience. A healthy brain primed for learning gives your child the confidence they need to succeed.


Call to schedule for our Special in June 214-972-0302!
Special is only available in June.


Healthy vagal tone facilitates adaption to stressors, internal and external, by regulating a calm metabolic and behavioral response.

The Vagus nerve is our longest cranial nerve, providing neurological coordination to areas of our head, neck, heart, and gut. Vagal tone refers to the parasympathetic control of these regions. The parasympathetic nervous system promotes rest, digestion, and recovery. Vagal tone can be stimulated by deep slow breathing, cold exposure, singing, humming, and yoga.

Vagal tone is not the end of the story however. A healthy autonomic nervous system responds to stress by smoothly shifting between a parasympathetic “rest and digest” state and a sympathetic “flight or fight” state. The body’s ability to efficiently shift between these two systems in can be measured with heart rate variability. If regions of your brain are stuck in a ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic response vagal tone stimulation alone is not enough.

An integrative assessment that looks at adrenal function, metabolic health, and nervous system coordination is ideal to ensure your body is responding to stress in an optimal way.


Call to schedule for our May special 214-972-0302! Special is only available in May.


Hivamat delivers a deep oscillation therapy that can treat swelling, relieve soft tissue pain, and help an injury recover. It makes use of a unique and safe alternating electrostatic field to very quickly, but gently, pull up and down the tissues under the practitioner's hands. The body parts that are powerfully affected include skin, muscle, blood vessels, lymphatic system, and connective tissue. Give us a call to check out this unique therapy if you're struggling with any of the following; acute trauma, chronic pain, edema/lymphedema, cancer aftercare, sports injuries, respiratory or circulatory issues, nerve problems, muscle and joint conditions, skin injuries and more!


“What is PRP?”
PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. PRP is a non-toxic substance that is created by non-surgically separating a patient’s own blood into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets using a centrifuge. Once separated, the platelets are isolated and injected to the site of injury or skin lesion. The platelets help blood clot and also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are important for healing injuries. PRP contains 5-10 times more platelets than what is typically found in blood. This valuable high concentration of platelets and growth factors promotes healing and can potentially regenerate joints, soft tissue, tendons, and cartilage.

What can PRP be used for? PRP therapy has five main uses:

Orthopedic, or pain management focus
Aesthetics, for acne or facial scarring
Hair regrowth
Sexual health
Injury repair

Most patients experience results after 2 weeks and optimal results after 3-6 treatments (6 weeks between each treatment). Many patients are able to avoid surgery when using this treatment option. Notably, there are minimal side-effects, which include irritation at the injection or draw site and joint stiffness or muscle soreness. Additionally, there is little to no downtime following PRP procedures, simply limited exercise 3 days after the injection. Talk to one of our practitioners today to see if PRP therapy is right for you.


Are you or someone you know experiencing chronic neck or back pain? Have you tried every modality
with no results? It seams that everyone knows that the nervous system controls the body, yet most
overlook this aspect of our health when treating musculoskeletal complaints. At Innovative Health and
Wellness, we prioritize your neurological health as a foundation for our treatment, especially when it
comes to chronic musculoskeletal complaints because we understand that it is a NEUROmusculoskeletal
symptom. Is your center of gravity off causing you to use muscles and joints incorrectly, leading to your
chronic pain? Do you have an ocular muscle weakness causing you to subconsciously hold your head
tilted to compensate, leading to your chronic neck pain? All the above are questions that we ask when
doing our examinations and diagnostic testing. Whether you’re trying to optimize your neurology or
resolve chronic pain Innovative Health and Wellness is the place for you!


March 2022 Special.
Call to book your appointment today @ 214-972-0302.
( Must schedule in the month of March to claim the special)


February Special call to book (214)972-0302

Must Schedule in the month Of February!


At Innovative Health & Wellness we practice what we preach, today Dr. Skylar received her 8th ozone IV out of 10! “My digestion has improved exponentially and the inflammation in my body has reduced. I no longer need concealer underneath my eyes because my puffy purple bags have almost completely resolved. I have suffered with acne most of my life and since starting my ozone IV treatments my skin has NEVER looked this good! One of the best decisions I made in 2021 was committing to this treatment.”


January 2022 Monthly Special. Call (214)972-0302 to book your appointment. Special can only be book in the month of January.


As 2021 ends and we all embark on a brand-new year we wanted to shine some light on one of our most
exciting and innovative therapies added to our practice in 2021, and that is our TruDOSE Platelet
Therapy. Platelet therapy is a concentration of platelets containing healing growth factors found in your
own blood! Platelets have been found to contain many vital healing components that when
concentrated treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, accelerate tissue regeneration and repair.
However, studies have shown that for Platelet Therapy to be effective a therapeutic dose of 1.5 billion
platelets per milliliter is necessary, which is much greater than a baseline platelet count. TruDOSE
Regenerative Technology customizes platelet therapy for each patient’s individual and unique biologic
factors because each person has a different platelet baseline that is in constant fluctuation. This cutting
– edge technology uses this baseline information to determine exactly how much blood must be drawn
to achieve an effective therapeutic dose every time! This therapy is minimally invasive, proven effective
with the right dose, naturally derived from your own body, and no known side effects! Contact us today
and find out if TruDOSE is right for you!




Hello Innovative Family! We will be closed 12/31/2021, our office is open today until 6pm today 12/30/2021. We would like to wish each and everyone of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many Blessing from our family to yours!


Good Morning Innovative Family. The office will close today at 3pm. We will be closed 12/24. We will be open back on Monday 12/27. Have yourself a Merry Christmas!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately it is also one of the most stressful times. Are
you finding yourself feeling more like the Grinch than Saint Nick? No worries, we all get a bit green
occasionally, but the key is knowing how to bring yourself out of stress. A great way to access the calm
within is your Vagus nerve. Cranial nerve 10 otherwise known as the Vagus nerve lies within your
parasympathetic nervous system or your rest and relaxation side of your neurology. By stimulating this
nerve, you can trigger the relaxation response within your body. Here are some of our favorite ways to
access Cranial Nerve 10!
1. Deep Diaphragmatic breathing – When performing this breath, use your diaphragm/belly to
breath instead of your chest/shoulders. The key is to have a longer exhale than an inhale to
really tap into your parasympathetic system.
2. Cold Face Bath – Finishing your shower with cold water or splashing your face with cold water is
a quick easy way to stimulate the Vagus nerve.
3. Gargling with water – By stimulating the vocal cords you are activating the Vagus nerve.


To my patients at Innovative Health & Wellness Group,
My time in this office has been an absolute honor. I am forever grateful for the role you allowed me in your care in the 2+ years I was with this office. I am sad to leave, but there's a tall, handsome man in Arkansas calling my name - and I must go. I leave you in the capable hands of Dr. Erin, Dr. Skylar, Dr. Kat, and soon to be Dr. Toni as well as the wonderful support staff. I have left my forwarding address with the front desk if anyone wants to send Christmas cards etc., and I hope you do! Thank you. All my love, Dr. Paige Parker


Call 214-972-0302 to schedule our December Special.


Introducing the new R2L, NOW available at our office. Call today for more information on pricing. Office phone number 214-972-0302


Call and book for our November Special.


Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from Innovative!!


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to provide our followers with a few simple
action steps to keep you and/or your loved ones healthy and safe!
1. Anti – inflammatory diet - Disease, especially cancer thrives in an acidic/inflammatory
environment. Consuming healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and grass-fed meats (omega 3s)
with colorful and organic fruits and vegetables while reducing inflammatory oils like canola oil
(omega 6s) and conventional meats is a great first step.
2. Exercise – Research shows that physical activity reduces your risk of developing breast cancer
among other bone and cardiovascular diseases.
3. Sunlight – Sunlight has been proven to reduce all causes of mortality. Getting at least 20
minutes of sunlight a day will not only improve your mood but improve your health.
4. Regular self-checks – Early detection of changes in breast tissue is crucial for a good prognosis.
Performing regular self-checks of breast tissue and axillary lymph tissues is an easy simple way
to give yourself peace of mind while also increasing your body awareness so if any changes do
arise you are able to swiftly notice and go get checked out.
5. Avoid cigarette smoke and limit the cocktails – A 2015 study published in the British Medical
Journal showed that having a 5 oz glass of wine daily increases your risk of cancer by 13%. I
believe it is no secret that to***co increases your risk of developing a wide verity of cancers so
avoiding to***co is crucial.
6. Get Regular Thermograms – Thermogram’s are superior to mammograms because it is a non-
invasive and radiation free imaging modality. It can detect functional changes at least 2-3 years
before a malignant tumor could be detected by mammogram or physical exam. Thermograms
not only look for cancer but other detectable thermal markers like skin cancer, thyroid disease,
neuropathies, and more!
For the month of October at Innovative Health and Wellness we are offering $50 off breast
thermography and $40 off full body thermography in hopes to encourage a proactive approach to health
and wellness.


Call and make an appointment for our October Special 214-972-0302. Breast Thermography $199 and Full body Thermography $ 360.


Good afternoon, our wonderful Innovative patients!
Our phone lines are currently down - there is an outage in our area, we are working on resolving this with Inacom.

Until service is restored, please text us at 214-295-9671. We look forward to serving you soon!!


Why do we breathe? A simple question with a simple answer, oxygen! But why do we need oxygen and
how does the body use it? When we inhale, our body intakes gas from the atmosphere which is about
20% oxygen. The oxygen enters our lungs where it is then packed onto a red blood cell and distributed
throughout the body via vasculature. Mitochondria, or the powerhouse of the cell uses this oxygen to
create energy by making ATP. This energy or ATP is used by every cell in our body to keep our heart
beating, our brains firing and our cells working. Without oxygen, our mitochondria cannot make ATP
which is why without oxygen we are dead within minutes. So, it is safe to say that oxygen is the most
vital nutrient our bodies need yet vastly overlooked. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to be
the best modality to saturate the whole body efficiently and effectively with oxygen. The pressure and
additional oxygen the chamber provides pushes oxygen to every cell the body via the plasma, so oxygen
delivery is no longer restricted to the vasculature. Please enjoy the following supporting research!


Happy Birthday Chiropractic!


High dose ozone IV
We have some exciting news to share, High Dose Ozone IVs are now available at Innovative Health and
Wellness! Ozone is the second most powerful sterilizer in the world and can be used to destroy
pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast, parasites, and odors. IV therapy can assist with
improving circulation, immune function, and oxygenation throughout the whole body. Typically, a small amount of blood is drawn, mixed with ozone, and passed through the UV light and put back into the
body through the same vein. A small dose of ozone is used for the initial treatment to assess how the
body will respond to the ozone before increasing the dose with each treatment. Depending on the
recommended treatment plan, you would then work your way up in dosage with each IV until you reach
the High Dose range. Special equipment is used, more blood is pulled with a large or high dose of ozone
that is mixed in with the blood and then passed through the UV light TWICE before going back into the
same vein. Essentially, High Dose Ozone is a deep cleaning for your blood and body while providing extra
oxygenation that will pe*****te deep into the tissues.

Our Story

When Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen first started her practice, she wanted her primary focus to be on basic chiropractic, with some neurological emphasis. At the time, it was her aim to learn more and increase her knowledge of the neurological side of her practice, so she pursued a certification in chiropractic neurology. As she was conducting her research, Dr. Erin saw that something else was missing from her practice. Her patients were getting better, but they were not attaining the full health benefits she wished for them. She realized that she was only focusing on one of the three systems that control the body – she was treating the nervous system, while ignoring the endocrine and immune systems.

As a result, she started researching endocrinology and obtained a Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition and Diplomate from the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition.

Further study of the endocrine system revealed how intimately the nervous system is tied to all of the body systems, so she returned to school and earned her Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology, enabling her to effectively identify and support all three major systems of the human body.

While studying endocrinology, she also studied women’s health, and learned about hormones and identifying hormone-related disorders. This opened another avenue to help women in need.




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