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Helping Our Helpers is a non-profit agency that provides counseling, education and support to helping professionals who may suffer from compassion fatigue, burn out, Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other stress symptoms.

Helping Our Helpers was formed to addresses the issues of direct-service care givers working in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex through education and counseling. Our target population includes Licensed Social Workers, Child Protective Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors and Interns and Hospice Workers. Helping Our Helpers has recruited licensed professional counselors in the Dallas-Ft. Worth

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Helping Our Helpers

Hello to all! Helping Our Helpers just had an exciting month of October. We reached out with several interesting workshops . We presented with our new Self-Care and Compassion fatigue talk at Mosaic Family Services and at The Therapy Space. We are proud to say that our reviews were great and we were invited to come there again! What a success! We would like to thank everyone who invited us for allowing us to present at your agencies!
Our upcoming presentations include:
November 9 at noon at Mosaic Family Services again and at November 26 at 10:30 with Youth 180! Wishing all a great month of November. Let us know if you would like Helping Our Helpers to come to your agency with Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care presentation (it is fun, interactive and eyes-opening workshop... and free of charge).


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[10/26/18]   Hello to all! Helping Our Helpers just had an exciting month of October. We reached out with several interesting workshops . We presented with our new Self-Care and Compassion fatigue talk at Mosaic Family Services and at The Therapy Space. We are proud to say that our reviews were great and we were invited to come there again! What a success! We would like to thank everyone who invited us for allowing us to present at your agencies!
Our upcoming presentations include:
November 9 at noon at Mosaic Family Services again and at November 26 at 10:30 with Youth 180! Wishing all a great month of November. Let us know if you would like Helping Our Helpers to come to your agency with Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care presentation (it is fun, interactive and eyes-opening workshop... and free of charge).

[09/26/18]   Hello Everyone
We would like to announce that helping Our Helpers will present with Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care workshop tomorrow, September 27, 2018st noon at Mosaic Family Services in Dallas at 12225 Greenville Ave. suite 800, Dallas 75243). We are looking forward to this presentation and helping health professionals to maintain their own health and good quality of life.

[07/09/18]   We would like to recommend a book, "The Brain. The Story of you" by David Eagleman. ISBN: 978-1-101-97054-9. In this fascinating book the author, neuroscientist David Eagleman explores the depth of our mind. He is asking such questions as "What is reality?", "Where are we going as species?", "How does the brain communicate with the world, and many more. If you are interested in neuroscience and the secrets of human mind, you would like this book!
With love, Helping Our Helpers team.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from HOH!
Mike is delivering gift bags!


Here are just some of the gift bags Renee Harrison and a Mary Kay Cornwall put together for the HOH holiday giveaway.
Special thanks to Harris Clark for shopping.
He and Susan Stacy, the Director of HOH spent hours shopping and bought all the chocolate, candles and mini lotions that Walmart had!!!! Wishing you care and Joy this Holiday season

[11/02/17]   Helping Our Helpers is proud to announce three winners of the Helper of the Year Award for 2017! We would like to congratulate these extraordinary Helpers for their dedication, hard work, and strength. You truly make a difference! Congratulations!
Allow us to announce the winners of this prestigious award:

1st place goes to Ms. Marie Krebs LPC, LCDC, SRT, nominated by her daughter who stated that her mother has “a servant’s heart”, volunteering all her life, supporting her three children, taking care of her family and working full time. Congratulations Marie!
2nd place goes to Dr. Ms. Barbara Yonan, PhD, nominated by Ms. Hooshyarr who stated, that Barbara is not only a psychologist who helped a great number of patients, but she also is an advocate of homeless animals and volunteers for the animal shelter. She is active in her church and taking a great care of herself, going to the gym three times a week. Barbara is 77 years old and in a great shape, still active in the community. Congratulations Barbara!
3rd place goes to Ms. Janet Collinworth, nominated by her colleagues who admire her caring heart, her dedication and hard work helping homeless women. Janet opened an agency that provides assistance and support to this population. 07/19/2017

Elena Frolov - Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi Everyone! Just reminding to go ahead and nominate for our Helper of The Year Award! if you would like me to email iyou the form please let me know via email or call me . I can forward it to you personally ! Thank you! Elena Frolov MA LPC ( my contact information is on :


“Helper of the Year” Award
Presented by Susan Stacy M.S., L.P.C., Director of Helping Our Helpers, this award recognizes the inspiring efforts of direct service workers who excel in their profession while maintaining balance and self-care.
Any licensed or certified “Helper” may be nominated.
Chosen by a panel from HOH, the winner will be recognized by their peers as follows:
- 1st place will receive a check for $500
- 2nd place will receive a check for $200
- 3rd place will receive a check for $100
In addition, the person who nominated the winner will receive $100.
Beginning of submitting this application is June 1, 2017. Deadline for submitting a nomination is September 15, 2017 and the winner will be selected on October 1, 2017.
You may nominate as many people as you wish, but all need to be submitted on separate applications. If you have any questions, please call Susan Stacy at 214.987.1961. You can access this application and submit it electronically (via attachment)at
or mail it to: Helping Our Helpers
7424 Greenville Ave., Suite 104
Dallas TX 75231
Thank you for recognizing the hard work and balanced lives of your peers!

Your Name (Nominator)* Your Phone Number*

Your Email Address*

Name of the person you are nominating*

Contact information for the person you are nominating (phone # or email address) *:

Please use the space provided below to write one or two paragraphs about you nominee
(You can type your answer and attach to this form or write it by hand, however please make it clear so we could read it!).

Here is couple of suggestions to make your nomination more compelling:
• Please take your time, think through why you are nominating this person
• Please write compellingly: tell us all about the person, especially a little about their personal story and why they deserve this honor
• Please note for us how your nominee is taking care of her or himself in order to maintain a healthy life balance as well as providing an outstanding service
Please type your response here:

[07/10/17]   We are happy to announce that we have started gathering nominations for the Helper of the Year Award. There will be three winners this year with generous checks waiting for each! Plus, a person who nominated our 1st place winner will receive a $100 check as well! So.... what are you waiting for?! PLEASE TAKE TIME TO NOMINATE HELPERS, AS MANY AS YOU WOULD LIKE! THE PERSON WHO IS NOMINATED FOR THIS PRESTIGIOUS AWARD HAS TO BE IN HELPING PROFESSIONS OR CARE FOR OTHERS AS WELL AS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. I WILL POST THE NOMINATION FORM WHICH HAS ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS. It is easy and you have a chance to say Thank You and to recognize someone who works had and help others!
Elena Frolov MA LPC , Program Director HOH


Ms. Carla E. Stewart

Cancer Resource Center/Community Outreach Coordinator @ Medical City Dallas Hospital

Carla is employed with Medical City's oncology department for 1 year and 5 months, Carla has almost 10 years of oncology experience.
Carla shared with us:
"While it can be difficult to see every day people facing the challenge of having been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, my work here at Medical City has been rewarding because I feel like I make a difference in the life of someone in need of resources to help point them in the right direction or providing a small but valuable need".

Carla manages daily functions of the resource center by providing cancer related resources to patients and family members, maintain working relationship with American Cancer Society partners as well as other cancer organizations, organize educational and cancer awareness events and facilitate fundraising for various cancer events "Relay for Life" (American cancer Society), "Wheel to Survive" (Be the Difference), "Light the Night" (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). Facilitate quit smoking and cancer support groups.
We would like to thank Carla and the Cancer Support Center at the Medical City for their services and amazing work!

Carla E.Stewart, B.S., M.B.A.
Cancer Resource Center Coordinator
Medical City Dallas Hospital
7777 Forest Lane, Building A – Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75230

[02/07/16]   Message from The Director, Susan Stacy MS LPC-S:
Having clear boundaries is a step in the right direction to prevent Compassion Fatigue!
Elena Frolov, MA LPC and our staff are developing a new presentation and a workshop that focus on boundaries.

We could use your help! When it comes to the work you do, what is a boundary you have that works for you? Please share with us and post your response here! We will appreciate it!

[02/07/16]   HOH February Calendar:
* Animal Shelter Support Group on February 9, 2016 at 2:30 (at the City Animal Shelter on 1818 N. Westmoreland, Dallas )
* Cancer Support Group on February 25, 2016 at 6 PM at Forest Lane Medical City in Dallas.
For more information or if you would like us to come to your organization or school with a workshop or a presentation call us at 214-987 1961

[02/07/16]   February Self Care Tip:
Just today give yourself permission to accept who you are, flaws + all!
The new you can impose “self-improvement” goals. Don’t give up, but do not be a harsh critic of yourself.

[01/14/16]   Happy New Year! We are back with more events and groups this year. HOH has started back with the Compassion Fatigue group at the Animal Shelter in Dallas. New staff at the shelter is going to attend monthly group meetings.
Last week Susan Stacy, MS L.P.C. presented at Baylor Nursing School as well as at the Cancer Support Group at Medical City on Forest Ln., Dallas. We are planning to organize more Compassion Fatigue training groups and presentations!


It's a new year! This year make it a priority to be kind to yourself. It's just as important as being kind to others.


Be kind to yourself today and don't let anyone take away your sparkle! 11/17/2015

SurvivorDay | Dallas, TX

Susan Stacy from Helping Our Helpers will be participating Survivors of Su***de Loss Day in Dallas on November 21st. It is a free event, but registration is necessary. Please go to to learn more. Date November 21, 2015 Time 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Location Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Fogelson Building Auditorium8200 Walnut Hill Ln.Dallas, Texas 75231 Directions The event takes place in the conference center of the Fogelson Building, which is in between the main hospital building and the Ma…


Tip of the Month: With the cooler temperatures it's a great time to get out there and walk, run, skip, hike,,, Just enjoy the outdoors! Even just a short walk in the fresh air will liven up your day!


Compassion Fatigue is a state typically experienced by those helping people or animals in distress. Do you think you or your team may be suffering from compassion fatigue? Call us today - we offer individual counseling, group meetings and workshops. You do not need to suffer alone. Call today - 214-987-1961.


Be kind to yourself today and know that compassion fatigue is don't have to fight it alone.

[10/27/15]   Thank you to all that participated in the "Helper of the Year" award! We had so many wonderful applicants, the decision was tough! Thank you for nominating and thank you for all the hard work you do each day! Keep your eyes on our page for updates, other events, information and of course the 2016 award!!!

[10/20/15]   Congratulations to our 3rd place winner of the 2015 "Helper of the Year" Award - Wendi Talbert!

Wendi is the Director of Safehaven of Tarrant County in Fort Worth. She works directly with clients that are victims of domestic violence. She is an exemplariry example of a true "helper" who knows the importance of self-care, encourangement and being rested and she applies this to her own life as well as encouranging her staff and her clients. The person nominating her gave her a wonderful compliment in that Wendi is a "role model" to her and those around her. Congratulations Wendi!

[10/20/15]   Congratulations to our 2nd place winner of the 2015 "Helper Of the Year" Award - Stephany Belcher!

Stephany works at the Gynecologic Oncology Clinic at Medical City in Dalla and is a chemo-therapy nurse. She is an extraordinary woman that works directly with cancer patients that are coming infor chemotherapy, lab work or visiting the oncologist. Despite the difficulty of her position Stephany projects comfort and support always with a smile on her face. She creates an atmosphere of friendship, support and understanding for her patients. Stephany maintains balance in her life through regular excercise and spending time with her family and attending church. Congratulations Stephany!!!


Susan Stacy from Helping Our Helpers surprised Haley Feuerbacher Kroboth, the winner of the 2015 “Helper of the Year” Award, with a check for $500 and flowers during her class at SMU!


Congratulations to Haley Feuerbacher Kroboth our winner of the 2015 “Helper of the Year” Award!

Today we are honoring a remarkable young lady for her passion, hard work, diligence and compassion for others. Haley is a MTS and PH.D – Candidate. She is aTeaching Assistant at SMU in for Women and Gender Studies and Ways of Knowing courses. She is also a Youth Pastor for middle and high school students from varying ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. She is a Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies (specialization in Religion and Culture) and a Graduate Certificate Student in Women and Gender Studies. She specializes in the intersections between economics, gender, religion, and metanarratives as a family, especially as it impacts single mothers in their communities, the relationship between cultural images and narratives and gendered-based violence and the creativity of resistance to oppression and solidarity in marginalized communities.

The individual that nominated Haley (who is her sister and best friend) had this to say about her: Haley has an unbelievable gift to identify, analyze, and connect all aspects of life from micro and macro levels to see and use where there are points of strength as well as areas of need. She carefully crafts links between an individual’s holistic being of bio-psycho-social-emotional-mental-financial-spiritual entities to their connection to macro systems, finding both resources to utilize as well as challenges to be questioned and changed.

In describing her own work, Haley explains, “It excites me and inspires me to work with someone at an individual level, but I prefer to challenge macro systemic issues because I believe what we experience individually always has systemic implications, if not systemic causes. If we can’t get at those roots, we can’t get to the point where we are able to truly help the individual. Furthermore, I feel the focus on individual experience often takes on a shame-based or shame-producing approach, so I choose to view and tackle challenges with teaching an awareness that what we experience individually isn’t necessarily our fault, but at the same time we do have the power to change the systems and change our world.”

In Haley’s words, “I feel like it is an act of justice when my students or my youth are courageous enough to speak with me about these things.” For example, Haley was teaching an undergraduate course at SMU last fall and a student athlete voluntarily met with her every week after class to discuss ways he could make a difference to stand against violence and injustice on campus and in his community. He has now gone on to pursue a Master’s in Counseling degree and solely credits Haley’s inspiration on this decision and his career path. Likewise, just last week, a female student athlete stayed after class and shared with Haley her own experience of sexual assault victimization on campus. She said for the first time because of Haley’s class and modeling of becoming empowered by a strength greater than her own, this student is now empowered her to share her experiences with others and pursue help for both her and others who have experienced, or will experience, the same thing. This young lady said that Haley was her role model and she wanted to follow in her footsteps and be “just like her in her personal and professional life.”

as a youth pastor, she has acted as teacher, case manager, role model, coach, counselor, cheerleader, chauffer, and never-ending advocate as she has literally spent countless hours across years supporting these young people and their families in many aspects of their lives. Success stories are countless, but include Haley being asked by multiple youth to be the one person to stand by them as they were baptized; being beside a young adult as he came out to his parents; never discounting or abandoning a student as she transformed from a person who questioned spirituality to, with Haley’s support years later, stood in front of a faith community as a budding pastor.

Haley is not only making a tremendous impact on the lives of those she touches, but she is creating a ripple effect of change and growth as they pass along her passion and compassion into their worlds. Haley’s efforts are not limited to our local area. She travels overseas to KwaZulu Natal, SouthAfrica for the purpose of researching, assisting, and advocating for support of the Rural Women’s Movement, an organization created with a mission
Finally, just like Helping Our Helpers Organization, Haley recognizes that even “professional helpers” need assistance, education, and help. She offers invaluable extra-curricular knowledge to the counseling field by offering trainings for therapists in knowing how to work with clients struggling with their religious beliefs through breaking away from shame-based and constraining ideas and behaviors while still honoring their belief system.

Her whole life, Haley has been the person that never stopped going… she ran then, and she runs now. Running is the outlet that gives Haley renewed energy, thoughtful time on her own, and creative personal competition. There are times that she takes a ten minute break in the day to run from the church building to the apartments down the street to promote that evening’s youth group event to the neighborhood children. Her most memorable runs are down the beaten trails in South Africa alongside zebras and giraffes. When she slows down, Haley loves to journal and spend time with her husband, nine-year-old son, and her

In short, Haley is the epitome of the term “change agent.” She touches individual lives and changes the world and is our “Helper of the Year”!




Dallas, TX
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