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Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID 03/14/2021

Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID

Excellent article which to my mind shows a very important nexus of insight of innovative medical thinking that parallels the holistic perspective of East Asian medicine.
Long Covid issues require a broad examination of various specialties but a combined and integrated viewpoint for individualized treatment. This process, as it is emerging in real time also brings in similar ideas and approaches of how to treat previously considered outlying conditions like EDS, dysautonomia, POTS, chronic fatigue, post Limes Dz.

From the East Asia medicine perspective, the Long Covid condition also brings in Warm Disease theory of lingering pathogens and the understanding that constitution, lifestyle and pathogenic factors all combine in chronic conditions. Such insults in a person's health history will accumulate with inappropriate or insufficient treatment.

An epidemic pathogen is different in it's transmission and effects on the capability of the individual. Seemingly young, strong and healthy can be severely effected. Initially or relatively mild cases can linger and become more complicated over time.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID A growing number of clinicians are on an urgent quest to find treatments for a frighteningly pervasive problem. They’ve had surprising early success. 11/30/2019

Longevity Linked to Proteins That Calm Overexcited Neurons | Quanta Magazine

Overexcited neuronal activity, over time seems to reduce regulation of general homeostasis. Aging is this process of dysregulation. We all know stress reduction and quality health through diet, exercise and emotional balance are important. In this age of overstimulation, extreme activity, uncertainty and popular culture/media feeding of appetites and emotions it's as important as ever to find ways to be calm, mindful and at peace with ourselves. New research makes a molecular connection between the brain and aging — and shows that overactive neurons can shorten life span.


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Views of my Harvest Hill office location 09/10/2017

Weight gain from early to middle adulthood may increase risk of major chronic diseases and mortality

Healthy aging, must be understood and enacted before age 55. Risk factors that disrupt health like hypertention and diabetes requires the abilities to manage stress and diet. Cancer risks from environmental exposure, as well as lifestyle choices of smoking, alcohol consumption or diet must also be recognized and minimized. The information is available, research confirms the concepts. An attitude of preventative care can be established at any age. The attitude of healthy aging is a good example of the Stephen Covey principle, "begin with the end in mind". For immediate release: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Boston, MA – Cumulative weight gain over the course of early and middle adulthood may increase health risks later in life, according to a new study led… 07/15/2017

Improving Diet Over Time May Reduce Risk of Death

We all know that a high quality diet contributes to good health. Good research to support this common understanding can take time to establish the evidence. Start now to (further) improve your diet before your health shows symptoms of problems. Three healthy diets shared common characteristics 07/13/2017

What is Alternative Medicine?

This is a helpful article with a simple overview of acupuncture and traditional chinese/oriental medicine and other alternative medicine practices. In the past 10+ years, many Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine (AOM) teaching colleges have emphasized an integrated medicine approach that includes a greater course load of standard western medicine perspective like pathology and pharmacology. The integrated approach especially includes courses on herb-drug interactions, safety, legal/ethical issues, as well as communications within the health care system.
My Masters of AOM degree was received from AOMA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine. While attending there,the name, AOMA (Academy of OM of Austin), was changed to add the emphasis. Recently, AOMA has become affiliated with Bastyr College of Seattle which was one of the first fully integrated teaching programs in the U.S. Over 30 percent of Americans use some form of non-conventional medicine, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.


Getting to the Point

Did you know that MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Mayo Clinic are the top 3 highest ranking cancer hospitals in the United States? You know what else they have in common? They all offer acupuncture on-site to their patients as part of their cancer treatment.

In fact, out of the Top 10 Highest Scoring hospitals specialising in cancer in the United States, 8 of these offer acupuncture to their patients. 11/05/2016

Mutational signatures associated with tobacco smoking in human cancer

We know that the toxins of smoking, inhaling ignited tobacco products suffused with multi-chemical additives, will damage tissues and accumulate in the body to eventually activate various cancers. Research studies also show that individual who stop smoking will significantly reduce their chances of developing cancers associated with smoking. However, this study indicates that DNA changes have occurred. Once altered, can DNA be healed/repaired or do those mutations persist? Are these type of mutations due to toxicities passed on to the next generation?
The accumulation of toxic exposures through ingestion of food, water, air and direct skin-contact certainly points to the cause of likely disease processes over a lifetime. Are complicated childhood illness and genetic syndromes, seemingly less rare in modern lifestyles, related to toxic exposure both immediate and acquired from parents?
Chinese medicine that treats the Divergent and the Eight Extraordinary channel systems is a way to understand and treat the accumulated toxins/pathogens of our health history. These systems hold pathogenic factors in relative latency as long as the vitality of the individual is maintained. Changing lifestyles, improving diet, using high-quality medicinal products derived from natural sources (not created through mechanical/chemical processing in a laboratory) have proven to heal complicated and life-threatening illnesses. Combining these life-style improvements with a direct form of treatment that can recognize the prognosis of disease in these complementary body systems can be healing as well as preventative.
Ideally, we all come to this understanding and make the necessary changes to reduce our toxic exposure and maintain strong vitality. Because our thoughts and emotions are also sources of harmful accumulation, these factors also impact our health. Using our will and choice it is possible to generate more beneficial and harmonious thoughts and emotions. The subtle imprints of the past, harmful or traumatizing memories, can also be treated with this form of Chinese medicine using the complementary channel systems. In these ways, changing lifestyle choices and CM treatments, the Mind-Body-Spirit can be maintained and improved. We have known for over 60 years that smoking tobacco is one of the most avoidable risk factors for cancer. Yet the detailed mechanisms by which tobacco smoke damages the genome and creates the mutations that ultimately cause cancer are still not fully understood. Alexandrov et al. examined mutationa... 10/05/2016

Gua Sha, a press-stroke treatment of the skin, boosts the immune response to intradermal vaccination. - PubMed - NCBI

We had all seen the press reports during the Rio Olympics whereby medical opinion about cupping was negative and dismissive in spite of athlete's positive comments. Gua sha is a close cousin of cupping, an East Asian "folk medicine". Acting on the skin surface, it has a visible effect on the blood, causing mild extravasation in the area in the same way the suctioning of cupping causes discoloration and reddening. According to this published study there is also an accompanying stimulation of immune activity with the discoloration. Chinese medicine and acupuncture continues to utilize gua sha and cupping as part of its therapeutic methods. The effectiveness of Chinese Medicine has been proven by centuries of experience. Eventually scientific research will knit together the facts of both the Eastern and Western medical perspectives and see that the earth actually revolves around the sun PeerJ. 2016 Sep 14;4:e2451. doi: 10.7717/peerj.2451. eCollection 2016. 05/24/2016

Too Many Advanced Cancer Patients Lack Info About Their Disease

In this study individuals had end stage cancer with an average 4 months to live. All individuals with such a prognosis and their families should head straight to hospice and complete end of life arrangements immediately. A sane course of action to face imminent death is truly humane. Fighting to the bitter end is costly and of little benefit to anyone involved. Physicians will have failed this type patient by not providing a timely and realistic assessment to allow the patient and their family sufficient time to prepare and adjust their perspective. Treatment at this stage, beyond reasonable, palliative care for pain and the complications of degeneration, is more harmful than the disease itself. First line physician's are, sadly, unprepared to make this judgement call, especially when the family is unprepared or poorly informed of outcomes to stop ineffective treatment. I read somewhere that the majority of patients entering hospice live less than 1 week. Become informed, allow your dying family member a welcomed death with compassion and dignity. In study, just 1 in 20 terminally ill people understood their prognosis, researchers say 01/29/2016

Study Finds 'Mortality Gap' Among Middle-Aged Whites

Education, employment and health care are essential for well being and a normal, life- expectancy. A Commonwealth Fund report says that stalled progress in fighting leading causes of death for this group is a bigger culprit than substance abuse and suicide for worse-than-expected rates. 10/18/2015

Julie Holland: Give women soothing, not medication

This psychiatrist's commentary makes very important points about the over-arching ploy and un-natural effects of pharmacological drugs on the whole of what we are taught to believe is health care. Manipulation of specific chemical pathways to provoke a certain physiological response an by isolated pharmaceutical compounds is true scientific genius, but it does not heal the body.
She also touches on the distressing response of individuals and women in particular to cultural stressors. It's disappointing that a physician who has the insights to see beyond the steel veil of her profession's worldview ends up with a primary advocacy of marijuana as the natural solution for the ills she outlines. A single, practical remedy for the emotional strain of modern living is nice, but isn't that one more prescription of avoidance?
The model I would advocate is classical chinese medicine. The herbal formulations, acupuncture, manual therapy methods and energetic exercise are the original mind-body medicine. Living a balanced life with the macro rhythms of the natural world, adjusting to external changes like seasons and stressors, and strengthening the internal physiology with a relatively clean diet of nutrients and medicines derived from soil and seas For real solutions, we have to look beyond the prescription medical model and toward a more holistic approach. 07/24/2015

Rats help scientists get closer to solving the mystery of acupuncture

Am sorry to agree that rats are an adequate research subject to prove the benefits of acupuncture in you the patient. Western medical science is proceeding at a snails pace to reach the acknowledgement of centuries of anecdotal evidence of efficacy for acupuncture . So if the ice-bathed rat's endocrine response can shed some light for the plodding scientists so be it.

Unfortunately when western medical science finally is able to demonstrate efficacy of acupuncture with its own mechanisms, the baby/body of Chinese medicine theory and principle will be thrown out with the bathwater of centuries old practices and methodologies. Western processes isn't capable to allow simultaneous paradigms. It's an either-or system. Whereas the Chinese medicine worldview is predicated on the yin yang understanding of shades, tones and ranges. Study finds that form of therapy which uses electric current blunted activity in rats’ hormonal pathway linked to stress, chronic pain and mood

[07/02/15]   An article on the use of an integrated medicine program to treat cancers. The German clinic including detoxification, hyperthermia and electrotherapies plus follow up immune building with herb and nutrition. In many cases chemotherapies are used at much reduced rates 06/16/2015

Chinese Doctors Poke Holes in Australian Study

medical scientific research has had various problems objectively evaluating acupuncture. There are significant pitfalls to evaluating a system of healthcare which, in essence, is a separate paradigm, by the methodologies of the other. Nevertheless, ethical and professional integrity must be maintained to evaluate the alternative system. Relying on medical physicians without formal, graduate level acupuncture training and clinical experience to administer treatment represents one of many problems the responding doctors noted. Author: Bill Reddy. Title: Chinese Doctors Poke Holes in Australian Study. Summary: A recent Australian clinical trial, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2014 by Rana Hinman, et el., evaluating the... 06/09/2015

Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications

It only makes sense that the brain and central nervous system has a lymphatic connection to distribute and remove interstitial fluid components. The blood flow to the brain and cerebral spinal fluid are one component of fluid exchange. Metabolic waste products must also be removed. The enteric brain now has a discernible connection to the cephalic brain. How could East Asian medicine recognize this cerebral-lymphatic link? The triple burner is already associated with the lymphatic system, especially within the communicating cavities of the chest and abdomen. Now we see how the 3 bony cavities (head, thorax, pelvis) are connected. In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. The discovery could have profound implications for diseases from autism to Alzheimer's to multiple sc… 06/07/2015

Auricular Acupuncture and Vagal Regulation Auricular acupuncture has been utilized in the treatment of diseases for thousands of years. Dr. Paul Nogier firstly originated the concept of an inverted fetus map on the external ear. In the present study, the relationship between the auricular acupuncture ... 06/07/2015

Can the Nervous System Be Hacked?

Acupuncture is a non-invasive way to directly effect the vagus nerve regulation. Please see additional studies regarding auricular acupuncture Welcome to the brave new world of bioelectronics: implants that can communicate directly with the nervous system in order to try to fight everything from cancer to the common cold.


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Auricular Acupuncture Weight Loss Found Effective [1218] | Acupuncture Continuing Education News... Learn how acupuncture weight loss programs help to reduce obesity.

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