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Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic


Thank you Dr. Franklin! We appreciate you more than words can say! ❤ #graduationday 🎉🎊
Another example of the awesome results of the Lip Competence Therapy Program created by Dr Honor Franklin at Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic. Look how this 9 year old boy’s dental occlusion improved in 9 visits over 11 months. No tongue therapy. No swallowing therapy. No speech therapy. No orthodontic work yet! It works!!
Note: Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy never takes the place of orthodontic treatment.
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THROWBACK THURSDAY: This precious 8 year old girl was enrolled in the Digitsucking Elimination program created by Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic in 2002 and eliminated her thumb sucking habit in 9 visits over 8 months. Look at her improved dental occlusion. Her results were photographed using FILM because Dr. Franklin knew the importance of documenting her results which gives clinicians proof and credibility plus is the best motivator for patients. #Documentyourresults #proofnotverbalclaims #nomoresucking #suckinghabitsareharmful
The Zickefoose Lip Exerciser - ZLE, created by Bill Zickefoose, founder of the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM), is now offered in 2 sizes, a thicker one with blue string and a thinner one with pink string. Both cost the same but are used for different patients - age of patient, shortened upper lip, amount of lip tension, etc. The pink string ZLE is used mostly on children and the blue string ZLE is used for older patients but it really depends on the patients' lips because the pink ZLE is also used on adults. The Blue String ZLE is 1mm thicker than the Pink String ZLE. This is the ONLY lip stretching, lip strengthening , lip closure exerciser Dr Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic has used for years. Check out Facebook posts on her results as well as her website at honorfranklin.com.
Yes, I would recommend Honor. She helped my daughter when Kristin was a teen, even though Kristin didn’t practice as much as recommended. Thanks for working with us.
Carolyn Philpott Pearson
Thanks for the photo !
I've known Dr.Franklin for 50 yrs, she is one of the best doctors in her field. She works with each patient one on one and has a great compassion to strive for the utmost in perfection. I'll give Dr.Franklin a "10"!
I came across some before and after photo's and the results are amazing! I'm wondering what the force is that makes the chin come forward? Also you recommend braces in conjunction right? Some myofunctial therapists (and orthortropics) claim correct posture and habits by itself can straighten teeth and that braces will only work as a break on the wanted facial development. Curious to your professional views.Would appreciate it a lot.

Specializing in the treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders & Articulation Speech Disorders since 1977! Happy 40 PLUS Years Work Anniversary!!!

Dr.Franklin is celebrating 40 PLUS YEARS in private practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in children, adolescents and adults which include an incorrect resting lip and tongue posture, an incorrect swallowing pattern ( known as "tongue thrust"), prolonged non-nutritive sucking habits and related articulation (speech) disorders. She holds the dis

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Patient Testimonials | Rave Reviews | DFW Myofunctional Therapy

Check out some of the wonderful Patient testimonials!

Patient Testimonials | Rave Reviews | DFW Myofunctional Therapy Hear from some of our happy patients, or take a few moments to share your story with us.


"My daughter just graduated from eliminating a life long habit of finger sucking. At 13, she hardly remembers what fingers she sucked - absolutely amazing! Dr. Franklin has a great approach to helping those who have finger/thumb sucking habits. I high recommend her to anyone who has exhausted efforts on breaking this terrible habit. She has truly been a blessing to our family, and more importantly Ashlyn, now feels more confident than ever in herself! Thank you Dr. Franklin!!!!!!"


About Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic | Orofacial Myology Dallas | DFW Myologist

In case you are a new follower here is a little info about Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic

About Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic | Orofacial Myology Dallas | DFW Myologist Get to know Dr. Franklin. Dedicated to helping patients correct a number of myofunctional and articulation disorders, she goes above and beyond to help patients.


Want proof our therapy works? Check out our website at HonorFranklin.com.

Look at the improvement in this young boy's facial shape after 13 visits over 15 months with orofacial myofunctional therapy with Dr. Honor Franklin at Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic with emphasis on lip competence and nasal breathing (via the help of an ENT and Allergist on her team) using the revolutionary mini-myofunctional therapy program she created after specializing in OMDs for over 40 years! Two exercises ONCE a day. NO swallowing therapy. NO tongue therapy. NO tongue tie. NO busy work. It Works! .


Former Patient and Speech Language Pathologist shares her experience at Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic:

"As a speech pathology professional and a patient of Dr. Franklin’s, I recommend her on from my personal and professional opinion. Located off of Alpha, it is a drive for my sessions from Frisco, but worth my (now) weekly drive. Dr. Franklin and the entire office staff is top-notch. Dr. Franklin is one of a kind in her skill set, bedside manner and genuine care for you, or your family member. If you are considering Dr. Franklin, don’t hesitate. She is worth it! Just as with any therapy, Dr. Franklin doesn’t have a magic wand; however, with your consistent practice and continuation of exercises at home (and ALL the reps or required sets), you will see a difference. I had a 40-year problem and extensive orthodontic history and surgery, and she has made a huge difference and I will always be grateful for her experience and therapy. Good luck to you considering this office; you made the right decision."


Fingernail biting is a parafunctional habit that needs to be eliminated not only because it causes an unnecessary forward placement of the tongue against the teeth from an orofacial myofunctional therapy standpoint but "the front teeth are not meant to be in a constant chewing mode", according to Dr. Paula Jones of the AGD. Other potential dangers include damage to the gums from sharp points and edges of nails and the spread of infection. Bacteria in the mouth can spread to the fingers and hands while bacteria or fungi from the rest of the body can spread to the mouth. In this time of Covid-19, it even more important to eliminate this harmful habit. Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists trained by the International Association of Orofacial Myology like Dr. Honor Franklin of Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic are able to help eliminate this harmful habit.




Adults can benefit from orofacial myofunctional therapy, too. Look at the facial changes that have occurred so far especially in her chin and lips with the Zickefoose Lip Exerciser in 3 visits over 4 months. Thanks to a compliant patient, an ability to breathe nasally via the help of an Allergist and ENT who understand orofacial myofunctional disorders and orofacial myofunctional therapy using the Zickefoose Lip exerciser, results like this are common. Cant wait to see the final results! Thanks, Dr. McBride Orthodontics for referring this wonderful patient! For more information, check out website at honorfranklin.com.


"We had a great experience with Dr. Franklin. She is AMAZING with children and their parents. She is extremely caring, interested, and excellent at her job. She made the sessions fun and interesting, and made my child feel special. My 7 year old loved his time with Dr. Franklin and sped through his therapy. All of the staff members were kind and helpful, including helping my son with his homework while he was waiting for me to arrive to take him home (Thank you Amanda!)."


❄️Attention❄️ Thursday February 24, 2022 we will be closed… FOR AN ICE DAY ☃️. Everyone stay warm.


Happy TWOSDAY ✌️ 2.22.22


CPR saves lives and so can we thanks to Shaun Gomez for teaching our CPR recertification class today ♥️


This is Part 3 of my 46 year old female patient referred by the orthodontist, Dr. Evan Wilson of Wilson Orthodontics. Notice the gradual improvement in her lips and chin. Initially, she presented with an open mouth posture and low resting posture of her tongue due to nasal airway issues. A referral to an ENT revealed no nasal obstruction but a referral to an Allergist revealed she had strong Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis allergies and allergy medication was prescribed to control her allergies. Once she was able to control her allergies by following the allergists's recommendations precisely, she was enrolled in Dr. Honor Franklin's Traditional Formal orofacial myofunctional therapy program with our goal being to teach a normal oral rest posture of the tongue and lips and normal swallowing pattern in order to assist the orthodontist in achieving a stabilized occlusion. Kudos to a terrific patient!


Digit Sucking Habits (Thumbsucking/Fingersucking) | Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic | Dallas Myology

Did you know that infants often appear to be sucking their thumbs or fingers in ultra-sounds before they’re even born?

Digit Sucking Habits (Thumbsucking/Fingersucking) | Honor Franklin Myofunctional & Speech Clinic | Dallas Myology Help your child kick their digit sucking habit to ensure proper dental development, facial support, and clear speech.


I am so proud of this handsome young man! He is such a hard worker and all around great kid! Congratulations 🎓


HOORAY!!! Another patient's mother shared her daugher's myofunctional journey with us on Google: "There is no question about it, Dr. Honor Franklin is top notch! From the moment we first stepped foot into her office 1.5 years ago, to every single visit even now, we are greeted with a warm smile and a caring heart. Dr. Franklin is one of a kind, and her treatment process has done absolute wonders for my now 15 year old daughter. Our pediatric dentist originally referred us to Dr. Franklin, and we are so grateful that she did. It has been a life changing experience. Dr. Franklin was instrumental in first identifying and then correcting so many issues for my daughter including a tongue thrust, open mouth posture, allergies, giant tonsils, etc. Through her personal investment in my daughter and all of her referrals, efforts and treatment, she has helped restore my daughter's confidence and given her a beautiful, healthy smile!

Not only is Dr. Franklin incredible, but her assistant, Amanda, is as well. She is always on top of things, responsive, accommodating and personally interested in every single patient who walks through the door. My daughter's ongoing treatment continues to be a delight with thoughtful, expert care, and the results speak for themselves. We are truly AMAZED!"

Our Story

Happy OVER 40 Year Work Anniversary!!! Dr.Franklin is celebrating 42 YEARS in private practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders in children, adolescents and adults which include an incorrect resting lip and tongue posture, an incorrect swallowing pattern ( known as "tongue thrust"), prolonged non-nutritive sucking habits and related articulation (speech) disorders. She holds the distinction of being a Certified Orofacial Myologist/Myofunctional Therapist by the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) ; an honor held by a small percentage of professionals practicing orofacial myofunctional therapy. In fact, she is the ONLY Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist in Dallas and is only one of three in the state of Texas! And no one else has had the years of extensive experience treating patients with orofacial myofunctional disorders in the United States or Internationally.
In addition, as a practicing Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist , she maintains Licensure by the State of Texas and a Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She works with children, adolescents and adults to correct articulation speech disorders.

Dr. Franklin has had extensive training and experience with orofacial myofunctional disorders and articulation (speech) disorders and is considered an expert in these fields.

In addition to having a busy private practice, she lectures to orthodontic residents at the Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry educating them about orofacial myofunctional disorders, lectures at numerous dental study groups of maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, dental hygienists, and general dentists and mentors several IAOM members. In addition, she co-authored with Robert Mason,DDS,PhD, Emeritus Professor of Surgery and Previous Chief of Orthodontics at Duke University Medical Center, an invited editorial for the journal, "Otolaryngology", entitled,"Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and Otolaryngologists" in October, 2014 and a paper entitled, "Position Statement of the International Association of Orofacial Myology Regarding: Appliance Use for Oral Habit Patterns", IJOM, 2009, Vol.35.

Referrals come from orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, pediatric dentists , pediatricians, speech-language pathologists and schools. Learn more at honorfranklin.com.

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