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East Dallas Birth & Wellness is a free-standing birth center that offers full-scope midwifery care.

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Late spring has seen the lavender blooming in the herb garden as honeybees split their time between it, the borage, and the rue. Wanted to share!

In fact, with nearly a thousand followers, I want to make an effort to be more regular about posting, whether that is photographs around EDBW or of the births that happen here. So expect more from me and from this account for the rest of 2021.


There are so many things about my job that I love. Moments like this - being witness to a first time mom powering through hour thirty-two of a forty-hour labor - remind me of the grace and power of women, their ability to meet any challenge.

Photo by Lawren Snapka


In the early morning, just before sunrise, this sweet baby is getting his newborn exam right next to his mother.


Sometimes plans change, and we are reminded that we are not always in charge, forcing us to surrender and adapt to the situation. Despite all the mental and physical preparation by this mother for a delivery at the birth center, this little one decided to come early, and in a huge hurry. We are so proud of this strong woman who gracefully brought her strong baby girl into this world in not the most ideal circumstances.

Many thanks to Dallas Midwife Associates and Dr. Alex Singer for stepping in when more advanced care is necessary.

And a special thanks to my back-up midwife Teri Mitchell with

Timeline photos 05/21/2020

The first-time mom of this baby boy was a model of preparedness, investing so much into being ready for labor and delivery. Just as impressive was her adaptability when, after days of hard labor, she had to transport to the hospital to bring her baby into the world. Things don’t always go the way we plan. What is true of life is true of the birth process. The grace of this woman reminded me that making the most of a situation we did not plan on or might see as a setback can still lead to a happy ending.

Doula back-up: Cheryl
Chiropractor: Cafe of Life
Special thanks to

Timeline photos 04/24/2020

Results of the last three days of egg collecting. The hens are happily settled in to the chicken yard at EDBW. When visiting, take a peek and make them even happier by throwing them some chicken scratch provided by us. Just ask, and we will give you a bag.

Timeline photos 04/18/2020

A redemptive VBAC in the quiet comfort of home. What joy it brings to see a woman accomplish what she has been working so hard for, preparing for mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually over the last several months. Women are incredible in what they can overcome.

Photographer: Lawren
Birth assist: Laura
Doula: Cheryl
Chiropractor: Demetra

Timeline photos 04/12/2020

This peaceful little one didn’t mind being messed with one last time before heading home to meet his older sister. Planning and building a supportive team, mental preparation, and surrendering to the birthing process helped to make this a peaceful, empowering experience for his mother.

Birth assist: Laura
Aspiring student midwife/birth assist: Katie Jo
Doula: Alice
Postpartum Doula: Sarah & Hannah
Chiropractor: Demetra Mydlo

Timeline photos 04/08/2020

Love this family-centered birth. This strong woman labored all through the night, and just after the sun rose, older brother and sister were awake to witness the arrival of their younger brother. So much love and support. ❤️

Birth assist: Laura
Aspiring midwife/birth assist:
Katie Jo
Collaborating midwives: Modern Midwifery
Chiropractor: Ruth Durkee

Timeline photos 04/05/2020

Strawberries are starting to ripen in the garden and the vegetable and herb seedlings are starting to sprout. All this rain is helping our garden grown…

Rosemary, lavender, chamomile, borage, lemon thyme, oregano, calendula, marigolds, poppies, bee balm, rue, sage, strawberries, lemon cucumbers, carrots, radishes, snap peas, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, pomegranates, and plums.

Timeline photos 04/04/2020

Caught by dad (intentionally!), this surprise baby boy was eager to be born, almost not waiting for the birth team to arrive at his home because his mother effortlessly labored without realizing how close she was to holding him in her arms.

Birth assist: Laura
Aspiring student midwife/birth assist: Katie Jo
Chiropractor: Whole Hearted Chiropractic

Timeline photos 03/30/2020

Soaking up snuggles with their newborn as this wonderful, loving couple welcomes their first child. They were such a team all through labor and delivery - a testament to what great parents they will be.

Birth assist:
Aspiring midwife/birth assist:

Photos from Dallas Pelvic Health's post 03/25/2020

Word of wisdom from Dr. Harkins...


EDBW Families

I'm going to teach my 10am yoga class virtually. Join me!
(Link in Comments)

Timeline photos 03/15/2020

Five boys! The “finale” to this family is admired by all his older brothers after their strong mother gracefully delivered this youngest brother at home.

Birth assist: Laura Perkins
Chiropractor: Cafe of Life
Postpartum Ayurvedic care: Cheryl Johnson

Timeline photos 03/08/2020

It may be winter, but spring weather is here! This is the first leaf on the eighty-year-old fig tree in the backyard of the birth center, and we can almost start looking forward to harvest and fig & ginger jam.

Timeline photos 02/27/2020

The Skyline Suite is now complete with this painting of clouds at dawn by Australian artist Corrine Melanie just back from the framers. I love it! Even lovelier in person.



Sunday 2/23 @ Noon - Birth Workers Meet Up w/Yve
Monday 2/24 @ 10am - Art Therapy Postpartum w/Julia
Wednesday 2/26 @ 10am - Mindful Mommas Meet Up
Saturday 2/29 @ 9am - Prepared Childbirth Class w/Christine (Dallas Birth)

Please check out our Events page for more information. Registration is required for all but the Moms Group on Wednesday.

Timeline photos 02/12/2020

A quiet, loving embrace after a peaceful birth. Nothing captures the tender love a mother feels towards her baby like this photograph.

Chiropractor: Whole Hearted Functional Health
Birth assist:
Student midwife:

Timeline photos 02/07/2020

After doctors told her there was only a 5% chance of her ever being able to be pregnant again, she mourned the loss of the child (a daughter, she had imagined) that would never be added to their loving family of four as she had planned. This birth, then, was a triumph, the happy fulfillment of a dream that seemed so endangered. Welcome, baby girl! Their family is now complete.

Birth assist: Laura Perkins

Timeline photos 01/29/2020

Supporting our postpartum women today by making homemade padsicles at the birth center. The frozen pads are made with natural ingredients containing healing properties that aid in recovery after childbirth. The aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which can help relieve inflammation and acute pain. Witch hazel can reduce swelling, pain, and bruising. And lavender essential oil has antiseptic and analgesic properties to help reduce infection and pain. It also is known to boost the healing process for cuts and bruises by increasing circulation.

Timeline photos 01/23/2020

It never gets old to see the awe on the faces of parents getting the first glimpse of their sweet little one. Welcome baby number 7 - you are loved by so many already!

Birth assist: Laura Perkins
Chiropractor: Demetra Mydlo

Timeline photos 01/22/2020

With mindful preparation, constant support from her devoted husband, and unfailing determination by her, this beautiful couple welcomed their first baby into their loving family.
Birth assist: Laura Perkins
Chiropractor: Urban Hippie Oak Cliff

Timeline photos 01/18/2020

Morning light coming in through the windows and the photo captures the perfect moment where this strong woman celebrates her successful water birth with husband and birth team beside her.
Birth assist:

Timeline photos 01/17/2020

First EDBW baby of the new year and the first of our six babies delivered in a week. What a wonderful way to start 2020.

Timeline photos 01/14/2020

Part of the mission of EDBW is to support woman-owned businesses as a way by which to empower women. We are delighted to have Polly Lucas arranging beautiful pieces of floral art for the center.

-with Polly Graves Lucas

Timeline photos 01/07/2020

Patience, hope, and hard work, (and a few midwifery tricks) brought this sweet baby girl into her parent’s waiting arms.
Thanks to the amazing birth team: birth assist and chiropractor

Timeline photos 11/22/2019

A beautiful birth beautifully captured by photographer . The birth team was ready for days, anticipating this baby’s entry into the world and into his parents’ waiting arms. Thanks to all who helped support this wonderful family: doula , student midwife , birth assist , chiropractor , photographer

Timeline photos 11/21/2019

Supportive partners and a birth team can do so much to make labor and delivery the affirming, fulfilling experiences it should be.


Our rockstar birth team talking shop while waiting for the BUMC NICU team. It’s simulation day!

~ With Nikki Knowles, Becky Hines, Laura Perkins and Emily Sloan


Thanks to everyone that came out for our Celebrate Fall Fest today. We LOVE having the center filled with smiling faces!

Timeline photos 10/23/2019

Everyone is invited to join the EDBW community this Friday at noon to celebrate the fall season with some Halloween fun . Come out in costume, both adults and little ones, to enjoy time together. Food, apple cider, treats!

Timeline photos 10/21/2019

Welcome The Feelings

Thoughts by therapist Julia Fisher:
This season of mothering young children brings about so many different emotions. The most magical feelings of love and wonder, to very low feelings of loneliness and physical and emotional exhaustion. Postpartum introduces us to this ability to be able to hold these different feelings in one body and in one person- sometimes even in the very same moment. Wherever you may find yourself today, allow yourself to be there and be present with this season. Listen to your heart as you would to your child- with grace and openness to understand and to come closer. This poem by Rumi is a reminder to welcome all of these feelings with grace. When we allow our emotions a nonjudgmental space to exist, they become less daunting and become our greatest teachers. Be gracious with yourself, mama, and welcome them in.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

— Jellaludin Rumi,
translation by Coleman Bar

*Please reach out if you need support. You can call the Postpartum Support International Helpline at 1-800-944-4773 (#1 En Espanol or #2 English) or text 503-894-9453 and keep a look out for upcoming art therapy and mental health groups hosted by Julia Fisher, LPC, ATR-BC.

Our Story

East Dallas Birth & Wellness is the realized dream of nurse-midwife Emily Sloan to bring woman-centered wellness to the community in an affirming, welcoming environment. The free-standing center offers full-scope midwifery care, a birthing facility, chiropractic care, functional health, traditional Ayurvedic care for birth and postpartum, placenta encapsulation services, and a variety of prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum preparation and support.

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