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Just before the wintery weather touched down in Dallas last week, we had the immense honor of presenting Children's Health with a donation of $32,478.04! Donations like this would not be possible without the support of our members, and we are SO thankful to those who participated in last year's BOO Yard Sign Challenge and the Skip a Payment program.
Hailey has been at the Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit at Children's Health for a few months now.

During the winter storm last week she told the nurses she had always wanted to have a snowball fight.
So they made it happen!!! (Even bundled up in a Frozen blanket!)

The staff said, “The smile on Hailey's face says it all. Her first snowball fight was a success! Our team members tell us it was a special, snowy day they'll never forget!”

Oh sweet Hailey, you are a heart warrior!!! Stay strong little one! We hope many more snowball fights are in your future.
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Due to winter weather, our pediatric clinics in Plano and Frisco will be closed today. Our partner Children's Health has also closed their clinics - in Dallas and Plano - today. Stay warm.
This month, Bright Industries made a $7.5 million donation to Children's Health Plano to help continue to provide care for children in Collin County and beyond!
Think your kids are too young for to***co? Dr. Devika Rao, pumonologist at UTSW and Children's Health, recommends talking with them at age 10. Va**ng and smoking are on the increase among Texas teens according to a new report from the American Lung Association. More info from NBC DFW:
Someone lost their underpants! There, dangling from that tree branch! Are they YOURS? Bear cub tries to find the owner. As an advocate of early literacy, Melissa Martin, has authored a fun picture book for younger children. “Those Are Not My Underpants!” Published by Random House Books for Young Readers.
You are violaters of the
Hippocratic Oath.

Who should be the Children's Health Team Behind the Team North Texas Student Training Program of the Year?

Frisco Memorial High School fans, vote ➡️

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Children's Health | #dctf #txhsfb | Frisco Memorial High School
If your child is treated for cancer at Children's Health and you would like your hashtag included, contact [email protected] by Tuesday, Feb. 15. Coordinated by patient families and sales benefit the Gill Center, this will be the sixth version of this #StrongerThanCancer shirt.

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⭕ Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc., in Boise, Idaho, has announced the company launched a new Airframe & Powerplant preparation course to help students prepare and test for their Federal Aviation Administration Certification
⭕ Helicopter Association International is pleased to announce that the Neonatal/Pediatric Transport Team at Children's Health of Dallas, Texas, is the 2022 recipient of the Salute to Excellence Golden Hour Award
⭕ It is a happy New Year at Atlas Air Service AG as the firm acquired a 100% stake in maintenance specialist, Altenrhein Aviation Ltd.. Atlas’s CEO, Nicolas von Mende tells Corporate Jet Investor the acquisition will mainly benefit customers
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It was an amazing 17 Nights at the Museum. Thank you to all who came out and supported this Community Treasure. We will be counting down till next year, See you in 333 nights.😉🎄

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As more children begin to receive the #COVID19 vaccine, Children's Health and Cook Children's are preparing to return to the new normal. Read more about what that looks like for the hospitals:

One of the largest, most prestigious pediatric health care providers in the country, we're the leading pediatric health care system in North Texas.

Children's Health is a pediatric healthcare system devoted solely to caring for the complex medical needs of children through commitment to quality care, research and innovation, education and advocacy and excellence and accountability. Through its academic affiliation with UT Southwestern Medical Center, one of the world’s most prolific research institutions, clinical discoveries made at Children

Photos from Children's Health's post 05/12/2022

Our longest serving facility dog, Van, was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Van has been an invaluable team member, bringing countless smiles to the faces he meets in our hallways, since 2014. His passion is seen daily through every aspect of his work. Drawing inspiration from our patients, their families and our team members, we are committed to meeting this challenge head-on and supporting Van in every way possible.

We expect Van to have some great days at work, but we also know there will be times when he will need to take a few days off. We hope you'll share your love and support with Van by leaving a comment below. Let's show him the encouragement we know he deserves!

Photos from Children's Health's post 05/11/2022

Zakee was diagnosed with asthma when he was 2 years old. Since receiving treatment in our care, his family learned his asthma is triggered by allergens commonly found in every day life such as grass. They've worked closely with his team of pulmonologists and allergists to manage his symptoms and he's seen great improvement! Zakee is now 8 years old and loves science, art and video games. We know his future is bright!

Learn signs of an asthma attack from our experts:

Photos from Children's Health's post 05/10/2022

We created one of the only dedicated Fontan programs in the country for patients like Freddie. Born with a complex heart defect requiring immediate surgery, he was brought to us from El Paso as a newborn. Freddie's done great and is scheduled to have his Fontan surgery this summer. We're grateful to support him and his family on their journey so he can focus on things he loves like toy trucks and legos. We're so proud of his progress and can’t wait to see what the future holds!


The pandemic has greatly impacted the mental health of children and teenagers for the last two years. According to our Beyond ABC report, Texas students ages 11-21 were more than two times as likely to think about or attempt suicide in early days of the pandemic than 1 year earlier.

Our team members and campuses have many resources to support children who are experiencing mental health concerns, including the Children’s Health Checkup podcast. Listen to learn more:

If you or someone you know are experiencing thoughts of self-harm, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

Happy Mother's Day!

Meet our mother-daughter duo: Wanda, Clinical Research Nurse and Denise, Lead Tech, Radiology Nuclear Medicine. Wanda began working with us in 1987 as a Radiology Nurse. Fifteen years later, her daughter Denise joined the team as a Medical Tech in Radiology. Denise also leads the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council at our Plano campus, on top of her full-time job.

Like many moms, Wanda is proud of her daughter’s career, and Denise has watched her mom go the extra mile when various departments needed her for years.

Photos from Children's Health's post 05/06/2022

To our dedicated nursing team, we value and appreciate all that you do to make life better for our patients and their families each day. Our nurses are the heart of our hospital. We love to hear stories about your favorite nurses! Let our nurses know how much you appreciate them by writing a message in the comments!

Hepatitis in children – Children's Health 05/05/2022

Hepatitis in children – Children's Health

The CDC recently issued a health alert about unusual cases of hepatitis in children. Currently, known cases in the U.S. remain low. Learn more from our experts about hepatitis and how you can protect your child:

Hepatitis in children – Children's Health Hepatitis can be a confusing disease, especially in children. Learn the difference between hepatitis A, B and C and how you can protect your children from them.

Siblings With CF Share a Special Bond – Children’s Health 05/04/2022

Siblings With CF Share a Special Bond – Children’s Health

Siblings Bash and Sami, both born with cystic fibrosis, share a special bond. Before Bash's diagnosis, his parents hadn't heard of cystic fibrosis. Our team of pulmonary and gastroenterology specialists worked with the family to explain the care Bash, and later Sami, would need. Read about their determined journey:

Siblings With CF Share a Special Bond – Children’s Health Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis shortly after birth, siblings Bash and Sami find the specialized care they need at Children's Health. Read their story.

Common Baseball Injuries in Young Athletes - Children's Health 05/03/2022

Common Baseball Injuries in Young Athletes - Children's Health

Did you know some of the most common baseball injuries are overuse injuries? While baseball used to be played during the spring and summer, it has transitioned to a year-round sport. Learn more from our Children's Health Andrews Institute about the most common baseball injuries and how to reduce the risk of injury:

Common Baseball Injuries in Young Athletes - Children's Health Find out what the most common baseball injuries are, how they are caused and how to prevent them with tips from the experts at Children's Health.

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders in Kids – Children's Health 05/02/2022

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders in Kids – Children's Health

Children may struggle with the effects of an eating disorder before anyone notices. Learn the warning signs and symptoms and how you can best support your child:

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders in Kids – Children's Health Learn more about common warning signs of eating disorders in children and what to do if you suspect your child may be struggling with a food disorder.

When Do Babies Start Talking? – Children's Health 04/29/2022

When Do Babies Start Talking? – Children's Health

Most babies say their first word sometime between 12 and 18 months of age. However, you'll start to hear the early stages of verbal communication shortly after birth. Every baby is different in their development. Our expert explains speech milestones to watch for in babies and toddlers, and ways you can encourage your child to talk. Read more:

When Do Babies Start Talking? – Children's Health When will your baby say that first word, and how many words should they have by 18 months or 2 years old? See speech milestones and how to teach baby to talk.

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/28/2022

Today and every day we celebrate our superhero patients who are unstoppable, strong and resilient! From children and their families to team members and donors, our is an unstoppable force, fighting for our patients. Today, on , join our League to support our patients!

Stress less about tests: 3 ways to deal with test anxiety 04/27/2022

Stress less about tests: 3 ways to deal with test anxiety

Collin, Denton and Grayson counties outperformed the state average on STAAR testing in recent years, according to our Beyond ABC report. As students across the state prepare for STAAR testing, our experts encourage parents to support their children through test anxiety with these helpful tips:

Stress less about tests: 3 ways to deal with test anxiety Test taking can cause severe anxiety in some children. A clinical therapist at Children's Health shares tips to combat stress and increase confidence.

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/26/2022

We're celebrating our Solid Organ Transplant team and the incredible work they do every day! Our program is one of the largest and most comprehensive pediatric transplant programs in the country. Aside from providing award-winning care, our team forms a strong connection with each patient they meet. We're thankful for their dedication and for the positive impact they continue to make on families.

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/25/2022

Our superhero patient Leone and his family have truly shown what resiliency means while Leone battles acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As we approach , Leone's mom found a way to show support for our healthcare heroes through her work at Mi Cocina. From April 28 - May 1, dine at any DFW Mi Cocina and you'll have the opportunity to give back to our patients. Learn more:

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

Jennifer and Jessica knew at a young age they wanted to volunteer with us. In 2009, Jennifer was hospitalized with us. During her stay, her and her sister were inspired to volunteer with us when they grew up. Thirteen years later, we’re so grateful for their support of our staff, patients and families through Junior League of Dallas! ❤️

Sign up to be a volunteer at our Dallas campus here:

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/21/2022

When Jimmy was born early, experts diagnosed him with kidney malfunction. Months later, his kidney function worsened and he was placed on the transplant list. His family remembers the relief they felt when they got the call about his donor match. Jimmy's transplant was successful and he is now 7 years old. He's doing great and loves to play video games and watch his favorite TV shows. We are so thankful for his progress and the care team that helped make it possible!

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/20/2022

To build rapport with patients, Ruth, one of our Plano campus volunteers, comes to their bedside armed with bright pink hair, a big smile and toys generously donated by the community. Ruth's superpower is her patience and positivity, which inspire trust in her patients and their families. We're so thankful Ruth is part of our ! Join us in celebrating our superhero patients at Bash on the Boardwalk on Wednesday, April 27. Learn more about the event:

Timeline photos 04/19/2022

Ben and his daughter Luisa have found community with our patients and care teams. We couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication!

In 1980, Ben interned with our Social Work team, learning how they work in a cross-functional team to provide the best care for our patients. Years later, his daughter Luisa participated in our summer volunteer program and has now logged more than 2,700 volunteer hours. Drop a comment below thanking them for their hard work!

Learn about volunteering at our Dallas campus:

Timeline photos 04/18/2022

We know many of our patients and their families have meaningful moments happen when staying with us, and we want to hear about it! Click on the link to share your experience with us whether it involves someone on our team that made your experience exceptional, went above and beyond, or just made you smile. Click here to share:

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/16/2022

Treasure’s superpower is her voice. She's a night shift Resource Nurse in our Level IV NICU and is a champion for our most vulnerable and tiny patients as well as a support system for their families. Support our superhero teammates and patients by joining our today:

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/15/2022

Our patient Hugh was diagnosed with autism when he was 2.5 years old. He has the brightest personality and has made amazing progress throughout the years! Hugh used to be shy and did not enjoy talking. After a year and a half in our care, he's engaging in imaginative play and talking up a storm! Hugh's become known for his fun birthday party themes and celebrated with a colorful marker party last year. This year, he had a super hero party complete with dress up options! We are so proud of Hugh and love to see him grow. Learn more about autism:

When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End? – Children's Health 04/14/2022

When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End? – Children's Health

We've been living with COVID-19 for more than two years and many people are wondering what to expect next. Read what our experts say is the future of COVID-19 and the best ways to protect your family:

When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End? – Children's Health An infectious disease expert and psychologist discuss life after Omicron. Learn more about pandemic vs. endemic, the next variant and staying healthy.

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/13/2022

After Cameron's parents noticed she looked jaundice after preschool, they took her to the hospital. Experts discovered she was experiencing liver failure and would need a . She had her first transplant in 2017 when she was almost 1 year old. After experiencing antibody mediated rejection, she was put back on the transplant list and eventually found her perfect match. Cameron is now 6 years old and loves playing the piano, with dolls and her family. We are so proud of Cameron's progress and know her future is bright!

Photos from Children's Health's post 04/12/2022

Our clinical therapist Amanda's superpower is fostering hope and resilience in teens who are struggling. Amanda works on the Suicide Prevention and Resilience at Children’s (SPARC) team. She builds connections with her patients through Hope Kits which they fill with personal mementos such as ticket stubs, family photos and more. Hope Kits help teens see who they are and help our team get to know our patients. Join our today to support our team members like Amanda and the superhero patients she helps:

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Our patient Oliver was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in 2015. When we met Oliver, he had bouts of anger, debilitating food aversion and trouble being away from his family. Through integrated care strategies, our team of specialists worked with Oliver to develop a healthy diet and strengthen his independence. We're thankful for our talented team and determined patients like Oliver! Help us celebrate Oliver in the comments below!

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