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Dr Justin H Thompson


100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it. - Voxhttps://apple.news/AGqIGv_cPTtGdvku3aNakRQ

wfaa.com 11/08/2017

Dallas, Tarrant counties to sue drug distributors

Check out my piece on Opioid Dependence

wfaa.com Dallas and Tarrant counties on Tuesday became the first two urban Texas counties to wage war against the makers and distributors of opioids.


Dr Justin H Thompson


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Enjoying my first day with Dallas Pain Consultants www.dallaspainconsultants.com on the Beautiful Methodist Dallas Campus. Lets Go!!

washingtonpost.com 05/07/2017

Opinion | Every Republican who voted for this abomination must be held accountable

A terrible idea for healthcare. You know when the insurance companies are the happy and the Docs and Hospitals are against its a raw deal.

washingtonpost.com This is one of the most important moments in recent political history.


Dr. Justin H. Thompson


apple.news 03/31/2017

How the opioid epidemic became America?s worst drug crisis ever, in 15 maps and charts

How the opioid epidemic became America’s worst drug crisis ever, in 15 maps and charts - Vox

apple.news Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than HIV/AIDS did at its peak. These maps and charts tell the story.

apple.news 02/14/2017

Doctors finally admit drugs can’t fix most cases of back pain

Have agreed with this for sometime
Doctors finally admit drugs can’t fix most cases of back pain - Vox

apple.news The American College of Physicians now recommends heat therapy and yoga ahead of pain meds for lower back pain.


Recognized as a #topdoc #thankful #luminhealth



Did you know that the spinal cord is only about 1 centimeter thick and ceases growing after the age of 5? #HealthFacts #DidYouKnow #SpineCARE #HumanBody

blog.spinecaredfw.com 06/17/2016

What Foods Act As Natural Painkillers and Promote Wellness? - SpineCARE...


blog.spinecaredfw.com We all know that eating a sensible diet can keep us healthy and active overall, but it may come as a surprise to learn that certain foods can also...

blog.spinecaredfw.com 06/11/2016

How to Avoid Bulging Discs and Herniated Discs Once and For All

Check out my latest blog post from May 2016.


blog.spinecaredfw.com You’re bending down and you feel a pop in your back. Suddenly, you’re hit with sharp, shooting pains and you ache with every twist or turn. Most people refer to this type of accident as "throwing out their back", but what does that mean? What exactly happened inside your back to cause your pain and


Dr Justin H Thompson



Did you know that the brain itself does not feel #pain? Although it's the interpreter of pain, via chemicals that send pain signals to receptors in the brain, it doesn't actually have any pain-sensitive nerves - Only the structures surrounding the brain feel pain! #PainCARE #HealthFacts #HumanBody #PainManagement



Ancient Mesoamerican cultures, such as the Olmec, Aztec and Mayan cultures, used chocolate as a medicine and as a medium in which other medicines were ingested. #ThrowbackThursday #HealthFacts #TBT



Implementing low-sugar fruits into your diet, such as cherries, cranberries and plums, can help alleviate inflammation AND are chock-full of vitamins! #HealthTips #Wellness #PainManagement #PainCARE



If you're struggling with chronic pain, consider keeping a pain journal and bring it to your next doctor appointment. This can be an excellent way for your physician to better understand and effectively treat your pain and any underlying issues. #HealthTips #PainCARE #PainManagement #DFW



If you're suffering from aches, stiffness and/or pain, try a 20-minute warm bath. The water reduces the force of gravity compressing the joint, can increase circulation and decrease inflammation or swelling. For the best results, keep the water temperature between 92 - 100 degrees. #HealthTips #BackPain #PainCARE #PainManagement



Did you know that the spinal cord is comprised of over 100 joints and is approximately 25% cartilage? This is why arthritis and other joint issues can be so detrimental. Minimally Invasive SpineCARE has treated thousands of patients throughout the North Texas area, so make an appointment right away if your arthritis is affecting your daily life and wellbeing. Our Board-certified spinal surgeons perform some of the most advanced procedures available today. #SpineCARE #DFW #Arthritis #BackPain



Did you know that pain affects more people than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined? An estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Minimally Invasive SpineCARE can help find the root cause of your cervical, lumbar or thoracic pain and recommend innovative treatments based on your lifestyle, goals and overall health. #BackPain #SpineCARE #DFW #HealthFacts

painstopshere1.wordpress.com 04/12/2016

How to Tell the Difference Between a Headache and a Migraine


painstopshere1.wordpress.com When your head starts hurting, how do you know if you are suffering from a normal headache or something more severe? Determining the cause of head pain can be difficult, as cranial pain and pressur…


Come see me at my Plano location 3909 W Parker (Corner of Coit and Parker).


Come see me at my McKinney location 210 N Custer (Corner of Virginia and Custer)



Did you know that there are over 120 muscles in the spine and around 220 ligaments? Additionally, there are 5 vertebrae in your lower back area, 12 vertebrae in your middle back region and 7 vertebrae in your neck. #HealthFacts #SpineCARE #SpineFacts #HumanBody

spinecare.luminhealth.com 04/11/2016

Sacroiliac Joint Pain | Minimally Invasive SpineCARE®


spinecare.luminhealth.com The sacroiliac joint is in the low back where the spine meets the pelvis. Conduct a self-diagnosis of sacroiliac joint pain in our comprehensive guide.

www.washingtonpost.com 04/06/2016

The disturbing reason some African American patients are undertreated for pain


www.washingtonpost.com Study shows that white medical students and residents often hold "fantastical" stereotypes about blacks that may explain why African Americans are less likely to receive pain medication.



Did you know that, according to the National Centers for Health Statistics, back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old? PainCARE Institute offers a groundbreaking process in which real time, medication-filled I.V. X-ray injections quickly find the source of your pain. #BackPain #PainManagement #PainMapping #DFW



Stress intensifies chronic pain. Take measures to reduce the stress in your life - Try using meditation, guided imagery and even soothing or calming music to eliminate negative feelings. #PainManagement #ChronicPain #HealthTips #PainCARE

news.doximity.com 04/02/2016

Epidural Steroid Injections Cut Spending for Low Back Pain


news.doximity.com Eric Sun, MD PhD, [email protected]; Beth Darnall, PhD1; Laurence Baker, PhD1; Sean Mackey, MD PhD1; (1) Stanford University Introduction: Although Epidural Steroid Injections (ESIs) have been shown to improve pain and disability scores for patient with low back pain, whether they reduce health...


One year ago today I signed with Lumin Health! Blessed and thankful to be part of the team 😊 #tbt #luminhealth #painmanagement


Happy to support the Trinity Links Diamonds and Sneakers Gala and Benefiting So Smaart


Thanks to the radiology technicians at Methodist McKinney for always making the cases great!! Great times at Methodist McKinney Staff appreciation party tonight!!


Rocking the new Lumin PainCare Scrubs in Plano Office today #luminhealth #paincare




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