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Growth Life Studio updated their address. 10/08/2021

Growth Life Studio updated their address.

Growth Life Studio updated their address.


As most of you know, after 14 years in the Oak Cliff community, this will be my last week serving up adjustments. I would love to see your smiling face before we pack up and head out for our adventures out west. (Even if you just want to pop in for a hug)

FYI- Be on the lookout for an email and social posts regarding transitioning care with the Urban Hippie Team and future records requests.


Quarantine fun with this little knucklehead!! I hope you guys are getting outside, finding that silver-lining.


Feeling that stress, I got you!!! Feel free to reach out on what I am doing to make appointments as safe a possible. #75208

What if the Coronavirus is the Ultimate Pause & Reset Button? 03/28/2020

What if the Coronavirus is the Ultimate Pause & Reset Button?

For all of my glass half-full clients 😉, a nice weekend read for some hopeful perspective!

What if the Coronavirus is the Ultimate Pause & Reset Button? In a world driven by progress, we have forgotten how to be still.


Birddorks loving this gym closure thing. Got it in today, did you? Couple spots open this afternoon if you want to get your nervous system dialed in, so that you can be at your best. Love you all!!!


Have to say, all clients have been cool, calm, collected and RESPONSIBLE in light of the national freak out. I'm proud of you all. Keep setting great examples. 👊👊👊


Are you giving your body everything it needs to be at its best today? Getting that movement in while being neighborly and keep that social distance. Let’s be smart and remember that maggots don’t bring the trash, trash creates an environment allowing the maggots to exist. See you in a few!!!!


From our knuckleheads to yours, Merry Christmas.

We will be closed all next week, resuming normal hours the following Monday.

(Tomorrow is totally booked but if you are trying to get in, shoot me a text and I will see what I can do.)


We all need to be a little “childish” sometimes.

Timeline photos 10/28/2019

Sorry Monday morning peeps. CIVIC DUTY CALLS


Just opened up more morning hours for this Thursday (7am-9am), hope this helps.

Timeline photos 09/23/2019

SHORT WEEK NOTICE: Closed Sep 27th ( Friday ) - Sep 30th (Monday). Please schedule accordingly and message me if you can’t find a time slot and I will see what I can do.

Timeline photos 08/24/2019

A lot going on in September, please adjust your schedule according. #75208

Timeline photos 08/01/2019

⚡️⚡️Grateful⚡️⚡️ #75208

Timeline photos 07/31/2019

Write it down, and your follow through will go through the roof!!! ( a sweet pen and journal from helps too). #75208


Looks like the scheduler (GenBook) is down at the moment. Feel free to shoot me a text if you are trying to get in today. I still have a few openings today.

Timeline photos 07/22/2019

Nuff said....New week, new opportunity, where will you choose to put your energy? #75208

Timeline photos 07/18/2019

Self improvement, self improvement, self improvement, self improvement, #75208

Timeline photos 06/26/2019

To all of our hero’s out there that hold us accountable even when they have moved on. You may notice this hanging up. This was my Pawpaw’s hat, he stood firm on no black hats, cause the good guys never wore black and they always prevailed in the end. John Wayne was his hero, he was my John Wayne. He taught me the value of hard work, paving your own path, calling your own shots in life, unconditional love, the character that people associate with your name is your greatest asset, life is to short to not give people the benefit of the doubt, the list goes on. I talk to him and hear his wisdom replay in my head everyday. I wonder what a team we would have made in business. I miss him dearly but I know I am luckily to have stood on the shoulders of such a giant. cliff chiropractor #75208

Timeline photos 06/25/2019

⚡️Shaking things up around here⚡️

Timeline photos 06/11/2019

HEAD PHONES IN, WORLD OUT!!! The iron sanctuary for me is about pressing myself to the point to where my brain can do nothing but focus on that moment. The high afterwards is just BONUS. Chiropractic keeping me in the game!!!

Timeline photos 06/03/2019

Excited to step into the new week!!! If you’re not, let’s take a look at how you are preparing your body, mind, and soul to take on the new day. #75208

Timeline photos 05/23/2019

Auggie says “Y’all have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day with your loved ones and we will see you next Wednesday”.

Timeline photos 05/20/2019

Come get tuned up!!! Short week (Mon-Wed) #75208


Short Week Notice**** Get your adjustment on Monday-Wednesday 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 The office will be closed May 23-28 for a little R&R.

Timeline photos 05/17/2019

Health is not a matter of LUCK, but mostly a matter of being responsible. Even on beautiful Fridays when you are done at the office and you just want to find a patio with your honey that you haven’t seen all week. (It didn’t happen unless you selfie, right ?)

Timeline photos 05/16/2019

“IDK, I didn’t do anything” In most cases it’s not what you did, but rather what you didn’t do. Health is a process, created from within, nourished by consistent action steps. Chiropractic can start the fire, you have to keep it burning. #75208

Timeline photos 03/22/2019

This spring morning sun right now is strongly reminding of my purpose. To awaken the light within you, so that you can share it with the world through your purpose.

Timeline photos 03/20/2019

Spring has sprung!! Just as nature is cyclical, so is the human body. Chiropractic taps you fully into that beautiful wisdom that resides within all things, orchestrating all that perfection.

Timeline photos 03/14/2019

A spring break tradition... LUCK REUNION. Nothing like recharging watching masters of their craft in a intimate setting on Willie Nelson’s Ranch.

Timeline photos 03/04/2019

We are reloaded with good feels for your face, thanks to 🤩🥳. 11 years no scratchy face paper. Only the best for our peeps.

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