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Robb Kelly Recovery Group offers tailored individual recovery HIPPA compliant programs that are leading the way in permanent recovery ! Robb Kelly Recovery Group is a different kind of addiction recovery program.

We believe in treating the true problem, not the symptoms of addiction and alcoholism. Alcohol and drugs are only a symptom of the actual malady. The real problem lies in our mind, and our thinking. Many alcoholics and addicts believe that if they could just stop drinking or using, all their problems would be solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When the alcohol and drugs are removed, the

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[04/25/19]   Robb Kelly Recovery Group
Proud sponsors of Johnson High School San Antonio.!



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[01/01/18]   Partners Robb Kelly and Catherine Dillon. Wish you all a Happy New Year from Robb Kelly Addiction Services

[12/11/17]   From the soon to be released book from Dr Robb Kelly
"Daddy, daddy please stop drinking"

I know now that neurologically my brain does not process alcohol like millions of others. It is poison to my body and my mind. It’s been known since 1935 that once the mental obsession starts there is no stopping the first drink in the alcoholic cycle. Once the first drink is taken, the physical allergy takes over and the compulsion to drink is paramount and consequences be damned. Some people drink because it’s a social norm but I drank to feel normal.
In my 20 years of working with alcoholics and addicts, I have come to believe that there is a distinction between a true alcoholic with the addictive brain and a heavy drinker. A heavy drinker drinks as a means to socialize or relax but given sufficient reason such as wife is going to leave or a doctor has advised them to stop or moderate, they can. Once an alcoholic takes alcohol into their system, they are fu**ed. The mind becomes fixated on the next drink, and the next one… it’s virtually impossible to stop without outside intervention once the disease has control.

[12/07/17]   RKRG once again is giving back to the community. Parents, if you are struggling with the financial strain of buying kids presents at Christmas and want help....
Send Dr Robb a message telling him why your family should be the one who receives FREE gifts this year. Send him the top three gifts for your kids and RKRG with buy them for you..
Parent must be in recovery and a one parent family


[11/16/17]   We cannot forget how important the behavior change is preceding a relapse. Spot the change, spot the relapse..
Dr Robb Kelly


An Hour with Dr. Robb Kelly

Great show..

Doctor Robb Kelly is a world-renowned addiction consultant who believes in treating the problem of addiction, not the symptoms.



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