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Operating as usual 05/05/2020

Be Your Child's Emotional Coach

Such a great read! Be Your Child's Emotional Coach


The Gottman Institute

3 steps to helping your kiddo fall in love with the outdoors!!!

How to raise an independent kid who loves the outdoors:



Sincere gratitude can make you happier healthier and now a better leader!!

How to make gratitude a key part of your leadership mojo.


The Gottman Institute

Great read about trauma and the body

Learn why the brain sometimes holds on to traumatic memories, and why most who experience traumatic events will have one or more of these responses to it. 02/19/2019

Depression and su***de are on the rise in teen girls. Here’s what parents need to know.

Please read up on teenage depression and su***de rates. Last week was National Su***de Prevention Week, a week dedicated to bringing awareness about su***de prevention and warning signs of su***de. We’ve never needed this more. Su***de rates, especially among female teens, are rising rapidly. According to this recent study, between 2010 and 2015, repor...


The Gottman Institute

Brene Brown speaks about traditional masculinity as being a straight jacket for men. It's time we allow men to feel and ty be vulnerable. #endthestigma #mentalhealthawareness #su***deprevention

The new guidelines from the American Psychological Association say that more than 40 years of research shows that “traditional masculinity” is psychologically damaging, and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions can harm mental health.


The Gottman Institute

It's crucial that adults start helping kids to engage in productive conflict, acknowledge and grow from mistakes, and develop emotional intelligence. 12/07/2018

We Need to Talk More About Mental Health at Work

i couldn't agree more!!! Let's talk about it! In the U.S. one in four adults struggle with it.


The Wall Street Journal

Good read on parenting teens

Teens who disclose their daily activities and inner feelings to a parent tend to have lower levels of anxiety and depression. 11/13/2018

Forgiveness Is an Inside Job - Mindful

Love this article! Holding on to hurt feelings limits your ability to be present. Move past resentment and anger by learning to forgive yourself first.


The Gottman Institute

Who are you being a hero for???

"Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." —Rita Pierson


Dr. Dan Siegel

Here's an excellent list of parenting books for all the moms and dads out there!!! Happy reading! #alwaysbelearning #findyourjoy

This is a great list! 08/05/2018

Why You Should Hug Your Kids When They Are Being Horrible.

This is great advice to all the parents out there... Connect before you redirect 😍😍😍 Why should you hug your kids when they are being horrible? Here's six reasons why.


Texas Eating Disorders Association

Texas’ 86th Legislative Session is right around the corner and it’s time to make progress for those who suffer from eating disorders.

Please join The Elisa Project and other passionate eating disorders advocates to make a difference for Texans affected by eating disorders. 06/15/2018

How to Help Someone with Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD)

PTSD Awareness month!!!
#Survovors When someone you care about is struggling with the effects of posttraumatic stress (PTSD), it's easy to feel helpless. Here's how to make a positive difference.

[06/05/18]   This symposium is being postponed due to a tragedy in the family of the CEO. I'll keep you posted but it will likely be rescheduled for a date in July. Thanks to all my friends and family that were planning to come show support!!! 05/25/2018

People with depression use language differently — here’s how to spot it

One more way to understand who's suffering from depression. Look for clues and ways to help! #StopMindingYourOwnBusiness #EndtheStigma According to new studies, many people suffering from depression have tendencies towards using words such as 'always' or 'nothing'. 01/17/2018

How Tech Experts Monitor Their Teens on Social Media

Do you think you know what your teens are doing online??? Take this quiz. How can parents keep up with smartphones? We asked tech executives how they manage their children’s social-media use. 12/18/2017

How to Be a Parent Your Child Wants to Talk To

Empathy earns connection and closeness with your loved ones especially your kiddos!!! This is a great read!!! Two habits that parents’ routinely engage in that shut down communication and drive a child away: negating feelings and mistaking sympathy for empathy.


Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County

If this isn't a conversation you're having with your kids... Start now, the earlier the better!!!

This is a great video, by a kid, to teach kids about giving consent and body autonomy. (big word for Your body is your own!)


The Gottman Institute

I always tell my parents to connect first. Emotion can only be met with emotional understanding then and only then directions and tasks can follow!!! #lovemore

Great story with lovely ideas for connecting with your family daily.

"But without a doubt, this 5-minute habit is the best thing we’ve done for our after school routine as a family.

And every night when my husband and I collapse on the couch, I no longer feel like I didn’t get enough time with the kids.

Instead, one of us will turn to the other with a big grin and say, “That was fun.”



Great read on what happens when we try to side step anger. The only way around emotion is straight through it. #therapywithlaine #livewell

Acknowledging what anger truly is (and is not) can help us learn to accept and deal with angry reactions in ways that may also decrease feelings of anxiety.




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