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We partnered with a non-profit refugee resource center here in Dallas that helps connect refugees with the appropriate resources to facilitate a smoother and more stable transition to life here in America.

We put together backpacks with school supplies, art supplies and snacks for children and put together ladies' pampering kits for the women (spa supplies and chocolate truffles). We hosted the event at the practice and had some refugees and their families visit us.


7 Ways to Make Sure You and Your Child Are Ready for the School Year

Making sure your child is prepared for the new school year can be as simple as these seven steps. Proactive tips like getting your child used to their new scheduled, so they don't end up late to school on their first day, and making lunch hassle-free is one of the seven ways you and your child can be prepared for the new school year.

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What's Unique about a Laparoscopy?

Many medical treatments serve just one function, but a laparoscopy serves many purposes. In fact, your gynecologist can perform a laparoscopy to diagnose and then treat many different conditions! For example, your gynecologist at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas can use this method to remove cysts, remove endometrial lesions, and even determine the cause of infertility. Laparoscopy isn't like other types of surgery; it's minimally invasive, which means your recovery will be easier and quicker than traditional open surgery.

To learn more about laparoscopy, click the link above.

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The team of providers at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


ASCUS: What Is It and What Comes Next?

If you have an abnormal pap reading, your results will list what type of abnormality was found. ASCUS is one of the most common reasons for an abnormal result. ASCUS stands for atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you have cervical cancer. ASCUS results can be triggered by many things including yeast infections.

What to do next: Always follow up with your gynecologist after an abnormal result. They may have you come in for a repeat test, or a colposcopy to examine your cervix further.

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5 Healthy Aging Tips for Women

In order to age healthily, it's essential to maintain good habits, like healthy eating, getting regular screenings, and remaining active. Learn more about healthy aging by reading this article: (http://ow.ly/gm1130oSYOi)

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If You Keep Missing Your Pill, Consider an IUD

Birth control pills are an easy form of birth control, but they do not have one downside: you must remember to take it every day at the same time. This can be difficult for women who travel a lot or women who have rotating work schedules. If this describes you, you don't have to miss out on birth control. The IUD can give you protection without the need for a daily pill.

IUDs are available at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas. To find out if an IUD is right for you, book a consultation.

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The team of providers at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


Summer Safety: Staying Cool When You're Working Out Outside

Prenatal workouts boost your mood and help manage healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Even if you're just walking around the block with your dog, it's important to prioritize your safety. This means you need to hydrate before you even begin your workout. Always wear sunscreen and wear light, breathable clothes.

One more tip: Avoid the outdoors during the peak hours, so an early morning or late evening stroll may be best.

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Listen To Your Body For World Listening Day

A woman's body is extremely complex; which can make it hard to notice certain signs that your body may be in distress. For #WorldListeningDay take a moment to quiet down and observe any unusual signs your body may be trying to tell you.

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Do You Need Genetic Testing?

If you have a family history of cancer, or if you had cancer at a young age, genetic testing may be able to provide you with valuable information that can help you and your healthcare provider manage your risk. Genetic testing won't tell you for sure if you will develop cancer, but it can pinpoint any genetic risk factors that you have. If you are genetically predisposed, you can take preventive measures and receive extra monitoring to catch any potential cancer early.

Not sure if you're ready for genetic testing and want to discuss your options? Don't hesitate to give us a call.

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The team of providers at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


9 Tips for Staying Healthy After Menopause

Menopause isn't a disease or disorder; it is a natural phase in life just like puberty. There are many ways you can promote good health before and after menopause, including:
• Exercising and eating calcium-rich foods to prevent osteoporosis
• Eating a well-balanced diet to combat weight gain
• Aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep each night

Need help adjusting to menopause? Don't hesitate to reach out to your gynecologist.

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Just because we're halfway through spring doesn't mean it's too late to declutter. Today is National Give Something Away Day and what better way to participate than giving something away you no longer need. This simple act of generosity will not only bring a smile to someone else but also yourself. What is something you've been holding on to that you can give away?

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Understanding Male & Female Infertility: What to Expect When You're Struggling to Conceive

Have you been trying to start a family for 12+ months? If so, it's time to consider an infertility workup. Because there are many causes of infertility – in both men and women – it's important to determine the cause of fertility before embarking on fertility treatments. At Women's Health Specialists of Dallas, your doctor will evaluate your hormones, anatomy, and other factors that may be affecting your infertility.

To learn more about infertility, check out the link above.

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The team of providers at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


Women Get Real about Their Post Baby Bodies

There's no doubt that pregnancy is indeed a miracle of life, but it can leave your body looking rather different from you started the journey. Women are speaking up about how their body changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Regardless of the changes, it's important to remind yourself that your body is capable of great things! Be patient with your body as you heal from childbirth and support yourself with nourishing, healing foods.

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Introducing our newest provider, Dr. Marianne Ebrahim! Read more about here:


Dr. Marianne Ebrahim is a board certified OB/GYN who provides preconception counseling, prenatal care, well-woman exams, menopause care, in-hospital deliveries, as well as surgical and non-surgical care for a variety of gynecologic conditions at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas.


What to Expect During Your Second Trimester Ultrasound (Plus, Why You Need a Full Bladder)

Most expectant mothers look forward to the second-trimester ultrasound because it can be a good opportunity to learn if your baby is a boy or girl. Like your other ultrasounds, you'll still have to guzzle water and arrive with a full bladder. That may seem hard, especially if your baby is already pressing on your bladder, but there's a good reason for drinking so much water: it helps to create clearer ultrasound images.

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Is Your Family Complete? Tubal Ligation Might Be Right for You

If you're done having children and you don't want to deal with daily birth control pills anymore, consider a tubal ligation. While traditional tubal ligations require incisions, the Essure procedure does not.

Essure is available at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas. Book your consultation to find out if Essure is right for you.

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The team of providers at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


This Is What Endometriosis Feel Like

If you notice that your periods seem to be worse than your girlfriends' or sisters' periods, you probably aren't just imagining it. Endometriosis lesions can make periods heavier and more painful. Depending on where the lesions are located, it can even cause pain and discomfort during in*******se or when you're using the restroom.

Don't brush off painful periods. Talk to your gynecologist today.

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Healthy Eating Tips for Expectant Mothers with Gestational Diabetes

Snacks are an important part of your meal plan because they can help keep your blood sugar stable and give you the energy boost you need, and if you have gestational diabetes, you can still find plenty of healthy snacks. Choose healthy options like air-popped popcorn, Greek yogurt with fresh berries and seeds, and fresh veggies dipped in hummus.

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Happy 4th of July!

Whether you are enjoying a family BBQ or relaxing at home, the team at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas wishes you a happy and healthy Fourth of July!

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How to Cope with a High Risk Pregnancy

If you just received a high-risk diagnosis, you probably have lots of questions, and that's okay! If you're curious about your condition, feel free to talk to your OBGYN and ask your question. You will feel better once you have more knowledge and understanding, and you can also find support from your partner, family, or even online support groups.

Remember: having a high-risk labels means that you'll get all of the extra monitoring (and tests) that you need to make sure you and your baby stay as healthy as can be!

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What to Do When Menstrual Cramps Interfere with Your Life

It's not uncommon to experience menstrual cramps during your period, and an OTC pain medication or hot water bottle can typically ease the mild pain. But what if your cramps interfere with your ability to perform daily tasks? Speak up! Painful periods can be a sign of underlying conditions like endometriosis, and your gynecologist can help you find relief. From medications to surgical procedures, you have options!

Don't put up with painful periods. If you suspect you have endometriosis, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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The team of providers at Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas is proud to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care to women in Dallas and Rockwall, Texas. Call 214-363-4421 to request your appointment today!


15 Tips for Dealing with Your Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a misnomer because it can occur at any time of the day – morning or night. One of the best tips for managing nausea is to prevent your stomach from getting totally empty. Try snacking throughout the day on whatever foods settle your stomach; saltines and dry toast are favorites.

What is your best trick for dealing with morning sickness?

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realsimple.com 06/28/2019

What’s Aging Your Skin?

8 Tips for Youthful Skin

You might be surprised to learn that only 20-30 percent of the skin aging process is genetic. That's good news! Some common culprits include sun exposure, smoking, and stress. Less of all of those things contribute to healthy, glowing skin. Some other factors that contribute to aging skin may surprise you, such as frequent flying. Sun rays, which can pe*****te windows, are much stronger at plane altitudes.

#skincare #healthyskin #womenshealth

realsimple.com Actually, many factors beyond genes and the sun. Avoiding these eight common pitfalls will help keep your skin youthful.


Nutrition Tips for Women Over 50

As you get older, it becomes even more important to take care of your body. Eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise will keep you looking and feeling your best. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight, keeps your bones strong, and prevents heart disease. Make sure to eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Taking a daily multivitamin can also help fill any gaps in your diet.

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Menopause Specialist in Dallas, Texas

Even though every woman goes through menopause at some point, many women don't know much about it! Menopause is an important part of your life — your body will go through many changes. If you need help navigating menopause, come in for a consultation at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas. Our expert staff can talk you through menopause and help you understand the changes taking place in your body. In some cases, women opt to receive menopause treatments like hormone replacement therapy.

#menopause #hormonereplacementtherapy #DallasTX #RockwallTX

From puberty to menopause, the experts at Women's Health Specialists of Dallas can care for all of your women's health needs. Located in both Dallas and Rockwall, Texas, our specialists provide everything from birth control to cancer screenings to infertility treatment. To learn more or book an appointment, call us today! (214-363-4421).


Fun & Frugal Summer Bucket List for the Whole Family

With school out for the summer, finding fun and affordable ways to keep the kids busy can be a daunting task. This year, keep costs low and spirits high with a summer bucket list! Don't be afraid to keep it simple; plan a hike or pack a healthy picnic and head to the park for some family fun in the sun.

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historyextra.com 06/21/2019

7 surprising facts about the history of medicine

Did you know that surgeons in Uganda developed the cesarean procedures? Or that cataract surgery would have been possible in the 6th century? In this day and age, it seems like everything is possible, but it's fun to look back on how some of the procedures we know today came about and developed. Here are seven interesting facts about the history of medicine: http://ow.ly/W5eR30oLkQ6

#MedicalEvolution #MedicalFacts #DallasTX #RockwallTX

historyextra.com How did people in the past treat illness, injury and disease? What medicines did they use? Here, Caroline Rance shares seven facts from medicine’s long and often shocking history – from the first general anaesthetic to early caesareans and medicinal leeches…


Why Does Pregnancy Cause Cravings?

Women's health experts aren't entirely sure what causes pregnant women to experience unusual cravings, but a leading theory is that it has to do with fluctuating hormones. What's the strangest thing you craved during your pregnancy?

#pregnancy #cravings #momtobe

thebump.com 06/19/2019

20 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks You’ll Actually Want to Nosh On

Snacking for Two: How to Choose Healthy Snacks When You're Pregnant

Snacking when you're pregnant is vital to maintain your energy levels and prevent your blood sugar from crashing. That said, it's important to choose nutrient-dense snacks that will help you feel your best. Hummus and veggies, baked potato with Greek yogurt, banana or apple with peanut butter, and cottage cheese and fruit are good examples of satisfying healthy snacks.

#pregnancyhealth #snack #DallasTX

thebump.com Looking for healthy pregnancy snacks to satisfy those cravings? Scroll through these best pregnancy snack ideas that are sure to keep you happy and healthy.

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