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Vote for Christine Alvarez RN to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine 06/18/2021

Vote for Christine Alvarez RN to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine

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1x a day for the next 7 days- learn what I am most passionate about in life and how I plan to carry out my personal mission ❤️

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Vote for Christine Alvarez RN to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine Who will take home 20k and be featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine? You decide!


National Nurses United

#PSA #PLEASESIGNPETITION National #Nurses #United and 🙏 repost and share!!!

Tell #Congress: We demand nurses are protected during COVID-19.

Nurses across the country report that they are not receiving the proper staffing, personal protective equipment (PPE), education, and communication from their employers, or isolation rooms they need to safely care for COVID-19 patients.

This is unconscionable. At a moment when we are asking nurses and other health care workers to step up and protect people, we must be able to protect them as well.

I stand with nurses, and I demand that you do everything in your power to ensure they are protected from COVID-19, because all of our lives depend on it.

-❤️- #ChristineAlvarezRN #wellness4nurses #nursemom #wellness4workingwomen #healthiswealth #raiseyourvibration
#collectiveconciousness #FCorona
#supportyournurses #aestheticnurse #wellnesscoach #ccrn #beautypreneur #CBDNurse #nursepreneur #NurseLife #LivingTheScrublife #SuperheroInScrubs

As we fight COVID-19, nurses across the country report not getting the proper:

❌ staffing,
❌ personal protective equipment (PPE),
❌ education,
❌ communication from employers, or
❌ isolation rooms.

Sign the petition to demand Congress do everything in their power to protect nurses from COVID-19. All our lives depend on it.


#NeedABotoxBreak !? 💉

-❤️- #christinealvarezrn
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Why Network Marketers Need To Think More Like Gym Owners Than Sales Managers

#ExcellentRead for any #Networkers #Leaders in #MLM out there - “ Why #NetworkersNeedToBeMoreLikeGymOwners
-❤️- #ChristineAlvarezRN #Mompreneur @Christinealvarezrn @Christine Alvarez RN Unfortunately, most network marketers operate like a sales manager. It's not good for your team. It's not good for you. It's not good for the industry.Here I share exactly why it's important to start acting like a Gym Owner.

[10/11/18]   Q&A w/ Alex Goldstein on Oct 10th

Please watch last nights #Replay #FBLive He talked about dosing again, awesome company updates /improvements coming including 8 and 24 packs and 👉 #HowDoesTheHGH (in the gel) #PassTransdermally


#GrowthHormone is known to help with #Hydration -❤️- #ChristineAlvarezRN #HealthIsWealth

“Studies show that GH can restore the body’s ability to hydrate itself—hold water in its tissues—in a balanced form. A baby’s tissues will hold about 90 percent water, which is what makes the skin soft and smooth; an adult’s tissues can hold about 60 percent water; and an elderly person about 40 percent. Properly dosed GH could bring an individual’s hydration back to around 60 to 70 percent, that of a 20 or 30 year-old. This is probably one reason why people using GH often report that their skin is soft and pliable and that fine lines and wrinkles fade.”

**Excerpt From
Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH by Dr. Howard Davis
Christine Alvarez RN Christinealvarezrn


One of the most powerful visual #testimony so far, copied from a friends page-

🚫THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL CLAIM...But it is a FANTASTIC story about my Daddy:

I just saw my dad, who has been on the gel for about 2 weeks. He has CHF and COPD, among other issues. As a result of the CHF, he experiences significant edema in his feet, ankles, and lower legs.

He has been on prescription “water pills” for quite some time with little relief, and LOTS of side effects. He has tried multiple medications with minimal benefit. He keeps his feet elevated almost all the time, and his quality of life is significantly affected as a result. My HOPE was that the gel would help some with his cardiac function (purely speculative on my part, but I thought, what can it hurt?), and alleviate his edema. So he started the gel, and within about 3 days he told me that his ankles looked “like a ballerina”. I really thought he was being sarcastic, because that’s how he is. 😂 But again, he’s been on the gel for almost 2 weeks at this point and I am SPEECHLESS at what I just saw! I’m attaching a picture of what his feet have looked like (frequently) in the past, and what they look like today. And according to him, they’ve looked like this for over a week. No other changes besides adding the gel!

-❤️- Christine Alvarez RN
#HealthIsWealth @ Christinealvarezrn


Antiagingfanatics's cover photo


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#Louisiana #BatonRouge #SupportFloodRecovery IN JUST 3 DAYS -These amazing women will be sharing the exciting announcements from #Dallas #GR16
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****Rally the troops and get EVERYONE to this event!!!!!


This was such a blast! 2/3rds of the peeps were not even in the pic! This is our #globallegacyteam #glt @ #GR16 #Dallas Global Legacy Team -❤️- #ChristineAlvarezRN


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