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Plastic Surgery. This praise and thanks is long overdue. Spring, 2019 I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma under my left eye. It was an “Oh, $#@&” moment because the tiny spot had been there for many years, missed by my former dematologist and other doctors. My dematologist recommended a Moh’s surgeon and a plastic surgeon (Dr. Zev Shulkin). I met both Doctors prior to the 4/29 Mohs surgery. No one seemed overtly panicked, the visibile diameter of the basal cell was the same as the top of a pencil eraser, maybe a little smaller. I had four Moh’s cuts which left me with a quarter sized hole under my left eye. The Moh’s surgeon was aloof and impersonal, I was just one in a line of people lined up and cut. I knew it was bad when the Moh’s surgeon said he needed to take a photo to send to the Dr. Shulkin immediately (as in, “this is much worse than we thought”). After the last cut, the surgeon did not return to say, “hey, we got clean margins, good luck...”. Nothing. An assistant came in and caulderized the hole on my face and told me I could go. I asked to see the hole with a mirror. The second, “oh, $#@%” moment. At this point I was scared witless, this was far more invasive and involved. I was to go to Dr. Shulkin’s office the afternoon following Moh’s surgery and was scheduled for surgery the following morning at Medical Cities.

When I arrived at Dr. Shulkin‘s office, I was barely holding it together. The first thing I remember was Dr. Shulkin and his staff radiating compassion. They asked me how I was, what happened? At that moment, I just released everything, my fear, my sadness and cried. It was such a human gesture to ask, how are you? When you are going through something unexpectedly traumatic, you just are looking for someone to tell you it is going to be okay. They did.

The following day, before surgery, Dr. Shulkin met with me and my husband and explained the issues with fixing the hole under my eye.

Following surgery, Dr. Shulkin was upbeat. He gave me his telephone number and told me to call anytime, he meant it. Dr. Shulkin called me at home to check up on me. I have had two post-op visits. The plastic surgery was nothing short of remarkable. The tricky part of my surgery is to move enough skin to cover the hole, but not have the “moved skin” in anyway tug on your eye or distort you facial expression.

There you have my experience. My plastic surgery was a complete success. I would like to underscore Dr. Shulkin and his staff’s kindness and compassion, it is the difference between a skilled surgeon and a great surgeon and a decent person. Dr. Shulkin is a doctor who treated me as person with kindness and a patient with skill. Every Doctor and other person who are familiar with the scope of my Moh’s surgery, when they see my face now, say, “you had a great plastic surgeon.” I did. Thank you.
Dr. Shulkin is wonderful ! He explains everything and now I no longer have double vision and can see so good ! I highly recommend him to anyone with eye problems. He has a friendly staff that makes you feel at ease. Thank you so much !!

A native of Dallas, He performs injectable treatments and cosmetic eyelid procedures & specializes in diseases of the eyelid and orbit for adults and kids.

Welcome to the medical offices of Dr. Zev Shulkin. A native of Dallas, Dr. Zev Shulkin specializes in diseases of the eyelid and orbit In both children and adults. His interests include thyroid eye disease, the eye socket, eye muscle disorders, droopy eyelids, and tumors of the eyelid and ocular adnexa. His cross training as a neuro-ophthalmologist gives him a unique understanding of diseases of t

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drzevshulkin.com Welcome to the medical offices of Dr. Zev Shulkin.


In addition to the full range eye and facial services, we offer unique specialization in cosmetic injections and corrective surgery. Check out our full range of services at http://www.drzevshulkin.com/services/




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