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Mindful Movement Monday's. Therapeutic- online only
4-Monday’s - February 7, 14, 21 & 28th
6-7:15pm, Cost $80
Our yoga practice elicits so many responses in our bodies as well as our minds ....When we practice asana, every time we open our tissue spaces, we have the opportunity to shift our perception, slow down and be present. Cultivating the ability to move freely through life.
Like the very breath we breathe, each day includes filling and emptying, expansion and contraction, drawing in and letting go. Accepting what is continues to be a most essential practice, yet always a challenge. Can we be with what is happening as it unfolds, neither grasping nor rejecting? Can we let our experiences move through us like the exhale and relax deeply into the stillness of our being?
Please join me in this upcoming series to free up the space inside yourself.* Email [email protected] to register
Venmo $80 to Paula [email protected]la-Weithman, or send a check through snail mail to Paula Weithman at 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr. Dallas, Tx 752


Remember...You are a source of good
Cultivating the compassionate heart …….
classes to deepen your connection to yourself & others
Class dates:
Wednesday’s 6-7:15pm Aug.4,18th, Sept.1 & Sept.15
Cost: $30 drop in show up In-Person & or zoom option
6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr, suite #317 Dallas Tx
To register: please email [email protected]

In these classes, you’ll explore new tools to deepen your skills to apply in daily life. Access a big resource that you already have inside to soften the emotional tone, build resilience and trust yourself more deeply…you have heart:
Some of these tools we will practice are as follows:
*Restorative yoga to open tissue spaces & unwind tension
*Meditations on compassion from the Buddhist tradition,
to befriend the mind, softening resistance & imperfections
*Loving speech, & deep listening skill practices,
*Practices to cultivate open minding thinking
*Breath work/Group sharing and more.

If you feel called to surround yourself with like-minded people that seek to live with an Open Heart, these classes are for you!

To register, please email [email protected]


Pulling Weeds... Planting the Seeds
Yoga philosophy, book study reflection & more:-)
8 Wednesday's Oct.16-Dec.11 2019 no class Nov.27
Dallas Yoga Center
Register through Dallas Yoga Center

Let’s move into the fall cultivating the soil of our hearts! Did you ever want to take a break from your life for a moment to just relax and notice what was happening for yourself? In this series, you will have the opportunity to be in a supportive environment to step back from the business of life and observe yourself, taking time for introspection. Allowing your thoughts/feelings to be witnessed and acknowledged without judgment.

Together we will explore the yoga sutras to gain insight about our habits and learn practices that develop self-understanding and acceptance. Clarity is gained to help shift defeating behaviors and self-awareness is cultivated. We wake up and find our center.

The sutras say, as we develop this practice, we open to the light of intelligence and a steadiness is established within. Create a place where you find stability, to be at home in your core or center.
This series will focus on a variety of yoga sutra threads or gems of wisdom that enable us to gain insight, group discussion, meditation, breathing practices and a restorative asana practice.
Areas that will be covered in this book study lecture series:
*develop self-observation skills to witness your behavior in how you relate to the world and to others
*noticing how you feel without identifying with the feeling which moves us toward healthier self-care skills
*meditations & mindfulness based techniques to increase self-understanding & acceptance

About Paula Weithman, M.Ed., LPC, CIYT, E-RYT 500
Paula's teaching style is clear and compassionate. She uses a mindfulness based practice to guide students into a place of receptivity that develops sensitivity, intuition and self-acceptance. She believes through yoga we cultivate a relationship to feel at home and at ease with ourselves trusting our embodiment to let our light shine.

Paula has a rich and diverse background as a licensed professional counselor, yoga therapist and bodyworker. She loves yoga philosophy and incorporates it into her psychotherapy as well as classes. She is particularly interested in the sutras & Mind/Body/Integration work.
She holds an Iyengar teacher certification at the Int. Jr.3 level, and is a Certified International Yoga Therapist.


a thought: The inner nature of things is always emanating and when we relax our way into the world we relax our hearts open and receive it. Not only does it change the content of our minds, though that is significant by itself, but as water rushing through an inlet changes the shape of the inlet, letting what we hear enter us so completely changes the shape and threshold of our minds. Listening with this degree of openness can alter our experience of life. When we can relax our way in the world enough to truly receive, waiting is more than waiting and silence is more than silence.
mark nepo


George Purvis 1990 Iyengar Yoga Convention

George Purvis, we love you!


8 Week Chakra Therapy with Paula Weithman, M.Ed, LPC, CIYT at the Dallas Yoga Center
Next held on Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
This enrollment runs from Wed Jan 24, 2018 - Wed Mar 14, 2018
Registration through the Dallas Yoga Center $ 140 ten days prior to event / $ 160 After

In this series we will have a chance to connect with each other in a supportive group, practicing chakra based mind/body techniques. We will be reading an excellent book written by Jacquelyn Small and practice some of Anodea Judith’s work, both teachers of Paula’s.

Through sharing in a group setting, lecture, book study and self-reflection we notice where the energy is held in our body when we are fearful jealous, insecure, sad, or anxious as emotion is held our connective tissue.

Observing our energetic charge we can shift cellular memories that are stuck, depleted or scattered. We are able to connect & experience being in our body in a new way. Witnessing our thoughts/feelings together and allowing them to be acknowledged without judgment, we release the tension of our holding patterns to relax into a deeper connection to ourselves. The sacred place that has been waiting to be touched by self-acceptance. A forgiveness that welcomes grace and the reawakening to sense our life force in a more connected way.

*Book study assignment & dialogue
*Exploring your body’s developmental & guarding patterns through the chakras system
*Self-awareness practices through buddy system & journaling *Meditations & bio-energetics techniques
*Increasing self-understanding & love
*Having fun together!

Join Paula and gain clarity and compassion for ourselves, and begin to open into a deeper more integrated place inside our hearts.

Continuing education hours possible for licensed professional counselors

This series is based on the work of Anodea Judith and Jacquelyn Small and their books are required reading for this series. Series fee does include the cost of Jacquelyn Smalls' publication.


Paula Weithman, M.Ed., LPC, E-RYT 500, brings a wide array of talents to her students to help them achieve their goals. Paula is a licensed professional counselor, as well as one of Dallas most highly trained yoga teachers.

Her style is clear and compassionate. She uses a mindfulness based practice to guide students into a place of receptivity that develops sensitivity, intuition and self-acceptance.

She believes that yoga is a medicine for the body as well as the mind.

Timeline photos 05/18/2017

Hi friends, please join me for this fun yet dynamic asana practice. Noticing how the support of the ground can bring ease to the body, a sense of stability to the mind.

The Sangha Spirit Conference presented by The Yoga Community Project Schedule 10/02/2015

The Sangha Spirit Conference presented by The Yoga Community Project Schedule

The Sangha Spirit Conference
Open Up the space inside yourself
with Paula Weithman

Unity of Dallas 6525 Forest Ln. Dallas, Tx 75230
Oct. 17, 2015
4-5:30 pm
This workshop will integrate a practice of asana, philosophy and meditation to develop sensitivity for the body, compassion for the mind and peacefulness to the heart .

The Sangha Spirit Conference presented by The Yoga Community Project Schedule Check out the schedule for The Sangha Spirit Conference presented by The Yoga Community Project

8 Week Chakra Therapy with Paula Weithman starts Wednesday, September 23 at 6:30pm 09/14/2015

8 Week Chakra Therapy with Paula Weithman starts Wednesday, September 23 at 6:30pm

A thought:
Each time we drop our masks and meet heart to heart......Each time we are able to remain open to suffering, despite our fear and defensiveness, we sense a love in us which becomes increasingly unconditional..................Awakening from our sense of separateness is what we are called to do in all things.
Ram Dass

This thought captures the journey of this series, please join me.

8 Week Chakra Therapy with Paula Weithman starts Wednesday, September 23 at 6:30pm 8 Week Chakra Therapy Paula Weithman Starts Wednesday, September 23 6:30pm-8:00pm Register Now Read More Join FB Event and Share with Friends




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