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America's unhealthy lifestyles 06/22/2021

America's unhealthy lifestyles

A good summary of socio-economic factors and lifestyle choices which undermine health and longevity. "Haves and have nots" in the US can be economic and financial or it can be the relative healthy and relative ill.

America's unhealthy lifestyles In addition to inflicting a sizable human toll, unhealthy lifestyles are exacting substantial costs from families, employers and the U.S. economy.

Preventing the Consequences of Chronic Stress 10/19/2020

Preventing the Consequences of Chronic Stress

Stress is a simple term, but is a broad set of responses with strong physiological and psychological effects. Those effects overtime become the basis of many functional imbalances and lead to sustained problems and health conditions.

Call it an important ingredient of disease and the aging process. Healthcare, whether self administered as lifestyle choices (outlook, diet, exercise etc) or as provided by trained providers needs to recognize and treat this underlying factor.

Preventing the Consequences of Chronic Stress Understanding the stress response can help you avoid it

MRIs Predict Acupuncture Migraine Success 09/26/2020

MRIs Predict Acupuncture Migraine Success

My experience with patients at the North Texas Institute for Neurology and Headaches: patients who consistently come for treatment, their migraine frequency and intensity will often decrease. This study provides 12 sessions, 3 weekly for 4 weeks. The study only uses 5 specific acu-points, and there were very good responses, 50% reduction of monthly headaches. That occurred in 19 or 41 subjects and those 19 all had a similar brain image within a particular area of the brain.

Regardless of the practicality of this type of treatment verse taking various medications for both prevention and aborting of migraine occurrence, this is a very good study to demonstrate effectiveness of acupuncture, with researchers from a major US university (Harvard), and with common, objective technological accessment (MRI).

MRIs Predict Acupuncture Migraine Success Harvard Medical School researchers find migraines are reduced with acupuncture and MRIs predict success.

The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity 05/30/2020

The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity

Close to 25% of US population qualify for the diagnosis of Metaboloc syndrome. The five factors associated with the syndrome are : excess belly fat, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels (insulin resistance), low HDL/good cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.
Obesity is not just being overweight or having an above normal BMI. Being excessively over weight is a clear sign that all the other factors of Metabolic Syndrome are likely developing or present at harmful levels.
The CDC released a study 2/2020 suggesting 42% of all Americans are obese. If there is a rational the country and governmental authorities should only set stay-at-home restrictions for vulnerable individuals who would be most threatened by the CoVid19 virus, regardless of age, the US economy will still be severely limited. Poor health and a corporate driven health system are as much a threat to the US economy as the virus.
Poor health and a societal ineptitude to drive change, coupled with the accumulating damage of climate change are probably the greatest threats to the human species.
We will you and I do about it?

The Dangerous Link Between Coronavirus and Obesity ‘Our world is facing two pandemics right now,’ says Dr. Rami Bailony

Can you spare a minute to help Mark Fitzpatrick? 04/04/2019

Can you spare a minute to help Mark Fitzpatrick?

Support the TAAOM's effort to improve the statutory language for the Acupuncture Profession in Texas

Can you spare a minute to help Mark Fitzpatrick? 479 signatures are still needed! Support HB 3194

We are bombarded by thousands of diverse species and chemicals 09/21/2018

We are bombarded by thousands of diverse species and chemicals

Ann Cecil Sterman, a senior student of Jeffrey Yuen, teacher and author of the book, Advanced Acupuncture, used the same "pig-pen cloud" analogy to describe our Wei qi. The interface of our internal microbiome with the external environment, in this article is termed the exposome.
According to recent understanding of the microbiome, our human/mammalian cell and DNA matter is only about 10% of the entire make up of our bodies. The cloud we carry around and emanate is a multi-organism. The individual and the personal biology or health, we claim, is an entire universe of interacting stuff, animate and inanimate. Trippy and cosmic !?.

Chinese medicine recognized this interface of the human qi with the environmental qi and describes the functional mechanisms, symptoms of illness , and means to maintain or re-establish a balance, all which constitute a system of health and healthcare. Movement/exercise, diet, medicinal uses of plant/animal/mineral materials, massage, acupuncture and other modalities are effective methods for maintaining and restoring health when utilized within the entire, conceptual framework of the medicine. This is not an alternative to modern Western scientific medince, it is a separate and in many ways equal paradigm of how the human body functions.
That modern methods of research and analysis explains the concepts utilized by CM does not to replace or convert those earlier concepts with a scientific explaination. CM remains a living, functioning science that is capable of adapting the insights of western science to it's own methodologies, not to replace the old with the new.

We are bombarded by thousands of diverse species and chemicals Stanford scientists have measured the human “exposome,” or the particulates, chemicals and microbes that individually swaddle us all, in unprecedented detail.





5310 Harvest Hill Road, Suite 169
Dallas, TX
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