Totalbody Care- Kenneth Hatten

My personal style is a creative approach in which i focus on specific client massage techniques and skin care recommendations.

Operating as usual 10/25/2015

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The Road to Recovery

Diving into an intense workout regimen is a good way to get injured if you're not taking proper steps to recover. From foam rolling to adjusting your diet, give these tips a try. 17 scientifically proven methods to improve post-workout recovery and prevent injury. 10/20/2015

Ease Your Back Pain

Back injuries are debilitating, so keep yourself loose and pain free with these helpful stretches. 5 stretches to keep you loose, comfortable and injury free. 10/17/2015

VIDEO: Quick Tips to Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Long days at a desk often lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but a few easy stretches could keep you in the clear. Tag a friend! Easy stretches you can do every day to prevent this common injury. 10/14/2015

Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

Little tricks can keep your body feeling strong. Are you doing what you can to prevent injury? 4 tips to stop an RSI before it stops you. 10/11/2015

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Feel Better, Live Better

Something as simple as drinking water can change the way you feel every day. Check out this helpful list of 7 tasks that improve your health. 7 little tasks you can incorporate into your day to help improve your health. 10/06/2015

Avoid Burnout

A great read from one of Facebook's founders about why taking breaks and avoiding overwork is important for your health and success. What are your thoughts? Working hard is important, but taking a break is vital for your health. 10/03/2015

Work It Out

Don't feel like you're getting enough exercise while you work? Try these five tips to add some extra movement to your day, and share your own. 5 smart strategies to get exercise while at work. 09/30/2015

Stay Healthy at Work

Spending workdays at a desk is no excuse for unhealthy habits. Check out these tips for improving your health at work. 3 tips to help improve your health when spending your workdays at a desk. 09/27/2015

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The Power of Acupressure

You won't believe how certain pressure points can help your body. Check this out and be sure to share! How you can use pressure points to fight pain and illness. 09/22/2015

Stretch Away the Aches

Tension headaches are awful! Give these stretches a try the next time you have one. What other tricks do you know? Stretching techniques to help alleviate tension headaches. 09/19/2015

DIY Facial Massage

Try this great facial massage technique for radiant, glowing skin. Step-by-step instructions for the perfect facial massage you can do yourself. 09/16/2015

Find Relief

Sometimes pain relief is just a touch away. Tips to ease tension and pain through massage. 09/13/2015

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Meals That Last

When you just don't have the time to plan a bunch of different meals, prepare a big one that'll keep you happy all week. 39 mouthwatering slow cooker recipes that will last all week. 09/01/2015

No-Sweat Prep

From a go-to grocery list to having functional containers, these tips will help cut down your meal prep time. Which idea is your favorite? 10 tricks to make mealtime come together with ease. 08/29/2015

Healthy 10-Minute Meals

Being in a rush shouldn't be an excuse to eat junk. Take a look at these delicious and nutritious meals you can put together in no time. 7 amazing meals you can whip together in minutes.


Totalbody Care- Kenneth Hatten 08/26/2015

Simplify Mealtime

Weekly meal prep doesn't have to be a hassle. Try these quick tips and share your own ideas in the comments! 5 easy steps for better meal planning.





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