Margery Boucher, LPC-S Concierge Clinician

Margery Boucher, LPC-S Concierge Clinician



Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM
Bistro 31
87 Highland Park Village #200, Highland Park, Texas 7520
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Tks for the add Margery have a great evening😇❤️
Sobriety For Women is a blog specifc to women in sobriety and recovery orientated topics. Would love for you to share any suggestions with us!

I have almost 20 years of experience and the many different services I provide (concierge counseling packages, office and mobile counseling, speaking engagements, LPC supervision, and more).

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Margery Boucher, LPC-S Concierge Clinician 11/14/2017

No One Brings Dinner When Your Daughter Is An Addict Written by Larry M. Lake for 11/12/2017

10 Reasons American Teenagers Are More Anxious Than Ever We've created an environment that fosters anxiety rather than resilience. 11/08/2017

Dirty Dozen :: Dangerous Apps Used By Kids

This is a good read and certainly identifies some good apps for patents to watch out for on their teens phones!

If you want a comprehensive review of even more apps contact me to come speak on App Awareness: Navigating the World of Social Media! One mom shares the Dirty Dozen: dangerous apps kids may use on their phones. Find out the details about what these apps are really all about! 11/01/2017

4 Questions to Foster Your Authentic Self

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we actually are.”

Professionally and personally we have to take risks to be who we truly are at our core! Fear controls us too often. When we fear that we can't think and act as we truly are, we put parts of ourselves on hold. Here's how we can begin to let go of expectations and pressures and tend to our wants and needs with kindness. #wellbeing 10/31/2017

The Fragile Generation Bad policy and paranoid parenting are making kids too safe to succeed.


Concierge Counseling

I have had increasing interest in my concierge approach to counseling in the Dallas and Southlake area over the past year. I recently updated my website to more clearly explain this unique approach. However, due to therapeutically individualized nature of concierge counseling it is a challenge to be too specific. Please contact me with any questions! I offer concierge counseling services; like having a counselor on retainer! Services are designed specifically with your needs in mind. 09/22/2017

15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently from Other Types of Women Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said that “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” and those words have been printed on paper and typed onto the internet millions of time ever since. Although it’s easy to take the phrase to mean mostly whatever you want, in truth, these words are meant to celebrate wom 09/21/2017

Enough Fentanyl to Kill 32 Million People Seized in NYC Bust

It's so sad that this amount of drugs doesn't even scratch the surface of what's out there... but glad this is gone! Authorities confiscated nearly 195 pounds of fentanyl in a pair of busts that prosecutors said included one sting that netted 32 million lethal doses of the drug, an opioid 50 times stronger than he**in. 09/09/2017

50 Questions To Ask Your Kids Instead Of Asking “How Was Your Day”

Kids don't always know how to answer vague and open questions. Though it is good to continue to ask open-ended questions sometimes it is good to make them a bit more specific as well. This is a great list of specific questions you can ask to facilitate a discussion with your children. Now that we have a new baby in our home, time with my oldest girls (ages 8 and 6) is even more difficult to find. Between constant nursing sessions and shuffling kids to and from activities, itR… 09/04/2017

If You Get the Chills From Music, You May Have a Unique Brain - Neuroscience News

I have always loved how music can have such an intense effect on my emotions! It is so cool when science can come along and make the intangible, tangible. Researchers report on why some people experience more intense emotions while listening to music.


Arise Recovery Centers

Thank you NBC DFW for noticing what we are doing at Arise Recovery Centers. The chains of addiction are being broken. Lives are being transformed. Relationships are being redeemed. Marriages are being restored. This is all happening now at Arise. #AriseRecoveryCenters #InTheNews #Southlake 08/15/2017

What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You” – Brain Articles

Interesting and good read... What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You” July 18, 2017 WriteGirl LOVE Comments Off on What It Means When a Narcissist Says “I Love You” Dear Codependent Partner, What I’m about to say is not something I’d ever say or admit (to you), because to do so would end the winner-takes-all-game that…

07/22/2017 #dvd via 06/23/2017

Forgetting Things Could Actually Be Making You Smarter

I Love it when I find articles and research that totally make me feel better about my shortcomings haha (I also reference the article about smart people being messy 😀🙌) New research suggests bouts of forgetfulness could be caused by a safety mechanism in the brain designed to make sure we're not overloaded with information. In other words, it's a healthy part of the brain's operation. 06/23/2017

20 ADD/ADHD Books and Documentaries You Should Read and Watch - Friendship Circle - Special Needs Blog

This has some great information and resources! Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Diagnosing ADHD can be tough and once a diagnosis is discovered, the next steps are crucial. For this reason we have compiled an eight part series on that...



There is a lot of truth in this! #mentalhealthawareness #stopthestigma

What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health?


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Margery Boucher, LPC-S Concierge Clinician 03/26/2017

Dallas Area Mental Health Professionals Meetup

We had a great turnout this month at the Dallas Area Mental Health networking group! We heard from TMS professionals, Fusion Academy Plano, Grace's Way recovery, several private practice clinicians and more! Please come join us this coming month on April 17th are 10am!

Check out this Meetup with Dallas Area Mental Health Professionals Meetup This is a casual way to network and get to know others in others in our field. We spend the first 30 min or so with introductions (talk about your practice, business, school, areas of specialty and so


Tomorrow, March 1st is National Self-injury Awareness Day. Please share the link below to help educate and open a discussion about NSSI!

For additional information about Self-injury or if you or someone you know needs support, please reach out! For practitioners I will be speaking on this subject at the h***h DFW Behavioral health symposium at the end of this month! 02/26/2017

Use Turmeric Before Ever Swallowing Another Ibuprofen Again

Great info! Turmeric is so beneficial...if you aren't already taking should! Turmeric has proven itself more to be more than just effective in cooking, but as a natural pain reliever as well! Turmeric has been proven recently in a study to beat ibuprofen for arthritis of the knee! An extremely exciting new clinical trial published recently in the Journal of Alternative...Mor... 02/24/2017

Adulting School Teaches Young Adults Grown-Up Skills

This is exactly why I'm starting my group for emerging adults on April 8th! There is such a need to teach skills and learn how to handle challenges of being an adult! Many young adults struggle with the transition to adulthood, finding it difficult to do things like manage their money and pay bills on time. This new school in Maine is here to help. 02/23/2017

North Texas Counseling | Holistic Health Assessment

In partnership with talented Holistic Health Coach, Ruthann Weedfall we will be offering a unique combined assessment to help you identify the ideal balance in your life. We will then work with you to provide a customized care plan for a more balanced life! Individual, couples, and family counseling practice serving Dallas. In-office and mobile counseling services offered, concierge service packages available. 02/17/2017

Margery Boucher (@margeryboucher_lpcs) • Instagram photos and videos

Make sure to follow me on Instagram! I post ideas, inspirational quotes, videos...and there are even some food pictures (because we know everyone likes those!)


Relationship Communication Tips and Tricks | North Texas Counseling

Who doesn't need some helpful tips on healthy communication? These are helpful for romantic relationships, friendships, work colleagues and family. None of us are born knowing how to communicate, we learn patterns through growing up in our family system. Therefore, if your family did not know how to communi...


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I love art and using non-verbal forms of self expression in my work with clients...I try to bring an eclectic and artistic feel to my office as well! 02/16/2017

Managing the Sunday Blues | North Texas Counseling

Regarding Sunday blues and dreading starting the week! Also some good info on managing anxiety and life in general. I can honestly say that I look more forward to Mondays now than I do Fridays. I love what I do and I love where I do it, it's pretty simple. However, the path g...

My Private Practice Office 02/16/2017

My Private Practice Office 02/16/2017

Dallas Area Mental Health Professionals Meetup

Hi all...I'm am very excited about next week's Meetup! Take a look...
Sign up and show up! Meet some other professionals in a casual setting. We will be meeting to simply connect on a personal professional level. We will take the first 30 min or so to introduce ourselves and then just hang out and have a chance to connect! I would ask that 01/24/2017

Dallas Area Mental Health Professionals Meetup

Hi's not too late to RSVP to the Meetup tomorrow!
It is very casual and you can come as go as you please. Good afternoon all! I know it has been a LONG time since we have gotten together but my hope is that Meetups can start again in the NEW YEAR!!! I would love to see some "old" faces again and 02/07/2013

Forum Calls For Mental Illness Education, School Screening And More Money Experts on mental illness did some myth-busting at last night’s public forum at the Dallas Performance Hall. The panelists were part of the discussion

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