HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation

HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation


I have. 3 yr old British Shorthair and use Instinctive Choice, lean steak and chicken as his diet to maintain a normal weight. What were you feeding Skinny?
🐶 Thanks so much for taking great care of our Emmy when she came to her appointments there. 🐾
I'm looking for a vet that embraces bot natural and gen medicine and is affordable for my rescue gang of 8. How much is your gen exam fee? And would it be possible to send me a price list of services and tests so I can review inc for acupuncture and treadmill therapy? [email protected] Thanks! BTW love your kitty page.
Are you guys having photos with Santa again this year?
This is my girl Kinny. She just watched Skinny on Animal Planet/My Cat from Hell with Jackson Galaxy. She wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS Skinny on your weight loss! Keep up the great work. We love you!❤️🐈🐾
Hello HEAL! What are your thoughts on CBD/hemp oil for dogs? For pain, anxiety, etc. I’m hearing so much about it these days from other dog owners.
Thank you, Dr. Gaines, for squeezing me in on a Friday after I hurt my back leg muscles Thursday night! Since I’m already a tripod, it’s a really big deal for me! Your super cool laser treatments really helped me a lot. Not quite standing without help yet, but I am trying hard and loving all the rides in the car!

❤️ Gigi
Whoop whoop HEAL Veterinary Hospital!! Congratulations!! Thank you for ALL that you do - we can’t imagine taking our crew anywhere else!!

Moe says, Thank you Dr. B. ♥️♥️ for the wonderful steroid shot, so expertly done I barely felt it!! I am getting around SO much better!!!! (Mom disturbed my nap to take pic!) 😘
Pepper’s photo turned out great...it was so nice meeting everyone and thanks for hosting this fabulous event!
Interested in getting your pets teeth cleaned anesthesia free. Animal Dental Care will be at Heal Veterinary Hospital on DECEMBER 1ST. Call Heal today to book your appointment.
It's only been 2 weeks and I can already see a change in Josey, and she loves the therapy

HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation
Offering Integrative and Rehabilitative veterinary car H---E----A----L. Not all veterinary hospitals are the same.

Our purpose is to support pet Health, encourage Enrichment, provide pet Advocacy, and to support pet Longevity. HEAL integrates traditional preventative medicine, sick pet care, behavior support, orthopedic evaluation, regenerative medicine, and healing support, along with multi-modal pain management strategies. We have a certified acupuncturist, an underwater treadmill, a land treadmill, cold las

Operating as usual


CLOSED again today, Thursday. We will be back on Friday! Please email with any concerns or send message on IG


HEAL will be closed again tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


HEAL will be closed today due to winter weather. We hope everyone stays home, warm, and well.


Find you someone that looks at you the way Wells looks at his treats 🦴. Dr. Gaines has enrolled Wells in a 4 week rehabilitation program targeting his CCL sprain and soft tissue injury.


🕺🏼SILLY TIMES AT HEAL!🕺🏼 Starting in the top left, we have: Dempsey, Andouille, Charlie, Honey, Maddy, Baboy, Bentley.


There are multiple infectious agents that can result in a significant cough and in some case, even pneumonia. One in particular is Canine Influenza and there have been a couple reported cases in our area. Please take some time to read up on Canine Influenza and how you can protect your pet and others.

At HEAL, we primarily treat senior and geriatric pets who a immunocompromised (have a weakened immune system) are more likely to get sick from a respiratory illness. We are now offering this vaccine if your pet is in a high-risk group and/or frequents areas with a high volume of dogs. Please talk with your doctor if you have any questions regarding this vaccine.

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 10/26/2022

🌸Flora, Flora, Flora…so much to say about this sweet girl! 🩺Dr. Barton has been seeing Flora for over a year managing her IBD. Earlier this month, we received a call that Flora injured her back and after a few visits to the ER, Flora scheduled a Physical Medicine Evaluation with 💪🏼. Dr. Barton determined Flora had T3-L3 myelopathy. After weekly neurological rechecks with us Flora was then able to move to twice weekly rehabilitation and acupuncture therapy🕺🏼. Hopefully soon Flora will be joining mom on daily runs again!

William (Bill) Bayles Funeral and Memorial, organized by Catharine Recht 10/07/2022

William (Bill) Bayles Funeral and Memorial, organized by Catharine Recht

Please send positive thoughts and up-lifting prayers for Dr. Barton’s family. Her dad, Bill, died on Sunday associated with severe complications during a routine surgery. She and her family are reeling from the loss.
There is a small fundraiser to help cover cremation and memorial costs for the family- see the link below.
His Celebration of Life memorial is scheduled for Saturday, 10/22.
If you would like details on location and time, please send a message to [email protected]


William (Bill) Bayles Funeral and Memorial, organized by Catharine Recht On Sunday, October 12, Bill Bayles passed away very unex… Catharine Recht needs your support for William (Bill) Bayles Funeral and Memorial


🍂Happy 1st day of Fall! 🍁

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 09/19/2022

FOUND! This puppy was found outside of our office today walking unattended with a collar on and leash attached. No microchip or identifying information. Age estimate is 12 weeks. If you recognize this puppy, please call our office.
If you are interested in adopting- please let us know!

[email protected]


Even the wildest of can relax during their massage and laser session! 💆‍♂️ Cosmo is following the rehab plan formed by Dr. Gaines🩺 to for a safe post-TPLO recovery 💪🏼

Timeline photos 08/18/2022

Exciting news! Our clinic is partnering with AnimalBiome Veterinary to bring advanced microbiome science into your pet’s health plan. We will be offering gut and oral health tests and supplements for cats and dogs to screen for microbiome imbalances that may be the cause of your pet’s health issue (e.g. diarrhea, itchy skin, bad breath, and gas) and provide you with a personalized health plan for your pet. Call us at (214) 329-9454 to schedule an appointment.

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 07/06/2022

Dempsey will ONLY walk in the underwater treadmill if he has this toy for “emotional support” 😂. Dr. Gaines has enrolled Dempsey in a weekly rehabilitation plan to 1️⃣ Stimulate nerve conduction via electroacupuncture, 2️⃣ Help strength right pelvic limb with hydrotherapy and limb bearing exercises, and 3️⃣ Stimulate peripheral nerve repair with therapeutic laser.


Leon having a PAWsome time on the trampoline! 🤸🏽‍♂️ We use an unstable surface such as a trampoline to work on joint approximation and rhythmic stabilization exercises. 💪🏼


Katie working with Sq**rt doing a variety of therapies targeted towards carpal arthritis and hip dysplasia. 💪🏼 In the photos, you’ll see Katie applying the TENS unit, using thermotherapy, and PEMF.


🙌🏼Welcome Lance, Chloe, and Scout to the HEAL family! 🙌🏼 Today was their first day in their custom rehabilitation program created by Dr. Gaines🩺. Each pet had an individual consultation with the doctor to dive in to their unique medical needs.


Happy Time at HEAL with some of our rehab kiddos! 🙂 Warm weather + warm hearts = best days EVER! Each pup in this photo has had a Physical Medicine Evaluation with either Dr. Barton or Dr. Gaines 🩺 to determine the best modalities for their conditions. 💪🏼


“Hi! My name is Cruz and I’m here for my check up with Dr. Barton!🩺”

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 02/23/2022

High Five for Happy! 🖐🏽 Dr. Barton has enrolled Happy into a custom canine rehabilitation therapy plan to focus on 1️⃣ Improving core strength and spinal flexibility, 2️⃣ Manage and reduce inflammation, and 3️⃣ Improve balance and left sided coordination. 💪🏼 5 more weeks to go! Let’s go, Happy!

Disabled bulldog pup who scuttles like 'sea turtle' finally learns to walk 02/22/2022

Disabled bulldog pup who scuttles like 'sea turtle' finally learns to walk

HEAL in the news. Little Angie has come a long way in a short time. Thank you to all of our past clients who have donated memorial rehabilitation therapy sessions. This is the kind of work your kindness allows us to do.


Disabled bulldog pup who scuttles like 'sea turtle' finally learns to walk Angie Diane has swimmer puppy syndrome, meaning she looks like a "sea turtle on land." But she is finally getting help after being surrendered to a rescue org.

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 01/25/2022

Meet Angie from ! ♥️ One of our rehab nurses, Lisa, is fostering this puppy due to her unique condition. Angie has Swimmer Syndrome or Flat Puppy Syndrome. Angie is unable to walk and only able to lie in sternal recumbence (on her belly). Both Dr. Barton and Dr. Gaines will be exploring this congenital abnormality and creating a custom rehab plan. 💪🏼 Angie will be coming to HEAL everyday for therapy so follow along to help support! 🎉


🦃GOBBLE GOBBLE 🦃 HEAL wishes you and your furry friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving! HEAL will be CLOSED Thursday and Friday this week to spend time with our loved ones. ‼️ In the event of an emergency, please contact Dallas Animal Emergency (214-520-2222) or Medvet (972-994-9110).‼️

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 11/12/2021

Lilibeth was born with an Angular Limb Deformity and recently had a surgical correction procedure. Thank you for trusting Dr. Gaines with her care and recovery!🤘🏼


🎉Meet Bailey!🎉 Dr. Gaines enrolled Bailey into our rehab program for a combination of therapeutic exercises. Therapy will help with pain and inflammation control, improve mobility, and increase strength with controlled exercise. 💪🏼 And yes, she is as soft as she looks! 🤗

2021 Best in DFW 08/30/2021

2021 Best in DFW

We have been working so hard on your sweet bubbies that we missed the notification that you have nominated us for Dallas Morning News Best in DFW! Thank you!

We are late to the game and only have 4 days to ask you to cast your votes. Please help us recognize our amazing staff as the Best in DFW!
Services—> Veterinarian


2021 Best in DFW Vote for your favorites once per day from August 9th through September 2nd!


Hot and sweaty (from the final exam practical at Equest today), but pleased as punch to announce, Dr. Barton AND Dr. Gaines are now certified in Animal Chiropractic. If you are interested in booking a Chiropractic assessment and adjustment for your pet, please send us an email at [email protected].


☀️🕶Summer Time at HEAL🕶☀️

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 06/29/2021

🎉 Welcome Scooby to HEAL! Scoobs has been enrolled in a twice weekly rehabilitation plan by Dr. Gaines. Our goals are to stimulate his nervous system, control the inflammation and pain, and improve his strength as much as possible for a senior kiddo. 💪🏼

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 06/24/2021

👋🏼Meet GG! This senior pug began her rehabilitation journey with DR. Barton in April to take a closer look into pelvic limb ataxia and weakness. Weekly rehabilitation and acupuncture is just what the doctor ordered!👩‍⚕️ GG’s therapies will be to focus on supporting neuro function and activation of pelvic limbs, supporting compensating muscles and thoracic limbs, and train to utilize a wheel cart. Go GG, Go! 🎉

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 06/03/2021

Miss Blue-Eyed Stoli began canine rehabilitation therapy last month to slow the progression of Degenerative Myleopathy. DM is a progressive disease that effects the spinal cord and their ability to walk. An individual tailored plan has been developed for Stoli to decrease muscle wasting and help relieve secondary pain caused by over compensation of other muscles.


What is the Logic Behind Not Exercising Puppies Until the Growth Plates are Closed?

This is a great article on exercise in puppies. The key is to invest in eliminating genetic factors, avoid overweight body condition, consistency and moderate impact.

What is the Logic Behind Not Exercising Puppies Until the Growth Plates are Closed? Over the years, many breeders, trainers, and owners have said that puppies should not be exercised until the growth plates are closed. I have been asked to radiograph 12-month-old dogs to make sure their growth plates are closed. Recently, a well-regarded colleague told me that he had an owner that....

Photos from HEAL Veterinary Hospital + Pet Rehabilitation's post 05/03/2021

Welcome Miss Izzy to HEAL!🎉 Izzy is an adorable that is now 3 weeks post-hemilaminectomy. Throughout her intensive rehabilitation therapy plan our focus is set on achieving independent ambulation. Go Izzy, go! 💪🏼


📷 It’s too hard to pick one doggie to feature so here are some cute faces from this week at HEAL! (Top left to bottom): Bella, Baxter, Piper, Walter, Haley, and Marshall! ❤️


🏃🏼Head on over to HEAL’s Instagram to give some love to the hard work our patients are doing in rehabilitation! 💪🏼 Keep it up, guys and gals! 🎉


🎉Welcome Brutus 🎉 Today marks Brutus’ second day of physical rehabilitative therapy at HEAL! 💪🏼 Brutus is a 12 year old that has been through the ringer with his health but has the best who is not giving up. 🤗 Our goals are to strengthen back limbs to regain full function and strength after losing motor function from a spinal blood clot. Brutus can now walk with minimal assistance! 🎉❤️


Fortie has been a patient of Dr. Barton’s since 2018!🎉 This 15yr old brings joy each time she visits HEAL for acupuncture and laser therapy for IVDD.


Due to the weather, we will be closing early today, Friday the 19th, at 4:30pm. Please let us know if you need to pick up medications.


❄️WEATHER PERMITTING❄️ As of right now, the hospital has power therefore we are going to resume the regular schedule beginning tomorrow, Thursday the 18th, at 8:30am to 5:30pm. We will be able to access our email and phone system to call all scheduled patients to reschedule the missed appointments from this week. We will be seeing the patients that are scheduled on Thursday already but please know to expect a call or email from our Client Service Representatives.


Day 3. We will be CLOSED again today. We are now getting short bursts of electricity. The phones may accept a message but we cannot access them yet. If we can get the server to come online, we we download a client list so we can start the process of rescheduling. Thank you for being patient with us.

Our Story

HEAL is a scientifically integrative veterinary facility with a passion for upholding and supporting our cornerstones of quality pet care- Health. Enrichment. Advocacy. Longevity. We offer high level care with a focus on integrating choice naturopathic therapies with proven scientific advances. Our commitment to Holistic care is focused on evaluating our patients as a WHOLE, which includes but is not limited to: nutrition, medical history and needs, home environment, mental enrichment, activity.

We offer:

1) Personalized pet medical care

2) Supplemental and Secondary support services for those who love their regular vet but are looking to add in another dimension of care- such as Rehabilitation, Mobility care, Acupuncture, Nutritional assistance, or Complex case management.

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