Downtown Beauty Bar

Downtown Beauty Bar


We may find distant or avoidant partners alluring because their avoidance is a challenge for our ego …

We might find it more exciting to be caught up in a push-pull dynamic with someone than to say yes to love that is readily available and healthy for us.

The excitement comes from an eroticizing rejection - it feeds that part of us that still feels like have something to prove.

Prove we’re lovable or worthy. That we are so special that we can change someone’s mind or behaviour.

But that excitement you feel is also draining your energy and soul-sucking on so many levels.

When we abandon ourselves for someone who’s undeserving of our energy, our inner-child is usually hurting deeply and feeling afraid to be alone.

You are addicted and possible obsessed , however, become aware of what’s happening. It’s ok to walk away when your heart isn’t being cherished, honoured or supported. Gear up to walk into suffering, because your higher self has your best interest.

We're all going to have days where we show up as the worst version of ourselves.

But at the end of the day, we all deserve to be with someone who we know is in our corner. This awareness will save you.

Someone who loves us on the hard days and treats the relationship as sacred.

Any time we waste chasing someone to give us love, there’s an unmet internal need for love and nurturance toward our inner-child.

You don’t need someone else to reflect back your wounds without being willing to heal with you.

You don’t need someone to trigger all of your insecurities by treating you like an after-thought or avoiding intimacy.

Recognize ego and save yourself.

It might feel unnatural to let go of this type of connection because you’re breaking a very old pattern … you might even find it “boring” to move towards love that doesn’t trigger you/ it’s like a virus that eventually will kill you.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t make you “crazy”, it means you really want to heal.

And to heal, you have to practice letting healthy love in.

Healing occurs as you sever your addictions to shadow relationships and move toward people who hold you in your highest light.-That bad boy prob is a bad boy.

Healing comes from doing Self-acceptance work and making the relationship with YOU and your inner-child the number one relationship in your life.

And healing occurs from understanding yourself and your true nature in relationship.

Book an NLP session today at

�Text “WELLNESS” to 44515 to #lookandfeelgreat �Convenient Access to health•beauty •wellness products & services + education is an important part of our commitment to Disease Prevention & AntiAging

3-ply, 4-ply, N95 mask, PPE, Disinfectants and etc with FDA & CE

Text �”Wellness” to 44515 for link to order

Operating as usual

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their address. 09/09/2021

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their address.

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their address.

Timeline Photos 03/24/2021


#YallMeansAll #passionwithpurpose #MakeYourMark #ladybosses #springseason #weddingvibes #wedding #weddinginspiration #214dwntwnliving ✨}raiseyourvibration

Yesterday my dreams became reality. In October 2020, I wrote down goals for myself and my business for 2021. One of those was to increase representation for the LGBTQIA+ community in the wedding industry.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
With the help of an amazing team, we were able to pull off an incredibly fulfilling event. Having so many likeminded people in one room can lead to incredible things. After months of planning, scheming, designing, pinning, and emailing, it all culminated into something so much more beautiful than my wildest dreams. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The (masked) air was so full of positivity and love yesterday that my heart nearly burst. We had three incredible couples as models who trusted me, a complete stranger, to create a safe space for them. It absolutely warmed my heart to hear the other photographers exclaiming YASSS from across the venue, which in photographer speak means "OMG THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL KEEP DOING THAT NEVER STAHP"⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Thank you to the participating photographers for showing up and showing out! I was so afraid of launching this idea, for fear that no one else saw a need for it. Boy was I wrong. I allotted 16 photographer spots and every spot was filled! Turns out, we all needed some more g**s and theys. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Thank you to the INCREDIBLE vendor team for trusting my vision and executing it flawlessly. This was my first styled shoot, and I know it's not easy to trust a newbie blindly.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And to my beloved couples, YOU are the real MVP. Thank you so freaking much for trusting me to keep you safe and supported. I know you all felt so much love yesterday!!!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
And to anyone reading this who doesn't support gay marriage, I invite you to have a conversation with someone who does. I'm happy to be that person for you. We all need more love in the world, and I'm here to spread it.

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their phone number. 03/11/2021

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their phone number.

Downtown Beauty Bar updated their phone number.


🎯 Maintaining proper nutrient levels are our bodies only defense in order to

✨adequately process stress
✨ age gracefully
✨successfully recover during times of physical or emotional turmoil.

#BeautynWellnessBenefits #LookAndFeelGreat #dallastexas
#BoostEnergy #FacilitateWeightLoss #SmoothHormones #SuperchargeImmunity #SupportRecovery #SlowDownAging #EnhanceSexualFunction #healthiswealth ❤️ 01/04/2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Vaccine

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Vaccine

#COVID19 #vaccine #info #dallascounty #public #registrationlink ChristineAlvarezRNBeauty & Wellness for Busy PeopleWellness 4 NursesChristine Alvarez RN Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Vaccine

[12/29/20]   Need some holiday last minute gifts?

#GiftCardsAvailable #egiftcards #purchaseonline #givethegiftofwellness #givethegiftofbeauty #dallastexas #dbb #ivshotbar Beauty & Wellness for Busy PeopleChristineAlvarezRN Christine Alvarez RN


Turn ALL your hearts desire into fruition.



Find balance in- between what people need from you and what you need for yourself... so that they can get “ the Best of You “ and NOT “ what’s left of you”

-❤️- #HealthIsWealth #loveyourselfirst #FLY #IVShotBar #ChristineRNDallas #urwellnessnyrse


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Here it is!!! “The Final #DBB #IVShotBarMenu

Choose from any of these All- Natural IV Nutrients for the perfect cocktail injection or infusion that’s right for you!

Reset * Re-Energize * Rejuvenate

DBB specializes in Nutrient IV Infusions and Nutrient Injection Therapy, from simple B12 shots to Unique All-Natural Injectable Elixirs that you won’t find anywhere else. Each unique DBB shot blend has been carefully created to target very specific goals.

Depending on what your health concerns + wellness goals are, we can customize a DBB “shot blend “ to meet your needs.

Our Customized DBB Shot Bar Menu Formulary consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, powerful antioxidants + homeopathic combination medications for nearly endless possibilities for custom blends.

👆 Each time that you come in, we work with you to help decide the type of injectable that is the most appropriate for you that day.

The Base: Methyl B-12

The foundation for many of our customized injectables is Methylated B-12, the most active version of B12 available.

From this foundation you can then add nutrients to make the exact formula that your body needs.

Choose a Customized DBB “Specialty” Shot Blend
from our IVShot Bar Menu:

1) The Skinny Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas| $

2) B Happy Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

3) The Weekender Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas| $

4) The Diva Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas |$

5) The Essentials Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

6) The Weekend Famous Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

7) The Detox Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas| $

😎 The SuperCharge Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

9) Like a Boss Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

10) Allergy Relief Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $


Lipotropic agents are a class of substances that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. It enhances *liver and *gallbladder role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal to help maintain a healthy liver

From this foundation you can add nutrients to facilitate weight loss or support weight management along with the natural detoxing effect of emulsifying cholesterol so that it doesn't settle on arterial walls.

Most clients schedule Nutrient Injections “aka” SLIM Shots or SKINNY Shots sessions- 2x wk x 2 weeks then 1xwk or until have achieved their desired results, and others only seek treatment when they experience symptoms or need a lil boost - see our DBB IVShotBar Frequency Protocol.


Initially intramuscular (IM) injection twice a week for 2 consecutive weeks 🟩 are recommended to achieve steady level of AMPandlipotropics in the blood. By the third injection considerable increase in energy and an increased overall well-being is reported by most clients

A continued once-weekly treatment with Slim Shots proved to be extremely beneficial.🟩

For Clients with BMI > 30, who are seriously interested in learning more about out 90 day #jumpstartweightloss program, 📲 Beauty & Wellness for Busy People

The Base- MIC Combo

The foundational ingredient within our lipotropic injections is MIC + B12

Choose a Lipotropic Blend from our DBB IV/Shot Bar Menu:

11) DIET | * LIPO- A nutrient injection therapy in Dallas


12) DIET | * LIPO-B nutrient injection therapy in Dallas

“MIC Combo” (Methionine / Inositol / Choline / Cyanocobalamin
M.I.C. + Vitamin B12 Injection

13) DIET| * LIPO-C nutrient injection therapy in Dallas

LipoSpark (™) Injection | $

14) The Slimming Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

15) Triple Fat Burner Shot nutrient injection therapy in Dallas | $

IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy

Most clients schedule Nutrient IV Infusion Therapy sessions monthly, ONCE they have achieved their desired results, and others only seek treatment when they experience symptoms, see our DBB Shot Bar Frequency Protocol.

The foundation for many of our customized IV Nutrient Infusions is PlenishIV(TM) our version of Myers’s Cocktail


-Hydrate your body -Boost your energy
-Reduce Stress - Improve your mood
-Give your body necessary vitamins and nutrients

From this foundation you can then add nutrients to make the exact formula that your body needs.

15) Hydration IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy in Dallas

16) High Maintenance Nutrient Infusion Therapy in Dallas

17) Immune Booster IV Nutrient Infusion Therapy in Dallas

18) Antioxidant Detoxification IV Nutrient Therapy Infusion in Dallas

19) The Weekend Famous IV Nutrient Therapy Infusion in Dallas

20) Like a Boss IV Nutrient Therapy Infusion in Dallas

DBB Specialty Nutrient IV available, after brief consultation with MD to order “client-specific” Nutrient ADD-ON ‘s : *GAC *GOAL *Vitamin D * schedule your appointment atleast 3 days in advance for the following preparations to be added /given with any of our Customized Nutrient IV Cocktail via injection or and infusion.

18) Athletic Performance & Strength Endurance IV Infusion Therapy in 500mL SWFI

19) Anxiety/Muscle/Pain Migraine IV Infusion Therapy in 500mL SWFI

20) Anti-Viral/ Immune Recovery IV Infusion Therapy in 500mL SWFI

21) Executive Rejuvenation IV Infusion Therapy in 500mL SWFI

22) Cardio-Lipo Infusion IV Infusion Therapy in 500mL SWFI

These IV Nutrient Therapies Protocols are results driven and has been to be very effective when ➡️frequency of treatments are followed “as suggested “ to receive full benefits of alleviating symptoms related to -

🔹Migraine Headaches

1x weekly x 6 weeks
Then 1x a month for maintenance

🔹Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CSF)

- 1x weekly x 4weeks minimum or until symptoms resolve
- Periodic infusions or injections as needed

🔹Athletic Performance & Strength Endurance IV Infusion
- 2 days before event


🦠 Update: Watch the very 💉FIRST health care worker #Nurse to receive #covidvaccine

-❤️- #urwellnessnurse ChristineAlvarezRN Christine Alvarez RNWellness 4 Nurses


Downtown Beauty Bar

It’s official! IM NO LONGER A “VIRGIN”

Here’s the #replay from last night!
👉Fast Forward to 13:20 👈 for my #beforeandafter results

🎄Be sure to catch the part where you can 🎁 receive $80off your 1st treatment + $40off for your next appointment, OFFER ends 12/31/2020.

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To do or not to do Botox / Injectables ..?💉


To do or not to do Botox / Injectables ..?💉


#StayHealthyTexas State Department Of Health #update as of 12/04/2020

-❤️-ChristineAlvarezRN #urwellnessnurse
📲Text the word “Wellness” to 44515

#COVID19TX Update: Many areas with already burdened hospitals have large surges of new cases. Hospitalizations are expected to rise higher.

In the last 7 days #Texas averaged:
⬇️9,323 new cases a day
⬆️8,787 current hospitalizations
⬇️115 new fatalities reported a day

Together for a #HealthyTexas:
🏡Stay home when you can
😷#MaskUpTexas, to protect yourself and others
↔️Stay 6 feet apart
🤒Stay home if sick
🦠Avoid large and risky gatherings
🙌Wash your hands often
🧼Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces
👉Don't touch your face with unwashed hands

Our #COVID19TX dashboard updates daily and has more data, data definitions and disclaimers. Find it here:

Important and useful COVID-19 info and links:
All #COVID19TX info:
People at increased risk for severe COVID-19:
Open Texas Checklists:
COVID-19 testing near you:
COVID-19 symptoms:
Caring for someone sick:
#HealthyTexas communication tools:


Why Nutrient Injection Therapy?



For Those Who Want To
✔️Boost Energy
✔️ Facilitate Weight Loss
✔️Smooth Hormones
✔️Supercharge Immunity
✔️Support Recovery during turmoil of
 physical and emotional stress
✔️Slow Down Aging
✔️Enhance Sexual Function
✔️Feel Great
✔️Age Gracefully
✔️ Time & Cost Effective, less invasive route of administration in comparison NutrientTherapy given intravenously ( via IV)

❤️in Health & Vitality,
#downtown #thecedars #antiagingtreatment #antiagingsolution #antiagingtips


It takes 28 days to form a new habit 🎯



If you strive to be just atleast 1% better everyday, a year from now you can be 365% better than you are today” 🤔

-❤️- #transformationtuesday
#loveandliveyourlife #makeacommitment #practiceveryday #SelfDiscipline #selflove #selfcare #BeIntentional #OnPurpose ✨ #talkischeap #integrity #KeepItReal #BeAuthentic #mompreneurlife #raiseyourvibration #stressisnecesarryforgrowth #gettowork #dowhatyouneedtodo to #makeithappen #setrealisticgoals #trackyourprogress #dailyroutine #wellnessisalifestyle #bealifeplannerandexecute


Dr. Fuji® Cyber Body Slimmer is an effective workout to improve balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, toning & fat-loss.

Physical energy level is increased, and #mentalfocus is enriched and enhanced.

The Cyber Body Slimmer increases blood flow and involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex, which will 💪 #boosthormonalsystem response, generating more #Endorphins 😊 (happy hormone), more #Collagen (better skin), and more #HGH 🧬 (more muscle mass and less fat) and lower cortisol level (stress and fat accumulation hormone)🦠

With the technology, strong contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate, up to 3000 muscle contractions per minute.

Since the muscle contractions are involuntary, nearly 100 percent of muscles are being worked. This is in contrast to conventional training, where only 40-60% of your muscles engage. Using more muscles with higher repetitions than conventional training can provide you with results for the whole body in only 10 minutes.

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#postpartum #weightloss #beerbelly #loosefat #mommybelly #muffintop #sedentary #officeworker #housewife #officeworker #fitbody #fitmom #fitlife #simplefitness #lifestyle #lowimpact #highresistancetraning


Regular blood testing may be the most important step you can take to -



Prevent degenerative diseases and safeguard your personal health 🩺 ...

🩸we have partnered up with @LifeExtensions and @Labcorp to assist you with all your diagnostic testing needs.

#TheShotBarAtSAS #bloodtests
#labs #knowyourlevels #trackyourprogress #healthiswealth #B12status #chronicfatigue #hormones #female #male #allergy #IGF1 #PSA #thyroid #testosterone #vitaminD #vitaminK1 #weightloss #vegan #vitaminB12 #folate #estrogen #HCG #heavymetals #healthyaging #theshotbar #wellnessjourney #beautynwellness4busypeople
 #DBBwellness @somethingaboutskincedars


We’re excited about your wellness journey! ❤️



Feel free to DM us with any questions or to
👉book your initial consultation.

DBB #TheShotBarAtSAS #beautynwellness4busypeople
#lifestylesolutions #jumpstartweightloss #supportweightmanagement #dietdetox #natural #bhappy #letitburn #letitglow #likeaboss #busyb #replenish #skinnyshot #lipotropics #B12 #prevent #hangovers #sunshineshot #dallaswellness
#boostyourimmunesystem #becovidsafe #educationiskey #ivnutrition 💧 #ivnutrientherapy


Sundays are made for you to have fun and practice self love



#4allthingsbeautynwellness #DowntownBeautyBar #TheShotBaratSAS #selflove #selfcare #beauty #wellness #dallasfitness #WeBringItToLife #raiseawareness #raiseyourvibration ✨#itstime #wellnessintheworkplace #lookgood #feelgood #nutritioncoach #wellnesslifestyle #livewell #dallaswellnesscoaching #dfwellnessguide
#dfwbeautyguide #healthiswealth #educationiskey


💧Why IV Nutrient Therapy?



The idea is that many illnesses and conditions are associated with digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and food sensitivities.

Having these GI issues can make the absorption of these essential nutrients difficult. 🤔

🧬Many diseases cause inflammation which require the body to use the nutrients at a faster rate and or require more for proper recovery/healing. When the nutrients are given via 💉 IV, digestion is bypassed.

Placing the nutrients 💦 right into the blood stream kickstarts the whole process shuttling them to the 🦠mitochondria so that energy is produced more efficiently in them.

#boostyourimmunesystem #becovidsafe #educationiskey #ivnutrition #ivnutrientherapy #bestwaytosupplement #natural #vitaminsandminerals #replacelectrolytes #preservativefree #TheShotBarAtSAS #DBBWellness #214dwntwnliving #mydtd #dallastexas #visitdallas #dfwbeauty #dfwellness #healthiswealth #beautynwellness4busypeople #thewellnessshotbar #theshotbar


#immuneboosters #vitaminc #vitaminb12 #bellybuster

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Why Nutrient Injection Therapy?^^For Those Who Want To✔️Boost Energy✔️ Facilitate Weight Loss✔️Smooth Hormones...
Dr. Fuji® Cyber Body Slimmer is an effective workout to improve balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, toning & fat-...
Finally.... #FullSetExtensionLashes 👁... #DBBbeauty #mistylorraine #DowntownDallas
Best #poolpartybuddy  #FullBodyExfoliation + #deeptissuemassage #foamroller #BuffYourBodyDallas #FunInTheSun #loveyourbo...
Who needs help getting ready for 👙 #bikiniseason #SpringBreak
#nonsurgicalblepharoplasty #DBBTestimonial#DBB #DowntownDallas #beautynwellnessforbusypeople #menskincare #dfw #eyebrowl...
High Resistance Training” in a fraction of the time without sweating. 💦 ( 10 min = 30 min )just by standing there!
#BuffBodyTherapy + #CBDFascia Blasting |Deep Tissue |Foam Rolling | Massage Treatment  ( 45 min ) Helps  with: * Sciatic...
Plasma Fibroblast vs #PRP | #VampireFacial ••🤔Commonly Asked Questions about #PlasmaFibroblast  under comments •@Christi...



-Mobile Rapid IgG & IgM Antibody Testing for ESSENTIAL WORKERS. CONCIERGE TRAVEL FEE WAIVED for Health and Service Industry Workers

Text � “Wellness” to 44515 to book



Dallas, TX
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