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Rated Top Doctor by D Magazine. Matthew John Trovato, M.D. is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon currently providing patients with comprehensive surgical services at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, as well as serving as a clinical faculty member at Baylor University Medical Center.

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newbeauty.com 09/28/2015

Would You Do This to Erase Lip Lines? - Health + Wellness - Spa - DailyBeauty - The Beauty...

Laser of fillers?

newbeauty.com Would You Do This to Erase Lip Lines? By NewBeauty Editors | September 10, 2015 Pesky fine lines on your upper and lower lips, which tend to crop up in your 40s, can be a telltale sign of how old you really are. Whether they are the result of sun damage, smoking, aging or hereditary factors, these e…

medicaldaily.com 09/24/2015

Nobody Is Born Fat, But Thinking They Are Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A new study posits that people who believe they are destined to be fat tend to make poorer food choices:

medicaldaily.com If you think you were born fat, you probably don't eat healthy, exercise often, or have a healthy BMI, a new study shows.

time.com 09/22/2015

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?


time.com Drinking 16 ounces before meals leads to more weight loss, a new study shows

health.com 09/17/2015

10 Foods That Make You Look Younger


health.com Get younger-looking skin and hair by eating these anti-aging foods.

newbeauty.com 09/15/2015

How to Kick Those Sugar Cravings for Good


newbeauty.com Put down the chocolate and do this instead.

social.refinery29.com 09/15/2015

Why "No Pain, No Gain" Doesn't Apply To Your Skin-Care Routine


social.refinery29.com We live in a more is better culture. So if you’re piling on skin care at the same rate that Kim Kardashian goes through contouring cream, we don’t blame you. As long as what you’re using is benign, like gentle cleansers, hydrating masks, and lotions, go for it. This urge to amass goes awry

newbeauty.com 09/01/2015

Is This an Alarming New Trend in Plastic Surgery? - Thin Lips - Face - DailyBeauty - The Beauty...

Should Teenagers Get Plastic Surgery?

newbeauty.com Is This The Most Alarming New Trend in Plastic Surgery? Carolyn Hsu , Digital Managing Editor | August 27, 2015 Mommy makeovers, facelifts, tummy tucks—most plastic surgery procedures are touted as a way for a more mature audience to look younger and stand out from their peer group.But that’s not so…

newbeauty.com 07/17/2015

Before Plastic Surgery: What Needs to Get Checked

newbeauty.com These are non-negotiable.

newbeauty.com 07/15/2015

The Most Effective Way to Reverse Sun Damage

newbeauty.com The in-office treatment that works.

newbeauty.com 07/14/2015

What the New Sunscreen Regulations Means For You

If you in the sun this summer... Sunscreen is key!

newbeauty.com Sunscreen as we know it now may change

yahoo.com 07/13/2015

Why Eating More Vitamin C Can Help You Live Longer

yahoo.com itamin C has long been touted for its health-boosting benefits, but new research has found it goes one step further — it can help you live longer.

newbeauty.com 07/13/2015

Why Customized Skin Care is Worth It

newbeauty.com 'One-size-fits-all' skin care works for no one.

newbeauty.com 07/13/2015

Why Young Women Are Opting for Lip Injections

newbeauty.com And the kind of filler they're using.

newbeauty.com 07/09/2015

Can Fat Get Rid of Bra Strap Grooves?

newbeauty.com The filler fix for this beauty problem.

fashiontimes.com 07/07/2015

Post-Op Recovery: How Long To Wait Before Getting Active After Plastic Surgery

fashiontimes.com So you've recently gone under the knife, now what? Check out these quick healing tips for the top 3 procedures women most often get:

medicaldaily.com 07/06/2015

Plastic Surgeons From Different Countries Prefer Different Breast Shapes

medicaldaily.com In an international study, plastic surgeons from different countries had varying preferences for the ideal size and shape of breasts and size of areolas.

stylecaster.com 06/24/2015

10 Things People with Great Skin Always—and Never—Do

stylecaster.com An expert guide to getting flawless skin.

social.refinery29.com 06/22/2015

The Hollywood Dermatologists' Guide To Summer Skin Protection

social.refinery29.com If you want a good steak, you go to a steak house. Craving authentic pho? Only a Vietnamese restaurant will do. So when it comes to skin protection, who better to weigh in than the top derms practicing in the land of perpetual sun and surf? After all, the sun's out almost every day here, so

time.com 06/22/2015

Here's a Secret to Living Longer You May Not Like

time.com You have to cut those calories

newbeauty.com 06/19/2015

The Secret to Looking Great at 50

newbeauty.com There's no reason why your skin and smile can't be the best you've ever had.

newbeauty.com 06/18/2015

The Most Common Skincare Misconceptions, Explained

Skincare Beauty Terms...

newbeauty.com What all that beauty jargon really means.

newbeauty.com 06/17/2015

7 Products to Fight Sun Damage

newbeauty.com When summer gets the best of your skin.

newbeauty.com 06/12/2015

The Real Reason You Need Retinol In Your Routine

newbeauty.com It's a proven anti-aging must-have.

yahoo.com 06/10/2015

Botox for Teeth Grinding?

yahoo.com Stress rears her ugly head in so many ways it’s hard to keep track.

newbeauty.com 06/09/2015

Why You Need Infrared Protection In Your Sunscreen

newbeauty.com Just UVA/UVB protection is not enough.

newbeauty.com 06/09/2015

The 7 Best Retinol Body Treatments

newbeauty.com Because retinol isn't just for your face.

time.com 06/04/2015

You Asked: Are Self-Tanners Safe?

time.com It's easier to fake a tan than to bake in the sun. But are self tanners safe?

yahoo.com 06/03/2015

Micro-Botox: A New Way to Smooth Skin and Shrink Pores

yahoo.com Injected into the more superficial layers of the skin — and in wrinkle-free parts of the complexion like the T-zone, cheeks and chin — micro-Botox does not affect muscle-nerve communication to minimize deep lines on the face (like traditional Botox treatments), but instead, tightens enlarged pores,…

newbeauty.com 06/02/2015

The Latest Stats Show Surgery Isn’t the Final Step In Weight Loss

newbeauty.com It's only one step in the process.

newbeauty.com 06/01/2015

Water-Based Skin Care: Why They're the Next Big Thing

Is water a base ingredient in your beauty product?

newbeauty.com The next big thing on our radar? Products that contain a base of water. Products with a high water content are more compatible with a wider variety of skin types and is also a natural way for skin to remain hydrated. “To meet the demand of women who want well-hydrated skin, beauty brands are c…

newbeauty.com 05/28/2015

Are Fillers the Answer To Rebuilding Elastin?

Fillers to rebuild elastin?

newbeauty.com New findings point to the theory that there may be a way to cause an uptick in elastin production and finally provide the last puzzle piece doctors have been searching for in the quest for youthful skin. If fillers offer the potential to increase elastin in skin, what does this mean f

intothegloss.com 05/24/2015

Hyaluronic Acid Injections For Plump, Glowing Skin

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

intothegloss.com Why stop at masks? Hyaluronic acid injections are the next bridal beauty trend in Korea to boost radiance

washingtonpost.com 05/15/2015

Why the newest sunscreens still haven’t hit the U.S. market

washingtonpost.com The FDA is being urged to speed up its review of new and potentially better sunscreen ingredients

newbeauty.com 05/11/2015

How to Define a Weak Chin

newbeauty.com There’s something about a strong, defined chin that’s deemed attractive. “A strong bone structure helps the face hold up against aging longer than a weak bone structure,” says New York plastic surgeon Charles H. Thorne, MD. If your chin is overly prominent or doesn’t pr




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