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Chiropractor, Jay Niaz and staff, at each of our 8 locations, are dedicated to addressing your individual chiropractic needs especially those from Accidents.

Dr. Jay Niaz is a chiropractor serving Dallas and the surrounding communities. Our chiropractor and the rest of the friendly team at Accident Centers of Texas and Oak Cliff are dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. You may need pain relief after sufferin

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CAR WRECK IN OAK CLIFF [ Accident Centers of Texas ]

Have you been injured in a CAR WRECK in Oak Cliff? Accident Centers of Texas can help you. Every year, millions of people suffer from some form of pain invol...


Accident Centers of Texas

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Accident Centers of Texas

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Accident Centers of Texas

When you go to purchase a new car nowadays, you may be very surprised at all the features available.

Technology has soared in the car industry and has completely changed the way cars operate.

While some of the features, like auto start and heated seats throughout the car are luxurious and nice to have, other options available make driving safer.

There are so many accidents that happen everyday due to a few seconds of distracted driving, or just human error.

And even after minor, yet costly accidents, people often say, “If I had just been paying more attention…”

You should always be attentive when driving, but when life happens, these safety options can make sure an accident doesn’t. #actnow #dfwaccidentpros


Accident Centers of Texas

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Accident Centers of Texas


This is our everyday steps we take to ensure your safety. #fightcovid #actnow 😷😷😷



This Might Be the Weirdest Car Crash Ever: Imagine yourself sitting in the waiting room at your dentist’s office. And then, a car crashes right into the office. The second story office, which, it should be noted, is on the second floor. According to reports, the driver may have been taking some kind of narcotic, which might explain the high speeds and impossibly bad driving skills. 😲😲😲#ACTNOW


Accident Centers of Texas

This is our AMAZING STAFF at our FRISCO location They are AWESOME 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️


Accident Centers of Texas

♥️baby “G”is in an oncology unit where he met young man “B” also a child cancer patient. Little “B” felt an immediate need to take care of Baby G who had many monitors and such 🔘 “B” asked his mom and the staff nurses if he could use the wagon from the playroom to help bring “G” to the dining room so they could eat together 🔘 The challenge was safely moving the monitors. ♥️ A plan was considered and using the wagon to aid in transportation and with the approval of the doctors and shift nurses they agreed to supervise the three times a day trips to have their meals together.


Accident Centers of Texas



Accident Centers of Texas

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Accident Centers of Texas

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Accident Centers of Texas

The Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes have reached agreement on a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million.


Accident Centers of Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott issues statewide order requiring face masks in counties with 20 or more COVID-19 cases

The move comes after weeks of surging daily COVID-19 cases and hospitalization in Texas.


Wear a Mask... 😷

What does a mask do? Blocks respiratory droplets coming from your mouth and throat.

Two simple demos:

First, I sneezed, sang, talked & coughed toward an agar culture plate with or without a mask. Bacteria colonies show where droplets landed. A mask blocks virtually all of them. -Rich Davis Phd



Starting Now! #besafe #actnow #dfwaccidentpros


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Animals Also Need Chiropractors (Sound On)



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Accident Centers of Texas

Don't TEXT & DRIVE (Please share) #actnow #accidentpros


On behalf of Accident Centers of Texas we would like to honor and thank all of the hard working Seniors graduates. 🙂🙂👏👏👏CONGRATULATIONS


Phase one of reopening Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic started TODAY with restaurants welcoming back dine-in customers.

While it’s a day so many North Texans have waited for, the response didn’t necessarily reflect that.

Restaurants are allowed to serve dine-in customers for the first time in more than a month, a lot of restaurants and customers reluctant to embrace this slow return to normal. Be safe on the road and remember to put on your seat belt. #dfwcarwreck #act


The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.


Welcome CeeDee Lamb 😁😁👏


This is one hard working and proud husband 😃😃😃#carwreck #act


Accident Centers of Texas

Texas Strong - Texas Tough #actnow #carwreck


This is a Walmart in Louisiana ready for Senior Citizens as soon as they walk in. ❤️❤️👏🏽😀


It’s Monday and during this time of wanting to break free we need something to smile about. 😂😂😂


During these difficult times, an accident is not the best thing to go through. You can rest assure that we will take every precaution to keep you safe. Have a great weekend and be safe and vigilant. #carwreck #safe


To all of the nurses, doctors, ambulance crews, health care support workers, shop workers and truck drivers, all essential workers, grocery store workers....Thank You 🙂🙌


Accident Centers of Texas continues to work diligently during the Coronavirus pandemic to support our members, both individually and as a profession. As essential workers in the health care system, chiropractic physicians are integral players whose continued functioning is critical to treat acute pain and other conditions, while decreasing the burden on hospitals.


From one essential worker to another...Thank You #essentialgroceryworkers 🙌


An important message from our President/CEO Dr Jay Niaz 🙂


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ON LOCATION / IRVING: Have you been injured? Are you in PAIN, but not enough to go to the hospital? We are doing our part in following the CDC guidelines so you can feel safe. Call us today (214)600-3221 We can HELP 🙂

Our Story

Dr Jay Niaz is the CEO of Accident Centers of Texas with 8 convenient locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area, it serves patients experiencing pain and suffering after auto accidents. Dr Niaz and his teams approach is pain-free, personalized treatments and excellent customer service, which makes them one the best auto injury clinics in Dallas Fort Worth.

At Accident Centers of Texas, we consider it a privilege to care for our patients and are committed to providing the most extraordinary and comprehensive auto injury care in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We are committed to earning your confidence and trust, to creating and sustaining a warm and supportive environment for your recovery, and to dealing with your health matters discreetly and professionally at all times.

Hurt in an auto accident? Are you having neck, back or other pain? Do not delay, get evaluated by Accident Centers of Texas today! The evaluation is pain-free and no-cost-to-you.

Auto accident injuries are often accompanied by legal issues. If you already have an attorney, we will work with them. If you do not yet have an attorney, we can easily refer you to a local professional.

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Accident Centers of Texas
It’s Monday and during this time of wanting to break free we need something to smile about. 😂😂😂
Accident Centers of Texas continues to work diligently during the Coronavirus pandemic to support our members, both indi...
An important message from our President/CEO Dr Jay Niaz 🙂
Come see us today 😀 #accidentcentersoftexas
The city is growing, and so are we.
Be careful out there 😆
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