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Invasive Pain Management, pain management, suboxone therapy for addiction, Cold Laser, aesthetic facial injections Invasive pain management physician for 25+ years, have in-office procedure room with C-arm, and anesthesia; Am board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain management, certified in suboxone therapy for opioid addiction, and recently certified for facial aesthetic injections.

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Matt Sloan MD, Pain Management updated their phone number. 04/10/2018

Matt Sloan MD, Pain Management updated their phone number.

Matt Sloan MD, Pain Management updated their phone number.


We are proud to announce that we accept the following insurers:
UHC Med Advantage
Humana Med Advantage
Humana Choice Care PPO
HealthSmart PPO/POS
HealthSmart Accel and GEPO
FirstHealth PPO
Coventry PPO
Blue Advantage HMO
Aetna Med Advantage

Call us today to find out if you're covered!


It has been a while since we've posted, but we're back! Check out our page regularly for updates!


Always good to have eyes Open!!

PROP- "Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing"-
is rearing its ugly head. They are trying with significant success*
to limit the maximum daily opioids to 100 mg oral morphine. That equals about 5 Norco10/24 hours! Not a lot.

*Workman's comp has adopted this hook, line and sinker!

While you still can, consider spinal cord stimulation. This is minimally invasive, and with one of these in you and functioning well, you can survive
these draconian medication limitations that they are making law.


Cancer patients: Oral mucositis is a Bad complication of radio and chemotherapy for head/neck and other kinds of cancer. Our Thor cold laser treats this very well. Give us a try.
Dr Sloan


Hey folks female and male pattern baldness is no fun. Our cold laser treats this as well. We are looking into purchasing helmets that are LED/near infrared laser to treat this. But can treat this right now with existing equipment. Hey, winter is coming-warm up your head-wear attractive hats, scarves, etc. When thosee hats come off this spring, you can have a lot more hair!


Have been doing more research on it, the laser can also naturally get rid of wrinkles, dark spots, and can help regrow hair. Pricing will be different for this than pain. Check us out. Saturday times possible for this.


Patients with weird arm, face, chest pain! I truly believe our laser can be effective against CRPS I(used to be called RSD) of arm, face, etc. Especially acute-less than 3 months. While the standard treatment for this is stellate ganglion blocks, read the possible complications of these-not benign! The cold laser does these painlessly, none of the injection complications, only the side effects of the block itself, and they may last 3 days! No injection can do that! You can come in, get 'em done 2x per week, and in hopefully 4-8 weeks be pain free-or at least a lot better.


Doctors! Running a special on your ailments-will evaluate and treat you with Laser for Frreee! Just see what it does. So far it has been particularly effective in treating osteoarthritis of knees, and neck pain. Give us a call and we'll make you an appointment.


Do you have Shingles? How about Post Herpetic Neuralgia[persistent horrible post-shingles pain]? Diabetic Neuropathy-often feet pain? Cold Laser can cure these!! Call and make an appointment.


We have a New treatment that could cure previously incurable diseases!
Do you have: Diabetic neuropathy,
Shingles (Herpes Zoster), or Post-Herpetic Neuralgia,
Nonhealing Ulcers or
mucositis-mouth sores caused by cancer chemo-/radiotherapy?
It’s called Cold Laser, it’s cost-effective, and pleasant.

The Laser will also painlessly treat headaches including migraine, occipital neuralgia, neck problem originated(cervicogenic), and with our other modalities, tension type.
"You cannot escape from headaches, they live where you do-let us help you get 'em better!”

Do you have Neck Pain? Working white collar Americans who sit at a desk all day are a setup for this. Laser is the most effective noninvasive treatment for neck pain-with duration of benefit for up to 22 months.

Knee osteoarthritis is responding well to our laser therapies. The pain gets better, and patients can walk better!


I recently found out that people couldn't find me by googling so simplified the name as above. We still offer aesthetic injections at low prices, done by me with nerve blocks which Markedly reduce the pain of filler injections!


Hey parents, teachers-school starts soon. We can help you with pain problems, you parents will have more time now that kids back schooling, Teachers, come see us before the insanity begins!

We can also help you look and feel younger with our facial aesthetic injections. Botox and Filler. Next date: Aug 23rd, righteous prices, call and schedule an appointment!!


Sorry folks-putting those injections off till Sat the 27th, we'll call it a birthday special-

(mine-on 29th)


Ola! Grand opening of Aesthetic facial injections to begin Sat July 20. Hours will be 9AM to 12PM to begin, Low prices-$10/U Botox, $400-450/syringe Juvederm UltraXC -...XC Plus respectively. Look younger, with safer, more comfortable injections!


Remember too that your vacation will be a heck of a lot better if you're not in pain the whole time. Come in get that back/shoulder/neck injected and enjoy your well-earned vacation more!!


Hey folks-very close to getting our facial injections going. In the interim, remember we take Medicare, and Mom/Dad will do better wi appropriate injections and medications. We do this better than anyone I know.


Great news folks-we are fully cleared to begin aesthestic facial injections. Have located a more effective and Safer method of anesthesia for lip and nasolabial fold filler injections; these are normally painful injections even with topical anesthesia-but hey that's why to come to Us!! Good results, alot less pain!


Winston Churchill once spoke to a group of young schoolchildren during the war and told them "NEVER, NEVER NEVER GIVE UP" and we'll not give up on you!!


No we do Not have EMR! So you can talk to me or my staff, and not the back of our collective heads while we peck on a computer! We actually physically examine our patients. Dinosauric? Maybe-hear me roar-or whatever noise Dinos made!!


We are now again accepting new Medicare patients. So will be happy to treat Grand-mom or -dad! I really believe that lack of pain control can be a big, but less obvious reason that some patients' dementia increases.

Our Team 03/25/2013

Our Team

State-of-the-art Equipment 03/25/2013

State-of-the-art Equipment


Hi folks! Welcome to my business page! While I am very familiar with the services we offer, this version of facebook is a whole new world! I'm confident it will change a lot.




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