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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of specialized care for problems of the foot and ankle. W

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Check out our new blog post on bunions

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com Bunions or referred to by physicians hallux abducto valgus (HAV) is a common foot deformity. Patients with this condition complain of pain around their big toe when wearing certain shoes, especially snug fitting shoes, or during physical activities, such as walking or running

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Could 'Toning Shoes' Hurt Instead of Help?

abcnews.go.com Skecher's Shape-ups have a distinctive round sole. They are marketed as toning shoes, the fastest growing segment of the athletic shoe market. Toning shoes are meant to help you get in shape as you walk or work. But at least one person says rather than helping them, the shoes hurt them.

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If The Shoe Hurts, There May Be A Remedy : NPR

Some really good advice on shoes

npr.org Foot pain affects more than a third of American adults -- particularly women. And conditions that exacerbate it can worsen with age. But ending foot pain can be as easy as buying different shoes or wearing plastic inserts called orthotics.


The Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy

Read our latest post on peripheral neuropathy.

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com Peripheral neuropathy is a painful disorder that is a nerve condition and can result in pain, loss of sensation, and potentially an inability to control muscles. Peripheral neuropathy may be present in the arms, hands, legs and feet, but neuropathy normally starts first in the feet.

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Finding the Right Back-to-School Shoes

Preparing for a new school year means back-to-school shopping for the usual supplies, clothes and shoes. Shoes should be one of the most important items on any back-to-school shopping list.

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com While many youngsters many want to find the latest and greatest or coolest shoes, parents should consider some important factors on shopping for the right shoes.

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Is dry skin a problem? Check out our blog post and solve all problems with dry skin.

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com While dry skin is viewed as mostly bothersome and unattractive, chronic dry skin can lead to fissures and painful infections. Dry skin is caused by a variety of factors However, simple changes in lifestyle can solve most dry skin problems

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..: Fungal nail infection

Many people suffer from discolored and distorted toenails. While all too common, there are many causes behind the changes to toenails; fungal or chronic bacteria infections, eczema, psoriasis, and even trauma to the toenail cause distortion of the nail.

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com Fungal infections are the most common cause of yellowed, thickened and/or deformed toenails and can affect one to all toenails, but cannot spread in the body via the blood stream.

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Diabetics have to keep a close eye on their feet :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Lifestyles

An article in yesterday's Chicago Sun-Times highlights why it's important to pay attention to your feet.

suntimes.com Diabetics have to keep a close eye on their feet Amputation much more common for them -- but it can be prevented - CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

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A revolutionary sneaker, or overhyped gimmick? - USATODAY.com

A revolutionary sneaker, or overhyped gimmick?

usatoday.com They are, advertisements say, a game-changer in athletic footwear: sneakers that are supposed to tone muscles, promote healthy weight loss and improve the posture of those who walk, work or shop in them.

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High Heels, Flip Flops, And Ballet Flats Are Apparently No-Nos For Pregnant Women - Parenting on Shi

Women who are pregnant should carefully examine their shoes

shine.yahoo.com Good news for fellow Glamour bloggers Joanna and Kim, who both recently gave birth to beautiful babies--you can get back in your stilettos! But Petra, who's just days away from delivering, will have to wait it out a little while longer, according…

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The right kind of flip-flops to wear this summer - Fashion + Beauty on Shine

Use caution this summer when choosing your footwear.

shine.yahoo.com Dr. Rock Positano, director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, confirms Shroyer's findings. "With no real solid support underneath the foot, it loses its shock-absorbing capabilities. The lower leg, shin, knee, hip, and back are overworking." Dr. Jacqueli...

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..: Principles of Good Running Shoes

Read our new blog post on the principles that make up a good running shoe.

oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com Runners often pick running shoes based on the shoe brand. This may work sometimes, but good shoes should be chosen based on its structural elements and how it functions. Running is a high- impact activity that can be hard on a person’s joints and overall body, so finding the right shoe for running i...

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Minnesota Vikings' Brett Favre has surgery on injured left ankle - ESPN

Check out the blog post on ankle injuries:http://oakcliffpodiatrycentre.blogspot.com/

sports.espn.go.com Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, adhering to a timetable that would allow him to report to training camp, underwent arthroscopic surgery on his injured left ankle Friday morning.





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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of specialized care for problems of the foot and ankle. W

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