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The Minimally Invasive Reproductive Surgery Institute brings together highly skilled, board-certified specialists who are focused on women's health.

At MIRI Women’s Health, our highly trained and specialized doctors and staff offer you better solutions. Our approach to gynecologic surgery, including hysterectomy, begins with the MIRI Patient Experience, which includes personalized plans from consultation to follow-up care. With our latest and advanced minimally invasive techniques alongside an added touch of care and sensitivity, you truly hav

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parentherald.com 05/04/2016

7 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer To Help With Early Treatment

Wellness Wednesday

If you're suffering from any of the signs indicated in this article, call us: 844.243.9010.

parentherald.com A few warning signs of cervical cancer include vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, leg pain and changes in urination.

medicaldaily.com 04/30/2016

What Is A Vaginal Detox, And Should You Get It?

Could this detox help ease your menstrual cramps?

medicaldaily.com A vaginal detox, a popular new down-under treatment trend, claims to provide health benefits to women by regulating menstrual cycles and boosting fertility, but does it really work?

bustle.com 04/29/2016

7 Signs You Might Have Uterine Fibroids

If you're suffering from any of these signs in this article, call us. We can discuss your symptoms and create a plan with you. 844.243.9010

bustle.com Uterine fibroids sound either disgusting or dangerous, depending on your perspective on "things that grow on your uterus without asking". The good news, however, is that they're generally viewed as less...

medicaldaily.com 04/28/2016

A Sedentary Lifestyle May Make Menopause More Miserable

New research has found sleeping all day or being slumped in front of the TV, not only can lead to health problems such as, depression but also affect menopause. If you're concerned, we can help you. Call us today: 844.243.9010.

medicaldaily.com New research shows that menopausal women who exercised were less likely to experience severe symptoms of hot flashes, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

womenshealthmag.com 04/27/2016

This Woman Had Her Period for 5 Years Straight

Another story of a woman who was too embarrassed to talk about her unusual condition. If you're experiencing something unusual or out the ordinary, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Our specialists are here to listen and help. Call us: 844.243.9010.


womenshealthmag.com “I knew it wasn’t quite right, but I was embarrassed to talk about it."

sciencedaily.com 04/26/2016

New soft material could reduce complications for women suffering from urinary incontinence:...

Science Daily recently made the announcement, "New soft material could reduce complications for women suffering from urinary incontinence." http://nobilis.io/1T1F3x5

sciencedaily.com Researchers have developed a novel implantable material which could reduce the number of debilitating side-effects that occur as a result of using a material that is too rigid for surgical treatment of incontinence.

miriwomen.com 04/25/2016

Menopause at Work - MIRI

Today there's a higher percentage of the older generation at work, compared to 2 decades ago. This means women are simply having to deal with menopause at work. Our blog explains more on this topic, including a statement released by The European Menopause and Andropause Society.

miriwomen.com Some women say the new EMAS recommendations are offensive because women can cope with menopause at work just as they have coped with other changes.

refinery29.com 04/23/2016

Here's What You Need To Know About Ovarian Cysts

Miri Women can help you through your journey, if you're suffering from ovarian cysts or another condition you're concerned about. Call us: 844.243.9010

refinery29.com After having to take time off from Girls publicity due to a continuing battle with endometriosis last month, Lena Dunham was hospitalized over the weekend to treat a ruptured ovarian cyst. Any woman who...

miriwomen.com 04/22/2016

Staying Calm the Night Before Surgery - MIRI

Getting surgery can be nerve wracking, which is 100% normal. However, getting some good rest the night before is essential. Our blog has some great tips on "staying calm the night before surgery."

We are more than happy to address your concerns, if you have further questions. Call us at: 844.243.9010.

miriwomen.com If you’ve been living in pain for years and finally made the big decision to seek treatment, you may need some help staying calm the night before surgery.

lawyersandsettlements.com 04/21/2016

NJ Court Affirms $11.4 Million Award in Johnson & Johnson Vaginal Mesh Suit

"Gross continued to suffer complications even after multiple surgeries for the mesh. She was unable to have an intimate relationship with her husband, lost her job as a nurse, and suffers from severe depression and anxiety."

lawyersandsettlements.com A New Jersey appeals court affirmed an $11 million damages award to a woman who claimed a defective vaginal mesh product produced by Johnson & Johnson caused unbearable nerve pain.

mayoclinic.org 04/20/2016

Kegel exercises: A how-to guide for women - Mayo Clinic

Kegel exercises could help prevent urinary incontinence. The Mayo Clinic has provided a great, quick guide on why these exercises matter, and how to do them.

If you have tried this, among other things but still suffering, we can help you. Call us: 844.243.9010

mayoclinic.org Kegel exercises — Follow this how-to guide for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

refinery29.com 04/19/2016

The Harmful Period Myth We Need To Stop Believing

This condition has been in the media a lot recently. Find out more about the period myth you must stop believing.

refinery29.com Lena Dunham cancelled her press tour because of it. Padma Lakshmi wrote about it in her now best-selling autobiography. Halsey tweets prolifically about her struggles with it. Recently, women with endometriosis,...

meddeviceonline.com 04/18/2016

FDA Approves First-Of-Its-Kind Container Bag For Certain Power Morcellator Procedures

The FDA has announced the 'first-of-its-kind tissue container bag, to isolate uterine tissue that is not suspected to be cancerous.'

meddeviceonline.com The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved through the de novo classification process PneumoLiner, a first-of-its-kind tissue container ...

miriwomen.com 04/16/2016

Women's Health Tips - MIRI

We want to provide the best possible care, the care you deserve! Take note of our tips, and if you would like to talk further, call us: 844.243.9010.http://nobilis.io/1UIJsuH

miriwomen.com MIRI Women's Health brings together highly skilled, innovative OB/GYNs who are focused on women’s health issues and emotional well-being.

empowher.com 04/15/2016

How Ethnicity and Culture Affect Menopause

How does ethnicity affect menopause? http://nobilis.io/1SALFCf

empowher.com Perhaps you’ve heard about how Japanese-American women have been dealt some lucky cards at the menopause table, suffering the fewest hot flashes of any ethnicity.

miriwomen.com 04/14/2016

We Can Help You - MIRI

If you aren't sure what conditions we treat here at Miri Women's Health, here's a little reminder. If you notice something familiar, call us: 844.243.9010. http://nobilis.io/1SALjLX

miriwomen.com While we specialize in minimally invasive hysterectomy surgery, our advanced techniques treat everything from abnormal bleeding to fibroids.

foxnews.com 04/13/2016

5 natural, non-hormonal solutions for menopause symptoms

Wellness Wednesday

Check out these natural remedies to help with your menopausal symptoms! http://nobilis.io/1MSCGzT

foxnews.com Between those dreaded hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and hours spent tossing and turning at night, menopause is downright miserable.

miriwomen.com 04/12/2016

Are Soy Formula and Fibroids Connected? - MIRI

Are soy formula and fibroids connected? Find out in our blog this week. http://nobilis.io/1TCiKCB

miriwomen.com Some women who follow a fibroid diet choose to avoid foods with soy. tSo does this mean that soy formula and fibroids are connected?


Motivational Monday

At Miri we understand how scary it can be taking the first steps, at understanding your symptoms. You're not alone. We recognize you as a whole person – an individual woman with distinctive goals – not just a diagnosis or a chart. Call us today and let's start this journey together. 844.243.9010

kentucky.com 04/09/2016

Prevention of pelvic organ prolapse starts with a healthy lifestyle

Here we find 5 tips on preventing pelvic organ prolapse. Take a look! http://nobilis.io/1RAkk3f
Are you suffering from this condition, and not sure what to do? At Miri, we can help you. Call us today: 844.243.9010.

kentucky.com Women who have experienced the discomfort, inconvenience and embarrassment of pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence want to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

huffingtonpost.com 04/08/2016

Should You Worry About Spotting Between Periods?

Irregular periods or spotting between your period, may be nothing to worry about, or indicate a more serious condition. It depends at what stage you are at...Find out more in this interesting article.

If you are worried, call us: 844.243.9010.

huffingtonpost.com Get the facts about why spotting happens, and what you should do about it.

today.com 04/07/2016

Can fibroids hurt your pregnancy?

How much do you know about pregnancy and fibroids? Did you know fibroids are pretty common, with 70% of women suffering from them? Call us with your questions, we're here to help: 844.243.9010

today.com Most women have fibroids with no symptoms. But what are the risks when you're pregnant?


Hormones after hysterectomy?

Do you wonder whether you have to be placed on hormones after a hysterectomy?

Dr. Amit Patel talks about why hormones are not always necessary after a hysterectomy. Dr. Patel allows Miri to now offer urologic as well as gynecologic tre...

huffingtonpost.com 04/05/2016

10 Ways Stress May Be Negatively Affecting Your Health

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Stress can result in many serious health conditions, especially in women. Did you know high stress levels can cause irregular periods and decreased fertility?

huffingtonpost.com Although much has been made of the different ways that men and women respond to stress (


Motivational Monday

Our team at Miri is growing. With two new physicians, you now have even more options at Miri. No woman should live in pain. We are here to help you through your journey. Call us today: 844.243.9010

care2.com 04/02/2016

Pelvic Pain And Endometriosis: Why Women Need To Talk About It | Care2 Healthy Living

At Miri Women, you have a safe, comfortable and understanding environment where you can talk about your concerns. Call us: 844.243.9010

care2.com Chronic pelvic pain, such as endometriosis and adenomyosis, affects around 24 percent of women, but many of us suffer in silence rather than seeking help. This


Timeline Photos

miriwomen.com 03/31/2016

Blog - MIRI

New Doctor Alert!

Miri Women's Health are happy to introduce our 2 newest physicians: Dr. Tom Waliser and Dr. Deborah Wilson! Take a look at how Dr. Waliser and Dr. Wilson can help you begin your journey to wellness.

miriwomen.com If you have fibroids, you may have concerns about how to treat the pain and bleeding that comes with fibroids without losing your ability to have a baby. Dr. Tom Waliser is a board certified gynecological...

miriwomen.com 03/30/2016

Our Doctors - MIRI

It's National Doctor's Day!

We appreciate all of our physicians and the exceptional care they provide for all of our patients!

miriwomen.com Many women find that finally receiving a diagnosis for their pain and symptoms is a huge relief – but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel uncertain about how to proceed after you receive a diagnosis...

migrainetrust.org 03/29/2016

Me********on - The Migraine Trust

"Around 50% of women with migraine say their menstrual cycle directly affects their migraine."
Is your menstrual cycle offsetting other health conditions? Call us: 844.243.9010

migrainetrust.org Can me********on affect migraine? Many women find that their menstrual cycle has an impact on their migraine


Preventing Prolapse & Incontinence

Motivational Monday

At Miri Health we treat a variety of conditions. If you are worried about prolapse, take a look at our video on Preventing Prolapse & Incontinence.

Now you have options and solutions! Call us today: 844-593-6474

Dr. Amit Patel addresses the complexities of preventing prolapse and incontinence.

pharmacytimes.com 03/26/2016

3 Reproductive Health Medications Affected by Women's Weight

Did you know there are some reproductive medications which are affected by a women's weight? It was found women who are overweight or obese, did not benefit as much from these medications, as others.

pharmacytimes.com Overweight or obese women may experience unique difficulties with their reproductive health medications.

huffingtonpost.com 03/25/2016

10 Celebs Open Up About Their Struggles With Endometriosis

Famous Friday

It's more common than you think, even among famous women!

huffingtonpost.com It's crucial to keep talking about it.

health.clevelandclinic.org 03/24/2016

What to Do If Your Overactive Bladder Medication Isn't Working - Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

On Tuesday we posted about the difference between an overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. Today, we have an interesting article on what to do if your medication for an overactive bladder stops working.

health.clevelandclinic.org If your overactive bladder medication isn’t working, don’t give up. Find out what other treatments you can explore.


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