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[10/30/20]   Did you know rhythm can be a pathway to access for relaxation and a deeper relationship with yourself? Check out my first video of a series I am starting on music and wellness! Feedback, suggestions and critiques are welcome as this is all new to me! Link in the comments!

sacredspacefrisco.com 10/04/2019

Empathy Ambassadors | sacredspace3

Looking for a few exceptional individuals who would like to be trained to conduct this program as part of a research study on developing empathy and compassion!

Multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, development program includes movement, music, drumming, theater games, trust building, TaKeTiNa, meditation, creative writing and more...!

Experience transformation in compassion and empathy, awakening of identity as community, development of social responsibility and commitment to social justice!

Teachers, artists, congregational and community leaders, anyone who wants to connect more deeply with others in a powerful force for societal evolution.

Follow link for more info:

sacredspacefrisco.com Michael Kenny’s signature Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training, developed in partnership with World Without Hate is a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, development program in which participants discover, or rediscover, and connect, reconnect, or expand how they live and interact in the worl...

[05/05/19]   I am current setting up a "special needs drum circle" and seeking parents of kids who would benefit from such a setting. This group will be open to ages 6-12. We will use the drum circle medium to address such issues as emotional awareness and self regulation, relaxation, social skills, impulse control, and success/confidence building. Please contact me if you are interested as we determine what would be the best location and time.

[06/01/18]   "In Greek tradition, music ranked equal in status to arithmetic, geometry and spherics (astronomy), which together comprised the quadrivium, the core curriculum of four disciplines that a learned person was expected to master."

reset.me 06/07/2017

Sound Healing: How Drumming Improves Mental And Physical Health - Reset.me



pbs.org 07/15/2016

Culture, not biology, decides the difference between music and noise

One man’s music really is another man’s noise, based on a new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

pbs.org A new study shows only cultures previously exposed to western music form opinions on consonance and dissonance, an element of music theory that establishes consonant chords as more aurally pleasing


Hurrian Hymn To Nikkal / No. 6 (1400 B.C.)

Some of the oldest known music!

http://sundriedtomatoes.bandcamp.com/ Interpretation of R. J. Dumbrill's transcription of "Hurrian Hymn No.6" The cuneiform tablets on which this hymn was wr...


An amazing day, the youth of today inspiring hope for the future! Thank you to Rais Bhuiyan for being a catalyst for change in the world!

It's an extremely busy and important day for World Without Hate in Dallas today. Our Empathy Ambassadors Program is being conducted by our incredible teaching artists, recorded by talented students from the University of North Texas, made possible by the numerous volunteer hours and tremendous dedication of our board members, brilliant teacher at J.Long Middle School and these giving, risk-taking, courageous and compassionate students!


Drum Talk TV

Wow! Let this be an inspiration!

Here's Ben Walsh as part of week's theme on Drum Talk TV is "Home Grown Week," May 15-21 in which we feature videos of "Home Grown" set-ups for drumming! Many of these are right from our own online community. To see what else has been posted for search #HomeGrownWeekDTTV Is this a workout you could get into?

See more fun, inspiring drumming videos from over 100 countries around the world at www.facebook.com/DrumTalkTV/videos


Modern Drummer Magazine

A great loss

Rest in peace Remo, thank you for all you've done for drummers and the drum industry.

eventbrite.com 04/22/2016

Ground the Body, Awaken the Mind, and Enlighten the Spirit

Please register and join us for this Free Introductory Session at MoveStudio on April 29, 7-9pm https://tktnmove.eventbrite.com
Register NOW - space is limited!

eventbrite.com "I want to thank you for giving us TaKeTiNa and tell you what an impact it has had - and is having - on me. Even though I am the same person, I am not the same at all. I feel so content. I feel like I am really living my life. It's a beautiful thing :) Thank you" Cyndi V Ta-Ke-Ti-Na: Life is Rhyt…


CC Young

TOMORROW! RSVP now and join us tomorrow at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden tomorrow morning at 9:30 for an amazing drum circle and interactive presentation on the health benefits of music therapy. Michael Kenny will demonstrate how everyone can have an experience and connection on the drum - even if you've never played. Complimentary with Arboretum $11 admission. RSVP: 469-828-3485

memorycareliving.com 04/11/2016

Music Therapy Benefits for Alzheimer’s | Memory Care Living

"Music therapists use pitch, rhythm, melody and lyrics in specific ways, with the explicit intent of affecting cognition or emotion in the person who is hearing them."


memorycareliving.com Music therapy improves behaviour in patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease, reducing agitation and irritability as well as eating difficulties and sleep problems.

[04/08/16]   Ta Ke Ti Na is a holistic group learning process and a profoundly new way of experiencing and understanding rhythm.

In Ta Ke Ti Na music, movement, communication,
neurological research and chaos theory are integrated to create a new process for learning and transformation.

Learning with the Ta Ke Ti Na process develops inner presence, creativity, musicality and opens an awareness of our individual patterns, which inhibit our lives and relationships.

Ta Ke Ti Na leads participants to their innate rhythmic knowledge and connects us to the forgotten power of rhythm in nature and within us.

As a deeply relaxing and meditative process, TaKeTiNa requires no musical experience and invites participants to go at their own pace.


Why Women Drum? Three good reasons

Why Women Drum? Three good reasons

Lisa Starr and Christine Stevens give THREE REASONS why women should drum. Empowerment, Connection to Earth and Heart and Sky and Sacred Sisterhood. Video sh...


CC Young

Never too old to DRUM! Drumming with residents at C.C. Young, Where the Spirit is Ageless every month!

Gorgeous day to be outside! Our residents were loving the weather and drum circle in The Point courtyard. Come join us for the next one!

greenmedinfo.com 03/25/2016

Group Drumming Better Than Prozac, Study Suggests

Be sure to take your medicine daily, people!~


greenmedinfo.com A powerful new study indicates that group drumming could provide a powerful anti-depressant and anti-anxiety alternative to psychiatric medications.

[03/25/16]   Effects of Group Drumming Interventions on Anxiety, Depression, Social Resilience and Inflammatory Immune Response among Mental Health Service Users

pri.org 03/15/2016

'Every time I hold a drum...I feel like happiness is going to kill me'


pri.org How do you learn an instrument you are not supposed to play? Listen to a 27-year old drummer from rural Kenya who found a way.


When The Drummers Were Women With Layne Redmond

March 8 was international women's day, and March is also Women’s History Month. Check out Layne Redmond’s When the Women Were Drummers. Mother Drum!


flickr.com 12/16/2015

7-Drummers at the Dallas Marathon

At Dallas White Rock Marathon with Erwin Cools


[11/16/15]   Sorry for the short notice, there will be no drum class this evening, November 16.

rhythm-gate.com 11/07/2015

Cornelia Jecklin Flatischler Rhythm-Gate

What is TaKeTiNa

"TaKeTiNa leads directly to the physical experience of the most basic rhythmic movements and building blocks that music is build on throughout the world. In TaKeTiNa, the body is the musical instrument. This makes the encounter with rhythm all more direct and intensive. Healing and musical learning take place within the same learning process."

rhythm-gate.com Rhythm as a gate for self exploring and healing

news.virginia.edu 10/16/2015

Study Suggests Learning Rhythm May Be Like Learning a Language

Learn the language of rhythm with the Rhythm Therapy Clinic!


news.virginia.edu Listen to the UVA Today Radio Show report on this story by Kate Colwell:

remo.com 10/15/2015

Remo - Health Rhythms - RDA

The Rhythm Therapy Clinic provides for your drumming needs! Certified HealthRhythms provider!

Christine Stevens says "Drumming is an aesthetic activity practiced throughout the ages that provides the kinesthetic stress release through physical activity while improving one’s mood and providing an avenue for creative expression. In this era of creative longing, more and more people have a desire to participate in music. "


sciencedaily.com 08/24/2015

Humans around the world dance to the same beat: Study reveals a common beat in global music

"In the West we can sometimes think of music as being about individuals expressing themselves or displaying their talent, but globally music tends to be more of social phenomena."

sciencedaily.com A new study has found that songs from around the world tend to share features, including a strong rhythm, that enable coordination in social situations and encourage group bonding.

privatelessons.com 08/14/2015

How Much the Brian Boost is With Drumming! | PRIVATELESSONS.com Articles

Fire up your neurons with rhythm!

privatelessons.com PRIVATE LESSONS - Since 1996 | By Alan Tauber - Music is one of the most demanding cognitive and neural challenges, requiring very accurate timing of multiple actions, precise interval control of pitch not involved in language, and multiple different ways of producing sound. Music Training and Neuro…

blog.advancedbrain.com 07/31/2015

Music does profound things to your brain | The Listening Program Blog

Feed your head only the best!


blog.advancedbrain.com Max Lugavere, TV host, media personality and filmmaker joined us in Utah this past weekend to speak about brain health and his documentary film BREAD HEAD at The Listening Program® Conference 2015.


Timeline Photos

theguardian.com 07/25/2015

Portuguese scientists discover why pendulum clocks swing together

“We could verify that the energy transfer is through a sound pulse,” said co-author Luis Melo, from Lisbon University’s physics department.


theguardian.com Pair of physicists bust a 350-year-old conundrum in a report that proposes a transfer of energy through a sound pulse causes clocks to synchronise

concerthotels.com 07/17/2015

Think Ringo had it easy?


concerthotels.com Test your drumming skills and challenge your friends to beat your score.


A nice tall Kenkeni to stand up to your Dundunba! This one is constructed of cedar staves and is slightly conical.
27.5" tall and 8" on one head and 10" on the other
The smaller head has a nice high tone, while the larger head has a deeper more resonant tone.





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