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Great article in San Antonio paper yesterday!
BLM apparently only after their born
trying to log in with password I was given. not letting me into zoom.
republican lawmakers have demanded the closure of their states' abortion clinics, calling abortions "non-essential" medical procedures. Under the Stimulus Package(s) parents are entitled to receive a stimulus check in the amount of $500 for each child. Since republican lawmakers argue that life starts at conception ALL PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD DEMAND THEIR $500+ for their unborn child(ren) from those ridiculous sidewinder lawmakers!
Hey there! I'm a person who sews and I've got supplies to make a bunch of emergency N95 masks. Do you guys need something like that?
‪Just saw this on FB from my local councilman. I am so confused on what the city is trying to pull here and scared. Any ideas?
FYI: the "tickets" link on your 11/9 "Cocktails for a Cause - After the Austin Dinner" event is broken, 404. At least, it was for me.
Do any Planned Parenthood locations have the capability of performing mammograms?
Can you private message me with the location of the 9/21 brunch? I rsvp'd, can't figure out where to find the location. I know it's a safety concern.
Hi y’all! I'm Lizz, co-creator of The Daily Show, and my group, Abortion Access Front, is coming to Austin and Houston! On 9/17 we’re so pumped to bring Do Re , an incredible evening of the most horrifying and hilariously s*xist songs performed by some of Austin’s favorite women to ever rock a mic! We’re also having a talk back featuring Austin’s Amy Hagstrom Miller from Whole Women’s Health and our friends from the Texas Freedom Network, who will tell you how to get active to support local clinics. Then, on 9/21 we’ll be in Houston with a night of standup comedy featuring me, Joyelle Johnson, and Mehran Khaghani and a talk back from local orgs in Houston. Along the way we’ll also be visiting clinics to make sure staff feels cared for and help with whatever they need.

We would truly appreciate if you could let people in your network know we're coming, they may enjoy the show! If interested, you can buy tickets here:

Hope to see you there!

Trusted source for healthcare, advocacy, and medically-accurate s*x education in central, east, nort

Operating as usual

Photos from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas's post 02/02/2023

Because of systemic racism in healthcare, getting s*xual and reproductive services is a social justice issue in Black communities. Planned Parenthood is proud to work alongside Black leaders to create a more equitable future.

Debido a la discriminación racial sistémica en el Sistema de salud, el acceso a la atención de la salud s*xual y reproductive es un problema de justicia social en las comunidades negras. Estamos comprometidos a ayudar a desmantelar estructuras y barreras injustas, creadas por el racismo institucional, para crear un future más equitativo.


Polycystic O***y Syndrom (PCOS) can cause changes in your body’s ability to release an egg (ovulate) and can lead to irregular periods, ovarian cysts, trouble getting pregnant, and more. While there’s no special test for PCOS, a doctor or nurse (like staff at Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas) can help you get answers. You don’t have to go through this alone 💖

To schedule an appointment, visit

For more info on PCOS, visit the link in our bio


We have some great news to share with our border community!

El Paso City Council APPROVED a resolution that protects pregnant people by deprioritizing the investigation of any pregnant person seeking or receiving abortion care. Representatives Annello, Ca**les, Fierro, Hernandez, Kennedy, Rivera, and Salcido voted in favor of the resolution!

To help reassure our local leaders that the majority of El Pasoans support access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare, thank your commissioners and council members for their leadership!

To thank your commissioners:

To thank your city council members:


Dangerous weather conditions are continuing across Texas and we anticipate continued impact on health center appointments. Telehealth services will remain available. Stay safe and keep warm!


Amplify Austin Day - Austin Monthly - Ling Zhu

Amplify Austin is just around the corner and we are THRILLED to see our outstanding volunteer, Ling Zhu, highlighted for his dedication and service to our community! Thank you I Live Here I Give Here!!


Even though is coming to a close, it’s important to remember year-around how important it is to schedule a pap smear! Visit:

Some important reminders:

1️⃣ Pap smears catch cervical cancer when it matters most
2️⃣ You’ve got nothing to be afraid of
3️⃣ It’s quick!
4️⃣ For most folks, regular pap smears are only once every three years
5️⃣ Planned Parenthood is your trusted source of cervical health

Art credit: ebrulillustrates


Dangerous weather conditions are likely to disrupt health center appointments this week. Please be sure to check with your local Planned Parenthood health center before heading out to your appointment. Our staff are working to reschedule appointments as needed. Telehealth services will remain available. Be safe and stay warm!


Tag your feisty feminist friends! 💖📣

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Repro Healthcare is a Human Right👏🏼
Repro Healthcare is a Human Right 👏🏽
Repro Healthcare is a Human Right 👏🏿
Repro Healthcare is a Human Right 👏🏻

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ICYMI – El Paso County passed a resolution recognizing Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas for our work to provide healthcare for patients in the border region and Texas, especially to those whose ability to access healthcare has been limited or restricted.

Thank you Commissioner Iliana Holguin Pct. 3, Commissioner David Stout Pct. 2 (author), and Elect Sergio Coronado for El Paso County Commissioner Precinct 4, pictured here with Ophra Leyser-Whalen, PHD, PPGT Board of Directors, Naoimi Fertmen, El Paso Community PPGT Board Chair, El Paso Health Center Manager Miranda Aguirre and El Paso Community Outreach Specialist Clementina Canava, for supporting our mission and the essential services we provide by proposing and passing the resolution. Not pictured is County Commissioner Carlos Leon, Pct. 1 who we also thank for voting in support of the resolution.


Access to care has never been more vital. Since Texas banned abortion last June, the consequences have been devastating. Texans are being forced to travel out of state for care – if they can afford it. Others are left on their own or face carrying pregnancies against their will. Planned Parenthood health center doors are open, and vital healthcare like birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, and other essential s*xual healthcare and education are here for Texans who need them.

Below are ways to get involved:

Join our access network:

Join us at an upcoming event:


*For teens: Apply for our Teen Advocacy Board:


Have you booked your cervical cancer screening appt? 👀 visit to get started!

Check out ways to keep your cervix healthy:

1️⃣ Get regular wellness exams that include HPV and/or Pap tests (your doc or nurse can help you figure out which tests make sense for you and when to get screened)

2️⃣ Get the HPV vaccine and encourage others to do the same

3️⃣ Use condoms or dental dams every time you have vaginal, a**l or oral s*x to reduce chances of spreading HPV

4️⃣ Consider not smoking - it increases your risk of cervical cancer if you have a high-risk type of HPV

Why I'm Letting Go of Roe v. Wade on What Would Be Its 50th Anniversary 01/20/2023

Why I'm Letting Go of Roe v. Wade on What Would Be Its 50th Anniversary

"As our reproductive justice partners would say, Roe was the floor, we need to get to the ceiling. We must continue to fight until access to safe and legal abortion is a reality for everyone, no exceptions."

Why I'm Letting Go of Roe v. Wade on What Would Be Its 50th Anniversary “As our reproductive justice partners would say, Roe was the floor, we need to get to the ceiling.”


📢Attention El Paso community!📢 Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is partnering with the Honorable Commissioner David Stout to hold a drive-thru Empowerment Kit distribution event tomorrow, Jan 21, from 2-4 p.m. at Ascarate Park in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We look forward to seeing you there! 💖

Free Empowerment Kits include: condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception


Alexis McGill Johnson - Male Services At Planned Parenthood


You deserve it all 💞⭐ 🌈 (and the ability to decide what to do with your own body)



We'll take a dozen please 😋 We 💖 our supporters and ! 📢



We totally get that shopping for condoms in store is a little embarrassing sometimes (especially when the cashier adds a little line during checkout 🤭)! BUT condoms are worth getting! Here’s some good info everyone should know!

1️⃣ Using condoms every time you have oral, a**l or vaginal s*x is the best way of reducing STIs
2️⃣ Condoms are the only type of birth control that can protect against STDs (even if you’re using another form of birth control, it’s a good idea to also use condoms to prevent s*xually transmitted infections)
3️⃣ Condoms made of lambskin or other animal membranes don’t protect against STDs, only pregnancy (only synthetic condoms prevent STDs)
4️⃣ Dental dams and internal condoms are other barrier methods that can increase protection

To learn more:


Our health centers will be closed January 16, in observance of .

is the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service. Celebrate the life and civil rights contributions of . by giving back to your community. Below are ways to get involved:

👪Talk with your children and loved ones: inform your family and loved ones on the importance of Martin Luther King Day of Service

❤️Serve the homeless: in Texas, there are an estimated 27,000 people who are homeless, and the poverty rate is 13.6%. Contact your local community service organizations and shelters and assist them in gathering necessities or organize your own group

🌱Community gardens: work with community leaders by planting a garden in your local area

♻️Community pick-ups: choose an area to pick up trash and recyclables

💄Cosmetic products: Collect unused makeup, perfume, haircare products, lotion, and other cosmetics for a center for women who encountered abuse or domestic violence

💕Children’s health: volunteer with your local health department to set up an immunization day or clinic to immunize kids against childhood diseases

🫶Show love to the elderly: bring smiles to the elderly by volunteering in retirement and veteran facilities

Grumet: Paxton seeks to crush Planned Parenthood's ability to provide nonabortion care 01/13/2023

Grumet: Paxton seeks to crush Planned Parenthood's ability to provide nonabortion care

“This case is a bare-knuckled attempt by Paxton to use the courts to financially crush a health care provider — even as our state ranks among the worst in the country for women trying to access quality, affordable care.”

Grumet: Paxton seeks to crush Planned Parenthood's ability to provide nonabortion care This case is a bare-knuckled attempt by Ken Paxton to use the courts to financially crush a health care provider — because it's Planned Parenthood.


"Planned parenthood is available for our wellness needs including breast exams, pelvic exams, annual exams, birth control, STI tests, HPV tests and Pap smears. Having resources to stay on top of our wellness is 🔑 Let’s normalize discussing our visits, scheduling them in advance, NOT waiting until something is wrong, and taking care of our reproductive health." - Cori Scherer 💖

To learn more about our services/ to book an appointment, visit


“Anybody else have a habit of putting off the appointments that should actually be at the top of your to-do list?

makes it easy for you to confidently schedule appointments and receive empathetic care from expert clinicians so that you can feel safe, confident, informed, and welcome.”

It’s time to prioritize your wellness & get the empathetic care we deserve. Visit for more info & take charge of your intimate health at , where most insurances and all people are welcome.” – Karis of 💖

We LOVE to hear how Karis makes WELLness a priority! Book an appointment with us/learn more about our services at

Photos from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas's post 01/06/2023

“Wellness and health is my top priority for caring for myself! If I am not healthy, how can I thrive? As a woman, wellness exams, pap smears, breast exams and more are a major priority! is a caring and safe space for us. All s*xual health questions and concerns are welcomed! There is the convenience of same day appointments and extended hours for those who need it!” – 💖 Beverly of ➡️ to read more!

At Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, there’s nothing we won’t do to help ensure your health and wellness. So, whether you have insurance or not, we are here to answer any questions you have about your s*xual or reproductive health.

Make an appointment today:



If you take such as Plan B One Step, Take Action, My Way, and you weigh more than 165 pounds, it won’t be as effective. Ella is another option for those who weigh 195 pounds and under.

Alternatives ➡️ no matter how much you weigh, certain IUDs work as emergency contraception if you get it within 5 days of unprotected s*x (it’s very effective!)

Access emergency contraception from the comfort of your home through our app, Planned Parenthood Direct, or set up an appointment with us at to discuss contraceptives with one of our trusted, empathetic clinicians!

🖼️ plannedparenthooddirect

Abortion bans don't take complex circumstances into account | Opinion 01/04/2023

Abortion bans don't take complex circumstances into account | Opinion

We are proud to share a powerful op-ed written by Helen Schafer, one of our former health educators from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. We highly encourage you to read and share!

"In this journey, I have shared deeply personal experiences with pregnant patients, whose stories have shaped my views on abortions. What I’ve found is every situation is so unique and personal; generalized laws limiting one’s ability to decide do a disservice to both individuals and society."

Abortion bans don't take complex circumstances into account | Opinion Generalized laws limiting one’s ability to decide whether to continue a pregnancy do a disservice to both individuals and society.

Margot Perot’s philanthropy provides nonprofit sustenance 01/03/2023

Margot Perot’s philanthropy provides nonprofit sustenance

ICYMI: last week the Dallas Morning News highlighted the incredible impact of Margot Perot's philanthropic giving and leadership in north Texas communities, including her support of Planned Parenthood.

Margot Perot’s philanthropy provides nonprofit sustenance In 1957, newlyweds Margot and Ross Perot moved to Dallas so that he could take a sales job with IBM. His bride, whom he met on a blind date when he was a...

Photos from Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas's post 01/03/2023

It’s !

Anyone with a cervix can get cervical cancer—but because systemic racism and discrimination create barriers to preventive care, Black women and Latinas are hit hardest. We’re here to give you education and resources to help you keep your cervix cancer free.

Cualquier persona con cuello uterino puede desarrollar cáncer de cuello uterino —pero debido a que el racismo sistémico crea barreras para el cuidado preventivo, las mujeres negras y latinas son las más afectadas. Estamos aquí para brindarte educación y recursos para ayudarte a mantener tu cuello uterino libre de cáncer.


New year, same message


Goodbye #2022 👋🏽 we understand this year was a challenging one for . We see you and we stand with you – always.

🖼️ ppaohio

Founded in 1935 in Dallas, Texas; Nationally in 1916 in Brooklyn, NY.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas provides healthcare and education services to more than 85,000 Texans each year in Austin, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Paris, Tyler, Waco, and surrounding communities.

For more than 80 years, Texans have trusted Planned Parenthood for affordable health care and birth control, accurate health information, and to advocate on behalf of women and families. We are proud to be here for the Texans who rely on us, no matter what.

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